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  1. weened off synthroid
  2. Back from Doctor, NO CANCER but confused
  3. Safe Uses of Cortisol - Adrenal fatigue?
  4. Results of thyroid uptake scan....
  5. Rashes...
  6. How long before I can tell a difference?
  7. Atd's Upped Update
  8. Radiologist vs. Endocrinologist
  9. NikNak - how are you doing??
  10. Swelling feet, knees and hands...
  11. Hypothyroidism and Cholesterol
  12. other diseases w/hashi's?
  13. Thyroid Problem + Sweating
  14. So confused!
  15. Surgery Postponed
  16. Thyroid problems or What?
  17. question on symptoms...
  18. Exercise makes me feel like CRAP!
  19. Dye Reaction: Synthroid
  20. What should I be looking for with results?
  21. Heart Palps / questions...
  22. Help to understand for my 8 year old
  23. Weird changes since hypo...
  24. i just want to feel like me again
  25. I Give Up!
  26. Help appreciated if you could...Thyroid, Levothroid,and...
  27. Hyper & acne?
  28. Eye problems
  29. thyroid surgery and voice
  30. concerned
  31. Terrified and Confused!!!
  32. help with blood test?
  33. WOW! I felt great yesterday!
  34. Testing for adrenals
  35. - - -
  36. It's been almost a year since starting meds...
  37. Happy!happy! A Diagnosis!
  38. Hairloss. Help!
  39. how do you take your thyroid meds...
  40. Please help to understand
  41. Can thyroid meds cause "eye strain"?
  42. Nausea changing meds?
  43. Another TT scar question
  44. Borderline Hypo - Comments?
  45. UPDATE on atds increase :(
  46. - - -
  47. thyroid ultrasound
  48. Synthroid for 20 yrs. not working anymore.
  49. My first time here/question?
  50. Need Some Advice on Test Results!!! Help!!
  51. Are enlarged thyroids usually cancer?
  52. Does taking Estradiol along with Synthroid affect labs?
  53. Can you help?
  54. Another confused newbie w/ test results :) (long, sorry)
  55. Hey, Midwest..............
  56. Back From The Doctor!
  57. Please help me figure all this out!!!!
  58. got a copy of my ultrasound results finally
  59. partial thyroidectomy surgery
  60. This is just crazy...
  61. Armour switch
  62. After total thyroidectomy, please introduce the best sunscreen lotion
  63. Confused about test results - New Here
  64. What to eat after TT?
  65. Surgery Stories
  66. Need advice, please!
  67. question onhypo and excerise
  68. Question about Beta Blockers
  69. Why do normal ranges vary?
  70. Back from doc - do you believe it?
  71. Doc split dose of Synthroid...
  72. New ranges for thyroid levels
  73. Classic HypoT Symptoms... But Doc says I am normal?
  74. Tsh Update
  75. emotional effects of synthroid??????
  76. TSH NUMBER..What does it mean?
  77. Anyone from Pa area (harrisburg)
  78. Don't know what to do???
  79. How do you get your own blood work done without a doctor's order???
  80. could someone please look at results
  81. What should I do next (if anything)? Input please!
  82. Question about TSH...
  83. So tired after lunch...???
  84. Question about anti-bodies test?
  85. Afternoon meltdown...Please help!
  86. Effect of steriod shot on hashi's
  87. Low Blood pressure & Thyroid Disease
  88. Can Fasting affect tsh level???? help!!!!
  89. Synthroid and Dizziness
  90. Meep, Adrenal-Thyroid Experts, Questions
  91. The Doctor Basically Laughed at me
  92. Hey Ellie!
  93. Thyroid affecting inner ear
  94. Just wanted to share::::::::
  95. How much?
  96. question regarding thyroid nodules
  97. Very Upset--Please Comment
  98. thyroglobulin antibodies?
  99. ??calcium??
  100. Thyroid or virus? Feel strange...
  101. Can getting an ultrasound irritate your thyroid?
  102. Test Results please help
  103. does soy sauce have iodine?
  104. illmakeit, interesting about cholesterol...
  105. Hashimotos...
  106. Trouble Swallowing Need Help
  107. Can someone please educate me!!!
  108. Trying To Find The Right Meds
  109. THYROID inner ear
  110. Can Graves Disease Cause Short Term Memory?
  111. Hypo questions - swelling, etc...
  112. HONESTLY...with totally normal labs can you have a thyroid prob if you have symtoms?
  113. TT in 1 1/2 wks - now have a cold
  114. Eh! questions about unithyroid
  115. Newly Hypothyroid
  116. Tightness in Neck and at incision site
  117. Does anyone split their Synthroid into two doses?
  118. hypothyroid...what kind of salt
  119. I got all my tests back,,need help
  120. thyroid infection...
  121. Is this a hypo symptom?
  122. Looking for Dr. in Minneapolis/St. Paul Area
  123. What Is Subclinical hyperT?
  124. Help with lab results
  125. Hashimoto's & thyroid removed
  126. doctors in my area
  127. does it run in familys?
