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Old 07-02-2008, 12:06 PM   #1
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staircar HB User
Food allergies??? I don't know!!

So I am about at my wit's end. For the last four years or so I've thought I had some sort of food allergy. It started in college when my stomach would hurt after eating at the dining commons, mostly pizza. I thought I had celiac disease because some of my relatives have it. I had an endoscopy done which came out negative. I also had a blood test done (IGg/IGa I believe.. it was so long ago) which was inconclusive, one was high and one was within range. Recently, a few months ago, I also had a regular blood panel done that showed everything is working fine (iron levels good, thyroid good, etc.) So I know I don't have nutrient deficiencies common with celiac.

Anyway, I've gone off wheat a few times, the longest being for two months (I know, I am weak). I did feel better but I was also hungry a lot, probably because when I cut out wheat I cut out a lot of my diet. One day the only meal I had had was something for lunch -- I don't remember what, but it did not have wheat in it. I went to a friend's house and had chips and salsa, and almost immediately into it, got horrible pain in my stomach, and bloating, much like I thought I would get after eating wheat.

Long story short (bet you wish I'd started with that) I started eating wheat again, but stayed away from pizza and pasta, and didn't have any problems until I decided to eat pizza one day and my throat got all scratchy and felt like it was closing up. I was scared. But of course I didn't learn, so I again ate pizza, and got the "salsa" feeling -- bloating and stomach pain that was only relieved with a bowel movement that came the morning after.

So, my diagnosis, I am allergic to tomatoes or something. The sauce in pizza, the salsa, pasta sauce (explaining why I get more symptoms when I eat pasta than when I eat a sandwich -- I don't usually get tomato on my sandwich).

As a side note, I have also been off milk (not all dairy, I sometimes eat cheese) for a month or so, in case I am lactose intolerant. I find it hard to digest ice cream

So yesterday, I had a granola bar for breakfast. For lunch, I ate at a japanese place near my work and had teriyaki chicken. When I got home, I had food I had thrown in the crock pot in the morning -- I know all the ingredients in it so it should be fine, right -- carrots, onions, chicken breast tenders (bought raw from the store), parsley, bouillion, salt and pepper, and water. That's it. Orange juice to drink.

It tasted fine, needed a little more salt but that's beside the point. This morning I woke up and my stomach wasn't feeling very well, I didn't have diarrhea but it was close.. loose stool? I don't know the technical term. Also my right leg has been achy/sore since I woke up, could be unrelated. And just a general "not feeling well" feeling.

Now I am very frustrated because I didn't know that bouillion has so much stuff in it including MSG and "contains milk" (butter oil? Not sure what this is and its the very last ingredient). And some stuff I can't pronounce. Was it the MSG, was it something else, I'm just fed up. I bought this stupid crock pot because I thought cooking for myself would make me feel better but I put the wrong stuff in it.

I'm sorry if this was a huge rant. I'm tired of explaining my symptoms and the whole history of my stomach issues so I probably left a bunch of stuff out.
What should I do? Should I have one of those pin***** allergy tests? Should I stop eating anything that tastes good? I'm just so frustrated.

If anyone has any suggestions or tips or words or advice, please let me know. Thank you

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Old 07-03-2008, 07:34 AM   #2
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dolysods HB User
Re: Food allergies??? I don't know!!

When you eat pizza is it from the same place? wondering if different sauces effect you the same way. I have a hiatal hernia that reacts "some times" to different acidic foods.. like tomato products. Thankfully, pizza rarely gets me. I have had the extreme pain in the abdominal area until i have a bowel movement. I fully believe stress has been a contributing factor.

Orange juice is acidic too.. when i buy i usually go for the low acid. Have you ever tried taking any probiotics?

Old 07-03-2008, 02:24 PM   #3
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staircar HB User
Re: Food allergies??? I don't know!!


Thanks for the reply. I haven't ever tried probiotics. Well, I tried making a smoothie.. once... with plain yogurt, that has the live cultures in it. Plain yogurt isn't the best... Is there anything I can take in pill form maybe?

Anyway, I don't usually have pizza from the same place. The one time I got the throat itchiness, but not the GI issues, was when I had frozen pizza. Over the weekend when I had stomach pain, I got the pizza from a chain restaurant. Usually when pizza or pasta affects me, it isn't every time I eat it, and I don't always have the same toppings on the pizza, which is why I've had such a hard time figuring out what it is. I mentally keep track of what I eat but I don't seem to see a pattern.

I was searching around the internet and learned that you can have an onion allergy... which would explain the crock pot food, the pizza (I like onion on my pizza) and sometimes chunky salsa making my stomach hurt. I also haven't read about GI symptoms and MSG but I suppose it is possible...

Old 07-03-2008, 02:26 PM   #4
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Join Date: Jan 2006
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staircar HB User
Re: Food allergies??? I don't know!!

Also, on the topic of acidic foods, I thought that might be the case but wonder why it doesn't affect me every time. I can sometimes eat pizza or pasta with no problems, even have slices of tomato in my salads, but it's like playing the lottery, never knowing when its going to get me. I suppose it could have been the orange juice but I don't think I've ever had any issues with orange juice before... at least, any that I noticed.

Old 07-03-2008, 08:02 PM   #5
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Join Date: Apr 2004
Location: Ohio
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dolysods HB User
Re: Food allergies??? I don't know!!

it is hit or miss with me too. There are pills/capsules that are probiotics. I can only do a little yogurt.. then i stop. Do you have a healthfood store near you? probiotics are acidophilus. The ones with the most active live cultures will need to be refrigerated.

Old 07-07-2008, 12:21 PM   #6
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kyidmnmaiv HB User
Re: Food allergies??? I don't know!!

I had similar problems as yours, was tested for Celiac disease, and was so disappointed when it came back negative (it's better to have a label for your problems, even if the label itself is terrible).

I finally went to a DO/ND who tested me for allergies (not the skin ***** type of testing, the sub dermal type), and lo and behold, I'm allergic to EVERYTHING, not just wheat. I began LDA shots (just had my second today, actually) and have already noticed an improvement. I know there's a list of doctors who offer LDA on this board, just do a search to find it.

Anyway, GL finding someone who will listen to you and treat you. I know how difficult and frustrating it is

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