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Anxiety or Low Blood Sugar HELP!!!

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Old 03-26-2007, 06:41 AM   #1
Join Date: Oct 2006
Location: wisconsin
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bratforlife HB User
Anxiety or Low Blood Sugar HELP!!!

It has been about 3 years since I felt this way, but yesterday... I had what I would call either low blood sugar or an anxiety attack.. I had a cheeseburger around 10:45 AM and then went shopping and at about 2:30 PM I started obsessing about the fact I hadn't eaten in a while.. We were at a cook out and I ran to the gas station which also happens to be owned by a family that was murdered 10 weeks ago.. I ran in and got a soda and a candy bar and went back to my truck. All of a sudden my heart was beating a million miles a minute and I was shaking and just sort of out of it.. I ran back in grabbed an orange juice and slammed most of it.. With in 30 seconds I felt better.. My question is can blood sugar go up that quick and make you feel better within 30 seconds or was it an anxiety attack.. I have anxiety over making sure I eat so that I don't get low blood sugar.. Who even knows if I have a problem with low blood sugar... It could all be in my head...

Thank you,

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Old 03-26-2007, 07:10 AM   #2
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NicoletteAshley HB User
Re: Anxiety or Low Blood Sugar HELP!!!

Hi Dawn.

I have been having those EXACT same symptoms for a while now. I have to make sure that I have something to eat at least every two hours or so. I have heard Hypoglycemia can mimic Anxiety Disorder, and that's why I'am going to the my Doctor later on this week, to get a blood test for it. It has been driving me crazy! I get a major panic attack when I have not eaten in a while, and once I eat, I feel better. I definitely notice a correlation between the two. As for the racing heart, I absoulutely hate that! I also get bouts of PVC's. It's horrible. If you haven't been to the Doctor yet, you should go, to see if you may have Hypoglycemia. I hope you feel better soon.


Old 03-26-2007, 07:31 AM   #3
Join Date: Oct 2006
Location: wisconsin
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bratforlife HB User
Re: Anxiety or Low Blood Sugar HELP!!!

Thank you for your reply.. I have been dealing with PVC'S for atleast 20 years just as long as my anxiety.. When I was 18 I was diagnosed with Hypoglycemia but that has been 20 years.. Back then I would know when it was happening because I would get sweaty, shakey and get a headache.. I didn't have any of them symptoms at all yesterday... The whole murder thing could be my subconsious and that is why I maybe had an anxiety attack.. I don't know.. I just can't see me feeling better with in a matter of 30 seconds after drinking the OJ. I have a fear of doctors too and that is why I don't want to go.. My nephew has type I diabetes and he has an extra blood sugar kit and my sister told me I could use it to see what is going on.. But the unknown scares me and thinking there could be something wrong... That is why I don't like going to the doctor.. and when I do go he just wants to push anxiety meds on me... and I am not a pill taker. I hate anything that makes me feel different.... This disease is horrible.. Let me know what your doctor tells you...

Old 03-26-2007, 10:36 PM   #4
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wholegrain HB User
Re: Anxiety or Low Blood Sugar HELP!!!

Bratforlife, I think me and you have a LOT in common. My body has recently starting going through spells where I cannot possibly eat enough often enough, and going regular spacing between meals like you describe in your post sends me into an awful panic attack. Weak, nauseous, shaky, faint, hot and cold flashes, trouble concentrating. Within minutes of eating, it gets better. However I have to eat a protein AND a sugar...if I just eat a sugar, my blood glucose goes up and then crashes again and I end up a million times worse than when I started. For a long time everyone told me these were just panic attacks and to ignore them and they would go away, but I started noticing that they are very different from normal panic attacks, and sometimes the stuff I do to help my panic attacks wouldn't work on them at all. That's when I figured out my blood sugar was probably low.

Yes, the symptoms of low blood sugar are very similar to that of an anxiety attack, and low blood sugar can also MAKE you have an anxiety attack. And yes, it does get better within seconds or minutes of consuming sugar.

I strongly recommend you utilize that blood sugar kit that was offered you. It is scary to find out whether or not something is wrong, but living in ignorance is much more frightening. Plus if something actually is wrong, you can treat it and feel better. Actually Nicolette I recommend you purchase one too if that is within your means. I went to the ER 4 times and saw multiple private practice doctors and even spent 3 days in the hospital on an epilepsy monitoring unit for this very problem. No one would listen to me when I told them that I thought it was probably my blood sugar. They said blood sugar wouldn't be causing this severe of symptoms, but I think that my symptoms were exxaggerated because I have panic disorder.

Also, when your blood sugar become dangerously low, your body manufactures a chemical called glucogen that mimics glucose in the blood, causing a blood sugar test to read higher than it actually is, which is why a lot of ER doctors who tested my sugar said it was fine. In addition, like I said and like Bratforlife figured out, your sugar goes up within minutes of eating. Your sugar isn't low CONSTANTLY, so one blood test in your doctor's office probably won't tell them anything unless you happen to be having a hypoglycemic episode when you're having your blood drawn. Even the fasting test they can do at the doctor's isn't totally accurate because it is just a one time deal, and hypoglycemia is a chronic problem.

The only way really to tell if you are hypoglycemic is for YOU to keep an ongoing record of your blood glucose level. I started having one of these "panic attacks" the other day, checked my blood glucose level and it was at TWENTY SIX! That's barely life-sustaining. But I had just eaten two hours earlier so I wasn't starving. And sure enough, I ate some eggs and drank some juice and my blood sugar went up to 130. I have been learning a lot of things about my body by checking my blood glucose and blood sugar at home, frequently. I plan on bringing my findings to my primary and seeing if NOW she can help me find a diagnosis.

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