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  1. Hyperthyroid
  2. thyroid medicine
  3. Levo to NatureThroid and So sick. Help.
  4. OB or Endocrinologist
  5. Very Heterogeneous echo pattern
  6. Visited Endo Yesterday, labs have gotten worse
  7. Need to increase my doses
  8. Did I have a thyroid storm?
  9. Need help understanding lab results
  10. This is all 'new' to me, it's very frustrating and confusing.
  11. So tired of being tired ... when will it end.
  12. Hypothyroidism? meds not working.
  13. Confusing labs please help
  14. Advice on FNA ...
  15. Thyroid problems ... NEED HELP !
  16. Thyroid results help
  17. Advice/insight on lab results/history and talking to Dr.
  18. Thyroid Ultrasound Results and hypervascular Nodule
  19. itchy scalp and severe hairloss
  20. Stopping birth control and hair loss?
  21. Ache in stomach
  22. Levothyroxine losing all my hair
  23. Thyroid Results - Hypo?
  24. Think i have a problem?
  25. Weight and Hypothyroidism
  26. Thyroid Ultrasound Results
  27. Graves reccurence?
  28. Are my results normal?
  29. Hyperthyroidism symptoms! Please help.
  30. Unwanted weight loss despite hypothyroidism
  31. 13.5 tsh level!
  32. High T3 normal t4 normal tsh
  33. Graves Remission Question
  34. Thyroid Lab Result Confusion
  35. Confused about my symptoms and lab results. Please help!
  36. High Free T3 - what does it mean?
  37. Need help interpreting test results
  38. Husband and large goiter
  39. thyroid question
  40. Carbimazole Titration for Graves/Hyper
  41. Considering meds,help with Lab Results
  42. Vent and Need Help With Test Results?
  43. Good thyroid doctor in Springfield, MO
  44. Medicated- Low TSH, LowT3, Low T4- advice?
  45. Any past or present Levoxyl users?
  46. New test results ... please help again.
  47. TPOAb 554, everything else normal?
  48. Have hypothyroidism but confused by symptoms
  49. New member seeking information
  50. New test results ... please help
  51. Lab results
  52. Positive Antibodies
  53. No Thyroid Gland
  54. Lab results (feedback appreciated)
  55. Hospital tells me I'm Hyper when I'm actually hypo
  56. Do i have a thyroid problem????
  57. Lab results please help!
  58. Fluctuating TSH
  59. On methimazole for 10 days now, how long does it take?
  60. 29 Yr Old Male - Hypo??
  61. Hypo? Help!
  62. Thyroid Issues
  63. anti TPO (ELFA)
  64. Lab results ... help
  65. Question
  66. TSH Problem???
  67. Loss of INNER eyebrows?
  68. Newly dx hashimotos
  69. Internist ignoring results?
  70. Treated thyroid creating doubts
  71. They Won't Listen!!
  72. Understanding results
  73. Thyroid Uptake Test
  74. Hypo Symptoms blood tests says norm?
  75. 191 Peroxidase Antibodies - Dr. refusing to see me.
  76. 21 y/o with 2.5cm thyroid nodule, awaiting biopsy, help!
  77. Interpreting Test Results
  78. Acid Reflux
  79. Hashi went into thyroidtoxicosis
  80. Need to increase Armour?
  81. 19 year old, possible hypothyroid ?
