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Doctor visits make me sick

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Old 09-12-2007, 05:38 PM   #1
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mp509 HB User
Doctor visits make me sick

Hi Everyone, It has been about one and a half years since I started experiencing anxiety when faced with having to make or go to a doctor appointment. I now take an anxiety med several hours prior to attending the appointment. Even with the anxiety med my stomach is still flip flopping, and I have bathroom issues. I was told by my doctor that all of the medical issues I have experienced during the last three years have pushed my body beyond my control. Basically I have become scared of doctors. To date I have had gall bladder, 2 breast cancer surgeries, appendix, knee surgery and just recently a thoracotomy with a lobectomy surgery. Too much for my mind to handle. My concern right now is that it apperars to be spreading to dentist appointments. I had a complete melt down going to the dentist a few weeks ago. I have never in my life had issues with the dentist. I am also having more increased anxiety when making appointments. What next anxiety pills when needing to make appointments? That's nuts! I have seen a counselor who was great, she taught me several relaxation tips, but you can't do that all day long. Her biggest advice was don't feel bad about taking medication, just accept it and take it. This is very difficult for me to accept, probably because I am losing all control. It seems like there should be a way to reverse this curse. Have others had to deal with this type of thing before? If so, can you give me some advice? Thanks for listening, just needing to vent. Scared, confused, and just plain dumb founded! MP

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Re: Doctor visits make me sick

MP--Your post sounds similar to me. My experience has been that I became anemic with iron depleated stores in my bones. This also causes anxiety as a symptom of anemia. Then I started iron supplements and got really sick ended up in the ER only to be scolded for being there. Then I was just staying sick with Lupus/MS like symptoms and have seen 9 doctors and had many procedures to R/O internal bleeding and an endometrial ablation to stop that problem. Anyway I have NEVER had a problem with going to the doctor and now when I go my BP goes WAY up and I look like a fool to them. I was prescribed Xanax for this and really tight muscles in my neck. I have to take it 2 hours before I see a doc. I am no longer anemic but still have some symptoms. I went to a Psych neuro this week, I did a 560 questionaire to see what was up with me. It came out that I am not depressed (could have told you that) but I have anxiety about my health. I just wanted to laugh, that test was right on the mark. The doctors can't find anything wrong with me and that is a good thing but I have symptoms and they chalk it up to stress. I don't believe this. But I have had almost everything ruled out. So my anxiety for doctors is because they can't find what is wrong with me and my BP goes up. This doctor wants to take me off Xanax and put me on Lexapro and I'm not sure what I should do at this point. I hate to take meds. Does anyone know if you can stop Xanax cold. I take the lowest dose but have been on it for about 5 months now. This seems so crazy to me, to be going through this. I feel so much better now that I am no longer anemic. but my Ferritin is still low and don't know if anxiety is a symptom of that, I think it is. My anxiety is only for doctors. White coat! Thanks for sharing your story. I think that this is a very normal way to react when we go through such life events. Good luck. FLFLOWERGIRL

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Re: Doctor visits make me sick

I'm the same way. I had a full blown panic attack while talking to my doctor the other day! I couldn't look at him and just started clenching the seat. It only lasted a few seconds but the feeling came over me to just get up and walk out!

I was on lexapro, paxil, small dose of xanax and nothing seemed to help. I have noticed that i have been getting more panic attacks now that i'm off of everything at the moment, but at the time i didn't feel like the paxil was even working, but i guess it was even only a little. I also been having bad sharp head pains and thats why as i was at the doctor and not for my anxiety. But now i need to make an appointment to see a neurologist and i'm more worried about having to see him and having to explain things to him than what could be wrong with my brain/head! also what tests he's going to make me take and how he might think something is wrong with me "neurologically" when in fact it's probably due to my anxiety and not being able to think clearly in certain situations. I'm also worried as hell if he wants me to get an MRI, i would DIE in one of those machines due to my anxiety, plus i'm also claustrophobic. I can't imagine laying still on my back for up to an hour without moving in such a confined space. I WILL have a panic attack and mess the whole test up Just thinking about it makes my palms sweaty and heart race.

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Laursky HB User
Re: Doctor visits make me sick

Sorry to hear that you've had to make trips to the doctor so frequently. I have not had reason to go to the doctor much lately aside from anxiety, but I, too am scared of the doctor. It's a strange thing because I constantly worry about my health but then I look for reassurance from others that I'm ok so I don't have to make a Doctors Appointment. I think it's the whole "what if they find something?" idea that I am afraid of.

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Lourage HB User
Re: Doctor visits make me sick

Also once you start going you don't stop! Funny how that works, they always want to see you again. When i didn't have health coverage a few years back went years without seeing a doctor! then that one time you go they get you to visit once a month. I still haven't been to the dentist in over 10 years! i need to go, i'm just worried about having a panic attack while laying in the chair. My teeth seem fine though but last time i went i was told i needed all my wisdom teeth pulled.. yet i never had any pain/problems with them. I'm scared when i go back this new dentist would say the same, or i'll go for a checkup and he'll check my teeth then " ok come back next week" dentists are even worse with appointments then doctors, they can never do something in one sitting and always make you come back, even for a cleaning! having anxiety i want it all done in one shot.

Old 09-16-2007, 09:49 PM   #6
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TryNotFailNot HB User
Re: Doctor visits make me sick

I personally can handle doctors, but dentists I have avoided now for 3 years.

That seat may as well be an electric chair.

Its tough to have "an escape route" if your chained to that chair with tools in your mouth.

You guys know what i'm talking about, right?

Old 09-17-2007, 01:04 PM   #7
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Lourage HB User
Re: Doctor visits make me sick

LOL i know what you mean. It's a trap in that chair! Even worse when they have the nurse also standing over you with that thing that sucks on your saliva. I actually made an appointment for the dentist earlier today! It's been ten years. Can't wait to hear what work i don't need done but that he wants me to get done! right now teeth feel perfectly fine, might have a cavity here and there, but if he has his way with me i'm sure i will be in unnecessary pain in the upcoming weeks!

Also i have been off all anti-anxiety meds for the past two months ( was on lexpro, paxil, low dose of xanax) Nothing worked. Last thing i got was some beta-blockers ( atenolol) cause i have the bad symptoms that makes anxiety worse , like blushing , rapid rapid heart rate, sweating, feeling like i'm going to melt. I was worried about taking the beta-blockers though cause it's a blood pressure med and i read bad things about taking it then stopping, can cause problems you never had. Then again so can every other medicine pretty much. I'm sick of trying different meds, getting used to them, then having to taper off and deal with the withdrawals. Thats why i stopped everything and need to go see a Pysch, and see about CBT therapy, cause my doctor really didn't know much about Social anxiety that say a pysch would know.

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