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best body detox??

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Old 08-26-2008, 07:41 AM   #1
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golfladyy HB User
best body detox??

hey all! i am so excited to join these boards!

i need some suggestions about the best body detox. i am looking to repair a body (mine, of course) that has been subjected to regular drinking for the last 3 years and a mass consumption of crappy food for a REALLY long time. as you can see, i'm trying to turn things around since 30 is around the corner n i'd like to start my thirties kinda fresh. any detox suggestions???

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Old 09-05-2008, 09:57 PM   #2
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FarmGirl31 HB UserFarmGirl31 HB User
Re: best body detox??

I don't know if it is the best, but a good one is from a company I recently discovered called NatureRich. They offer "detox" baths and also liquid minerals and vitamins, flax hull lignans (different from flax seed) and a greens drink. Please check them out. Their products are all natural too (no chemicals).

Peace to u,


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Old 09-11-2008, 03:04 AM   #3
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norton54 HB User
Re: best body detox??

Your liver and kidneys are what "detoxifies" your body. The so called detox remedies that are sold over the internet are just snake oil lining somebodies pocket. Eating right and drinking copius amounts of water will surely help though.

Old 09-12-2008, 10:55 AM   #4
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desiii HB User
Re: best body detox??

Norton is right. Take care of your body and eat right. That's the absolute best thing you can do for your body. Some things you can add for additional cleansing are the greens drinks (there are a number of different brands, all very similar), and have a cup of hot water with a tablespoon of lemon juice every day. Lemon is really good for your liver. Add a little honey if you can't tolerate it unsweetened.

If you really want to get serious you could also stick to a raw foods only diet. A lot of people absolutely swear by that diet for getting healthy. But if you're not looking to get THAT strict, just avoid things like sugars, salt, white starches, preservatives, etc. Shop for your foods around the outside walls of the grocery store instead of buying pre-packaged or canned foods. And be sure to drink lots and lots of water and get in some cardio exercise so you can sweat out remaining toxins. Pretty common sense stuff, and yes it really does work.

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Old 09-13-2008, 08:29 AM   #5
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golfladyy HB User
Re: best body detox??

Thank you so much for all of the information! When I think of a raw food diet, I imagine it to be nothing but fruits and vegetables. Is that right?

Also, my main reason for wanting to detox is because I've definately beat my body up over the course of time. When I was younger, I would eat nothing but fast food all day every day, and at the time it wasn't so completely bad because I was an athlete and I was working out just about every day. 3 years ago however my career came to an end and while I quasi limited the fast food consumption, I incorporated a significant amount of drinking in the mix. So now I would like to put myself on the path to detoxifying my body and repairing the damage.

Would a raw food diet be advisable? Should I invest in some kind of cleanser, or should I just do it the old fashioned way and drink lots of water? I just want to repair the damage and help my body start anew...

Thank you for all the advice!

Old 09-13-2008, 12:54 PM   #6
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desiii HB User
Re: best body detox??

Yes the raw food diet is just fruits and veggies. It's a serious commitment, so you need to think long and hard about whether that's a path you want to take. It's likely to make you feel pretty crappy for the first little while as your body adjusts too (headaches, fatigue, etc.). It's extreme enough that if you just get frustrated one day and decide to go back to fast food, you'll be doing yourself harm. But it's something to think about anyway. Maybe try just eating healthy for now and use the lemon juice. I've also recently added virgin coconut oil to my diet as it has a lot of health properties, and I'm really liking it. It's pretty pricey though.

Once you've been eating really healthy for a while you'll be in a better position to make a decision about switching the raw food diet and your body will be better able to tolerate it too.

Yep, skip the cleansers. They're a waste of money and often very harsh on the digestion and overall health. If you want to share what kinds of foods you're eating or planning to eat, I'm sure there are people here who can give some advice about that too.

Old 09-21-2008, 06:20 PM   #7
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BostonGirl44 HB User
Re: best body detox??

30 is right around the corner for me also. I stopped drinking about 4 years ago and only drink the occasional glass of wine now but I pig out. I love junk food. I decided to "clean out" and start fresh. I was searching online for ways to clean myself out before I began and did the 3 day apple fast. Basically eating apples all day and drinking water. It worked very very well for me. I'll admit, I couldn't look at an apple for a while after that but I felt incredible after I finished and it made me want to continue to feel that good. Good luck!

Old 09-22-2008, 10:07 AM   #8
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AlexaIn2006 HB UserAlexaIn2006 HB UserAlexaIn2006 HB User
Re: best body detox??

