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  1. Pain Management in Northern NJ area
  2. Pain Medications
  3. Insurance Nightmare
  4. In a difficult predicament... need advice
  5. Cost of Medication
  6. Back issues and endone (oxycodone)
  7. Post op and a lot of medication
  8. Searching for anyone who has had this type of surgery...
  9. My pain management experience
  10. Pain meds not cutting it
  11. Is lemon water diet changing my tolerence?
  12. Pain meds interfere w depression meds
  13. help needed truly unsure what to do
  14. Half lifes of medications
  15. Venting about Drs. treatment
  16. Why does Pharmacist need permission to prescribe Generice Opana ER
  17. What to expect from Physiatrist for PM ?
  18. Need advice on use of Namenda for improved pain control
  19. The pharmacy shorted me again!
  20. Abruptly stopping percocet & starting Norco
  21. Giving Lortab to an infant?
  22. Do I need a pm dr?
  23. Interaction with the Fentanyl Patch
  24. First appointment with another new PMD.
  25. pain management doctor needed in Phoenix, AZ
  26. Get off fentanyl with withdrawls?
  27. What's the difference??
  28. Help with extended release meds
  29. Fentenyl Patch Problems
  30. Tramadol
  31. advice please
  32. Fentenyl patch a resonable request?
  33. New to the idea of PM
  34. Genetic Testing for Pain Med Optimization
  35. shoulder replacement need help for pain
  36. Nerve pain meds not working, advice?
  37. First Post! fentanyl patch or oral oxymorphone?
  38. Severe Hemophiliac in NJ looking for an experienced Pain Management Facility
  39. asking for long acting med
  40. I need help really scared. Dui
  41. IV pain management
  42. From 50mcg Fentanyl patches to Opana ER 40mg
  43. scared to ask PM Doc
  44. How much APAP for how long is too much?
  45. Nucynta questions
  46. Pain Management Questions
  47. Which meds do you think work better
  48. Generic Opana ER ?
  49. North Georgia PM Docs
  50. Anyone dealing with vasovagel syncope?
  51. Dilaudid & Bupivacaine
  52. Anyone out there? please help!
  53. Neuropathic pain
  54. Myofascial Pain Syndrome
  55. Percocet/Fentanyl False Negative
  56. New side effects from Percocet and other meds?
  57. About to try the hypogastric plexus block??
  58. Doctor Took Extended Vacation... Surprise!
  59. Oxycodone liquid Switching to Methadone? Plus my story in a nutshell
  60. switch up med for chronic back pain , lumbar fusion
  61. Neurotin
  62. PAIN MEDICATION: For trauma or depression?
  63. compound pain creams
  64. How to ask Dr. for narcotic pain meds without acetaminophen.
  65. Been Very Sick... Missed everyone... have >>
  66. $1100 bill for UA??
  67. acute pain
  68. Newbie needs fentanyl patch help
  69. need help with pain management medication
  70. Time to switch meds. Want to go in informed.
  71. Itching
  72. Butrans Patches
  73. Desperately need advice
  74. Brand New Member... do u ever feel with CP other Dr's treat u differently?
  75. How to deal with non-understanding friend
  76. Anyone have RSD
  77. New State, New PM, New Meds... sigh
  78. Anyone on Fentanyl Patches and have a power port implant?
  79. Doctor Rec New Jersey
  80. Patient Assistance Programs
  81. advice needed badly
  82. More Bad News for Pain Patients
  83. Fiancee may have screwed things up.
  84. Pain Med killing my intimate desire?
  85. need help finding pain management dr in south florida that takes patients under 25
