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Geriatric Psychiatric Hospital

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Old 01-18-2007, 06:26 PM   #1
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ronmac HB User
Geriatric Psychiatric Hospital

As I stated in a previous post, my sister and I placed our dad in a hospital prior to placing him in an assisted living facility. Assisted living would not take him until his hallucinations were under control.

In the hospital, he is much worse. He has never been aggressive, but he is fighting with the nurses at night. In the week that he has been there, he was given shots twice to calm him. He is also refusing to eat. This is the first time that my dad has ever stayed the night in a hospital. I can't help but wonder if it is the medications they are changing. Has anyone else had an experience like this? I cannot stand thinking of my dad so scared and angry. He never acts like this when I am visiting.

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Old 01-23-2007, 07:36 PM   #2
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ronmac HB User
Re: Geriatric Psychiatric Hospital

Wanted to post an update on my dad and vent a little. Come to find out, the doctor put dad on Risperdal which he was on previously for three days. The Risperdal made his hallucinations much worse. We told the nurse this when we checked dad into the hospital. After discussing this fact with the doctor, he placed him on Haldol which also did not work. Now we are bAck where we started. Dad is back on Zyprexa and seems to be coming back to his original condition. However, if Zyprexa was not working prior to his admittance into the hospital, I do not see how it can suddenly start helping. We are at our wit's end. I am beginning to wonder if any of the medicine really works. Maybe we should ditch all of the traditional medicines and try some of the herbal stuff out there?? I know prior to my grandmother's death, she was removed from all of her medications. She did improve for a bit.

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Martha H
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Re: Geriatric Psychiatric Hospital

The sad fact is that there is no drug which cures Dementia. All they can do is try to relieve the symptoms .. a sleeping pill for night wandering, an anti depressive for crying jags, calming meds for aggression - and they may work or not, or just for a little while. The good news is that dementia patients eventually become too sick to fight, too handicapped to get upset, too forgetful to hold grudges, too weak to be aggressive. Then they sit and doze off in their wheelchairs ... how is this good news? There is no good outcome. It is a devastating disease.

I am hoping that stem cell research will find a CURE .. that would be as big as the day Polio vaccine was discovered. As a small child my sister had polio and I remember well the awful fear, my classmates avoided me, the teacher stayed 3 feet away from me (in 2nd grade) for fear I was carrying polio ...

One day there will be a vaccine or a cure for AD, what a day of rejoicing THAT will be!



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Re: Geriatric Psychiatric Hospital

Ronmac, Im glad you posted this. Are you legal guardian over your Father? I am legal guardian of my mother and its helped the psych ward situation ALOT.

My Mother has been in the Geratric Psych hospital since 12-4-06, she gets out 2-1-07. Its been a bumpy road for us!! The first 2 days she beat up 3 nurses. They had to adavan and risperdal the heck out of her, which turned her into a drooling slumped over vegetable.

VERY IRONIC that you mention Zyprexa. My Mother was on that and it made her hallucinations/delusions a ton WORSE. I believe thats what actually caused her to turn psychotic (was paranoid, wouldnt take pills, everybody was trying to kill her) Before we brought her to the psych ward she was a crying, screaming, fighting mess. The psych ward also had her on Haldol, but after I investigated it there were way too many bad side effects so I requested she be weaned off it.

The psych hospital started her on ECT (shock treatments) and the difference was amazing!! She will be able to come back home next thursday. The ECT also decreases the amount/variety of med's they need. Shes no longer on Zyprexa but on 20mg of Wellbutrin XL, small dosage of adavan (the smallest dose available) and a small dosage of Seroquel. Very good combination, IMO.

For the record, my mom is 61 and has severe dementia. The Dr's never say, but Im betting shes entering the later stages. She has just started to wear Depends and has some difficulty expressing anything anymore. However she smiles and laughs and can squeeze out a few words here and there. Surprisingly, she still remembers us and our names (I have 4 siblings).

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Old 02-01-2007, 08:52 AM   #5
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ronmac HB User
Re: Geriatric Psychiatric Hospital

Thanks for replying Chris!! I was beginning to wonder if anyone was in the same situation. I know a pill does not cure Alzheimer's, but I also know that most Alzheimer's patients do not hallucinate to the extent that my dod and your mom do. All I want is for his terror to stop. He was released from the hospital on Friday and on Sunday night we were called by the nursing home at 3:00am because he was so scared. We had to go and sit with him the rest of the night. When the nurses at a nursing home are at a loss, I assume this is not normal. My dad gets up under furniture because people are shooting at him. He goes to the other residents and tries to round them up because the building is on fire. After being taken off of the Risperdal, he is not longer violent but mnthing and I mean nothing seems to calm him. Ativan does not calm him enough for sleep and sleeping pills do not work either. I do not think the doctors tried dad on Seroquel. Maybe I will mention it!! My grandmother passed away due to Alzheimer's and she hallucinated but not to the extent where it endangered her well-being or the well-being of others.

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WasFatNoMore HB UserWasFatNoMore HB User
Re: Geriatric Psychiatric Hospital

Hate to tell you BUT hallucinations are not uncommon. My Grandmother hallucinated ALOT. At night, during the day, they never could control them. It was terrible. She would tell me fantastic stories that could have in no way happened. Like the time there was a party at the Nurses Station and all the women put their babies on GM's bed and told her to watch them!
I just had to agree that it was unreasonable to expect an old woman to babysit a half-dozen babies.

Dementia is dreadful.

Old 02-03-2007, 08:11 PM   #7
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Chris26MI HB User
Re: Geriatric Psychiatric Hospital

Ronmac, my Mother was discharged from the Psych hospital 2-1-07 and is now at home with my Father. She hasnt said but maybe 10 words since she got home Im guessing all of the meds and the 12 shock treatments have frizzled her a bit. Anyways every day she is slowly regaining her capabilities back... She is on Lexapro 20mg in the morning and .5 ativan and .5 risperdal at night. Ive instructed my Father to cut the night does of ativan and risperdal in halves, I want to wean her off it ever so slightly so we can regain some speech for her and see if she will go to the bathroom on her own. She was talking fine and going to the bathroom just fine before she went to the psych hospital!! Now she cant do either

Either way today I went over there and just to prove shes still got it, she saw me and I asked her if she remember my name. She started cracking up... LOL. It was the contagious type of laughter and made me laugh too. She said she did remember who I was. I then was able to get her to eat a few cookies and a piece of pizza (hey its better than the nothing she was eating before!).

Old 02-07-2007, 04:17 AM   #8
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cushing HB User
Re: Geriatric Psychiatric Hospital

I have been there with my father.He was in the hospital for 3 weeks with delirium,very angry,halucinations,it was horrible.I thought he was going to die.
They had him on a few meds that did not work.they put him on haderal( dont know if I spelled that right)he was back to normal after a week on it he was nice and clam,able to have converstaions.He does not have any memory about his delusions.I wish you the best and dont give up,the doctors will find the right meds.It was 2 weeks before they found them for my dad.
My thoughts are with you.

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