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  1. Have endo apt. need advice PLEASE.
  2. Hypothyroidism and Whiplash
  3. How Hashimoto Works Question....
  4. Dumb question on "feeling of a nodule"
  5. The pill affecting blood test results?
  6. lymphectomy in my future :)
  7. Help!
  8. input on cortisol test
  9. How many anti-body tests?
  10. Surgery is Wednesday
  11. Terrible fatique and weight loss...anyone else?
  13. lump in the neck
  14. Don't know if I belong here
  15. Thyroidectomy - anyone not miserable afterwards?
  16. 17yo male, TSH=23.7, Is this bad?
  17. i have hyperthyroidism and im 4 months pregnant
  18. HC is making me crazy
  19. Help TPO 1266! Questions
  20. is 88 over 57 a low blood pressure and what do I do about it
  21. Those that have had a Total Thyroidectomy, Questions!
  22. ultrasound results and blood labs question
  23. swallowing/sore throat or neck
  24. so fed up
  25. Help! Too many thyroid cases showing up here.
  26. what happens if you dont drink a glass of water with your synthroid?
  27. difficult swallowing
  28. Saw Endocrinologist, These are the tests she is running....
  29. Anxiety Related to Thyroid?
  30. Confused about what's going on? Help?
  31. what should i do????????
  32. hyperthyroid issue????
  33. what is normal ranges for T3,TSH and free T?
  34. Frustrated by Lab Results, please help
  35. stomache
  36. Enlarged Thyroid with Cysts with normal bloodwork
  37. Have Hashimotos - can anyone recommend...
  38. what are symptoms of multinodular goiter
  39. MD choice for FNA
  40. muscle twitching & low calcium levels
  41. Thyroid and getting pregnant
  42. why do you get reactive lymph nodes in thyroid gland
  43. Pretty odd case of subacute
  44. Surgery
  45. Tsh 86???
  46. synthroid side effect?
  47. What Does a Low Iron Saturation Level Mean
  48. TSH getting better, free T4 getting worse
  49. Fna
  50. Hashi problems
  51. Another Quick Lab Question.
  52. another question
  53. thyroid mass biopsy showed moderate follicular cells, colloid cells and histiocytes
  54. Dizziness
  55. puffy cheek
  56. Enlarged thyroid with a thickend Isthmus
  57. really confused my doc said i have a level of 120 points what is this
  58. Does your Throat Ache?
  59. methimazole has now made my thyroid hypo, my doctor wants me to stay taking the same
  60. Please Help With Labs
  61. Desperately Seeking Suggestions!
  62. Tsh
  63. PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME!! Lab Questions. High TSH WITH High T4 levels???
  64. cortisol levels
  65. neck swelling
  66. New Labs ... What do you think?
  67. Please help--Thyroid? Adrenals? Both?
  68. Upper normal TSH, above 1.0 T4, no antibodies, 23 years old...
  69. I need advice
  70. higher tsh level but normal t3 and t4
  71. Hot and Cold at the same time often?
  72. Thyroid Genetic Testing
  73. hair fall out when i use DHEA
  74. Thyroid Effect on Females Cycle
  75. New to the Nodule scene....
  76. What is inpatient RAI 131 like?
  77. quick question
  78. Good news, I think
  79. Thyroid med raise...
  80. what does it mean when your antibodies are high
  81. thyroid condition
  82. how long does it take to get over a thyroidectomy?
  83. what does enlarged thyroid glands mean
  84. Help!
  85. New guy, need advice
  86. Vitamin D Test Results.. Please Help
  87. For those on T4 AND T3 meds...
  88. how do I find my lab ranges
  89. Thyroid nodule
  90. So I finally got tested
  91. Got my tests results back--Hashimoto's? Adrenals??
  92. Normal TSH, but Hypothyroid symptoms
  93. Synthroid to Armour?
  94. how long does it takee for T-4 levels to get to normal
  95. Am I crazy or getting the run-around?
  96. Worried about thyroid problems
  97. Ovulation
  98. Underactive thyroid (hypothyroidism)
  99. New to Amour and trying to understand labs...
  100. I can't live without my bread!
  101. Looking for a UK doctor who will prescribe T3?
  102. Hypo to Hyper- doc wants to lower meds but I feel good Hyper
  103. I Recently had my thyroids removed
  104. Help! TG up to 1.1 post-cancer
  105. I picked up my lab and ultrasound results.....
  106. my resistance sis low
  107. test results please advise
  108. another person with test results
  109. TSH level of 3.1 what does it mean?
  110. Help about TSH question
  111. Should I be concerned?
  112. FNA question
  113. Can thyroid surgery cause stomach upset?
  114. what is considered high TSH levels
  115. i am seeing the surgeon for my thyroid today what will he do
  116. Lets talk thyroid and ovary cysts!
  117. Thyroid/PCOS
  118. Confused and need help with labs
  119. could this be a thyroid problem?
  120. Iodine/Ioderal
  121. update more labs on 16yr son with low testosterone hypoT?
