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Old 05-19-2009, 05:36 AM   #1
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tattoogirl HB User
Never feel like i am getting enough oxygen!!!!

It is sooooooo unconfortable because my chest feels so tight, like a 300lb weight is on me. I feel like I am not getting in enough oxygen. I get light headed and dizzy, sometimes I almost black out, get tunnel vision, cold sweats and a general feeling of "I'm not really here". It is 24/7 and I don't know how long I can take it. It makes me scared. If it was just once in awhile I might be able to take it but it NEVER goes away. It usually gets progressively worse throughout the day. Help....I am losing my mind. Thanks all.


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JewelryJulie HB User
Re: Never feel like i am getting enough oxygen!!!!

Do you have insurance? Go and have a lung function test done. You might be surprised to find that you may have some actual breathing issues that can be fixed. Also, if you are not in counseling, you need to be. Stress and anxiety can definitly cause this feeling--I know as I have it now. I had a bad thing happen this week and have been having a hard time breathing ever since. I just keep trying to "self talk" that everything is ok and that I am doing this to myself, and that if I slow my breathing, and take deep long slow breaths, it will help. I wish you the best with relief and soon!

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Trixibel HB User
Re: Never feel like i am getting enough oxygen!!!!

go and see your doctor. I get this sometimes and the more I think I can't get a good breath in, the worse it gets. eventually because you're 'overbreathing' the oxygen/carbon dioxide levels can become out of whack and that's what causes the dizziness, cold hands, unreality feelings. but your doctor, or a respiratory physician can put your mind at rest and help you find methods/treatment to help. I never went to a doctor about mine because at the time I was a smoker and I knew what they'd say! Actually I did eventually and he referred me to a psychologist. I couldn't understand that at all but now I can because it definitely has an anxiety component.

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aeiou77 HB User
Re: Never feel like i am getting enough oxygen!!!!

Have you had all applicable testing done to rule out a physical condition? If so, are you on any kind of anti depressant medication? Have you been diagnosed?

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tattoogirl HB User
Re: Never feel like i am getting enough oxygen!!!!

Hi all and thanks-

I have been diagnosed with PTSD, Anxiety and Panic disorder, Major Depressive Illness...(have been DX'ed with Bipolar which I never want to believe). I have medical problems but it seems doctors don't take me serious and often say...see a psychiatrist/psychologist which I do. Actually, in the past doctors have overlooked "real" physical aliments due to my physciatric history.

I take lamictal and was recently switched to Xanax from Valium. I was given Cymbalta which I haven't started taken (was on in past) because actually anti depressants have made me experience more full fledged panic attacks.

I probably should see a respiratory therapist. I smoke so that's probably what they'll say needs to go. And, I know. I really think something isn't right. How can someone feel like this 24/7. Even when I am not "feeling anxiety"....I CAN'T BREATHE!

I was recently put on a heart monitor for a month and my HRT would spike, for no reason, to over 140 BPM. About 4yrs ago I was put on ToprolXL because I had a resting HRT of 120 and would walk a flight of stairs and it would spike to 220...they never could find a reason, just gave me the meds. I also had strange leg swelling from my thighs to my ankles and it was PAINFUL and could barely walk (didn't smoke at this time). Again, they thought I was just crazy or a hypochondriac.

In the past I would freak out over the not breathing issue and totally think I was going to die. I have been able to overcome that feeling so I would think the breathing issue would subside but it hasn't....that doesn't seem right to me. It's not the usual panic attack I can't breathe thing. Just a constant problem.

I will call and make an appointment tomorrow with a respiratory therapist if I can...not sure if you need a referral. I see my Psychiatrist tomorrow and not sure how he'll feel about me not taking the anti depressants. I just want to rule out anything physical first.

Just a side thinking I am crazy kinda attitude....2 yrs back I was experiencing EXCRUCIATING pains in my left ankle and foot...went to my Rheumatologist and she did nothing....went to 1 ER, nothing....went to a 2nd ER, nothing....finally I thought my leg was going to exploded and demanded something be done. I was FINALLY given a X-Ray....had 2 FRACTURES for 2 MONTHS I was walking on and it healed wrong and have problems with it till this day. They basically ask me what meds I am on, what are my medical problems and chalk it up to neurosis.

