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  1. lab results, thoughts
  2. hd73 Update post left lobectomy
  3. Bp And Pulse Spikes Way High/then Normal
  4. Fusionqueen... How are you?
  5. Was Hyper, then Hypo, now cured?
  6. how we get nodules and goiters??
  7. anybody had to come off meds then go back on???
  8. Lisa Bob
  9. sweaty palms?
  10. weight
  11. New to this board?thyroid probs
  12. Synthroid Side Effects
  13. lost my insurance
  14. 38% uptake
  15. Head pressure, thyroid symptom??????
  16. Armour experts; help please, new to board
  17. Armour or Synthorid & Cytomel
  18. What does TSH numbers mean?
  19. rai monday
  20. Burning and nausea!
  21. Hypo but Anxious
  22. Calling Midwest1
  23. Highest dosage
  24. why am I getting under-eye bags???
  25. Is it important to test T3 &T4??
  26. TT March 30, Pre Op Test
  27. T-100
  28. What other test besides TSH
  29. Birchtree, Erinbeth, Midwest...
  30. Test results
  31. FNA Results, Opinions Needed Please
  32. Endo appt. went well!
  33. Thyroid meds and Depression
  34. Sore neck, glands, from thyroid meds?? Midwest or anyone else
  35. Midwest Need your opinion
  36. What Is Normal Range For Your Thyroid?
  37. Hashimotos and abnormal EEG
  38. Called Dr./Lump in Throat
  39. Thyroid Problems
  40. Problems with Grown Daughter
  41. Naturethroid
  42. THANK YOU MIDWEST!!!Saved my life!!
  43. Frustrated with lab results
  44. Question about Hurthle Cells
  45. Need help with lab results, what to do next
  46. Feeling awful!
  47. Lump in Throat
  48. TSH anD TTC
  49. Cause of thyroid nodules --> homeopathic doctor
  50. trouble breathing while on back-goiter problems?
  51. Clumsiness ~ symptom ????
  52. Did Thyroid Storm kill Anna Nicole Smith?
  53. Mark Starr MD - Hypothyroidism Type 2
  54. Mocha232....question On Hurthle Cells!!
  55. Dr, Says Hyper/someone Help With Test Results
  56. What would you do??
  57. TPO results, Need Opinions
  58. how do they make t hormone?
  59. Dr. Said Im Hyperthyroid/ Help Questions
  60. stiff neck????
  61. hypo vision problems - saccade anyone?
  62. pins and needles all day off and on??????
  63. a very strange question
  64. HURTHLE advise
  65. weight issues and Graves disease and HYPERthyroidism
  66. Appt. w/ surgeon tomorrow - just a few ??
  67. How to decide to change to Armour if all is "well"?
  68. Are These Symptoms Thyroid Related???
  69. What do you do?
  70. Question on Armour
  71. hurthle (thyroid)
  72. ITS OVER !!!!!! Thank God
  73. lugter, about vit. D
  74. Any natural alternatives to medicines for Hypothyroid?
  75. MIDWEST????? anyone with Armour??
  76. how long does it take for meds to leave your system?
  77. weight loss question
  78. high, low, stress, or medication?
  79. Dr. Says Hyperthyroid, Numbers Low
  80. hyperthyroidism and birth control pills
  81. Please help read my labs..I'm still feeling quite ill...
  82. New Test Results
  83. what helps T4 to T3 conversion??
  84. Large thyroid, normal levels?
  85. Internist Says Hyperthyroid, Help!
  86. At Witts End!!
  87. Help with the labs...
  88. New labs, questions & Aldosterone level - any experience?
  89. Lab results in. Any thoughts?
  90. Hyperparathyroidism
  91. Had Tt And Home
  92. Strange throat sensations and gurgling
  93. Tsh.50 Normal?
  94. How To Compare Dosage??
  95. Lab Help
  96. I think my husband is hyperthyroid, dr. says NO
  97. Look at these abnormal labs
  98. neck achy
  99. New lab results--more questions
  100. The Dr search is on
  101. If ultrasound normal, any point in an MRI or CT scan?
  102. Abnormal Anti TPO Ab levels...
  103. Nodule Found In My Daughters Thyroid Gland
  104. Broodygirl: My update from Endo
  105. Monkey update post TT
  106. Redmaple, Elmhar, Midwest
  107. lab works translation
  108. Will weight loss affect synthoid dosing
  109. without meds before radiation
  110. Normal ultrasound!
  111. From Armour to Synthroid and Cytomel.....
  112. Anyone else doing South Beach with
  113. confused???
  114. heel/foot problems and Hashis
  115. Lab Result Help-Trying to understand it
  116. Cortisol Levels - Adrenal Tests
  117. graves/eyes bothering me bad
  118. FNA Biopsy & Scared!!!
  119. Lab opinions needed
  120. Question about Ultrasound test?
  121. Armour refill and feeling SICK???
  122. Aussies?
  123. help with new labs?