  122. help please
  123. my T3 levels were high
  124. Went to endo - more labs needed - anyone heard of these?
  125. I'm confused
  126. Has anyone had this with methmazole or atenolol????
  127. I need information about TPO
  128. New labs...new doses of meds...Thoughts????
  129. Can surgery make thyroid worse?
  130. New to all this-please help!
  131. What do I do?
  132. Endo had a cancellation today!
  133. Just confused and need some good advice
  134. levothyroxine
  135. Normal TSH. But Slightly Elevated T3 and T4
  136. Doctor's appointment and new thyroid blood results
  137. new and wondering about symptoms
  138. I need some guidance (Long 1st post)!
  139. please help me these labs are erractic...
  140. Thyrogen and thyroglobulin tests
  141. Raised TSH
  142. what is good to drink with an enlarge thyroid
  143. can't hack up flem
  144. New Test Results
  145. dr.mansour
  146. Suspicious nodule
  147. Nodule removal and voice change
  148. New here: GP says I have Hashimoto's disease, but Endo will not treat (LONG 1st post)
  149. RAI treatment
  150. First winter season of colds since Hashi's diagnosis
  151. RAI Uptake for diagnosis?
  152. Levothyroxine, Synthroid, and Synthrex and Petit Mal Seizures
  153. how much armour thyroid is equal to synthroid .075
  154. Radioactive Iodine Treatment
  155. What does this mean? what was the nodule?
  156. Newly radiated and wondering about symptoms
  157. How Long Does It Take Levothyroxine to Work
  158. Irregular period after thyroidectomy
  159. Multinodule goiter with normal TSH
  160. TSH level post thyroidectomy /Cancer
  161. Hypothyroidism and pulmonary hypertension
  162. Please thyroid friends...help!!!
  163. Thyroidectomy and Back to Exercise??
  164. Hashi's Hypo but with hypersensitivies-Anyone else?
  165. help needed with blood results
  166. Hashimoto's and Celiac
  167. Need advise, please!
  168. Losing my ever loving mind!
  169. Need Advice for Daughter Please
  170. Labs advice needed :)
  171. Going soon for labs again....have questions...
  172. Tsh level
  173. What does elevated T3 mean?
  174. what does t3 look like
  175. Facial Hair
  176. What's your post-cancer TG?
  177. Does Cytomel thin your hair?
  178. Just a quick question
  179. Help understanding thyroid tests....
  180. any good docs in birmingham,U.K??????
  181. Received my Ultrasound report!
  182. Did you treat hyperthyroidism naturally without drugs or surgery?
  183. Please help with labs
  184. what is the chances of getting pregnant if im taking synthroid 100mg one a day?
  185. Thyrogen issues, need advice
  186. Vitamin D levels in
  187. Confused about antibodies
  188. Any advice gratefully received!!
  189. test results please help
  190. High : Ultrasensetive TSH
  191. Help FT3 at 540
  192. I desperately need some sound advice
  193. New here....finally got a thryoid panel done
  194. another stupid appointment HELP!!!!!
  195. New here..need help with labs please!
  196. Supplements
  197. New here and have questions about labs
  198. Thyroid problem
  199. I would love some help!
  200. Hope for Adrenal Fatigue?
  201. Need help to get my life back
  202. New here, and a bit scared
  203. how much armour thyroid do i need
  204. endrometris
  205. under chin swelling
  206. had TSh tested
  207. Is it thyroid?
  208. Latest labs :o(
  209. Is it worth repeating labs?
  210. how often
  211. Odd Lab Results
  212. Chemical sensitivity and hypot/hashis
  213. Will anything ever help me?
  214. Am I stupid? secondary hypothyroidism
  215. I am hyper or Hypo based on Antibodies?
  216. Hyperthyroidism Eye Pain
  217. Still symptomatic and on meds whats up with that
  218. HELP! Doctor and I are baffled
  219. Finally-a diagnosis
  220. can I still have symptoms if...
  221. Prepping for Thyroidectomy
  222. what do you think of this?
  223. Here are my ultrasound and lab results.....any input?
  224. Dr. told me to come in...uh oh!
  225. Skin on neck red in thyroid area
  226. Steroid Shot Question
  227. Lab results, thanks in advance
  228. Many hypothyroid symptoms, normal TSH
  229. New results...any input?
  230. Ultrasound Information
  231. PET Scan for Thyroid nodules
  232. Please Help, Dr sent me for another thyroid ultrasound
  233. blood work results
  234. how to read and interpret TSH
  235. thryoid nodules
  236. Weight fluctuations and medication dosing..
  237. Labs question
  238. please help with results
  239. Hi everyone
  240. New Here - First Post
  241. Radioactive Iodine Treatment
  242. What questions should I ask my doctor?
  243. Confused - Hashi's
  244. Underactive, multivitamins & menstruation
  245. Iodine test working...and new results tommorow
  246. losing alot of weight with hypothyroid??
  247. Just got labs, need advice
  248. Endo Recommendation flint/detroit area
  249. Adding T3 after thyroidectomy?
  250. Low TSH, Low FT4

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