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luvthesun 01-13-2012 12:01 PM

experience with prednisone vs. hydrocortisone
I will try to be as brief as possible because I really need some feedback from those living with Addison's, rather than the docs. I haven't been able to work in almost 4 months (viral infection that i havent been able to get rid of. So extreme exhaustion,constant sore throat,etc) And I've been in and out of crisis mode for about 3 weeks now. I'm having a very difficult time arriving upon the correct steroid replacement. I have greatly increased my hydrocortisone, but seem to burn through it quickly so am considering switching to prednisone. Or maybe not switch entirely to prednisone, but take a little each day for longer coverage. With hydrocortisone, I feel very up and down.. with both my energy and my moods. I am so tired of the rollercoaster as it is a constant reminder of the illness, and makes it difficult to focus on anything else.. other than always trying to figure out what I need to do or take to feel better.

So if anyone has any thoughts, ideas, or similar experience with this.. please share. I would greatly appreciate it.

Thanks very much.


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