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  1. Swollen thyroid and neck tightness
  2. Answers and Opinions please to my Question
  3. Good Thyroid Doctor in Portland, OR area?
  4. Need suggestion of a good endo in San Diego that specializes in Thyroids
  5. High tsh
  6. To get the H1N1 vaccine or not?
  7. is it unusual to have just isthmus removed for hurthle cell nodule
  8. Had surgery on Dec. 15th
  9. Newly diagnosed, Low tsh, normal T3, T4, very confused about diagnosis and treatment
  10. Hashi and arginine test
  11. Another levoxyl V synthroid ??
  12. Possible thyroid issue?
  13. Does anyone's neck actually physically hurt when it's inflammed or just feel swollen?
  14. hairloss with thyroid
  15. finally had surgery today what do these presurgery numbers mean
  16. Cytomel question for everyone
  17. help before I see dr. about labs
  18. Is it normal to get a headache after a dose increase?
  19. How long does Levothroxine to work?
  20. help thyroid neck pain breathing difficulty
  21. Adrenal Fatigue & Hypothyroid
  22. why swollen hands while sleeping and not during the day
  23. Help with making sense of labs
  24. I have a TSH level of 9 but exhibit only hyperthyroidism symptoms.
  25. Breathing difficulty. Who has it and how is it?
  26. Malabsorption syndrome - need help...one question
  27. New this this all, could use any advice
  28. fyi for those on pig t-meds with pets
  29. Hashi's flare
  30. Will I gain weight after thyroidectomy?
  31. Question about RAI and going hypo!
  32. parathyroid
  33. Hashimotos
  34. Help! T3 made me anxious. Thyroid or Adrenals or both?
  35. Pregancy, Miscarriage & Thyroid levels
  36. how to shrink goiter
  37. Have suspicious nodule removing half thyroid.
  38. Thyroid test in 9 year old
  39. Armour---Is the original back
  40. New labs, hashis and adrenals please help
  41. salivary gland damage post RA-I
  42. What should I expect right surgery for 1/2 removal
  43. Need Help with Lab Results
  44. thyroid nodules
  45. Thyroid/adrenal lab results
  46. New labs; FT4 has dropped
  47. Im worried can someome give me advice please?
  48. What can I eat with synchroid and 1/2 thyroid
  49. surgery VS radioacive iodine
  50. SURGERY VERSUS RADIOACTIVE IODINE....need advice please
  51. new labs-please take a look
  52. Subclinical hypothyroidism and supplements
  53. Good Results from FNA and Future Thyroidectomy
  54. Anyone with similar test results/situation??
  55. sugar and its effects on the thyroid
  56. Lab results - interpretations?
  57. Do I really need this?
  58. new here...need advice for hypothyroid
  59. Please Help Me, I feel like I am dying!
  60. New labs, question on increase?
  61. Can being hypo cause foot pain?
  62. Will you guys tell me what you think about my labs?
  63. question about timing for taking medicine
  64. one question... about tsh results..... help needed
  65. Help...am I just crazy??
  66. Can I2 used in CT scan cause hyperthyroid?
  67. do thyroid meds raise blood pressure?
  68. New to this! Need to Understand
  69. Does sodium affect the thyroid?
  70. Hyperthyroidism
  71. Adrenal temperature results
  72. High TSH on hydrocortisone and pregnant
  73. Something my PA said....
  74. Lab results
  75. New Here and don't really understand Hypothyroidism
  76. hypothyrodism and mold
  77. Help! My endo won't raise my T4 and I'm pregnant.
  78. RAIU test results
  79. Yes!! Good news
  80. having surgery- which is best doctor to see for followup
  81. Severe fatigue, dizziness with dosage increase
  82. Thank you, javelina!
  83. Male with decisions to make
  84. So, here are my thyroid results
  85. westhroid ?
  86. CT w/ Contrast Affect Hypo - Dramatic Reaction
  87. Newly diagnosed, seeking options
  88. after 3 months on synthroid now hyper
  89. New to all this-treatments
  90. Really confused by latest labs...can anyone help?
  91. Pregnant with Hashi's: Can you look at my labs?
  92. would you do surgery for 1.9cm hurthle cell nodule
  93. Transdermal T3
  94. Low Free T4, "normal" TSH
  95. Low Free T4, "normal" TSH
  96. Low normal Cortisol?
  97. what to do when your thyroid test comes back normal
  98. T3 Meds and Adrenal Fatigue Question
  99. Lab Questions
  100. Laser Thermal Ablation of thyroid
  101. New Labs...Settling?
  102. Hoshimoto's Thyroid victim wanting to crawl under a bridge
  103. In MINNESOTA- Looking for a Doctor who can help me
  104. My results are in- Doc says I'm "normal." Why am I still exhausted then???
  105. test results in....not good :(
  106. Does anyone know of a good endocrinologist in Ontario?
  107. i am supposed to get an uptake test, can anyone tell me what this means?
  108. why does my face get red and hot
  109. Phosphatidyl Serine & DHEA (cortisol question)
  110. Hashitoxicosis -- need further explanation
  111. constipation
  112. How is Hyper T diagnosed?
  113. Hyper T & Weightloss question
  114. dont know what is wrong...
