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Old 12-21-2010, 11:54 AM   #1
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jensca37 HB User
Should I quit my job because of anxiety and depression?

I really need some input on this matter. I have been working for CDCR for almost 5 years now. At first, it was alright but now the job causes me severe anxiety. I am on leave at this time but when I do have to go to work I get sweaty, shaky, and the feeling that I'm going to throw up. I also cry every morning. My doctor (psychiatrist) wrote a letter to my employer requesting a reasonable accommodation to move elsewhere in the prison but they denied it. I've thought about resigning but the pay is decent and I have great health benefits. I work behind the wall and there are no windows and when I get anxious I'm supposed to be able to get out and walk. I was told by HR that I can walk on the yard with the inmates, which seems unsafe. My supervisor is not sympathetic at all and seems that she doesn't want me to work there at all. Someone please help.
Thank you

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embalmer (12-21-2010)
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dhill2020 HB User
Re: Should I quit my job because of anxiety and depression?

Hi Is your anxiety freefloating, like in general? Or is it because you are in the wrong job for you. Either way, in this economy we don't all have the option of quitting a good job because of something that you could be treated for. Anxiety & depression are both manageable conditions. Have you tried any meds for anxiety? I would use every other resourse available to me before I quit a good job with good bene;s. Unless you can afford to quit and look for something better suited for you. Good Luck

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The Mad hatter HB User
Re: Should I quit my job because of anxiety and depression?

I know the feeling, I am at present off sick with my anxiety and depression. they seem to go hand in hand unfortunately, I have mad a concious decision not to go back to my job as I feel this is the biggest contribution to my problems. I cannot concentrate and get so bad sometimes it's like a blind panic, I them beat myself up for not being able to cope cos wait for it .....I'm a man, what a load of rubbish I am a human being and as such I do get to be vulnerable sometimes. The thing is some people have the compassion of a wet fish and don't or won't take the time out to support or even empathise with you. I am in a different position really as I am not far off retiring age so it's different. |The situation not the feelings, I can sure emphasize with you there. You must think things over and make a decision as I found living in the will I won't I mad me worse. I hope you get sorted cos it ain't nice being in that kind of situation.

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pfe pfe is offline
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pfe HB Userpfe HB Userpfe HB Userpfe HB Userpfe HB Userpfe HB User
Re: Should I quit my job because of anxiety and depression?

I think you have to first figure out where this anxiety is coming from. Is it fear of the inmates attacking you or something else?
Figure out exactly what your fears are and the specific situations that occur at work that feel unsafe to you, including specific incidents that have occurred. Write them down, bring a copy in to work, and discuss them with your supervisor, H.R., or the person in charge of safety there.
Do not put yourself in an unsafe situation, such as walking around the yard with inmates.
If you feel you are being made to work in unsafe conditions and there is more your employer could be doing to ensure your safety, figure out exactly what you need and request that they institute these changes. If they refuse, contact your Department of Labor or OSHA to find out your rights in the situation.
If, however, there is nothing more they can realistically do, and you continue to have anxiety, this might not be the right job for you.
Try to talk this out with a therapist who has a lot of experience with anxiety patients, and get his/her unbiased view on whether your job environment is actually unreasonable. It could be that you just have one of those jobs that has a potential risk no one can do anything about (similar to people who work in mines, for example), and you have to decide if it's worth the risk.
Personally if I thought my job was unsafe and there wasn't anything else my employer could do about it (the job simply had inherent risks), I would probably leave the job. There are other jobs out there.

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ebrena (12-24-2010)
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quincy HB Userquincy HB Userquincy HB Userquincy HB Userquincy HB Userquincy HB Userquincy HB Userquincy HB Userquincy HB Userquincy HB Userquincy HB User
Re: Should I quit my job because of anxiety and depression?

Some struggle with their jobs, and others don't, but there are always times where we question our abilities.

With a job such as you have, you have to be "on" (clear thinking) all the time, no room for anxiety or fear.
Anxiety and fear doesn't allow the brain to make cognitive logical decisions, nor does it allow the body to react in a safe manner.

Depression is a reaction to anxiety, and I would suspect the more anxiety you're having about questioning your position, your depression will kick in because you're not feeling in control.

I'd never stay at a job that I deemed dangerous or where I couldn't function to the fullest of my capacity. Yes, we all have down days, but your job can have you at risk whether you're on or not...that's the nature of your job.

I suggest you set up options of what you would like to do in your life. You deserve to be happy at your job, in your relationships and with yourself.

I've quit a job because of stress....I never regretted it. It was during a time when my own psychologist was sick and not available. I struggled with depression and finally asked my GP for antidepressants.
I continued with therapy for many years afterward. I'll always have a mental "fragility". I do have a marriage where I can work part-time, but if I had to work full-time...I'd definitely have to be where I wasn't under distress on a daily basis, because for sure the anxiety/depression cycle would happen quickly.

I don't know you, but based on my own experience, if I had to function in a situation as yours and had a chance to get out...I would. If I stayed, I'd only put myself and others possibly at risk.

I hope you're able to list the pros and cons (not a pun here)...and with discussion with others, you'll find a decision that you can live with.
Nothing is perfect.

It's all a matter of perspective!

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Old 12-27-2010, 05:36 AM   #6
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socialanxiety12 HB User
Re: Should I quit my job because of anxiety and depression?

I had to quit a good paying job in my field and go back to waiting tables for 3 years but I just couldnt wake up another morning without suffering from severe anxiety even with the help of meds. its taken 7 years for me to get back on my feet, sometimes its lifes way of telling you somethings not right...I hope its not the case in your situation and you can figure out how to deal...I am glad you have a doctor that is working with you on your leave. Remember that happiness does not come from material possessions and if your boss is being nasty taking a pay cut is may be worth it to find a job where your health is a consideration. Good luck.

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The Mad hatter HB User
Re: Should I quit my job because of anxiety and depression?

A very sensible reply, socialanxiety12, I have thought and thought about leaving but never did, I let my job really get to me and went off sick with my anxiety, I wish to God I have left there before my anxiety got the better of me. I am NOT going back there again, I will fin something else to do or try to get a post in another field.

Old 12-27-2010, 09:06 PM   #8
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socialanxiety12 HB User
Re: Should I quit my job because of anxiety and depression?

Just to give you a bit of hope, after quitting my accounting job and waiting tables and taking the time to breath and sort out my mental health without pressure...I had the freedom to travel the world for 3 years as I didnt have a job holding me down. At the time tho, alot of my friends and family thought I made the worst decision of my life as I had just graduated from university and had a lot of debt. I am now holding down a decent job, I was never able to return to the accounting field but I did get back into something related, my anxiety is still a factor in my current position and I'm looking into becoming self employed.

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The Mad hatter (12-28-2010)
Old 12-28-2010, 07:55 AM   #9
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peytonphenomena HB User
Re: Should I quit my job because of anxiety and depression?

I have been in a similar situation as you except mine was whether to drop out of college. The first thing you have to realize is people who do not suffer from anxiety do not understand/know how to deal with it. It seems that the atmosphere of your job is what is bothering you and of course, your boss. Your boss may just be a jerk, but honestly he is probably suffering from his own problems. What you need to do is NOT quit your job. Don't let your anxiety decide how to run your life, only your allowed to do that. When your feeling anxious just listen to your ipod or something relaxing while your doing your work that way you don't have to get up and leave. Also, there are low dose tranquilizers such as Ativan that can keep you calm almost all day at a very low dosage such as 0.5mg, you can speak to a health care professional about that.

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