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Old 06-21-2008, 08:07 AM   #1
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emsmom HB User
Waiting for rehab

I am currently on a waiting list (ro go to Rehab) I tried doing the "home thing" and I tried tapering with my doctors (Family Dr., Addiction Dr., Pain Clinic Dr. etc) but I always failed. This disease has completely taken over me, so my last resort is a Rehab Centre, about an hour outside Toronto.

Does anyone else have any suggestions regarding Rehab? Has anyone gone? I'd appreciate any comments/suggestions. I'm terrfied to go, but I really need to do this. I am currently on a waiting list (as well as a cancellation list), so I should get a call within the next week. Wish me luck

All the best to you. Hopefully I can keep in touch while I'm there - apparently they have computer stations - so I hope I can at least jump on and see how everyone is doing.

Take care everyone

Love and hugs,
emsmom (K)

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Old 06-21-2008, 01:29 PM   #2
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granny0 HB User
Waiting for rehab

Hey Ems Mom!

It's nice to hear from you. I'm sorry you are still struggling. Sounds like rehab will be the best thing for you. I don't know a thing about it but wanted to say "Hi".

I still struggle also, but I don't have access to any opiates so my struggle is mental - constantly thinking about it, craving it and pondering how I might get some. I get constant emails from overseas pharmacy's. One offers Hydrocodone- 30 pills for $300 plus shipping. No thanks! I'm glad they are so expensive because if they weren't I'd be getting them. The crazy thing is they are so cheap if you get a prescription for them. Less than $10.00 for 30 pills. Anyway, I am pill free except for clonazapam for anxiety and that gives me heartburn so I only take it if I'm really anxious. I smoke too much and that is one habit I really need to kick but keep putting it off.

I hope you get in the rehab soon so you can get it over with. I'll be thinking about you.

Best Wishes,


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Old 06-22-2008, 08:11 AM   #3
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emsmom HB User
Re: Waiting for rehab

Hey JB,

It was good to hear from you I can relate to your mental struggle - I was once there - but I found a way to get the pills, and this is where I am (waiting for a spot to open up at Rehab).

I smoke way too much as well lol, but I chalk it up to nerves.

I spoke to my case manager this morning, and she told me it could be tomorrow or two weeks from today, so I just wanted to mention that I may not reply right away, but I will be back eventually.

All the best,
Love and Hugs,

Em's Mom

Old 06-22-2008, 12:13 PM   #4
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spark-o-cet HB User
Re: Waiting for rehab

excellent decision emsmom,you wont be sorry that you are doin this.this will be the best decision that you will have ever me,this is the trueest and bestest way to detox off opiates and learn to live a sober is so hard to do on our own,but if in rehab there is no temptation to sure they give you the clonidine while you are long will you stay there?i think that a person has the best chance to remain clean and sober if you stay for 90days or more,but i know it is hard to stay in that long,but stay as long as you will not regret this and this is the first step back to normalacy in your life.i/we are very proud of you and are behind you all the way and if you can get online while in detox let us know how things are so glad you are doing this em,you deserve it more than anybody imo.good luck-spark

Old 06-22-2008, 05:43 PM   #5
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emsmom HB User
Re: Waiting for rehab


Thanks so much. Your opinion means alot to me. The program is 30-35 days in-patient (with the potential to stay longer if need be), then 36 weeks of out-patient meetings (once a week). I agree that 90 days seems much better, however I am glad its not that long cause I couldn't imagine being away from my husband and girls that long. The out-patient meetings aren't the only therapy I'll have after Rehab...I'll have meetings with my addiction doctor and I'll give N/A another try.

How are you doing? I replied to a thread of yours a little while ago but didn't hear back. I pop in from time to time, but rarely write anything. I hope all is well with you...thanks again for your reply.


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Old 06-23-2008, 06:24 AM   #6
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reachout HB Userreachout HB Userreachout HB Userreachout HB Userreachout HB Userreachout HB Userreachout HB Userreachout HB Userreachout HB Userreachout HB Userreachout HB User
Re: Waiting for rehab

Hi Emsmom

Just wanted to stop in and wish you every good thought possible s you prepare for rehab. Something is working really well in your thinking to recognize home wasn't the place for you to get this done. It is straight and sober thinking that is in place when we recognize what is not working for us and force ourselves to seek out what else might work. Moving out of our comfort zone is hard under any conditions, but extra hard when we are in turmoil.

30-35 days can seem like an eternity in some situations. However, in looking for balance, 30 days is a small amount of time to invest in getting the help we need that is needed that will serve us for the rest of our lives. It is but a tenth of a year, an even tinier fraction of all the years ahead of you. A pretty good bargain if you ask me!

Old 06-23-2008, 12:13 PM   #7
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emsmom HB User
Re: Waiting for rehab

Hi Reach,

Thanks for your reply and wishes. I am pretty nervous/scared/worried etc. Something sunk in when you wrote "Something is working really well in your thinking to recognize home wasn't the place for you to get this done." It took me a long time to figure that out. I'd always think to myself, "I'll do it next week, or you're fine, afterall, your doctor prescribed them!" One day, about 3 weeks ago, I just broke down and realized I "can't" do this. It was then that I started looking into Rehab, and realized I had to go somewhere where there were professionals, and completely change my surroundings.

I live in Toronto, and lets face it, there are drugs everywhere. It didn't matter how badly I wanted to stop, there were just too many resources. It got harder and harder each day.

I still read all of your posts, and you've helped me alot in the past, even though you were writing to someone else So thanks for being on the boards, I look forward to your posts - You write so powerfully, yet genuine.

Take care,

Old 06-24-2008, 01:31 PM   #8
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g8trgrl15 HB User
Re: Waiting for rehab


Wow, it's been a long time since I seen your name posted! It's very good to hear from you.. and I along with everyone else wish you all the luck and prayers in your rehab. I am still hanging on to a low dose of suboxone.. I quit for a couple of weeks, but I felt so bad that I had to get back on it.. My Doc said that my body still wasn't producing any natural endorphins and that's why I felt so bad, so he put be back on 2mgs a day and told me to start exercising. I try not to feel hopeless, but you just wonder sometimes is there really an end to this, or will it haunt you forever?? You just have to have the will and resolve to do it.. I hope..

Let us know how things are going.. don't be a stranger for so long anymore!!


Old 06-24-2008, 04:39 PM   #9
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Join Date: Aug 2007
Location: NC
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emsmom HB User
Re: Waiting for rehab


Hey!! So nice to hear from you. I'm glad things are going ok for you I know what you mean - will this haunt me forever...

I'm just waiting for "the call" and then I'm off. I went to the Rehab Centre yesterday with my mom (hubby couldn't go cause it was our daughters graduation from Kindergarten, he had to get her ready - but my mom and I got back just in time). It was about an hour from my house, It was so beautiful. I'll admit, I'm "terrified" of detox, however, I could really see myself there. There are over 40 acres of land, with tennis courts, a forest, pools, a ton of different buildings for different activities etc. I guess I had a different perspective of what Rehab would be (meetings, group talks, sit in your room and read etc) but I was wrong.

So, I guess its better that I went to see the place, cause now I'm not "as" frightened.

It was really good to hear from you, I'll keep in touch - I promise


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