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  1. overactive results but I have symptoms of underactive
  2. Hashimoto's Thyroiditis, horrible symptoms!
  3. Help confused!
  4. FDA announces Erfa Thyroid from Canada can be ordered with a US Dr's prescription
  5. My Lab or test Results(Any advise)
  6. Hyper/hypo...HELP! What am I?
  7. need help converting
  8. recent blood work (differential).
  9. could someone help please
  10. Got a question
  11. hyperthyroidism w/ "feeling out of it"
  12. Hyperthyroidism & "feeling out of it"
  13. Dr recommendation in the Maryland area
  14. Do you think being on Cytomel actually made my thyroid worse?
  15. urgent help hurthle cell neoplasm in state of panic
  16. should i still be on meds?
  17. Possible to be hypothyroid with normal test results?
  18. hoarseness and voice change
  19. Feeling like death warmed over
  20. Could I be mildy hyperthyroid?
  21. Essential Supplements for Hypothyroid/Hashi's
  22. A question about adrenals
  23. Confused about treatment
  24. New Frustrating and Confusing Labs. :(
  25. Low TSH question
  26. Thyroid issues I believe
  27. Tsh 4.39
  28. Hypothyroidism, PCOS and body temperature questions
  29. thyroid and adrenal issues. help!
  30. Too good to be true
  31. Labs back, trip to ER, perhaps a cardiologist?
  32. What can make your lymph nodes swell in your thoat?
  33. Lab result? What do they mean?
  34. Thyroid Hormone Resistance? Proper Synthroid/Cytomel Ratio?
  35. Need help finding a new doctor in Ontario.
  36. Help with test results
  37. new & confused: sub-clinical hyperthyroidism + markers for Graves
  38. Which medication is best?
  39. Hashimoto's and Celiac's?
  40. thyroid meds.
  41. Adjusting to Medication...
  42. T4 unimportant?
  43. New labs... what do you think?
  44. Feel worse on hydrocortisone?
  45. what knd of doctor does thyroidectomy?
  46. Newbie with hypo symptoms, questions, TSH etc
  47. What Causes the Dizziness?
  48. Severe Hypo Symptoms but "Normal" Test Results?
  49. Hashis/enlarged thyroid w ear/neck pain ???
  50. hyperthyroidism - which treatment should i choose??
  51. partial Thyroidectomy
  52. Could this indicate thyroid disorder?
  53. TSH - your opinion is needed
  54. can someone please help me with my test results and symptoms
  55. thyroid lobe geography question
  56. Newly Diagnosed with Questions
  57. New here need some advice to manage on my own sans treatment
  58. Hyper with a poss. nodule???
  59. what is it when your t4 total is a little out of range
  60. FNA biopsy results. What could this mean?
  61. newbie in need of help
  62. Help, Dont know what to do!!!
  63. Pending thyroidectomy for Hashimoto's: Any pre-op advice or what to watch for?
  64. How long does it take for Cytomel to completely be out of your system?
  65. I'm about fed up with Cytomel....too much inflammation
  66. Hashimoto's and Celiac's?
  67. New! Help, should I get second opinion?
  68. Feeling Ill
  69. How is Hashimoto's diagnosed?
  70. Bloodwork results in - help
  71. Has anyone experienced muscle soreness from cytomel?
  72. Thyroid nodules
  73. 3 days on Levothyroxine & have side effects
  74. Need direction ASAP
  75. Please describe your neck pain
  76. New here and looking for advice
  77. Sensitive eyes
  78. Thanks for allowing me to Vent
  79. Compounding Pharmacy Supplies
  80. New on Levothyroxine - any positive experiences?
  81. Super Confused - Please Help
  82. anyone else have Sjögren's syndrome
  83. Help with possible goiter!!
  84. pregnant (hypo) and worried
  85. Advice.
  86. Appt tomorrow, questions
  87. question re: testing
  88. crazy labs afer TT for papillary carcinoma
  89. Activity
  90. Info needed please!
  91. If you have high cortisol levels will T3 meds not work?
  92. Hypothyroidism & Amenorrhea
  93. Night sweats...and sweating in general when HYPO
  94. Throat Numbness After Surgery
  95. compounding vs armour etc
  96. Follow Up 1 year post op For Cancer
  97. Buddha belly anyone?
  98. Do you discuss your thyroid problems?
  99. Lump above my collar bone
  100. Need the wisdom of your experience
  101. Going to ask for new bloodwork - what do I request re: T3, T4, etc?
  102. How long does it take to clear synthroid from system
  103. Anyone's lymph nodes react to thyroid problems?
  104. Headache? Related to thyroid? Or Armour dosage?
  105. I'm definately taking too much T3
  106. Blood Test Results
  107. Reason why testing Free T4 and not Free T3?
  108. Sore boobs since starting Cytomel
  109. new with thyroid problems - a couple of questions
  110. So many issues... so little help...so much help needed
  111. excessive sweating with unithroid??
  112. Interesting older tests of Ft4 found
  113. Adjustment issues-Nature-throid
  114. Still tired at times even on Cytomel
  115. Do ENTs prescribe thyroid medication? Could they change a dosage prescribed by Endo?
  117. what effect does cold weather have on the thyroid hormone?
  118. Could I be in the early stages of thyroid destruction?
  119. In desperate need of "PROLOID", thyroid medication !!!
  120. Going To Endo Today....Thyroid Possibly Enlarged....Feeling of Choking
  121. lower meds if on diet/lost weight? (hashi's)
  122. Is there any way to lower antibodies or do they stay with you forever?
  123. Help with Ranges needed
  124. parathyroid
  125. thyroid goiter
  126. Appnt with ENT in about a week...
  127. calcium afer total parathyroidectomy
  128. Help with CT
  129. Is it normal to feel this way after starting Cytomel?
  130. Levothroxine generic vs. synthroid
  131. armour thyroid
  132. new lab results....overacitive thyroid ????
