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  1. looking for a surgeon in central fl
  2. Could this be over medicating?
  3. cytomel
  4. New here, blood results and some questions
  5. anyone have a doc in ny or long island who...??
  6. Stunned Parathyroid
  7. Carpal tunnel sydrom & Thyroid?
  8. Tsh, T4 questions
  9. What is my body telling me?
  10. meds??
  11. Thyroid Questions
  12. Does sneezing hurt for any of you?
  13. TSH of 0.12 with meds, but feeling great again. Anyone else have this happen?
  14. Graves and TBII Question
  15. Blood Test Results...and scary ultrasound..advice needed
  16. levelling
  17. Surgery or no surgery
  18. I Have My Op Date :(
  19. Vickie:
  20. have some questions
  21. is a internal medicine dr or gp dr both good?
  22. Do You Take Thyroid Meds The Day Of Your Tests?
  23. Question on meds
  24. zits anyone?
  25. hi toall my freinds pursie are you all wellxx
  26. New here, confusued about test results. HELP!
  27. Does this sound familiar to anyone?
  28. What does it all mean?? Please advise!
  29. Grave's Disease and Pregnancy
  30. how do you treat Graves eye disease?
  31. confused on testing
  32. How much nodule growth is too much?
  33. Carbs
  34. Post RAI Therapy, what's "normal"
  35. Good Info. on Thyroid Conditions
  36. "7" nodules found (I'm NEW) Help please!
  37. thyroid weight gain
  38. am i over medicated on levothyroxine??
  39. Don't know what is going on with me...need advice
  40. Does it sometimes take awhile to get diagnosed with parathyroid?
  41. Missed Periods and Thyroid Problems?
  42. Thyroid issue
  43. Thyroid issue
  44. Thyroid issue
  45. Thyroid issue
  46. am i too young (26) to have hypothyroid?
  47. confused, rai didn't work next surgery???
  48. Hey Midwest..latest labs
  49. heard it all before
  50. can anyone relate
  51. What do these results mean?
  52. New lab results...
  53. TSH and MPV out of range
  54. All My Tests - Still Up And Down With Methimazole
  55. New, Just quick question.
  56. Questions
  57. Hashimoto LevoThroid Doses
  58. TSH 17, Doc says don't treat?? OPINIONS PLEASE!
  59. Stick a fork in me - I'm done.
  60. back from the endo...what a jerk...
  61. Low Iodine Wagon- Fell off the Wagon...
  62. 3 weeks on Armour - looking Go0o0D!
  63. Hashimoto's & other problems.....HELP!
  64. How to Perform Saliva Test
  65. Thyroid Problem - hypo???
  66. On carbimazole - exhausted, weak, help!
  67. diastolic took a dive then back up quickly
  68. HELP! Hypo with increasing meds, decreasing energy
  69. I just want to scream... No one gets it!!
  70. what are the real levels?
  71. Do I Need A Higher Dosage?
  72. Breathing problems
  73. nodule results need some input
  74. "There is no cure for Gravesí disease "
  75. Ate some cereal today, diddnt know it had soy in it!
  76. Fna
  77. Opinion on my Blood Work Test Results
  78. Feeling Better So Far - Two Weeks on Levothyroxine and Armour Combo
  79. Please give advice on labs..
  80. Losing weight with low metabolism
  81. 14 Vials of Blood! HELP WITH RESULTS PLZ!
  82. I need some advice about medication
  83. can you help with test results
  84. Steroid eye drops
  85. ffff....I hate my Endo....plus a question....
  86. Cold Medicine
  87. Calling Sue 1234
  88. Weight gain a sure thing?
  89. dizziness again and some headachs does this mean my tsh went back up?
  90. Sparkie, what you up to?
  91. Please help me interpret my lab results
  92. Question about CT Scan and Iodine Dye and MEDS???
  93. switch to a different med????
  94. Thyroid Ultrasound, Other Tests Necessary?
  95. Cytomel Trouble
  96. Query re labs
  97. Swollen Feet And Ankles.
  98. Testing for Pheochromocytoma?
  99. Perianal Fistula
  100. Unexplained low grade fever, heart palpitations
  101. Does underactive thyroid make feel like lump in throat
  102. No Help For Thyroid
  103. Does Prozac help Graves / Hyper?
  104. New Doctor--I'm not sure what I think!
  105. Adrenal Fun for Deb123, Divermon....
  106. Radioactive iodine ablation
  107. fatigue/hypo
  108. Help - PLEASE
  109. help with results
  110. new hypo
  111. saliva testing
  112. midwest1 question about my tsh labs?
  113. Horrendously Hypothyroid
  114. please help explain FNA results
  115. so whats the deal with Synthroid?
  116. scared somethings dreadfully wrong
  117. occasional fluttery feeling in chest
  118. Thyriod cancer help needed
  119. Hi Midwest & all - should I be nervous?
  120. Soy products and hypothyroidism
  121. Test results - more Hypo?
  122. has anyone ever...
