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Gagging from Nervousness, Eating, Post Nasal Drip. Should I Try Homeopathy?

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Old 06-01-2012, 11:50 AM   #1
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kingofhearts HB User
Gagging from Nervousness, Eating, Post Nasal Drip. Should I Try Homeopathy?

Dear Board,

For the past 8 years I've had nose problems that would affect my throat. Whenever I'm nervous (which is very often, even little things like going to karaoke or meeting friends) I gag and cough up either mucus or nothing. I feel irritation on my upper throat, and I think it all stems from my nose, because when I'm nervous I feel that something from my sinuses is opening or allowing flow of whatever is in the nose to drip onto my throat. This makes me nervous and when I'm nervous I gag (and sometimes even vomit from the gagging) because of this, so it's a vicious cycle. I've gone to the doctors but they don't seem to know what's wrong. I've had xrays for my stomach to see if it was acid reflux, but I don't think they found anything. however, on a separate xray they did find that i had a serious nose infection, however my insurance expired by then and i wasn't able to follow up. I've taken acid reflux medicine and they haven't worked. Neither have some anti-depressants when I went to the psychiatrist. I do think it's somewhat psychological, but that the main reason is something physical, which is why the anti-depressants didn't help my anxiety and therefore didn't help cure my symptoms. i've went to multiple doctors (~10 doctors) and none of them have given me anything that works, just dumb antibiotics. because of school, lack of money, and no insurance i have not been able to find any answer, but i read a similar post to mine and feel that you have more knowledge.

Here's a list of when my gagging comes up. usually i just cough up mucus or nothing at all:
-when i have a stuffy nose. like during the winter. usually something like a hot shower where i can blow everything out makes me feel better.
-in the mornings. i feel like maybe i have some sort of mental hormone problem in the morning... i am nervous in the mornings and can barely consume food. mornings are the worst.
-when i eat sweet stuff (chocolate, anything with sugar), or stuff that is sticky
-when i eat anything. it gets progressively better as the day goes by. so in the morning i can't function, but at night i have an appetite
-when i eat too full. i feel like my stomach sticks out abnormally when i eat until i'm full.
-whenever i exercise. the first hour will be really bad, but towards the end it eases.
-whenever i lay down on my bed and talk or just lay down on my bed without the purpose of sleeping.
-****when i'm nervous. this is a big one. i can't do public speaking or interviews because i gag so bad beforehand. however most of the time when the moment comes to actually have to speak, my mind eases, but i have gagged during the big moment before.

please let me know if there's any diagnosis. i'm suffering really bad and it's affecting my job search because i avoid anything that requires presentations. i talk to my good friends fine without a problem.

i'm considering homeopathy, since i've been to many western doctors who don't know what is going on with me. recently i went on homeopathy forum and was suggested Gelsemium , and if that didn't work to take Argentum. Does anyone have any thoughts?

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Re: Gagging from Nervousness, Eating, Post Nasal Drip. Should I Try Homeopathy?

Sounds like a combination of nasal problems and anxiety. Did the antibiotics clear up the infection? Have you tried a nasal allergy medication? That might help with your sinuses draining. Many people with allergies suffer from your exact same symptoms of gagging and feeling nauseus in the mornng and then better as the day progresses, or feeling icky when the lay down. I am not familiar with homeopathy so have no recommendations but chamomille tea might help to settle your tummy, once you address your nasal problems.

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Milly50 HB UserMilly50 HB User
Re: Gagging from Nervousness, Eating, Post Nasal Drip. Should I Try Homeopathy?

Hi Kingofhearts

Try stopping milk and dairy products for a while, they increase production of mucus. For the nerves wean yourself off caffeine completely over a number of days or weeks. Try relaxation CD's, the kind that use spoken visualisation of relaxing scenarios. Glen Harrold ones are great. Try meditation exercises such as in yoga, they teach very valuable simple breathing exercises that regain your confidence and sense of control. Instead of exercising hard or in a gym, try brisk walks in the sunshine. Take the pressure off yourself and be kind to yourself.

I have found all these things incredibly helpful. Also books on Buddhist outlook on life is very soothing. You see, none of the things you think are so frightening are actually so. It is only the way you see things. If you think life is good, most people are decent and nice and all will be well, then it will be.

Just for starters, try this breathing exercise: Sit with back straight and be comfortable. Hands on lap. Take a deep slow breath in through the nose, hold for 3 seconds, breath slowly out of the mouth. Repeat up to 6 times. Repeat the word 'peace' on breathing in and the word 'calm' on the breathing out. The Glenn Harrold CD range teaches deep relaxation and hypnotic suggestions to help with stress - which is at the root of how you are feeling I think.

Above all, be kind to yourself. Eat the best food you can, get 7 or 8 hours sleep after relaxing properly, drink enough water, get some fresh air. Do things you like every day.
Don't continually assualt your body with antibiotics and other medications, they only treat the symptoms not the cause. Keep it natural and support your body and mind to heal and strengthen naturally and at your pace. Occasionally try a fast for a day, it helps re-balance everything.

Old 06-17-2012, 10:11 AM   #4
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Milly50 HB UserMilly50 HB User
Re: Gagging from Nervousness, Eating, Post Nasal Drip. Should I Try Homeopathy?

Another couple of thoughts. Stop eating sweet foods and only eat when hungry. When you eat, try to eat natural unprocessed foods only. Are you relaxed when you eat? Sit down properly with an enjoyable TV programme or nice music on, make it a habit to only eat when truly relaxed. Take your time, eat slowly, chew well. Never eat on the run, it is better to fast than that in my view. After a while you should find a big difference and the nervousness will disappear.

good luck.

Old 07-25-2012, 09:09 AM   #5
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kingofhearts HB User
Re: Gagging from Nervousness, Eating, Post Nasal Drip. Should I Try Homeopathy?

thanks for the advice guys. recently i've been using the netipot at night when i shower to drain out anything i have in my nose, and now i'm taking some meds (zyrtec - a nasal decongestant, and famotidine for stomach) but i don't think anything works since the problem persists. for a while i didn't do any exercises and so yesterday i decided to do a few pushups and the gagging was pretty significant as my throat would get the dry feeling again.

i don't know... i feel like the only key is to do surgery. there is definitely an underlying physical problem, because as i am home sitting and eating and relatively stress free, i still feel nasal drip gathering on my throat or on the roof of my throat, causing me to occasionally gag. but these physicians keep beating around the bush and giving me antibiotics and medications that have no use, but force me to take them and "come back in a month". story of my life... at this point i would just like some sort of diagnosis. they did say i had a chronic sinus infection, but these meds aren't helping. i can't wait for the day when they say "we're going to need surgery". i'm going to be crying in tears of joy... if that day ever comes. i just want to be normal and be able to run around and talk like a regular person...

because of my problem i hesitate in applying for jobs and am afraid that it will act up if i ever work. that's one reason i decided to try to move to a less social field, one where i can just sit in front of my desk and crank things out. i studied econ in uni. and graduated dec 2012, but am now taking comp programming class to try to switch...

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