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  1. just asking for some help here with results ;)
  2. euthyroid sick syndrome treatment?
  3. Could thyroid have been the problem all along? High TSH
  4. does anyone on here take T3 slow release?
  5. TSH gone up to 8.9 - pls could someone advise
  6. Should you take your medication before blood work
  7. Question on Ultrasound Results
  8. One Lobe Gone, It Was Cancer
  9. Need Help with HIGH Antibodies Please
  10. Question on Peroxidase Results
  11. question about hashi's
  12. I need some serious help to figure out what is wrong with me...
  13. Appropriate Dosage for TSH Levels ranging in 20s?
  14. Confusing lab results...
  15. thyroid - Synthroid vs generic brand meds
  16. Hashimoto's test after 43 years?
  17. Graves Disease and High WBC?
  18. Bulging Eyes
  19. HypoT with IBS
  20. Suspected Hypothyroid (my poor wife)
  21. Recently diagnosed with Hypothyroidism, but diagnosed with ADD 8 years ago...
  22. Thyroiditis - What do you think of my stats?
  23. Newly diagnosed Hyperthyroid
  24. Making sense of test results
  25. How has your thyroid issue affected your daily life?
  26. Test Results
  27. Doc Says Thyroid's Fine, Epstein-Barr Causing Fatigue?
  28. Should I be treated??
  29. Thyroiditis - How long for each attack?
  30. How long for the swelling to go down?
  31. Additional meds
  32. CT Scans for thyroid?
  33. What are all the different Thyroid tests called? Which are the best & why?
  34. Does this sound thyroid?
  35. Lightheadedness & Heart Palps - help!
  36. 9 mos Post RAI Question
  37. Cytomel didn't touch my FT3
  38. TSH of 2.86?
  39. New Diagnosis/, weird symptoms
  40. Diziness
  41. New and scared
  42. What is t4 free
  43. Newly Dx Hypothyroid Have a ??
  44. Please!!! - Need Articles to Convince doctor about T3
  45. question for Javelina about rT3???
  46. 39 yr old male diagnosed with hypothyroidism
  47. heart palpitations-could it be thyroid related?
  48. How to get desiccated thyroid
  49. Low TSH, normal FT4
  50. Thyroid u/s and questions??
  51. Ultrasound tests results - Finally
  52. Hyperthyroidism back.........
  53. Tumors all stable but Tg increasing...
  54. Well, had my labs today...my TSH is 3.25.
  55. Solid Nodules
  56. what do these results mean?
  57. are nodules of thyroid common?
  58. Inflamed lymph glands and thyroid
  59. Synthroid dose possibly too high?
  60. tsh level
  61. Levothyroxine vs levothroid
  62. Levothyroxine vs levothroid
  63. thyroid biopsy help needed plzzzz
  64. 22 mm mass in left thyoid on cspine MRI
  65. Being Hypo & Weight Loss
  66. Anyone have poor exercise tolerance?
  67. Need help with new labs
  68. Has anyone experienced this post TT?
  69. Can Thyroiditis happen again?
  70. Ashwagandha affect Thyroid?
  71. Finding the 'best' Endocrinologist and/or thyroid surgeon
  72. Not sure if this is related to my hypoT
  73. Just told I have Hypo & like to know from you all about meds...
  74. Got my biopsy results today
  75. Switching Synthroid to generic
  76. Anyone taking more than 25mcg of T3??
  77. will a collagen/protein supplements affect Thyroid blood test?
  78. Really Concerned
  79. Fasting for Thyroid Tests?
  80. plz could someone help panicking here :(
  81. Discrepancy in Ultrasound report
  82. Is this even possible? (test results)
  83. Glad to be done with surgery!
  84. am I hashi? need insights
  85. how to take t3 with t4 mcg50
  86. On Dessicated compounded thyroid therapy, lasb are good, but having palpitations
  87. Maybe not graves?
  88. Just started levothyroxine-side effect?
  89. eyebrow hair falling
  90. Question about Hypothyroidism
  91. Lab results dont know what this means
  92. my lab results/question
  93. Advice on changing meds?
  94. Help! Hyperthyroid Symptoms, Normal TSH
  95. New Here: Alone and unhealthy
  96. T4 and T3?
  97. Important to test free T3 & 4?
  98. can anyone help?
  99. troublesome thyroid nodule/lymph nodes
  100. Is this related to Hypothyroidism
  101. RAI - back from isolation with questions
  102. Life Without Thyroid
  103. My new labs? Advice please
  104. Anyone who is on reformulated Armour OR Nature-throid....
  105. How t4/t3 is different in synthetics vs dessicated....
  106. Thyroid problems after imaging contrast - post FNA procedure.
  107. The doctor doesn't want to know
  108. thyroid
  109. Are these really symptoms of Hypo
  110. Ok started Levo - some questions
  111. Really confused...Apparently there is nothing wrong with my thyroid....
  112. Please need Advice! Can WRONG Thyroid medicine effect Vision ?
  113. hypothyroid weight gain
  114. Having trouble with starting meds.
  115. Please can someone tell me if this is high or low results
  116. Please help me understand the ultrasound?
  117. Hypo w/ new nail issues
  118. Thyroid Ultrasound-Need help understanding results....
  119. Not sure If I need medication?
  120. Advice please
  121. Getting frustrated
  122. multinodular goiter normal TSH?
  123. plz read:(
  124. Leaning More Towards Cancelling Surgery!!!
  125. reformulated Armour and Natur-Throid
  126. hashi question. does this sound right?