  123. Need help!!! I am new here. ;)
  124. Question About Tsh Level???
  125. Unable to Swallow at night
  126. Seeking advice
  127. Stress, Thyroid, and Adrenal Fatigue
  128. pregnant and armour
  129. Low TSH: is that dangerous?
  130. Can someone please explain the purpose of this test and results
  131. Pain in the neck??
  132. I'm so confused
  133. what are the symtons for hyper thyrold?
  134. Does it make sense to increase meds with this level ?!!
  135. Chronic Thyroid Problems
  136. Started Treatment
  137. new here..Totally Confused!!
  138. Hypothyroid testing question
  139. do my symtons sound like im under medicated?
  140. help with lab results..please:)
  141. Thyroid Lab results....
  142. Anyone Relate? Hypo Symptoms (graves)
  143. Question about med increase and strange sympytoms??
  144. Medicine not lasting, symptoms return.
  145. Frustration (mainly a vent)
  146. help in test results
  147. got bloodwork for thyroid
  148. New and need help understanding labs and ultrasound please.
  149. Adrenal test results- need help with interpretation
  150. dry eyes with hashis anyone???
  151. Levothroid-need advice!!
  152. Thyroid & Lowered Immunity?
  153. Anybody ever have a really high FT3 in lab...
  154. Foods
  155. Complex Thyroid Nodule
  156. :confused: Switch from generic to Synthroid?
  157. Hi, I'm New
  158. Weight Gain
  159. Thyroid cause Iron deficiency Anemia?
  160. Low Ferritin Trmt-Raised Tsh?
  161. have graves now am hypo?
  162. Abnormal WBC at Last Endo visit
  163. Confusing dual diagnosis - I'd like to kill my doctors too!
  164. looking for help
  165. Levoxyl storage question
  166. Synthroid vs. Armour
  167. bloating
  168. Stomach issues on Synthroid
  169. Hashi question
  170. new here- hyperthyroid
  171. TSH levels
  172. Could some explain what Hashimoto's is?
  173. New Labs, Midwest can you help
  174. Deb123 - could use your help
  175. Never give up looking for a good doctor!
  176. Interesting thread about fibromyalgia
  177. Thyroid uptake scan results and advice needed!
  178. My Synthroid Experience
  179. Two steps forward, one step back.
  180. Enlarged thyroid?
  181. re-occurring symptoms
  182. Nutritional treatment of Hypo?
  183. I can't believe I found this place!
  184. Hyper attack?
  185. How's it going with your dr.?
  186. NEWBIE: Thyroid / Anaphylactic Shock
  187. Asked my doctor about testing
  188. treatment for Graves
  189. Test results for year &1/2
  190. TSH rising-meds question
  191. Is my thyroid affecting my cholesterol?
  192. cant stop crying!!
  193. tsh 5.35 horrible symptoms
  194. Help Deb123 if it is not nailed down or wax I want to eat it!!!!
  195. Anyone familiar with Melatonin ???
  196. Thyroid testing
  197. im not alone am i...please say no...
  198. What do I do now?????????
  199. Can nerve pain be caused by Armour?
  200. I NEED a Magician PLEASE HELP ME!!! Am I Crazy???
  201. Vitamin D and Thyroid Issues - Midwest?
  202. Hypothyroid Heart Palps
  203. Synthroid - Sun tanning - hives
  204. dosage of t3 in armour
  205. New Here with questions
  206. Brain Fog Is Back
  207. Anyone else gaining weight on Armour? Help!
  208. Lump in my throat
  209. Are these results Hypothyroid
  210. titration
  211. Six Month checkup, after thyroid surgery, NOW another problem..
  212. New here and could use help, labs & ct scan disagree
  213. When Will This Go Away!!!
  214. Results Confusion
  215. I have some thyroid test result questions-please help!!
  216. Just diagnosed hypothyroid....starting Synthroid tomorrow!
  217. Getting lipids back in line!!!
  218. Tsh/nodule 5.2cm
  219. Anyone taking generic for Armour?
  220. Anyone using GTA ForteII
  221. Does size of cold nodule matter?
  222. New Dr - Good news, Bad news
  223. Simple Question
  224. can i kill my gp
  225. ? about my daughters labs
  226. Hives and Thyroid
  227. taking B12 with Armour
  228. Please help me with my test results.
  229. Understanding FT3 results.
  230. New here, I think LOL - bad ultrasound?
  231. Hoarse voice
  232. Bad Thyroid + Normal Test
  233. Hyperthyroid - but no symptoms
  234. Any Hypo's/Hashi's have dizziness?
  235. Synthroid Dose
  236. bloating/water retention
  237. How long before symptoms of hypo hit?
  238. TSH Levels
  239. those who are hypo - what do you eat for breakfast?
  240. 18 years old with hypothyroidism?
  241. For those who have had a total Thyroidectomy
  242. pap cancer people ..help please?
  243. Seasonal adjustments to meds
  244. do i have different symptoms to other people
  245. help please
  246. Synthroid side effect, I think.
  247. Armour Wearing Off?
  248. Thyroid medication and ectopic heartbeats
  249. Good doctors on Long Island?
  250. Total Thyroidectomy or wait watch? HELP.

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