  133. Thyroid Problems and Hives
  134. Thyroid WAS the answer...........but
  135. question about lowering meds???
  136. OTC Thyroid Supplements?
  137. New labs...need help converting my T4 range please
  138. Bloating of the face
  139. Hashimoto hypo and hyper?
  140. Have you experienced a Thyroid Storm?
  141. Wait 6 months or no? Please read
  142. What does hypoechoic mean?
  143. New doc willing to try meds!
  144. Worst Headache, Nausea, Weakness and Body Shakes
  145. Does using products with sodium chloride make anyone dizzy?
  146. Racing heart during sleep?
  147. Help
  148. Worried about Calcified nodules
  149. symptoms of low T4, low T3?
  150. severe itching
  151. Do I need to split my Cytomel dose?
  152. best time for Thyroid Test
  153. "Thyroid Problems"Any info would be greatly appreciated!!!
  154. Is it possible to have Hypopituitarism with these results...
  155. New Test Results - Not sure where to go from here.
  156. Generic Cytomel
  157. Iodoral Side Effects, Fast Pulse! Help!!!!!
  158. Thyroid or something else causing thryoid to go wacky????
  159. I'm always thirsty but it's not my blood sugar
  160. Just ran my first 10K race :)
  161. question about TSH test
  162. Anyone out there taking or have taken Phentermine? Anyone with Hashimoto's?
  163. Happy Dance...Woohoo!! YES!! NEW DOC. NEW MEDS. NEW HOPE.
  164. tsh levels on synthroid
  165. 1 year post cancer - WBS clean!!
  166. Has any heard of or tried
  167. doctor that has done many thyroidectomies in my area
  168. question about hypothyroidism...
  169. Weaning off of snythroid
  170. should i increase my thyroxine dose when i'm sick?
  171. Switched from Synthroid to Nature-throid
  172. Has Armour been discontinued?
  173. Need help with weight loss
  174. Night Chills
  175. How are post RAI for graves doing?
  176. Help me understand I am confused
  177. Partial TT on 9/1
  178. Interpret my results please?
  179. autoimmune/hashis/3.5 Nature-throid too much?
  180. Pressure on Neck/Throat...Feels Tight
  181. Hashi's Roller Coaster
  182. need Help please
  183. Thyroidectomy?
  184. 30 days and still not feeling well. Discouraged and looking for advice from hypo vets
  185. Cytomel and calcium
  186. What time of day to take Cytomel?
  187. ? about antibodies testing
  188. Still Untreated, What Do You Think?
  189. Updated Results with Free Levels
  190. Pregnant with elevated TSH.Pls advice,very worried =(
  191. Worrying myself sick over thyroid nodules
  192. Are generics of any natural thyroid any good? It's all my insurance covers
  193. Has anyone tried generic Cytomel?
  194. Chronic dry mouth
  195. It's a sad day when your health is determined by money not what's best
  196. Please help me with labs and Cytomel question
  197. Doctor Recommendation? Kaiser, San Diego.
  198. looking for the best treatment for Hashimoto's
  199. thyroid results
  200. Multivitamins in capsules,softgels,or tablets,caplets are best asorbable?
  201. Confused about diet
  202. o.k. got tested...results.......
  203. Having high thyroglobulin..
  204. What's this all about?
  205. Armor thyroid no longer available????
  206. Do you ever feel "normal" or "good"???
  207. Thyroid complex cysts, worried abt cancer
  208. thyroid complex cysts, worried?
  209. Formula for optimal function?
  210. thyroid replacement and Coumadin?
  211. TSH=.734(.45-4.5)/freeT3=1.8(2.3-4.2)/freeT4=.55(.61-1.76)HELP
  212. High T3 level on lower dose?
  213. Please help with my confusion about iodine.
  214. Could synthroid be making me dizzy?
  215. Need new suggestions for omega-3's
  216. OTC Thyroid Essentials
  217. Why would Endo order this test?
  218. Help with my numbers, please...
  219. Help finding Armour Doctor Fl
  220. How long did it take for your cholesterol to improve after taking Levoxyl?
  221. Help w/Bloodwork results Please
  222. New here and need info
  223. My test results
  224. S/O Other immune disease. Questions.
  225. Bought the tests online for daughter...
  226. Memory Loss
  227. Reference Ranges...Confusing! Help?
  228. Melatonin for jet lag ok for someone with Hashimotos on levothyroxine?
  229. Midwest, need your opinion....
  230. canadian thyroid drugs
  231. Help! i need advice as when to take the Synthroid
  232. just wondering about a some symptoms...
  233. When your levels are stable, do you react severely to extra iodine?
  234. How long does Vit. D3 stay in your system if you're hypo?
  235. Does anyone have an issue differentiating between Thyroid Issues and Menopause......
  236. Help F T3 levels and TSH
  237. Problems with taking multivitamins and iron
  238. Very confused about Armour dosage.
  239. Thyroid Disorder and NORMAL Screening Results?
  240. Thyroid hurts after eating shrimp???
  241. Preparing for my doctor visit. Any help?
  242. Help with TSH please
  243. Anyone experienced this scary situation?
  244. Help - 19 year old's latest labs
  245. hi everyone. new to the board
  246. What to do to get your energy back?
  247. Has anyone gone to a Holistic doc?
  248. muscle fatigue and other questions...
  249. Levels 6 wks post TT
  250. Could You Please Read My Free T3 and Free T4 Results?

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