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Old 07-14-2006, 04:39 PM   #1
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Stephen-K HB User
Health Anxiety and Heart Rate of 180

Ok well here goes a theraputic exercise for me to type and hopefully for those sufferring the same to read. Here are the "diseases I was convinced I have head during the last 2 times I replapsed each time lasting for about 6 mos. and while wife was pregnant and into first months of new child.

I guess knowing my heart is 100% ok I am wondering how high has your Heart Rate gotten. I have hit 173 and then 180 once each... Of course this was only for seconds then it would drop to like 150's for a few minutes then setle around 140's and then slowly decline as I calmed down. An example that I know this is anxiety is that I once hto a trigger and my heart jumped to 120 which was fairly normal for an attack for me as before it never went higher then 120's. All of sudden as I got more panicked it hit 140's then because it hit 140's I panicked for EMT's..sitting in bed I was monitoring my HR with a PulseOXimeter and it was like 140..As soon as O heard th engine pull up it shot through the roof to like 160's. So effectively I made it jump 20bpm just hearing the truck. So this is proof positive that panic can rocket your heart rate especially if you keep monitoring your HR. Anyone else hit these lofty number?

Esophageal Cancer – 90% certain , devastated, could not swallow even water, 20lb weight loss …
Barium Swallow – Normal
Endoscopy – Normal

*Symptoms disappear*

Colon Cancer - 90% certain, devastated, bleeding, pencil thin stools, pain in the ascending colon, weight loss, black spots in bm, constipation, bloating etc.
Colonoscopy – hemorrhoid

*Symptoms disappear*

Cirrhosis – 95% certain , bloating, weight loss, spider veins freaked out at Ron Jon’s,
Spitting up blood – varicies (actually from gums and scratching of throat from clearing), spasm near liver area etc..

US – Fatty Liver
Tons of blood tests show ALT , AST stable and all other blood work to rule out other liver disease neg.

*Symptoms disappear*

Heart Disease – 80% certain , HR – 150’s-180’s. Angina, Chest pressure, SOB

EKG x4-5 = Normal
Echo = Normal
Holter Monitor = Normal
Stress Test = Normal

*Symptoms disappear accept for SOB*

Lung Cancer – 60% Certain, tumor pushing on brachial plexus, SOB, etc.

Chest X-ray – Normal
PFT – Normal everything above 80% (maybe mild Asthma by tech but Dr. not really)
FVC = 119%
FEV1 = 115%
FEV1/FVC = 96.62

Spinal cord issue / Spinal Tumor / MS/ ALS – 50% certain, whole arm numbness issue,
muscle twitches, cramping, pec wasting, Dizzy head, tight neck, unsteady gait, standing light-Head,
spinal X-ray – Disk issues
RI – 2 Herniated disks issues no spinal cord issue
EMG test shows pinched nerve reason for wasting muscle and twitches/numbeness etc

*Symptoms disappear accept for Nerve pinch specific issues*

Alph-1 – 90% liver and breathing connection
No emphysema as evident above / NO cirrhosis evident by US

Tracheal Cancer – 75% MMV low, tightness in that area, nurse suggested constriction due to anxiety
Nothing shown on Chest X-ray. Only 1.5% of Tracheal obstruction do not show
New PFT’s show MVV at 104% so it was an error the last being 60%.

*Symptoms disappear accept for SOB*

NeuroMuscular / Hypoventialation – 80% Res Rate 9 when sleeping between 10-12 waking hours so no Hyperventilation
No known cause that applies to me listed anywhere - Else = 10-12 waking, Dad’s = 10 waking (claims normally 16).
Blood pressure only mildly elevated when standing (Does not drop) seated = 149/77-86 standing = 152/78-102

Last edited by Stephen-K; 07-14-2006 at 04:44 PM.

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Old 07-14-2006, 04:57 PM   #2
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whathaveigot? HB User
Re: Health Anxiety and Heart Rate of 180

shows you the power of our minds doesnt it?

right now I have a few health issues but Im not even gonna bother getting tested for them in an attempt to beat this horrible condition

Old 07-15-2006, 11:33 AM   #3
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yvonne818461 HB User
Re: Health Anxiety and Heart Rate of 180

yup my rate was at 170 last night. it woke me up from a sleep and i called 911 they said because my blood pressure was up to 170over 90 they wanted me to go to the er. so i was there for 8 hrs on and ekg and i also was already wearing the holter monitor so i recorded what it did and they checked that out and said i have sinus tachardyia and sent me home with some xanax. i think mine is brought on because i am under alot of stress right now. they told me to follow up with my heart doctor.

Old 07-15-2006, 06:57 PM   #4
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nikigrl8883 HB User
Re: Health Anxiety and Heart Rate of 180

ya i know how you feel i have that tachardia thing now to and my blood pressure is up and down like a see saw....the docs think i have either an automatic problem or a glandular problem i have unfortunalty ten thousand other symptoms as we ll and they happen every day and i take zanax!//// try feeling like passing out all day long and dizzy

Old 07-16-2006, 08:03 AM   #5
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Stephen-K HB User
Re: Health Anxiety and Heart Rate of 180

To be honest I actually have. See I go through stages that their duration is dictated by either medical test findings to the contrary of the disease or by simple biofeedback that I do for myself to push past each ailment the best I can. Someitmes we do get stuck on some though.
For about 2 weeks I was concerned that everytome I stood up I would get short of breath and Lightheaded/dizzy but not room spinning type stuff..More like the feeling you get if you stand up too fast.

Monitored my Blood pressue laying down then again on rising and it went up when standing as it is suppose to. So no issues there and it still took me almost 2 weeks to work through those symptoms. What is important to realize is this:

"If your hear hooves on a ranch in the Midwest ..look for Horses not Zebra’s… "

And always remember the theory of Akums Razor : "All things being equal the simplest solution is the correct one"

In this case is it more likely that we have some rare disease or that we have complex anxiety that is defining its on conditions in a fluid manner as we redirect our focus on varying symptoms that all seem somewhat vague? My postings and past 8-9 years possible lifelong experience with anxiety is that is has no boundaries of what symptoms it can create given any possible setting can elicit different responses from our inner thoughts.

Last edited by Stephen-K; 07-16-2006 at 08:06 AM.

Old 07-16-2006, 10:43 AM   #6
Join Date: Mar 2003
Location: orlando fl
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yvonne818461 HB User
Re: Health Anxiety and Heart Rate of 180

niki did they ever tell you why you feel dizzy all the time? i have for the last couple of days had this foggy feeling in my head not to where the room is spinning but kinda like something im looking at moves and the inside of my head feels funny or fuzzy. i asked the er dr could anxiety make your head feel like that and she said it could.

Old 07-16-2006, 11:18 AM   #7
Join Date: Jun 2006
Location: new bedford mass us
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nikigrl8883 HB User
Re: Health Anxiety and Heart Rate of 180

yvonne ya anxiety can make you lightheaded if it only happens once in awile i wouldnt worry see withme it happens all the time and i have other symptoms too like a fast heart rate and blood pressure changes upon moving yours is probably anxiety related dont worry

Old 07-17-2006, 04:45 PM   #8
Join Date: Jun 2006
Location: new bedford mass us
Posts: 328
nikigrl8883 HB User
Re: Health Anxiety and Heart Rate of 180

god help us steve how old are you by the way

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