Thanks all for allowing me to vent and for very helpful comments. I will take the advice.

PS: JewelryJulie....your med problems you listed sounded like they were coming out of my medical records . What do you do for your Plantar Fascisitis pain? I was at the doctors the other day and asked and she had NO suggestions. She just said "watch it for the next 6 months and tell me how it feels at the follow-up"...What the heck does that mean? Watch it for see if my foot sprouts swings and flies away?!


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windimeria2000 HB User
Re: Never feel like i am getting enough oxygen!!!!

Sounds like you have had a heck of a time with lazy doctors. Sorry to hear that but I think it happens all the time especially in the ER. About your is probably a good idea to check the air flow your actually getting. But as a side story, I am a person who has anxiety, panic attacks, and is bipolar, unfortunately. However, I experience shortness of breath also when I climb stairs. I could walk as slow as I could and I would still breath heavier at the top destination. Never have known why other than maybe I was out of shape or perhaps it is because my heart rate is just normally faster than other people's and little excertion makes it that way.

Shortness of breath...well, I am like you. Better safe than sorry. I would go to the doctor too.

Hope to hear what you find out.

Old 05-20-2009, 10:19 AM   #7
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JewelryJulie HB User
Re: Never feel like i am getting enough oxygen!!!!

First, if you have breathing problems-that causes some or all of the anxiety--FOR SURE. I am now on an inhaler and my daily "panting" has stopped. I was so bad that I was agoraphobic. I avoided public places. I couldn't grocery shop. It was embarrassing as I have a teenager who would come with me, at times I would freak out drop my groceries wherever I was in the store- and run for the exit. Now, I take a cart, and take my time. I am ok.

YOU MUST QUIT SMOKING!!!!!!!!!!! If you continue, so will your symptoms. Go have a lung function test done. If you have asthma, or some kind of lowered lung function (as I had) it is a causation. <IN MY OPINION> I also have PTSD, and am in counseling for that. I was a crime victim and even though it was long ago, it hasn't left me.

As soon as they know you have depression of any sort, they will associate all your ailments to that. I wouldn't bring it up right away with any new drs.

I take Cymbalta, but mostly for my chronic pain. It helps with my depression as well, but I think that if I keep in a routine and keep my mind on other things, that helps as well.

I noticed that you had leg swelling and this is something serious. I think you should look into it with a rheumatologist. I think the heart rate is probably due to your constant quick breathing, and once you get that under control, you may do better.

Plantar? I spend all of my free time with my feet elevated. I wear very supportive shoes. I ask my son to massage my feet (when he isn't rolling his eyes....) if you have high arches, there is a surgery that can be done that is highly effective in fixing this. Unfortunately, I have low (or I should say barely any) arches and so the surgery won't help me.

Due to my fibro, I am on pain meds daily, and so no doubt they are helping with the pain of pf.

Stop smoking, get into therapy, and see a rhemy and a foot dr. Our health issues, since there are so many of them, will take a long time to fix. I am still dealing with a lot of them, and when one is fixed another shows up.

Have your blood oxygen level checked (that is the thing they put on your finger) to rule out any potential low level in blood problems.

FIST IN AIR: fight the good health fight!

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Old 05-20-2009, 04:46 PM   #8
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tattoogirl HB User
Re: Never feel like i am getting enough oxygen!!!!

Thanks JewelryJulie (<BY THE WAY>-I LOVE's my weakness!). QVC LOVES ME FOR IT.

I also have chronic pain and take pain meds. I do need to quit smoking. I started smoking when I got really sick...was bad for 2 complete agony and started smoking again. Since then, haven't been able to quit.

I will ask about the lung function test and hopefully I can schedule one. I saw my Psych today and he upped my Lamictal and talked about putting me on an Anti-Psychotic (was on it years ago with my post partum depression/psychosis and am not fond of them). I want to see how upping the Lamictal helps first.