  127. Hashi's here and very itchy
  128. "Normal" Range and High LDL -- Help?
  129. Ultrasound test
  130. Does caffeine effect the thyroid or thyroid meds?
  131. Any suggestions?
  132. Please help!
  133. So Worried ....
  134. High TSH, low concentration and a 3 month wait
  135. Test Results
  136. Thyroid problems??
  137. Thyroid U/S - Errors?
  138. Diagnosed with hypothyroid
  139. I'm Upset and Confused Now!!! Help
  140. Finally got some answers!!
  141. Side Effects of Levothyroxine...HELP!!!
  142. Test Results- what do they mean?
  143. Is it possible?
  144. Depression and Hypothyroidism
  145. Naturopath vs. Western Medical Doctor
  146. High TSH and high T4 and low T3?
  147. Another "could this me a thyroid thing?" post, sorry.
  148. Just started Cytomel -- fatigue, headache. ??
  149. Snythroid nightmare ~ need advice
  150. itchy skin eye rims & ears
  151. What does it all mean? Results?
  152. had my ultra sound
  153. My Thyroid hell.. Bulging Eyes..help ?
  154. Your advice
  155. Test Results - Not what I was expecting... :)
  156. Phosphatidylserine side effects?
  157. Interpreting Blood tests....do I have a thyroid problem?
  158. How do you go from high TSH to normal?
  159. Lab Results- Still Hypothyroid? Feel lousy.
  160. Confused about levels and symptoms
  161. Still Undecided About TT Surgery
  162. Partial Thyroidectomy and still hyper
  163. Itchy rash right over thyroid
  164. How do I get stable with my throdid giving the actual blood test result?
  165. My TSH is staying at (0.01); Free T3 4.7
  166. Calcified Nodule-- need advice
  167. What Do you tell people at work when your thyroid is low?
  168. effect of high tsh
  169. Advice?
  170. Anybody go fr Synthroid/Cytomel to dessicated????
  171. autoimmune thyroid disease
  172. Endo in ATL
  173. New labs - New treatment. Any ideas?
  174. Alternative treatments instead of thyroidectomy
  175. antithyroglobulin Ab how high is too high?
  176. New results - Normal
  177. new here: achy and chronically exhausted
  178. My Lab results, your thoughts please
  179. Thyroid & Lymph nodes
  180. Is it possible for me to get off my thyroid meds?
  181. Can Hypo go undetected?
  182. Can anyone decode this LOL my Dr e-mailed this to me today
  183. What size benign thyroid nodule should be surgically removed?
  184. Hypothyoridism and Gluten
  185. Hypo, now Hyper... help
  186. Feeling Better OR Wishful Thinking?
  187. Weird labs? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!
  188. Dosage Intolerance, but Still Hypo?!
  189. Armour??
  190. Difficulties with Natural Thyroid Titration
  191. Advice Please
  192. High tsh, ft4 and ft3 - what does this mean?
  193. Hashimoto’s Question
  194. Quick TSH Lab Question
  195. dizzy, feeling sick...what next
  196. help
  197. hypothyroid effects on monthly cycle
  198. Hashimotos/OCD
  199. Hyperthydoidism? Please, help.
  200. Lumpy Thyroid
  201. Really???
  202. What do I do?
  203. Can someone help me understand my daughter's test results?
  204. If my TSH is 0.41, will I feel a big change when it gets back to 2.6 - 2.85
  205. Do I have a sluggish thyroid?
  206. hashimotos and ANA test
  207. Interpretation of Lab Results
  208. do i have a sluggish thyroid?
  209. Flu shot minus H1N1??
  210. High Anti TPO and normal AntiTG
  211. Looking for advice.....
  212. Thyroiditis: QUICK QUESTION Please, someone help me understand this!
  213. Question about thyroid needle biopsy-very scared
  214. HELP NEEDED!.... Fed up with meds, doctors and hypothyroidism
  215. New drug therapy
  216. Hypothyroidism and Depression
  217. thyrperoxidase level
  218. Extrathyroidal Nodules
  219. Need help tweaking my meds..feel like I'm almost there!
  220. Not enough but a long shot
  221. Graves or Hyperthyroid??? Newbie
  222. Anyone know a good doctor for thyroid in Los Angeles?
  223. Thyroid Nodule Images
  224. Dr visit with new doctor
  225. Just Can't Decide On Surgery
  226. Why does it matter if I have Hashimoto's or not?
  227. T Uptake
  228. total thyroidectomy 2 weeks ago
  229. switching between hypo - hyper
  230. Can diet help hypothyroidism?
  231. 1st lab results
  232. Need alternative to Armour Thyroid
  233. can't absorb med, is there another method of delivery?
  234. Thyroid Nodule - Odd problem
  235. Started 5 mcg of generic T3, help!
  236. My Doctor's surgery wont test t4 anymore only tsh???!!!
  237. Blood Pressure
  238. Wacky Thyroid Labs..
  239. My thyroid has robbed me!
  240. Loneliness and depression with this illness
  241. Low Iodine pain management
  242. "Hashi's Swings" Question - Help Please
  243. Soy
  244. Low TSH, LOW T4 and T3-whatis going on?
  245. Thyroid problems...ongoing?
  246. my labs
  247. Thyroxine-binding globulin (TBG) Elevated T-4 levels
  248. Can someone check over my results?
  249. Low TSH Normal FT3 Normal FT4
  250. hypo test results advice?

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