  82. Cytomel doses & timing of labs.
  83. help with fine needle aspiration results please
  84. Test Results
  85. Hashimoto and lack of hair
  86. Help Understanding Ultrasound Results
  87. Results Help
  88. help understanding my results
  89. Biopsy came back suspicious not sure what to do next
  90. Help with TSH
  91. Thyroid Evaluation Question
  92. High t4, high rt3? so confused
  93. Low T3 and muscles soreness/weakness
  94. Help! Thyroid gone nuts after surgery
  95. question about thyroid levels
  96. Female facial hair growth from thyroid meds?
  97. TSH levels
  98. New here, TSH 6.4, questions
  99. Possible hypothyroidism
  100. Why does it take so long to see Endos
  101. Hashimoto's and possible resistance to levothyroxine
  102. Can I be both hypo and hyper? [lab results]
  103. Weird symptoms after combining Cytomel with synthroid
  104. Anyone take or taken Unithroid?
  105. Help needed with my thyroid results
  106. Hashi's Dose Help
  107. Question on Labs
  108. Confusion w/#s
  109. Thyroid disaster!
  110. Hypothyroidism
  111. Low TSH, Depression
  112. Help
  113. Help me understand TPO readings please
  114. Last 3 labs unstable TSH...need feedback.
  115. Please help - URGENT
  116. Advice
  117. Joint and muscle weakness?
  118. Subacute Thyroiditis
  119. Has anyone had thier TSH swing wildly?
  120. Synthroid & Vitamins: Need Clarification!
  121. Help with New Labs
  122. New doctor not listening
  123. ENT or Endocrinologist?
  124. Lab results and confusion
  125. Misdiagnosis of Hashimotos- Important Question
  126. Total thyroidectomy and menopause
  127. Antibodies? ????
  128. Differences in generic brands??
  129. hypo with flu symptoms
  130. test results help
  131. Does your thyroid level fluctuate as you lose weight
  132. Normal t3 t4 Low THS
  133. Low T3 Uptake
  134. What could this be?
  135. SEVERE itching!
  136. Does having a thyroid issue change your attractiveness
  137. Lab Results vs Symtpoms vs Small town doctor
  138. Do I have Hashimoto Disease?
  139. i would appeciate any opinion on these symptoms
  140. Confused about lab results
  141. Synthroid & Cytomel dosage question
  142. another confused about test results person
  143. Need some advice
  144. Too much sleep?
  145. Confused about Thyroid results
  146. Confused about Thyroid results
  147. New to the board! Thyroid Nodules.
  148. Living well with Hashimoto's. For now?
  149. Synthroid or NDT
  150. Methimazole/Atenolol side effects and other questions
  151. anyone here ever had this?
  152. New and Confused
  153. how to suggest you would like to see a different endocrinologist?
  154. Question about an article I came across regarding TSH
  155. Thyroid?!?!
  156. Please help ... advice needed regarding lab results ...
  157. Hypothyroidism dosage changes
  158. VERY confused about lab test - new here
  159. Hashimotos?
  160. Worth pursuing?
  161. Thyroid nodules
  162. Help with getting my life back.
  163. symptoms returning, is it common?
  164. Can thyroid issues cause spotting between periods
  165. Strange TSH/T4/T4 labs - docs unconcerned, health terrible.
  166. Thyroid Questions For Hemotologist
  167. TSH Levels and T4 Free
  168. Adrenals and pituitary gland involved?
  169. Sudden rapid change in skin laxity and texture. 20 yrs old, suspecting thyroid.
  170. Low free T4 Normal low TSH: Doctor just started me on synthroid
  171. 30 year old female needs advice/help with thyroid issue.
  172. Do I have a thyroid disease?
  173. could it be a thyroid disorder ?
  174. Blood result help
  175. Had thymus gland removed, now it's back
  176. Thyroid Advice?
  177. Hair loss
  178. Can a decrease of 12 mcgs Synthroid make that much difference
  179. Help sorting out all the numbers ... dr not much help at all!
  180. Not sure what to ask about lab results
  181. Is it deficiency, anxiety or something serious?
  182. Methimazole dose
  183. TSH with reflex to FT4 - 19.825 T4 free 0.4 How bad is this?
  184. What tests do I need other than TSH and Free T4?
  185. Extreme high t3, regular t4 & tsh
  186. UnTreated Hyperthyroidism
  187. Sky-high FT3, high FT4, and high TSH, how does this make sense?
  188. Graves plus? Follow up
  189. hyper thyroid and don't know where to start?
  190. Endocrine ?'s
  191. Labs help - Hashi's - added Cytomel
  192. Confused on my diagnoses
  193. Thyroid ultrasound and RAIU results
  194. Thyroid issue - really scared
  195. Joint pain
  196. Concerned about Thyroid scan results
  197. Do I have Graves or no?
  198. Very high T3 and weight gain
  199. hyper or no?
  200. Hashitoxicosis
  201. Low TSH, Normal T3, T4. What to do next?
  202. What do you think?
  203. Is Armor Thyroid making me worse?
  204. Shriveled thyroid
  205. Hyperthyroidism- free t4 level high?
  206. High Free T4, but T3 and TSH fine
  207. Hypothyroid - high reverse t3
  208. New to hyperthyroidism
  209. One globe left and it constantly aches and swells....
  210. Ultrasound results-so confused....help!
  211. hypothyroid tests
  212. I need help with my Hashimoto's
  213. Hypothyroid - NOT Hashimoto's - so what then?
  214. A lot of symptoms, a few questions.
  215. Withdrawal Symptoms of Armour Thyroid
  216. Large Nodule & Very Scared
  217. Thyroid Test feed back please
  218. Test Results: Looking for Feedback!
  219. TSH falling
  220. help me understand my thyroid ultrasound
  221. Hello, just diagnosed with Hyperthyroidism
  222. Hashimoto's??
  223. Confused about lab work
  224. hashimotos thyrodism
  225. Depression or Hypothyroidism?
  226. Enlarged Thyroid w/Surgery scheduled
  227. TSH level at 6,3 and my doctor won't treat, help!!!
  228. Struggling to understand whats wrong with me. Please read
  229. Treating reverse t3
  230. sound like a thyroid issue?
  231. Intermittent thyroid swelling and pain
  232. Nursing mom - Thyroid issue?
  233. Am I Hypo?
  234. Thyroid or not
  235. Thyroid confusion
  236. Total Thyroidectomy
  237. hypo levels good but nails bad
  238. how long does Synthroid-induced hyperthyroidism last?
  239. Thyroid?
  240. Symptoms of Hypothyroid, but tests negative
  241. Labs and US results
  242. Results of increasing Free T3 with Cytomel...
  243. What do results mean?
  244. Central FL Endocrinologist Referral PLEASE!!
  245. Hypothyroid without symptoms
  246. Anyone on Nature-Throid? Can it affect your cycle?
  247. Help with lab results
  248. Is this a thyroid problem?
  249. Armour thyroid doctors in Pensacola, Fl
  250. Reverse T3 conundrum, help

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