  128. *think* Armour & I work TOGETHER!!!
  129. Anyone ever heard of swollen feet with hyperthyroid,
  130. Thyroid grew back???
  131. Calcium deficiency symptoms?
  132. Selinium & Zinc question...
  133. Have symptoms but TSH normal???
  134. I am now HYPER and HIGH LIVER ENZYMES? so worried
  135. PLEASE HELP! So confused!
  136. Becoming more Hyper, takin thyroid out?
  137. Help.....I don't understand
  138. test result help
  139. Is there a higher risk of developing Lupus w/ Thyroid disease?
  140. Alone after Surgery
  141. What the heck has happend to me?
  142. I don't know who to believe!
  143. Lab Test
  144. My Test Results
  145. Suddenly hypo - have questions...
  146. Sometimes I think there going let me die HELP
  147. Can you tell me if this lab result is "normal"
  148. Don't I need a boost? Please help!!
  149. Emailed specialist...
  150. Breathing YOGA helped reduce Thyroid level from 5.3 to 4.1
  151. Hyper update
  152. low iodine diet/ Ablation/ how long?
  153. Thyrohormone and stools?
  154. My apointment today..............
  155. question on meds
  156. help with graves disease
  157. Goiter Removal
  158. Can Graves Disease Cause Short Term Memory?
  159. what is a hypoechoic nodule
  160. Fluctuating pulse is at it again!!
  161. hello
  162. Please I Need Advice!!
  163. Midwest...I have a ???
  164. HELP...Question about T3?????
  165. Swelling thyroid
  166. Is dhea appropriate for me?
  167. Normal levels but symptoms still there
  168. How long 'til I feel better?
  169. Help me get back on track
  170. Dexedrine and thyroid function test.
  171. From Hypo to Hyper
  172. No real diagnosis
  173. New, problems with levels
  174. confused lab results?
  175. Symptoms of Hypothroidism?
  176. Cut back on Armour when taking Cortef?
  177. Big Appt. for me Tommarrow..................
  178. Biopsy Results Suspicious...
  179. New Numbers, more confused
  180. Graves (Hyper) to now Hypo???
  181. CT Scan w/Iodine Contrast
  182. Got sum sort of a diagnosis
  183. Weight and Thyroid
  184. My first endo appointment
  185. My Endo is a QUACK...HELP!
  186. Trouble getting over illnesses
  187. What do I do NOW???
  188. wooH0O00 ~>>Got the T3/4 med * I * WANTED!!!
  189. Is this a symptom of HypoT
  190. Hypo & Diet Pills.. WHY NOT???
  191. Betsyp...
  192. I've had a MONSTER headache for a month
  193. would greatly appreciate input!
  194. Help Needed Fast
  195. Endo in Pittsburgh
  196. Meds question???
  197. Questions about biopsy
  198. What should I ask my dr.?
  199. Hashis AND HyperT symptoms?
  200. Hi! I haven't been here in a while but have a ??
  201. Levoxyl & Anger
  202. Anyone have subacute thyroiditis? I was
  203. underactive thyroid
  204. Happy about TT?
  205. Advice please?Best time to have blood test?
  206. uptake scan
  207. Lab test...which phase am I???
  208. Joint pain W/ Throid prob
  209. Bloated from meds...any suggestions?
  210. Tingling in Hands - Thyroid problem or what?
  211. diet...unsalted butter??
  212. switching from Synthroid to T3/4 med???
  213. Divermon...
  214. Thyroid & Lupus
  215. "Good news"
  216. went to see my GP
  217. Nodule question
  218. MyBowTie?
  219. Anxiety Disorder? Thyroid problem? Heart Palpitations?
  220. Depression from UnderActive Thyroid
  221. Down side to having uptake scan?
  222. Saw the endo again
  223. Any Selenium unusual experiences??
  224. Slightly concerned newbie - any info appreciated! :)
  225. High blood sugar and correct thyroid dosage
  226. Has anyone tried virgin coconut oil?
  227. Need input on results.........PLEASE!
  228. This diet :(
  229. Anyone using nutrimeds for thyroid
  230. Went to dentist, anyone have gum problems?
  231. Tingling in lower body (hips to feet)
  232. need advice (it's a long one!)
  233. Thyroid Help
  234. for all hashi's that had thyroid removed...
  235. Hyperkim....
  236. Ok my friends...difference between tests, my lab sheet doesnt have t3 Free
  237. super high tsh
  238. Dyspepsia???
  239. A couple of questions...
  240. Debating what to do...
  241. Why not Cytomel and Synthroid?
  242. TT for large substernal goiter
  243. Anyone else with voice problems after TT?
  244. New...With Questions
  245. Question for PixieK
  246. Deficency? What is causing this to happen?
  247. Question about thyroid uptake scan...
  248. Thyroid and Asthma
  249. A different symptom...related to hypo or not?
  250. do you feel worse around ovulation?

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