I also take some apple cider vinegar daily. I have a hard drinking drinking this, so I mix it is Naked Fruit Juice so I don't taste it so much. I take a few tablespoons up to 1/4 cup a day. It kills abnormal cravings for food and it is super beneficial for the body. I don't feel like typing it out, so just search for yourself. Apples are great as well as warm water with fresh lemon and tea.

Old 09-22-2008, 03:50 PM   #9
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harrywilliams HB User
Re: best body detox??

Salt and water is the way to go! It flushes the system and helps the digest process.

I also did Master Colon Sweep but it's not as affective as this way. Your right. most products are not that different.

oh, and don't forget lemonade

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Old 10-05-2008, 07:27 PM   #10
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Alice2 HB User
Re: best body detox??

I am happy with using calcium bentonite clay in a drink to which is added ground flax seeds and psyllium husks. I add a pile of cayenne pepper in there but it's kinda mild pepper. You mix some pre-mixed clay with the water first, maybe 8 ounces of water, and for me a teaspoon of gelled-clay, and after it's all stirred up I add the powdered stuff and stir it up pretty well but as quickly as I can -- then drink it down with a straw and don't stop gulping til you're done.

The reason to hurry up and drink it is the psyllium husks start turning to goo upon exposure to water, and its MUCH PREFERABLE to drink it before it get slimey and let it get slimey INSIDE your tummy instead.

Tip #1: Do not use metal with clay. I do not know the reason why, sorry! I use a plastic spoon or plastic knife.

Tip #2: Drink lots of water after you've downed the clay.

I prefer to do this not with food, but awhile after I have done it I can eat if I want, it is not the same as fasting although you could avoid eating while you do it too.

It does not have a laxative effect at all, it just draws all the toxins in your intestines into itself and works VERY VERY slowly.

I am still learning how often I wish to do it. I think it is a very healthy and effective jump-start to getting detoxed, even if you don't want to totally go on a fast.

Eat lots of raw vegetables regardless of whether you want to go 100% raw from the beginning -- remember, think about what you ARE going to eat, rather than worrying about what you AREN'T going to eat.

For some of us, taking baby steps is the way to go.

Old 10-23-2008, 12:03 PM   #11
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Harry HB UserHarry HB UserHarry HB UserHarry HB UserHarry HB UserHarry HB UserHarry HB UserHarry HB UserHarry HB User
Re: best body detox??

I suggest you start on a more healthy diet with foods that you like and tolerate well and cut out the junk food and drinking. Any food that comes through the window of a car has been processed too much. And, try to eat food that was food 100 years ago --- not the processed stuff of today.

Then start taking Virgin Coconut Oil ---. Start off slowly because if you are not use to oils in your diet -- it can cause diarrhea.
So, slowly means 3 teaspoons daily before meals. And, then work up to 3 1/2 tablespoons daily over a period of 3 or 4 weeks.

Coconut oil is very healthy -- it not only will detox your system but it will help many organs in your body to function better.


Old 10-23-2008, 02:23 PM   #12
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desiii HB User
Re: best body detox??



I agree, virgin coconut oil is wonderful. But I would suggest starting with an even lower dose, like maybe one teaspoon/day. Then work up to two, etc. until you're at 3 1/2 tbsp/day.

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Old 10-23-2008, 03:43 PM   #13
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ronniegib70 HB User
Re: best body detox??

Water and lots of cardiovascular activity is the healthiest and most natural way to flush your system out. Be sure to abstain from any caffeine or alcohol. Give yourself about a month and believe me, the difference will be night and day. Good luck!

Old 10-25-2008, 09:17 AM   #14
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JohnR41 HB UserJohnR41 HB UserJohnR41 HB UserJohnR41 HB UserJohnR41 HB UserJohnR41 HB UserJohnR41 HB UserJohnR41 HB UserJohnR41 HB UserJohnR41 HB UserJohnR41 HB User
Re: best body detox??

Eat foods like fresh fruit, vegetables, whole grains (with no sugar or other additives), legumes, nuts and seeds. If you must eat meat, eat lean meat in small 3oz servings. Drink plenty of water and get some exercise.

That's all it takes. No special vitamins or detox products needed. If you give your body the proper nutrition from whole foods, it will automatically detox itself.

Old 11-03-2008, 05:07 AM   #15
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wishing2bwell HB User
Re: best body detox??

I've always read that one of the best ways to cleanse your system was to do a fruit juice fast. If you can handle nothing but pure fruit juice and water for three solid days it is the best way to cleanse. It's just getting through that much time with no solids that is the most difficult.

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