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  1. Thyroid Question
  2. Had f/u thryoid u/s with new results - can someone please help?
  3. Likely to have a thyroid problem?
  4. New here, and extremely anxious!! Please help!
  5. test results, please help.
  6. Ulcers in Throat/always ill - Levothyroxine
  7. Synthroid side effect
  8. TSH Steadily Rising (but antibodies all normal?)
  9. stopping meds completely
  10. Am i hypo?
  11. ANA comprehensive panel results! Anybody with me here?
  12. Fingernails falling off
  13. Surgery or no surgery?
  14. Anxiety & Heart Symptoms from Tirosint/Levothyroxine
  15. Early pregnancy dose changes for Hashi's
  16. Hashimoto's & Swollen Lymph Nodes?
  17. TSH Levels slightly abnormal
  18. Are these symptoms of thyroid problem
  19. Hypothyroid or am I crazy?
  20. My sons hypothyroidism
  21. My hypothyroidism struggle!
  22. It all started with laryngitis...
  23. Help with labs
  24. From Hyper to Hypo. Possible?
  25. Possible compressive symptoms?
  26. endocrinologist says its 3cm
  27. Quick question (Hypo symptoms)
  28. Hypothyroid with low-end free T4?
  29. Hypothyroid
  30. Lab results & med questions
  31. TSH result
  32. Diet/Supplemental help? General questions from a newbie!
  33. sleepiness after eating in the mornings
  34. Removed benign nodule, what now?
  35. Results. Please Help.
  36. Hyperthyroidism??
  37. good TSH, high 3 & 4's. shouild I
  38. Thyroid results and confused
  39. thyroid issues?
  40. Need help understanding what's going on with my Thyroid
  41. Question About Symptoms
  42. Need help with interpreting lab results - TSH, fT3, fT4, anty-TG, anty-TPO
  43. NP Thyroid
  44. Help with Lab Results ... Thyroid/Kidney highlighted
  45. Thyroid & Hashimotos
  46. TSH is low
  47. Med question
  48. Vitamins and supplements, Graves' Disease
  49. In search for a good endocrinologist in the Sydney area?
  50. Hoshimoto's
  51. Both TSH and T4 Low?
  52. What do I have?!
  53. Adam's Apple/Thyroid
  54. need good dr for hypothyroid TENNESSEE
  55. THS IS 20.8 and T4 is 4.7
  56. Low TSH. Metabolism high in all areas except weight. What am I missing?
  57. What is considered a big nodule?
  58. New labs, not sure whats going on
  59. Hypothyroid Symptoms, Blood Tests Normal
  60. High hypothyroglobulin and TSH
  61. Thyroid Doctor in New Jersey Area
  62. High calcium/Parathyroid?
  63. Levoxyl and melatonin interaction
  64. How can I tell if over medicated or anxiety
  65. Low Free T3 and Free T4
  66. Lab tests and goiter question
  67. Swollen thyroid
  68. Roller Coaster of FUN!
  69. Nodule growth after FNA biopsy
  70. Thyroid symptoms, but normal labs
  71. Change in levels - graves disease, or so I thought
  72. Dr increasing my Armour thyroid
  73. New with a few questions
  74. Stopping Synthroid & Cytomel
  75. Rochester, NY area Hypothyroid patients!
  76. Does it sound like i'm over medicated?
  77. 21yo with thyroid nodule
  78. Swollen isthmus scared
  79. Help please
  80. Added Cytomel to NatureThroid to increase Free T's ...
  81. Side effects of a dose change ...
  82. too many aches and pains to know what it is
  83. Help needed with results
  84. Lab Values and symptoms
  85. Need medication info. Please help
  86. question about ultrasound
  87. hypo but hating synthroid
  88. Is this level normal? TSH 2.60 (Male, 24, BMI 22)
  89. Subacute Thyroditis - Help needed
  90. Help understanding cystic and complex
  91. Hypothyroidism and adrenal fatigue at 25?
  92. 28, new mom, Mirgaines, just diagnosed Hypothyroidism
  93. Changing TSH levels - currently 6.89
  94. Levothyroxine 25
  95. Hashimotos symptoms
  96. Thyroid Disorder - Hyper or Hypo?
  97. thyroid changes
  98. What medication dosage do you take, dosage, & what are your thyroid levels?
  99. Opinions wanted/This may be of interest to vegans
  100. Anxiety
  101. TSH: 0.23 Aug, 7.0 Sept. On meds 3 mos, now 0.80 Dec. Migraines, pain, fatigue.
  102. Long time since here ... looking for opinions!
  103. TSH level 306 . Free T4 0.33 ?
  104. Need direction
  105. My thyroid is Hypo or Hyper.
  106. Goitrogen food? Basic thyroid questions.
  107. Low dose?
  108. Both Hi and Low Thyroid symptoms?
  109. What tests do I request?
  110. Help with labs please.
  111. In need of some direction
  112. Best way to reduce FT3 level & increase FT4 level?
  113. Biopsy soreness, is it normal?
  114. Total thyroidectomy,post op symptoms
  115. Help with new lab results, HELP!!!!
  116. hypo- or hyperthyreosis?
