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Old 07-08-2006, 08:57 AM   #1
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nikigrl8883 HB User
Unhappy seizure type symptoms again!

ok guys i dont know what the heck is happening to me i know i have anxiety but myabe ive developed it fromt his wierd feeling last night i woke up nauseas again and i felt really wierd like that thing was gonna happen agian where my eyes go back and i stop breathing until i bring myself out of it i didnt have a seizure or whatver that is but i think its becasue i got up if i layed there im almost positive it wouldve happened the thing is i dont know if it is a seizure or not it scares me to death i always feel out of it too.. i took my blood pressure when i felt wierd and it was normal and i took my blood sugar too at wits end geez i want to feel normal again i dont know if that is anxiety i was sleeping i wasnt anxious and this seems to happen when i lay down to try to sleep or in between sleep i dont loose consiousness i looked up differnt types of seizures and the only one that came close was tonic seizure i had an eeg and the doc said it was normal but it didnt happen during the eeg so who knows what the freak!

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tnmomofive HB User
Re: seizure type symptoms again!

It is to my understanding that alot of times an actual seziure has to be happening during the eeg.Sometimes people stay in the hospital for a few days to a week or so and the doctors try and force a seizure.By sleep deprivation and other means.I believe I told you before I have had spells myself except I do totaly lose consciousness.Mine is like I pass out right before it I typicaly would feel naseous like I have to get sick or its gonna come out the other end.I make my way to a bathroom sit down seconds later my heart pummels,I get extremly dizzy,vision starts going black.Then I go out.My husband has witnessed this a few times says I kind of shake a bit not much,my eyes roll back.When I come to im a total mess.I never have felt in my life as sick as I feel after this happens.I am also totaly out of it derealization hell.After a half hour to an hour im alright again just tired.I have explained this whole thing to many different doctors and I always get the same responce "anxiety/stress." I have had two EEG's both normal amoung many other tests all normal.This has happened to me about 6 time over the last 13 years my anxiety disorder started with one of these spells and then I was in anxiety hell for an entire year after that spell day in and out.I do believe anxiety/panic/stress can cause things like this eventhough it is rare.
For me it is very sporadic though I can go years with no faint.Sounds like what happens to you is happening more often.If it was me I would ask to see a specialist in Epilepsy.This doesnt mean I think or that it is Epilepsy but a specialist could better rule seizures in or out then just a General practitioner.
by the way I wanted to ask .....This thing that happens to you have you been taking medications since it started?......I ask this because some of those can cause stuff like this too.

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Old 07-08-2006, 11:25 AM   #3
Join Date: Jun 2006
Location: new bedford mass us
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nikigrl8883 HB User
Re: seizure type symptoms again!

no when it first started i wasnt taking anything so its not the meds and i did see a specialist i saw a neuroligist hes the one who ordered the eeg i just came back from the phychiatrist and now hes taking me off celexa and trying zoloft becasue im always lightheaed he said as far as that seizure type thing he didnt know what it was and asked me if i thought it was inmy head and i said no i mean sweriously i dont have a thyroid problem i dont have anemia i dont have lupus lime disease the list goes on blood sugar is usually ok dont have diabetes ive had alot of blood work done theres just no conclusion so far like i said i am seeing a neuroligst the 21st a differnt one theres not much else i can do

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tnmomofive HB User
Re: seizure type symptoms again!

Right thats who I saw was a neurologist.After a few months and paying out of pocket.He told me he hadnt found anything abnormal and didnt want to waste my time or money any longer.Told me he thought I should see a phycharatrist which I did have one visit with one.I am not sure if he actualy believed I had lost consciousness or not ugh lol(although several people witnessed the first time some thought seizure some thought faint) but he diagnosed me with generalized anxiety disorder and border-line agoraphobia.I know there is a chance what I have experianced could have been actual seziures but what can ya do when the testing keeps comming back normal and all doctors keep saying "anxiety/stress."I just try not to worry about it since I made it through each spell and otherwise I feel healthy in between.Other then of course anxiety here and there.I do know it really happens to you though.I had a general practitioner tell me once (which made me feel vendicated at the time lol because I was feeling like nobody believed me!) he said "all the physical symptoms you say you are having are VERY REAL but they are just not from an actual organic cause rather from the mind the anxiety and stress.I wanted to give him a kiss lol.

good luck I hope these spells stop for you

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