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Old 09-19-2006, 06:09 PM   #1
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shorty21 HB User
Please somebody!!!!!

i have been reading this book on panic/anxiety and it tells you to do an exercise, by writing down all of the tramatic things that have happend in your life, i had about four pages fool i am so scard if i dont get my anxiety under control i will develop a heart condition or mental problems i went threw a period in my life were i was depressed for about two years but recovered completely and was doing very well, then about 6 months ago i was diagnosed from vestibular neriounitis(inner eye disorder) and have been suffering from anxiety ever since i am getting to the point to were i second guess everything and everybody i am so confused i dont know if i have anxiety or if i am suffering from a lifethreating condition, i have had all kinds of test run on me (ct of head and chest, spinal tap, 2 ekg's and i wore a heart monitor for two days, and a but load of blood work everything was fine) but i am still convenst that all my doctors are missing something is this normal with anxiety, i really need some help i am only 20 years old and i always feel like i am fixing to die or be told i only have so long to live because of some kind of disease or that i may be hospitalized because i get a serious illness, see listen to be i sound like a complete basket case i am so scard all the time and i am very intuned with my body and i notice every little symptom i have and if i have a broose(sp) i think its because of a really bad disease, oh my gosh here we go again i do have a mental problem dont i? can anyone say anything or tell me anything that might ease my mind i am so upset right now i am crying, i am so tired of worring all the time i just want to be normal and happy again.............................

nancy (shorty21)

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anxiousinnj HB User
Re: Please somebody!!!!!


It sounds like you are suffering classic anxiety symptoms. If you read through this board you will see that most of the people here have gone through all the same things. Zillions of tests which almost always come back normal-- yet we feel so badly we are positive something is wrong & they are missing something.
It's not just you, so don't feel alone.
This past spring I had a very hard time recovering from gallbladder surgery & was convinced I was dying--My weight kept dropping & dropping.I went to to so many doctors & had so many tests-- they finally made me realize I was having severe anxiety/panic. Now, I WAS sick, that much I know-- just having a longer than usual recovery time. But because of my fear of illness & dying the whole thing sky rocketed out of control. Feeling sick causing anxiety causing more physical illness and around and around until I was spinning out of control.
I gave in and went to a psyche doc & agreed to try medication.
I am not all better but better than what I was. Right now am dealing with severe back pain and herniated disc which of course, you guessed it has my anxiety up a few notches & worrying will I be an invalid because of this back issue now.

You are young-- please get to a doctor to be evaluated. If you go without some type of treatment it may get worse, so please go to a doc & explain what you are going through. There are lots of young people your age on these boards. And I just recently dscovered my daughter ( age 20 like you) is suffering from panic attacks & depression. You are NOT alone !

Hope you feel better very soon !

Old 09-20-2006, 04:23 AM   #3
Join Date: Sep 2006
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shorty21 HB User
Re: Please somebody!!!!!

thank you so much for you reply SO IM NOT CRAZY?!!!!!!!!!! thats always good to hear, i have read a lot of post from people with the same symptoms as me, what is so darn funny about this is that i am a very sentamental person i have a very big heart for everone and everything, but i never thought i would be sick like this, not that i was bullet proof but i guess everyone feels like nothing bad will ever happen to them, not now though, EVERYTHING IS WRONG WITH ME!!!!! lol i defently am going to talk to my doctor about some meds but when i get them im sure i will be to scard to take um, because of there side effects lol. well thank you for your reply it helps a bunch, i am very sorry you and your daughter are having to suffer from this also, i hope yall feel better also thank you once again.


Old 09-20-2006, 08:22 AM   #4
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Join Date: May 2006
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anxiousinnj HB User
Re: Please somebody!!!!!

Please write in & let us ( me) know how you are-- I guess I am so worried about my daughter that I am relating to you in that way. My daughter is the last personon earth you would think would be having panic & depression issues. It shows you that this is more commom than each of us personally realizes. The world is a tense place these days & it is taking it's toll on us, both young & old.

I did not want to take meds-- fought it with all my might. Now you may not need meds- maybe you can try cognitive behavioral therapy which just might be enough. But if it isn't & the doc and/or you feels meds might help you get to a point where therapy may then be more effective- try it. I was petrified of the side effects but just worked my way through. The key is starting with small doses & working up SLOWLY. It takes patience bwecause it takes a month or more to know if a particular med is doing any good. That's the part I have found so hard. I have no patience when I'm feeling Fix me now !!!

If you have physical problems do get them checked out by your doctor, but be aware that anxiety does play a part in how you physically feel.

Will watch for yout posts shorty ; )

Oh & by the way- I never had anxiety issues until I had realy physical illnesses to deal with. It helps to have something to blame it on ! My anxiety did not cause the physical problems I have- the darned illnesses I've had to deal with have made me you aren't crazy, just having problems coping like most of the rest of the world !

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