  117. Thyroidectomy TSH High?
  118. Is it safe to stop taking meds?
  119. Saw ENT today and had biopsy - feel a little better
  120. Can someone help with labs please
  121. I'm just not getting well
  122. Should I be concerned about my daughters labs?
  123. want to stop T3
  124. Can someone help, please?
  125. Been having digestive issues
  126. Any Thoughts? New nodules popped up
  127. Please tell me I don't have anaplastic thyroid cancer!
  128. What IS The Best Book To Read?
  129. Diagnosed Mild Thyroiditis-NP refusing a referral to endocrio.
  130. Only need to check Free T4?
  131. Another uptdate on nodules
  132. do I have Hashimoto's?
  133. 12-yr-old with Hashimoto's and anxiety
  134. Thyroid Nodule
  135. High levels of thyroglobulin antibody
  136. Update on new and terrified. . .
  137. What IS The DIfference In Hypothyroidism and Hashimoto's?
  138. Just got a thyroid biopsy
  139. Graves disease or not?
  140. TSH 87,56 and Free T4 4,4
  141. Muscle aches and weakness
  142. New and terrified, would love any thoughts or advice: "lump" on thyroid
  143. I'm so confused
  144. Fasting blood tests! Advice please.
  145. TSH 0.06, T4 0.8, T3 3.0 Armour 135 mg
  146. Seeking understanding
  147. At my wits end!
  148. Thyroid blood testing
  149. Help pls. Thyroid nodules. Scared.
  150. Hyper thyroid
  151. Diagnosed Hyperthyroidism?
  152. Thyrogen Side-effects?
  153. To Gluten, or Not to Gluten?
  154. AM or PM ?
  155. Please help me interpret my blood test results!
  156. Upper Right Abdominal Pain & Hyperthyroid
  157. Lab results and ultrasound - Help?
  158. anyone in greater Cincinnati, OH know a good doc for subclinical hypothyroid?
  159. HELP! Weight and Thyroid? (Thyroid) Completely Lost and Looking for Answers!
  160. more than 15 symptoms, slightly high TPOAb, low FT4 but still in range
  161. Contradicting lab results?
  162. Thyroid Antibodies
  163. Too much Thyroid Medication?
  164. Switching from PCP to Endo
  165. Please can someone help, Please
  166. Thyroid Help
  167. Overmedicated on thyroid hormone
  168. Anxiety after thyroid treatment
  169. Help me understand blood test
  170. Positive ANA, major GI issues..no answers
  171. Went to the Endo today having panic attack
  172. Thyroid test results
  173. Mindboggled by lab results... anyone got any ideas?
  174. Normal TSH but enlarged thyroid?
  175. Tsh & rbc
  176. New to this...
  177. Having anxiety not sure why, can anyone help
  178. When Will I Feel Better
  179. Could it be Graves?
  180. Supplement may be skewing my results; how long to wait before getting re-tested?
  181. How to get Armour Thyroid in Portugal?
  182. Help for my son
  183. Low tsh, but normal t4 - frustrated w/doc
  184. Reverse T3 syndrome?
  185. Reducing meds
  186. Has anyone had their hair fall out when dosage is too high?
  187. Help thyroid med question. Not sure why my Dr is doing this?
  188. New Dr says I don't need meds! (labs posted)
  189. Weird symptoms. Hypothyroid?
  190. Which thyroid drug/drugs do you take
  191. Hair falling out again
  192. High TSH but my internist doesn't want me on meds
  193. Can I be overmedicated on 50 mcg of Synthroid?
  194. Thyroid hormone temperature
  195. New to Armour - flu or medicine issue?
  196. new member and new to thyroid issues.
  197. Hyperthyroid labtest #s?
  198. Dosage question
  199. Help Please Post RAI
  200. Need Help with Tyroid condition
  201. Any suggestions
  202. Goiter went away???
  203. Confusing test results
  204. Reverse T3 vs. Free T3 ratio - can someone help?
  205. NEW to this board, and have Hashimoto
  206. Levels not staying level
  207. Just started new medication today!!
  208. Weaning off Methimazole
  209. Hashi's and Labs - HELP!
  210. Dr switched my meds today
  211. Should I be concerned?
  212. Mysterious illness or just looked over
  213. I truly believe I have thyroid issues... what do you think?
  214. New Test Results??
  215. hashi and graves? help with labs
  216. Second opinion on thyroid nodules/goiter
  217. compounded T3
  218. Finally got free T3 - could someone help me?
  219. FT3/RT3 Ratio question
  220. Switched to Armour
  221. Side effects from synthroid?
  222. Armour Thyroid - administration
  223. Okay ... a little nervous now ...
  224. hypothyroid/Adrenal issues?
  225. Preparing for Endo Visit
  226. IVF and Synthroid
  227. Sooooo fatigues, by "good" thyroid numbers!
  228. Overexercising and hypothyroidism
  229. symptoms don't make sense
  230. High TPO and Generic Medication
  231. Help - Going down hill ... Low levels
  232. possible parathyroid adenoma
  233. New and confused
  234. Thyroid issues and Thyroid hormones
  235. Lowering Levothyroxine dosage effects?
  236. Hashimoto for YEARS and suddenly TSH 0.02 - confused and hopeful
  237. Inappropriate Prescribing of Synthroid
  238. looking to get a second opinion
  239. Ask for more tests
  240. Thryoid Measurement Results
  241. Almost Hyperthyroid?
  242. help understanding thyroid ultrasound
  243. Hurthle Cells
  244. Benign colloid thyroid cyst ... now what to do?
  245. Thyroid and a/g ratio
  246. Eltroxin - anyone with experience on this?
  247. FNA Results
  248. Thyroid Ultrasound - Change in Nodules
  249. Lab Test opinions
  250. Lab Test opinions

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