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  1. hypo and crying
  2. can anyone help? progesterone is low, thyroid 'normal' but I FEEL TERRIBLE
  3. not a fun night
  4. really really bad few days
  5. Pre-surgery questions to ask the endo, surgeon, and PCP
  6. Recieved my test results, HELP
  7. Vacuuming my hair this morning...
  8. Certain foods cause a goiter in Hypothyriodism
  9. Help with lab results
  10. Question - ADHD/Thyroid problems?
  11. Estrogen replacement and the Total T4 test
  12. Need help with test results
  13. Real bad heartburn
  14. Confused
  15. finally, med change
  16. Hashi's (TSH 30. to 142.) thyroid storm symptoms from all thyroid meds
  17. Nodule Info
  18. stopping thyroxine
  19. Thyroid Challenge Test?
  20. One globe out and TSH of 9.28...
  21. Blood Tests needed???
  22. Your thoughts on this please
  23. Surgery this time tomorrow
  24. Thyroid and High Blood Pressure
  25. skin on neck discolored 5 mo after surgery
  26. right lower leg pain enhanced by touching right side of scalp
  27. Help! Don't know where to turn!!
  28. Scan & RAI Treatment Questions After TT
  29. TSH is high?
  30. Nausea anyone??
  31. Symptoms increasing...any suggestions?
  32. kehorner
  33. It's done.
  34. Test Results
  35. Another Endo from Hell
  36. 2wks post op, tsh not good
  37. Spine Pain & back spasms thryroid related?
  38. Synthroid Neturalized???
  39. vitex agnus castus
  40. Need a sanity check
  41. Thyroid Tests..
  42. Bob re RAI
  43. hey meep or midwest........
  44. Trimethoprim
  45. Is it possible to have thyroid problems with a normal temperature?
  46. eyes
  47. What is SSKI for?
  48. I got my test and now I'm really confused
  49. need help with test results
  50. Tanja...........how are you hanging in there?
  51. Low Vitamin C can cause symptoms of hyperthyroidism
  52. Test Results - not sure what they mean?
  53. midwest and experts......gotta bug you again
  54. is this b/c of a lack of thyroid hormone?
  55. Anyone?
  56. Please anyone any suggestions about this?
  57. New round of test results
  58. Midwest, Lady50-Please Help RAI Uptake Results
  59. Armour and TTs
  60. Midwest and lab experts.............
  61. Hypothyroidism?
  62. sudden shortness of breath
  63. What could cause this?
  64. What to do?
  65. Calling all perimeno and hypos
  66. Need some "insider" help
  67. New here with many questions
  68. Hi, Im new and need some help.
  69. Could I have hypothyroidism?
  70. symptoms of thyroid etc
  71. Surgery next week
  72. A little better
  73. What's Your Heart Rate?
  74. Is it the doctor, or is it me?
  75. NastyHashi...Congratulations!
  76. Low FT3 and Anxiety
  77. Do you feel REALLY hot a lot of the time?
  78. Three days to TT and SCARED
  79. thyrolar
  80. confused - blood tests come back fine, but...
  81. Hyperthyroid And Flu Shot
  82. Thyroid problems and pregnancy
  83. Hurthle Cell Neoplasm
  84. Update on me...New doctor D.O. Good or bad?
  85. armour back to T4 only questions?