  115. hypoparathyroidism
  116. I've been wondering
  117. Hi, thyroid tests normal but symptoms very serious
  118. Cortisol issue?
  119. Thyroid med and weight loss
  120. Tired, Anxious, and Heart rate
  121. test results -really confused-dont know what to do
  122. Thyroid Medication (Effectiveness Throughout The Day)
  123. cannot function, just diagnosed
  124. My Lab Results are confusing....help
  125. Labs Are In, Not Being Treated Yet
  126. Thyroid meds and diet?
  127. Please help me find a diagnosis....
  128. My child has elevated TSH levels!?!
  129. low free t4, low-normal free t3, high-normal TSH--and feeling horrible
  130. The effect of ordinary household items on Thyroid disease. Worrisome?
  131. thyroid disorder??
  132. why do i need free t3 instead of t3
  133. thyroid...sore under my jaw...anyone else too???
  134. thyroid issues - Any help appreciated
  135. Reverse T3 testing without drawing a vile of blood
  136. cytomel...how long till you feel it's effects...
  137. My thyroid
  138. Thyroid better but increased meds, why?
  139. How do I take saliva test?
  140. 2 cm benign nodular goiter
  141. Can panic attacks be related to thyroid issues?
  142. eating soy products
  143. New thyroid book
  144. Lab Results
  145. Total Thyroidectomy - Need correct dosage of Levothyroxine
  146. Hyperthyroidism rash
  147. thyroid biopsy
  148. What should I expect switching from synthroid to armour?
  149. I'm hopeful about new doc but have question about labs and meds
  150. Follicular lesion FNA
  151. Thyroid Ultrasound
  152. what size was your nodule when you decided to remove it
  153. I forgot and took my synthroid and I have a dr. appt today
  154. been on synthroid 175 for 5 years now doctor lowers it
  155. Menstrual cycle messed up, decreased T3 and what to expect from endo?
  156. Soy Sauce is safe or not?
  157. Thyroglobulin in ThyCa question
  158. it too soon to take blood test. will I only need t4
  159. Armour Users, what is working for you?
  160. Is generic cytomel the same as reg?
  161. Anybody have yeast problems
  162. lactose free thyroid supp
  163. What if my tsh level is 2.8
  164. How would HYPER-T affect your period?
  165. 200mcg Levothyroxine and 5mcg Cytomel combo
  166. my hair
  167. Ultrasound Results????
  168. Synthroid
  169. Eating during/after RAIU scan
  170. what happens if
  171. Amour and sudden fatigue...
  172. Are these labs ok? 15 year old daughter...
  173. lumps in my throat
  174. anybody disagree with endo and self medicate
  175. FNA Biopsy Monday
  176. Weight changes
  177. does anybody do well just on synthroid ot t4 med
  178. why is T3/T4 levels low
  179. Appt. tomorrow, any suggestions?
  180. I'm confused about labs and ranges
  181. Low T4 does NOT cause symptoms?
  182. Any good doctor in Cincinnati?
  183. Thyroidectomy help..I feel so discouraged and scared....
  184. In a holding pattern
  185. Recovery stories
  186. TT and STILL dealing with cancer in lymph nodes, please advise
  187. Thyroid and Rheumatoid Arthritis
  188. Second opinion?
  189. do thyroid biopsy hurt???
  190. removal of 1/2 thyroid- never the same again -- true or false -- please respond
  191. Has anyone had their Thyroid medicine made at a Compounding Pharmacy?
  192. hypo and going nuts.....please help
  193. Help--elevated thyroid peroxidase ab
  194. Help with new labs
  195. Endo Appt
  196. Thyroid Testing
  197. Getting frustrated with levels (TT in July 09)
  198. Can Someone help me?
  199. Endo says RAI, help?????
  200. Pregnancy and Hashimotos
  201. How long are tsh tests supposed to take?
  202. endocrynologist
  203. New; Need help with labs and symptoms
  204. blood tests
  205. Confused and frustrated
  206. can someone help please? circadian rhythm to thyroid?
  207. Question about T3
  208. Please i need opinions..thyroid
  209. thyroid stopped producing hormones
  210. Radioactive uptake & scan....should I be scared?
  211. Lab Results
  212. 7.2 Calcified Mass on Thyroid
  213. Need advice. TSH "normal" but feel awful.
  214. Lab results help please
  215. Can anyone tell me what such a high anti thyroglobulin could mean
  216. I need your help!
  217. Ultra sound results, frightened now!!
  218. Has anyone gotten this kind of result?
  219. thyroid normal but I don't think so...
  220. 30 years of brain fog
  221. First Day switching from Armour to Levothyroxine
  222. Thyroid - Left Lobe Removed...
  223. New and need support :)
  224. Hoshimoto's Thyroiditis Autoimmune Disease with now a Nodule on my Left Lobe
  225. How many of you have had problems with the new formulation of Armour?
  226. Long time Hypo now Hyper
  227. Update on daughter
  228. nodule missing and tumore showing up in chest
  229. can you provide me with some info for thryoid
  230. Low Thyroid Levels and Swelling?
  231. finally made decision-is it right one
  232. Can someone help with new test results?
  233. Thyroiditis
  234. Switching from Armour to levothyroxine, has anyone done this successfully?
  235. thyroid removed - TSH varying a lot now
  236. Hi new here had a ultrasound of my thyroid today and saw
  237. radioactive iodine following thyroidectomy
  238. I guess I'm NOT hyper
  239. feeling awful
  240. TSH quetions help!!!!!
  241. Labs
  242. Will nodule shrink with treatment for Hashi's
  243. Do you have to remove 4cm nodule?
  244. My new IM M.D. appt.; I think she is a keeper
  245. Running out of money and don't know what doctor to see
  246. TSH level .28 how serious is that.
  247. More labs and doc says it's PERFECT??
  248. Twelfth Week on Synthroid
  249. Got My Cortisol Lab Results. Help!
  250. T4 and T3 need to be on upper normal?

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