  87. Is one day too early?
  88. switched from Vicodin to Norco
  89. No Relief for Chronic Kidney Stones
  90. Artificial cervical disks
  91. Pain Meds
  92. Question about insurance and what they will pay for as far as my pain meds
  93. Pain Management
  94. New to PM- Chronic left side pain new to MS Contin
  95. My Pain Management nurse mad a huge mistake and I don't know what to do
  96. Time to cross Nucynta off my list?
  97. Happy Thanksgiving
  98. Tens unit?
  99. Oxycontin - Low Oxygen Level - Related?
  100. Advice Please. Chronic Back Pain - 4 Surgeries
  101. Fentanyl Patches - Pros and Cons
  102. New to Pain Management, worried about follow up appt
  103. need doctor for Crohns and pain
  104. Subutex
  105. Pain Medication not working very long
  106. Need help. Pain medicine constantly changing
  107. pain
  108. Update after my appointment this past Monday.
  109. chronic pain
  110. pharmacy interfering with my pain management plan
  111. LA VS Short Acting...
  112. Pain in right testicle?
  113. Changing meds?
  114. Chronic Pain Patient and Treatment for Acute Pain
  115. Pain management doctors
  116. First appointment with new PM coming up - SCARED!
  117. help counting the days of a 72 hour patch
  118. How to cancel pain contract ?
  119. Quitting Topamax cold turkey
  120. Finding a doctor
  121. Pain in Upper Right Body
  122. Sharp pain on right side of chest. Happens for 1 second every 15+ minutes....
  123. Acronyms are not my forte.
  124. question about baclofen pump test
  125. Severe Abdominal Pain after taking Morphine Sulfate ER
  126. Severe Abdominal Pain with every test coming back negative
  127. Part 2: Methadone side-effect? Loss of mental acuity.
  128. Primary Care or Pain Management Dr.
  129. Suboxone Effective Treatment for IBS Symptoms
  130. What's wrong with my legs? :(
  131. Tamadol 50 mg.
  132. How many shots of Depo Medrol are safe to get?
  133. Interesting Info
  134. Pain doctor wont prescribe anything yet again
  135. Question for pm guru's
  136. Where to turn?
  137. The pharmacy shorted me! What do I do :(
  138. Couple of questions
  139. How long???
  140. Has anyone seen current shortages of MS Contin?
  141. How often should a doctor give a complete physical exam to someone on Pain meds
  142. Can epidural steroid injections make the flu worse?
  143. PM advice 2nd visit - tramadol innefective
  144. Pain from Chronic Cough
  145. abdominal pains, spotting + severe headache?
  146. Problems with new Watson brand Fentanyl patch
  147. Dose equivalence
  148. pain meds making me so sleepy
  149. Moved NYC to LA... my PM dilemma :-/
  150. Bundle of nerves
  151. Pain Management Doctor
  152. Opana Side Effects
  153. advice... new to PM and white coat syndrome
  154. percocets and swollen lymph nodes
  155. pain meds
  156. Compounding Pharmacy
  157. new pain management dr
  158. Its been a long road
  159. I got left 3rd occipital nerve block and cervical ESI finally!
  160. Nucynta questions
  161. Coughing so much my ribs hurt -- what would ease the pain?
  162. Pain meds for after surgery? Need advice
  163. morhpine pump
  164. Price Of Askina Derm 10 Fim Dressings
  165. PM doctor in michigan
  166. Withdrawing pain meds, now what???
  167. the sural nerve biopsy?
  168. pain pump placement & abdominal hernia?
  169. Exalgo question
  170. Pain management in South Bay (South SF Bay Area, CA)
  171. Hydrocodone and side effects.
  172. HELP! NonUnion fracture in femur 18-20 weeks in
  173. Concerns about upcoming PM appt
  174. New here, Hello :)
  175. Crohns Pain
  176. problem with pain doctors
  177. Self Pay Price of Fentanyl vs ???
  178. Your opinion on fentanyl patch and using waterproof bandages to keep them on?
  179. insurance hassle with pain meds.
  180. Norco?
  181. Oxycodone & The Shakes
  182. Did I have withdrawl symptoms.
  183. Question about Oxycontin
  184. Pain Management Epideral Bill
  185. pain meds change question
  186. Questions on medications dosage and the norm for chronic pain.
  187. Is my med regimen normal?
  188. Codeine sensitivity==remedies?
  189. Prescription filled twice
  190. Dependence? Or tolerance?
  191. Drug ring discovered at my PM docs practice.
  192. BT meds with Fentanyl Patch?
  193. It's over. (My life, that is.)
  194. Ebixa (Nemanda) for Pain Management??
  195. Fentanyl Taper
  196. Radiowave Ablation
  197. Can extruded discs heal? And PM questions.
  198. I Need Your Opinion
  199. Percocet has zero effect on me. Confused.
  200. Somebody is trying to fill prescriptions in my name
  201. I could really use some advice please?
  202. need help/advice on how to deal with dr
  203. Physical Therapy Making Pain Worse
  204. opiate addiction
  205. What do you consider good?
  206. Doctors appt today
  207. Norco & Vicodin
  208. Suboxene->Dental Pain->Vics
  209. Intense Back Pain after Cervical ESI?
  210. Help with dosing down....
  211. Lesson learned
  212. Amitriptyline & PN
  213. watson fentanyl patch 50mcg
  214. new to all this pain medicine. some friendly advice needed
  215. new to all this pain medicine. some friendly advice needed
  216. What to expect with stopping soma
  217. Doing better... most of the time
  218. Forehead slappers: The "Duh!" moments...
  219. Anyone here has experience to try Elavil?
  220. Appointment with the Spine Specialist tomorrow. Crap!
  221. Pain relief for leg pain
  222. How often to take methadone
  223. Post op pain control while on methadone...
  224. fent patch and working in heat / input please
  225. Fentanyl NOT lasting full 72 hours
  226. Nervous About LA Pain Meds
  227. Cost of medications
  228. gotta pay cash
  229. pain medication and itching
  230. Any prob getting Morphine sulphate capsules 80MG kadian generic from watson
  231. Lyrica causing headaches
  232. Subutex, Suboxone: curious
  233. PM Doc in South Bend IN
  234. Pain Doc/Chicago/South Burbs?
  235. Can anyone recommend a good pillow
  236. Nerve ablation help pls!
  237. Update on procedure today
  238. New attack on pain meds reported by WSJ
  239. How do you know its time to take a med
  240. Going tomorrow for 2nd shot but....
  241. It's time to tell my doctor
  242. Long-Term Percocet Use
  243. pain pump
  244. Need pain management doctor willing to prescribe actiq in va, md or dc
  245. Question about micrograms
  246. fentanyl patch drive anyone else nuts?
  247. Tramadol
  248. Appendicitis Pain
  249. Very upset
  250. So annoyed (just a rant)

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