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  1. Monogamy, swingers, and me
  2. Pain instead of pleasure from all clitoral stimulation
  3. My wife won't have sex with me 2
  4. My penis has started bleeding
  5. Please help!!
  6. He doesn't last long enough
  7. My girlfriend's vagina smells
  8. Resentment toward bf for lack of sex
  9. Implant , what to expect
  10. Brown dishcharge
  11. Tension and light pain in the sides of the groin after abstaining
  12. Continuing after ejaculating in a condom
  13. About stimna
  14. Help
  15. Extreme discomfort and pain, confused, Need help
  16. Full body orgasm aftermath
  17. Sex after possible mild urethra injury
  18. Confusions due to inadequate info
  19. Confused, please help
  20. FiancÚ has no sex drive
  21. Awkward ... peripheral neuropathy sex
  22. Brown discharge after unprotected sex?!
  23. My boyfriend of 6 months only wants sex once a week if am lucky.
  24. Needing a man's perspective
  25. Small nipples
  26. Anyone saved a sexless marriage?
  27. Embarrassing, but I don't like how my clitoris grows?
  28. No period. On pill
  29. Sudden loss of libido...
  30. Lowering libido
  31. Please help ... what is this?!
  32. No precum, small amounts of ejaculation, can't last long and no baby.
  33. Porn and masturbation
  34. Penis hole swelling
  35. Perenium tear
  36. Your thoughts on sex before marriage
  37. Girlfriend's vagina is too tight
  38. Severe abdominal and back pain from anal sex
  39. Oral
  40. PE, but only during intercourse
  41. Unbelievablely bad service and undiagnosed symptoms
  42. Help
  43. Clitoris pain
  44. boil or herpes?
  45. Regarding penis
  46. Bleeding on the pill
  47. Hsv1 genital recurrences?
  48. What age does the penis stop growing?
  49. Am i anorgasmic?
  50. wives lack of any sex drive
  51. Not sure whats wrong with me
  52. Not able to ejaculate
  53. please HELP ... husband suddenly playing with himself NIGHTLY IN SLEEP!!
  54. lonely and can't find anyone to chat with
  55. Any ideas to make your guy last longer?
  56. The age old doubt
  57. Precum might get me in trouble
  58. Sexually frustrated .... ugh... any and all advice welcome
  59. Is it me?
  60. Delayed to no climax, and burning.
  61. Shocked/numb after orgasm
  62. Erection hurts and so does butt hole
  63. Foam
  64. Need Advice on Obese Boyfriend Situation
  65. Husband has ED, depression, possibly low T - how can I interest him in sex?
  66. Why do I go dry when using a condom
  67. lack of desire at just 21
  68. My girlfriend told me she was raped in the past
  69. Worrying about air embolism
  70. Yellow bruises on breasts after sex
  71. My long legs are in the way
  72. Husband has lost interest
  73. morning erection doubts
  74. jest a question:
