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Panic Disorder/Anxiety Symptoms, and abbreviations

Thanks to immortal19 for this list:

Here is a list of common symptoms for anxiety/panic disorder...of course
there are a lot of other ones but these are the most common:

HEART sensations~

* racing or rapid heart beat (fight or flight response)
* heart palpitations (fight or flight response)
* 'missed' heart beats (fight or flight response)
* pounding heart (fight or flight response)

BREATHING sensations~

* breathing difficulties (can be a result of swallowing air, chest pain through tension or hyperventilation)
* choking sensation (tension)
* hyperventilation (fight or flight response)
* feel as if can't take another breath (can be a result of swallowing air, chest pain through tension or hyperventilation)
* tightening of the throat (tension)

PAIN sensations~

* chest pain (tension)
* headaches (tension)
* neck aches (tension)
* lower back pain (tension)
* sciatica (tension)
* muscle pain (tension)
* aching jaw (tension)
* clenching fists (tension)
* chronic temporary pain (tension)


* nausea (fight or flight response or caused by not eating)
* loss of appetite (effects of anxiety disorder)
* churning stomach (fight or flight response)
* burning stomach (fight or flight response or caused by not eating)
* indigestion (fight or flight response)
* abdominal pain (tension or caused by not eating)
* digestive problems (flight or flight response or caused by not eating)


* hot and cold flashes (fight or flight response)
* flushing face (fight or flight response)
* shaking/ trembling (fight or flight response)
* excessive perspiration (fight or flight response)
* sweating hands (fight or flight response)
* dizziness (either Fight or flight, hyperventilation or dissociation)
* giddiness (either Fight or flight, hyperventilation or dissociation)
* feeling lightheaded or faint (either Fight or flight, hyperventilation or dissociation or caused by not eating)
* pins and needles (fight or flight response)
* diarrhoea (fight or flight response)
* loss of bladder control (fight or flight response)
* grinding teeth (tension)
* sleeping difficulties (can be a result of overactive thinking, worry,
nocturnal panic attacks or taking sleeping medication (wake after a few hours and then can't get back to sleep)
* night sweats (fight or flight response)
* lack of concentration (effects of anxiety disorder)
* extreme exhaustion (effects of anxiety disorder)
* loss of feelings (effects of anxiety disorder)
* localised pressure (fight or flight response)
* loss of libido (effects of anxiety disorder)
* appetite swings (effects of anxiety disorder)
* numbness of hands or feet
* unexplainable rashes

DISSOCIATIVE sensations such as feeling~

* detached from the body (dissociative sensations)
* feeling as if you and/or surroundings are not real (dissociative sensations)
* as if looking through a white or grey mist (dissociative sensations)
* sensitivity to light and sound (dissociative sensations)
* tunnel vision (dissociative sensations)
* stationary objects appearing to move (dissociative sensations)
* sensations of falling into a void (dissociative sensations)
* temporary paralysis (dissociative sensations)


* Having a heart attack and/or
* Going to die
* Brain tumour
* Going insane
* Lose control in some way

EMOTIONAL sensations~

* episodes of anger and "rage" and frustration (effects of anxiety disorder)
* deep sadness (effects of anxiety disorder)
* depression and major depression (effects of anxiety disorder)
* increased feelings of worry (effects of anxiety disorder)
* increased feelings of guilt (effects of anxiety disorder)
* feelings of emptiness (effects of anxiety disorder)
* feelings of loneliness (effects of anxiety disorder)
* feeling detached from "normal" emotional state

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Common Panic and Anxiety Disorder Abbreviations

AD'S= Anti Depressants
CBT= Cognitive Behavior Therapy
ENT= Ears Nose and Throat Doctor
ETD= Eustation Tube Dysfunction
GP= General other words your Family Doctor
OCD= Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
PTSD= Post Traumatic Stess Disorder
TMJ= Temporo-Mandibular Joint
P Doc= Psychologist or Psychiatrist
SNRI= Selective Norepinephrine Reuptake Inhibitor
SSRI= Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor

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