What would your choice be....other than not taking them...hehehe(been on all but don't remember much):
Geodon (I like the not gaining weight thing)
Risperdal (Psychotic episodes after having son)
Seroquel (was on for disassociation/PTSD)

I was on, 8 yrs ago, 13 DIFFERENT MEDS A DAY....was like 30 pills a day....needless to say, I don't know what did what. Maybe someone could relate their experience with one of the 3 or all of the above anti-psychotics. Thanks!


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LadogaLink HB User
Re: Never feel like i am getting enough oxygen!!!!

Hi! Sorry to hear that everythings's so discombobulated for you now. If I were you, I'd insist upon a chest X-ray, to be certain no tumor is causing problems. I'd also THOROUGHLY investigate low blood sugar, hypoglycemia, and the thyroid, adrenal, and pituitary glands. There can sometimes be links to your current diagnoses and these conditions. I just recently learned that fibromyalgia and Plantars Fascitis can also be linked to hypothyroid; both of those conditions disappeared after I was switched from synthetic thyroid meds to dessicated thyroid. I feel both abused and betrayed that my doctors for those years that I endured those conditions (12 yrs for fibro and 7 for Plantars Fascitis) didn't realize that they were being caused by my hypothyroid condition. Even my clothing made my skin and tissue hurt. There is a place in Ohio, don't know where, but supposedly the only place in the midwest, if not the entire country, where you can go to get a special shoe; probably a foot dr could tell you. A co-worker has them on both feet and had to actually go there in person to be fitted. They look like medium high dress heels, in height, but not in appearance---instead of a normal heel, there are springs! Her gait isn't quite like that of the rest of us, but she's been wearing them for several months and says that her feet are definitely getting better. I tried one expensive "orthotic" insert after another, to no avail, and one set cost me $700, about 15 yrs ago. I finally bought several foam shoe liners, stacked them inside my shoes, and razor bladed holes out of them so my poor heels would not have pressure on them when I stood or walked---which was as little as possible! I bought men's shoes in order to allow enough depth for the liners and my foot, too. My regular shoes didn't have enough depth in the heel area. When I did bear weight on my feet, I tried to walk as much as possible on my toes and the balls of my feet. The embarrassment and humiliation were close to the last straw, on top of everything else. Hope some of my suggestions will be helpful for you. Best wishes in solving your conditions.

Old 05-25-2009, 09:14 AM   #10
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tattoogirl HB User
Re: Never feel like i am getting enough oxygen!!!!

Hi LadogaLink-

I thought about the thyroid connection too. I was on, many years ago, Synthroid for thyroid problems and had Adrenal Fatigue and got really sick with a high fever and other complications. What tests, beside regular thyroid tests, should be ordered? I know sometimes the test come out "normal" but there are still thyroid problems.

I also have PCOS which messes with my Endocrine System/Hormones etc...I have a chronic pain condition too. I had hypoglycemia in the past. I also have felt VERY Dizzy, often scared to drive because I get tunnel vision and black spots. I was going to a Doc appointment one day and almost passed out...they did an EKG which was normal, except for a high heart rate and Bp at the time. Tested bld sugar which was normal; however, they gave me a bite to eat and juice and it helped?

They whole foot insert thing, I went through as well to no avail. I was told of a place to get special shoes but, like you said, they are VERY EXPENSIVE and insurance usually doesn't cover it. They have said I cold try and submit later but I need to have the $500 plus to pay from the get go.

It crazy how all our "condition" are so inter-twined. Sometimes I think we are our own best doctors; however, from my experience, doctors don't look at it as a favorable thing. I was told by one of my doctors NOT to read up on a condition I have, huh!?

I did an update on my breathing situation on another post. I did have an abnormal PFT...I guess they would stop telling me "it's all in my head"! Sometimes I start to second guess myself. Why don't docs take us seriously when we are suffering? It was terrible when I was trying to get pain management...was in a living hell for almost 2 doc not wanting to prescribe medicine for pain....

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