  75. Platonic Massage What is this world coming to?
  76. Sexual fantasies ruining my relationship
  77. E.D questions
  78. Coping with a small penis?
  79. Uncircumcised penis head changes help please
  80. He would rather masterbate than have sex with me
  81. If you are knowledgeable about young males and hormones please help me
  82. Inflamed Meatus
  83. Bitter armpits
  84. What happens to ejaculate after sex.
  85. Getting an erection too fast, and then it gets tired
  86. I've never had sex before
  87. Did she orgasm?
  88. Mismatched Libidos
  89. My orgasms are getting weaker and weaker ... why?!
  90. I can't get hard while on video chat with my bf (Both gay)
  91. ejaculation
  92. I may have ripped off foreskin?!
  93. My husband cheated on me with a coworker and has a pornography addiction
  94. Pain after sex?
  95. Itching and rash after sex???
  96. My Gf was on her period while we had sex
  97. Can someone help me find out what this rash is?
  98. Male Anorgasmia
  99. pain when urinating
  100. Bleeding during intercourse
  101. Sexual help.
  102. I hate sex with my husband, even when my body enjoys it
  103. My Bf masturbates instead of having sex with me
  104. HELP! why does my husband masturbate?
  105. I love my boyfriend but I have lost passion.
  106. First time sex tips?
  107. freaking out
  108. How long does it take for the vagina to shrink to normal after huge penis?
  109. Peeing when orgasm, maybe?
  110. Need advice
  111. Sex with my wife
  112. He has a low libido and says he's worried I'll get pregnant. what can I do?
  113. Feeling like I am going to sneeze during ejaculation
  114. Not able to ejaculate when have sex for long time
  115. Can changes in sexual behavior indicate cheating?
  116. Effort in the bedroom.
  117. signs of sex
  118. More than one sexual partner
  119. First time having sex concerns
  120. Arousal issue maybe pn problem
  121. Foreskin unretracted during intercourse
  122. Why can't i orgasm anymore?
  123. Some fluid discharge while urinating.
  124. Itching but no sores - herpes?
  125. 21 female and loss of sex drive
  126. Finishing in less than 10 seconds??? Help please
  127. Am I a freak or is this normal?
  128. Loss of interest in sex out of nowhere
  129. Frustrated
  130. Late period?
  131. married but not sexually active
  132. No pleasure during oral/vaginal sex
  133. Hi
  134. I think i may have Balanitis BXO
  135. Male 19 experiencing lowered sex drive for past year
  136. Milf porn
  137. I have no sex drive suddenly.. help?
  138. Beware of olive oil on penis
  139. Mmf threesome
  140. Sexual inconsistency
  141. Wheely curious about sex...
  142. Feeling sick after masturbation
  143. Should I warn any potential mates that my friend has an STD?
  144. Do i stop or what do i do
  145. Zoloft and erection issues
  146. Help!!
  147. Wife looks at clock during sex
  148. Need soo much help!
  149. Bondage is ruining my marriage
  150. Cannot ejaculate while awake
  151. birth control
  152. Sexual health -women
  153. Should I get plan b?
  154. Why does my bf masturbate instead of having sex with me?
  155. Stressing out.
  156. What is normal
  157. masturbation
  158. Penis irritation
  159. Anal warts, never had sex!
  160. Sexuality Struggles
  161. my fiance has low sex drive
  162. Jealous of my boyfriends "toy" collection
  163. oral sex
  164. In so much turmoil
  165. 33 and no sexual desire.
  166. Pregnancy scare
  167. my bf was caught calling tranny escorts
  168. hip and butt hurts felt like constipation
  169. Condom allergy or yeast infection?
  170. Watery ejaculate with almost no semen
  171. Not able to be comfortable
  172. Girlfriend attempted to skip period, didn't work, pregnant?
  173. My boyfriends always pressures me to give him oral and/or a handjob.
  174. Pros and Cons of a threesome
  175. Odd Situation need input
  176. Sore/Bump on the mouth of my Penis.
  177. My penis has a strange odor.
  178. How does a girl know when she's least fertile?
  179. Preventing erectile dysfunction
  180. Married with sex issues
  181. My boyfriend's weird fetish ...
  182. female feeling male orgasm???
  183. Engaged but concerned
  184. Is Squirting during sex healthy?
  185. Husband won't believe me
  186. 29 physical vs mind ED
  187. Foreskin and Erection
  188. Intense Burning
  189. Tight foreskin
  190. How dangerous is anal sex?
  191. Mineral oil for anal lube
  192. Why does Claritin D instantly fix my premature ejaculation?
  193. What should I do?
  194. prefers masturbation to sex
  195. my fiancÚ won't have sex with me but masturbates daily I'm at my breaking point
  196. how often to masturbate?
  197. forty male virgin how to solve problem
  198. Confused where I stand with my partner
  199. Rash?
  200. Low sex drives?
  201. To small to get it in what do you do?
  202. My Wife just told me tonight ...
  203. what to think of a GF who...
  204. Libido when in love or not in love?
  205. Is my husband masturbating?
  206. Overly sensitive clitoris?
  207. sometimes can't stand to be touched
  208. my beloved girlfriend didnt say me she cant get pregnant after 1 year before we broke
  209. red bumb
  210. He couldn't get hard ... now I'm put off
  211. My older man prefers outercourse -- HELP!?
  212. Preparation in Devirginizing a guy
  213. Marriage sex is a sham
  214. My boyfriends masturbating leaves me feeling betrayed
  215. Delayed Ejaculation - any ideas?
  216. What does less sex drive mean?
  217. Living Alone
  218. Am I abnormal?
  219. Girlfriend has never orgasmed, tips to rectify?
  220. Is a traumatic experience the reason for me hating sex?
  221. Generic Viagra - Sildenafi
  222. Mismatched Sex Drives
  223. LOTS of questions!
  224. Erection issues
  225. Phimosis = No Relationship
  226. Increased sex drive
  227. Increased sex drive in our fifties
  228. Boyfriend watching porn
  229. sexually overthinking
  230. Increase in sexual frequency
  231. ed
  232. Think my erection/sensitivity problem is permanent?
  233. Erection problems/arousal
  234. Girlfriend pregnant?
  235. I'm not interested in sex, ever, with anyone.
  236. Boyfriend won't finish inside me
  237. Sexual frequency when living together
  238. First time, worried about getting gf pregnant
  239. virgins sex life
  240. Worried sick after first time sex
  241. Please help
  242. unsatisfied
  243. Gay guy having trouble getting horny
  244. Painless Swelling on my left thigh
  245. Excessive Sex and Height Growth
  246. Could I have herpes? PLEASE HELP :(
  247. He won't have sex
  248. Repressed Memory of Childhood Sexual Exploration
  249. boyfriend only wants to have sex once a week?
  250. Two Problems