  86. New Dose
  87. Need more help Kant, I am lost....
  88. Dry Dry Mouth
  89. Thyroid and Thickened Endometrium
  90. BRAIN FOG!?
  91. has anyone evened out and stopped crashing
  92. Has this ever happened to anyone else?
  93. Can Thyroid problems cause Allergies?
  94. Attention MIDWEST - Please can you HELP
  95. GREEN TEA SAFE for HYpos?
  96. new levels...dosage questions
  97. full report of FNA please explain
  98. DEB123 - a question for ya
  99. New here, with questions
  100. Hi I am a newbie here
  101. FT4 not high, can I be hyperthyroid?
  102. pluerisy
  103. Jgohere
  104. Birth Control/Levothroid
  105. Pain
  106. "Electrical pulse" sensations
  107. Aecleo: one more question
  108. Does anyone else's nose really swell up at times
  109. More Questions Hyper/graves
  110. NEED SOME HELP & INFO.(Hypo)
  111. Thyroglobulin and ATA
  112. Went to the endo today
  113. Just got my test results...
  114. Which tests?
  115. Weird flushing sensation, started Synthroid & Cytomel
  116. Hyper / Graves Heart Rate?
  117. Anyone else here a patient of Dr Skinner, Birmingham, UK?
  118. Adrenal fatigue people... got a few questions
  119. What's a T4 test?
  120. Iodine swab test?
  121. Can i take my synthoyid at night
  122. Guys I need a shoulder and a little support..
  123. How can TSH be within Normal and T3-T4 be above limits?
  124. Need advice on reducing my thyroxine
  125. Are these results normal??
  126. Thyroid problems and Type 2 Diabetes
  127. RAI in February 05. TSH is still suppressed
  128. Just need some advise
  129. HealthCheck USA Results
  130. Heart flutters when levels are dropping
  131. Can someone help with my results
  132. Found Out I'm Pregnant-hypoT
  133. KCthy.........skewch...those with TT
  134. FNA results back
  135. Self-serve lab?
  136. Questions about Hypo-
  137. A few questions, HYPO
  138. Tapazole vs I131 advice
  139. Tiredness
  140. yet another question
  141. Stiff feet and ankles anyone?
  142. If your chest hurts...what does it mean?
  143. how long before the apathy lifts, i feel so dead inside
  144. why does my BP gets lower the higher my thyroxine
  145. Any TT regrets out there?
  146. stupid question
  147. Are Graves patients Iodine Deficient?
  148. Anyone Had or Have anything like this?
  149. losing weight on meds
  150. thyroid, cortisone, any ideas?
  151. nyquil and thyroid
  152. Why is my thyroid getting better?
  153. Need Help with ?'s
  154. Advice needed
  155. can someone help me with my labs
  156. What is it like to live without a thyroid???
  157. dosage question
  158. question about adding Cytomel.........
  159. Lowering Anti-B's
  160. Cortef - questions????
  161. protruding eye
  162. Side effects of levothryroxine or rai.. Help!
  163. Nine Days In
  164. Test results and "that time of the month"
  165. im 20
  166. Att MIDWEST
  167. Question about a nodule
  168. question
  169. How to go about starting amour
  170. Hypothyroidism
  171. T3 levels high
  172. 2nd times a charm - surgery
  173. Thyroid is enlarged and hurting really bad
  174. Need help with numbers...
  175. Myofascial Pain Syndrome with hashimotos hypothyroid
  176. to anyone who will listen
  177. biopsy results..
  178. PLEASE Help!!! Is New Doctor needed???
  179. Hypothyroidism and elevated high blood pressure
  180. Just got labs back.. doc wants to see me in the morning!
  181. progestrogen only contraceptive pill?
  182. those of you who had a tt.
  183. FNA (biopsy) today
  184. a stupid question
  185. Attention MIDWEST - or anyone with good advice
  186. what is considered a normal blood test on thyroid
  187. Question about lab results
  188. Arrg! I'm still waiting. Should I?
  189. Why am I getting more cellulite on higher dose?
  190. New Thyroid Test Results
  191. Goiter, nodules, but no antibodies....could this still be hashi's?
  192. Scar characteristics
  193. Lab results including cortisol, need advice
  194. Hashis and nodules
  195. Problems after surgery???
  196. Thyroid Hormones Can Vary Throughout The Day
  197. Lab.....
  198. 2nd Class Treatment for Women?
  199. Need Endo Total TSH Suppression Verification
  200. very worried
  201. Kelly
  202. Look what I found
  203. Hashi's antibodies and TT and pregnancy
  204. spongey skin
  205. quick question
  206. lab readings
  207. Heart Beats Funny Sometimes ... Hashi's?
  208. Question about T4
  209. soft peeling nails, hypo or hyper?
  210. Synthroid and Birth Control?
  211. Hashitoxicosis
  212. Lab Questions
  213. - closed -
  214. Is borderline TSH really a concern?
  215. Hypothyroidism & Dieting
  216. When is the best time to take your t3
  217. Im a newbie, im 23 and on hrt and t4 and t3
  218. medical entity and my extreme displeasure
  219. High Antibodies
  220. Questions about lab results
  221. I was POSITIVE for ANTIBODIES, lab results HELP??
  222. advice re tsh
  223. Hypo & ovarian cysts?
  224. Been doing my research......GOLLY!!
  225. Thyroid disorder and uterine hemorrhage
  226. explain it to me one more time please :)
  227. Where all can nodules be located??
  228. Too much Armour= Heart Palpitations
  229. Why am I flip-flopping between Hypo and Hyper?
  230. Help, New Labs
  231. Is the "stare" really a symptom?
  232. Cancerous Nodule Symptoms
  233. Armour in the UK
  234. just some random questions
  235. Please, make sense of this for me!!!
  236. T3 toxicosis
  237. Normal Labs. Don't feel normal?
  238. Question concerning Nodules
  239. Question about Hashimoto treatment
  240. Does hypothyroid cause insulin resistance?
  241. Insurance Company Not Paying Labs!!! Can You Believe This!!
  242. I am so confused?
  243. subtotal thyroidectomy 9 yrs ago now issues?
  244. New here with questions about labs
  245. what is considered normal for lab numbers concerning thryoid??
  246. Supplement-al Advice
  247. Silly pre-TT surgery questions
  248. Social Security Disability
  249. need help with conversion from the Armour experts....
  250. Cheapest Place to get Saliva tests??

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