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Old 08-16-2007, 07:38 AM   #1
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smurfy33 HB User
Not sure what is wrong with me - very scared

Hello all! It has been a while since I've had to come to this board. I've had anxiety for a few years but it hasn't been bad for the past year or so. My typical anxiety symptoms are usually a racing heart, sweaty hands and air hunger. About a week ago I had what I thought was a hypoglycemic episode - got really weak, shaky and dizzy. I realized I had not eaten for 7 hours. I ate and felt better but still felt shaky on the inside. That was about a week ago. Since then, I continue to have weakness, in all limbs but mostly in my left arm. The biceps muscle feels tired and shaky and it is even a little jumpy. I also feel a little dizzy and shaky in general. My hands feel sweaty and I have a general feeling of anxiety constantly. I'm very, very concerned about the weakness. This was never an anxiety symptom for me before. I saw my doctor on Monday and they did some thyroid tests which were all normal. I'm going back today to see what to do next. On Monday my doctor seemed to think it was anxiety related and didn't even suggest any other testing other than for the thyroid. I'm very worried about some kind of neurological problem like MS. Does anyone have some words of wisdom for me? Can weakness really be a symptom of anxiety?? Thank you!!

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Re: Not sure what is wrong with me - very scared

I had this very same thing happen to me a few weeks ago. I thought i was going to die. I was weak for a few days after this episode happened. I have been checked for thyroid and heart problems and all are ok. I thought about a hypoglycemic thing happening to, i felt better after i ate a few cookies.

Old 08-16-2007, 03:05 PM   #3
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smurfy33 HB User
Re: Not sure what is wrong with me - very scared

Thanks confused! I went back to the doctor today and she said she thinks it is anxiety. Even after the hypoglycemic episode I'm still weak but she said that can happen with anxiety. I have been having migraines a lot lately too, and they can cause weakness so who knows. My mom and I went out shopping for a few hours this afternoon and amazingly I felt fine. The second I walked in my door, the weakness came back. So maybe it is anxiety. I did have a lot of blood work done and I'll get the results tomorrow.

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confused32 HB User
Re: Not sure what is wrong with me - very scared

That sounds like me, if i get out and do stuff i feel better but as soon as im home it all starts again. It is weird though cause my house is my safe place, usually when im somewhere and the anxiety starts i go straight home and feel better.

Old 08-16-2007, 07:50 PM   #5
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Re: Not sure what is wrong with me - very scared

You want to hear something weird...the 2 places that my anxiety is worse...
Don't laugh!!!
Home and Walmart.....Really don't laugh!
When I go to Walmart, I have anxiety attacks, not every time, but almost...
Now if that isn't the strangest thing I don't know what is!
But I agree about home, I should feel safe and WOW..I get them there the most.
I am going to a counselor next week to see if I can figure my anxiety prone self out!

Old 08-16-2007, 07:54 PM   #6
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realistartinoz HB User
Re: Not sure what is wrong with me - very scared

Hi there.
Beginning with assessing for any medical issues is important. Also being able to pinpoint any other reasons (triggers) in your life, present or past, is just as important.
It's a bit of a process of elimination.
If your diet is of a healthy nature; your medical tests are coming back negative for any obvious health issues, that's a good starting point.
Maybe going out with your mum, recently, provided you with a distraction from the anxieties you feel when in the home. Do you feel isolated at home?
For some people, leaving the home can trigger bouts of anxiety - getting out of their comfort zone. But for you, going home seems to have the same effect.
Maybe working with a therapist, finding 'things' that trigger the anxiety in you; confronting them in a safe way (desinsitizing) gradually can help.
I think you're doing the right thing by yourself by consulting a doctor as part of the process getting to the core of your anxieties.
If the companionship of your mum or other trusted friend helps alleviate the anxiety, keep that going in your life as a valuable support mechanism, till you get the answers you seek.
As far as the tiredness goes, imagine the mental effort that goes with bouts of anxiety - it's bound to have a flow-on effect to the physical self. Experiencing and fighting the anxiety is an energetic exercise. Our bodies seem to respond with a "stop-work" reaction sometimes, to gather lost energies.
I wish you well in getting 'on-top' of how you're feeling. Remain focused on that 'mission' and don't 'punish' yourself for feeling something is not right at the moment.
Good luck

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Old 08-17-2007, 03:58 AM   #7
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smurfy33 HB User
Re: Not sure what is wrong with me - very scared

So far my medical tests are normal. My doctor did a strength test and she said I'm equal and strong. She said I may feel weak but I'm really not. I'm waiting on more blood work to come back but she suspected that would be normal, too. I'm really not new to anxiety. I have been to a therapist in the past. I work from home and my anxiety really started when I started working from home. My therapist suggested I get a new job but with 2 little ones, that is not an option for me right now but it is something I will do in the future. It must be my work causing the anxiety because this morning I was fine until I sat down at my computer then suddenly my arm got weak, my hands started to sweat and I got shaky. My anxiety was not bad for the last year or so and just got bad out of the blue. I have been stressed a little more than normal with work and I'm PMSing so it does not surprise me that it happened now. Once I am reassured that my physical symptoms are caused by anxiety, I will relax. After I saw my doctor yesterday, I felt great. I did have one episode of anxiety in the early evening but I was fine then. It honestly was the best day I've had in over a week.

As for my home being my safe place, since I work at home, it is more like a prison cell sometimes. Especially when I'm here by myself or if my kids are driving me crazy. When my husband comes home and/or if I have company I feel better. Sometimes I go days without leaving the house only because I don't have to. Working from home really is not a good thing sometimes. It definitely has not been for me at least...

Old 08-17-2007, 07:01 AM   #8
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Lightlife HB User
Re: Not sure what is wrong with me - very scared

Just thought i would mention. My Therapist told me the very places you feel the anxiety coming on is usually the place where you may have had your first attack, and the brain is so clever that when something happens it registers and NEVER forgets, she said you can mask and hise it, but the brain has registered and thats what causes the triggers in certain places and not others. It's weird isnt it?

I mostly get mine as soon as i get in my car and start driving someplace. But i have made the decision however bad i feel and it gets, I will not avoid going out in my car, as im sure this would escalate into total avoidence and that is just too much to bear. The panic attacks are enough to cope with . thanks you very much !

Old 08-18-2007, 01:01 AM   #9
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Re: Not sure what is wrong with me - very scared

You have anxiety at home because thats where you have the most time to think, actually the root cause of your anxiety is there. You get anxious at Walmart because you are not at home, find 4 walls that are so far apart with so many people, all you can think of is going back home so you can fear some more.
Find a social situation or group of people you feel you are in charge of, and stay with that crowd. Calling some shots among a group of people will make that fear go away. You used to feel that saftey in your home until you decided to use your time there to sort out your fears.
In order to make your insecurity go away, your going to have to find a group or setting where you are most knowledgeable, and thrive in that place, ..anyplace that you are the "go to" person. It gives you confidence, and that feeling of being in charge will swat away those anxiety attacks.
Good luck!
Prevention doesn't need an ounce of proof any more than disasters need a warning.

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