  124. graves questions
  125. Can you check my labs for hypo?
  126. Neck ultrasound
  127. Can thyroid disorders be found on CAT scan/MRI?
  128. New Dr... New Hope! It just felt right.
  129. Thyroid bloodwork
  130. Nausea and hypo
  131. Stomach problems, nausea?
  132. question about meds
  133. can't get my meds right, please help
  134. How many have low TSH, hypo symptoms, and Free T levels not in upper 1/3 of range?
  135. How/when to take PTU?
  136. Tt Surgery Tomorrow
  137. Feeling extremely worse after taking levoT medication...
  138. Stephen E. Langer M.D.? Should I try him?
  139. when hyper...
  140. hyper..crazy..and wondering
  141. Bad Day - Cytomel, I think
  142. strange throat sensations
  143. Need your advice again, please: New results
  144. muscle jerking
  145. Question about Cast Scan with contrast????
  146. Graves Rage
  147. Anyway do atkins to help Grave's disease?
  148. Armour blood test tomorrow...when to take med??
  149. Low Libido
  150. MAD MAZ and for all who wanted to know the 500,000 symptoms
  151. Typical doctors--New update!
  152. Crazy results
  153. Info please
  154. Cytomel - How much longer?
  155. Haven't been here in a while...frustrated!
  156. Cushing's Syndrome/HELP
  157. Fast Heartbeat While Exercising
  158. Monkey
  159. Rare Hurthe Cells Present
  160. Good luck to all those having TT this month :)
  161. Getting treatment myself
  162. How does a surgeon know if cancer has spread before TT
  163. anyone w/ a thyroid prob. ever used follistim for fertility?
  164. question about generic synthroid
  165. What is up with my Hashi's?????
  166. Intermittent imbalances of Hashi's..Can't find in archives. Vit supps?
  167. Swollen Glands common with Goiters?????
  168. Cat Scan of Neck with Contrast
  169. sensitive gums
  170. Looks like i'm out of remission :(
  171. sensitive gums
  172. Midwest or Anyone who can help...Can the thyroid affect your blood pressure to drop??
  173. Daily burning sensations!
  174. Lab and Skin Symptom Questions
  175. hypo what symptoms are they different for everyone???pursiexxxxxxxxx
  176. Jenny C You Out There!!!!
  177. Are Allergic Reactions Common With Thyroid Problems!!!!
  178. i really need some experts here pursie here HELP ME!!!!!
  179. Looking for a few good links
  180. TSH Rise in Only 6 days?
  181. need some advice from someone
  182. If blood test came back normal ......
  183. If blood test came back normal ......
  184. back from decompression surgery
  185. Update on Me and Question for vets (GTA Forte II)
  186. Is it okay to have thyroid labs drawn while on antibiotics?
  187. Hashimoto's and antibodies?
  188. iron low, boardering thyroid,positive antibodies
  189. surgery cancelled due to cold -scared!
  190. BP Problems?
  191. Does anyone see any problem with these numbers?
  192. Vent...No one understands I'm sick!
  193. Help. How do I get Armour in the UK
  194. Normal TSH and thyroid antibodies test...
  195. Anyone ever had nonpuerperal mastitis?
  196. Typical doctors!! Blowing off some steam
  197. I don't have Addison's disease!
  198. TT tomorrow, but have mild cold
  199. Synthroid question
  200. So many questions...
  201. The "Paper Test"
  202. on 50 mg thyroxin but still feeling ill
  203. RAI scheduled
  204. help please
  205. daughter TSH 827-mother Hashimotos but not hypothyriod
  206. Diagnosed Today - Hypo
  207. mimicing bipolar?
  208. monkey when is your tt rooting for you
  209. t3 drug amounts please help my friends from pursiexx
  210. Hypothyroid - Please Read!
  211. cold nodular biopsy
  212. Joining the masses...another disinterested Dr.
  213. Close Call - but good news!
  214. Rash
  215. over 2 you , can you help?
  216. tygwym..Question
  217. Midwest/ Selenium
  218. celiac and hashi
  219. HELP! Not feeling well panic attacks
  220. Swollen Feeling 1 Year After TT
  221. coughing in the middle of the night
  222. Thyroid nodule, just found out
  223. New Lab's, New Questions! Even more confused NOW??
  224. Could it be a thyroid disorder? PLEASE HELP!
  225. swollen neck after TT
  226. Fusionqueen, Jenny C, ErinBeth, I replied on "Feeling yucky on Synthroid"
  227. TT this Thursday - Boston Surgeons Anyone?
  228. Got A Question!
  229. OK this is soooooooo baffling!!
  230. Urgent
  231. Hashimoto's question
  232. Best time to take synthetic thyroxine?+ other questions Help!
  233. Thyroid Help Needed. Please Help!
  234. Help with symptoms
  235. Calling Sue1234
  236. OOOHH NOT feeling well with med increase??
  237. Goiter Problems Normal Results????????
  238. Feeling Bad
  239. Has anyone ever ordered their own tests?
  240. I'm So Scared: I was Choking!!!!
  241. When to take meds
  242. Help Has Anyone Ever Seen A Heartbeat Under Their Eye!!!!
  243. diabetic and hyper
  244. Pursie...Hashi's AND Graves
  245. air pockets seen in CAT scan
  246. Feeling Yucky When Starting Synthroid????
  247. body pain
  248. Thyrolar? Anybody?
  249. Midwest your expertise is requested!
  250. Thyroid Peroxidase Test

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