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  1. Grinding clenching guard
  2. PT Neck Exercises Aggravating Neck
  3. Can clenching lead to hearing problems?
  4. TMJ or No?
  5. Deformed face tmd
  6. TMJ burning and tingling... anyone?
  7. Tmj ears clogged
  8. Bite off? Waaa. I'm scared
  9. Odd cheek/temple sensations
  10. Just throwing this out there & curious
  11. Worried another tooth problem
  12. Pain and tmj
  13. I have a sore jaw near my ear from wearing headphones. Will my face change shape?
  14. Starting Splint Therapy
  15. Night guard and grinding
  16. Which Company insurance covers TMJ?
  17. flair ups
  18. Fed up with TMJ!
  19. Fillings adjusted too low
  20. Tmj BONE CHANGES, Facial strucrure
  21. Frustrated
  22. I am not sure if I have tmj
  23. MRI result for TMJ pain not good! Advice please
  24. tmj question
  25. can TMJ cause disfiguration?
  26. Am I the only one???
  27. severe eye pain pressure is this related to TMD
  28. Strange TMJ/nightguard issues
  29. How am I supposed to stop crackling/popping sounds when I swallow?
  30. Florida TMJ - What's your experience with Florida Dr?
  31. TMJD question and fears
  32. Expectations during splint therapy
  33. Pressure in head from TMJ?
  34. tmj
  35. Tmj and Acupuncture
  36. How long does it take to heal
  37. Info on a NM dentist
  38. Sharp toothache; TMJ
  39. Am I ready for Phase 2 ???
  40. This is starting to get old
  41. Have you had dry needling?
  42. Magnesium
  43. Tmj tingling muscle?
  44. Seems like TMJ, no diagnois, but...
  45. Tooth pulled
  46. Had a strange test when consulting with my TMJ doctor
  47. Simple treatments for TMJ?
  48. Some Advice Please ...
  49. do mouth guards really work for TMJ?
  50. :( Popping Gyration in the jaw or joint?
  51. TMJD and collapsed bite!
  52. TMJD and ear pain with ringing sometimes
  53. Fear of Getting Worse Preventing me from Finding a Possible Solution
  54. Splint Change
  55. Does this sound right???
  56. Should I act?
  57. Low Vertical dimension short teeth and tmjd issues
  58. I think i have TMJD
  59. TMJD ... is there light at the end of the tunnel
  60. Sleeping position or TMJD?
  61. Clicking jaw but it doesn't cause any pain. Should I get TMJ treatment?
  62. Overbite
  63. Good TMJ doctors in colorado?
  64. Southern California Recommendation?
  65. what types of treatment is used for Tmj non medication
  66. Started Physical Therapy
  67. TMJ after car accident, is this permanent?
  68. Medication for tmj
  69. Primary Symptom: Ear Pain
  70. Question spasms
  71. Been through it all. Splint, braces, orthognathic surgery, seeking advice
  72. Steroid injections in muscle area
  73. Trigger point therapy for TMJ
  74. Dentist wants to grind my teeth to "fix" my bite
  75. Does Tmj cause mouth sores
  76. Muscular TMJ- Workout Caused Episode
  77. Keeps popping out of place?
  78. Getting ready for Phase II
  79. Permanent Change after 8 DAYS of Orthotic?!?!
  80. Problems after bilateral TMJ replacement?
  81. I am cocerned
  82. Do I have TMJ Disorder?
  83. Scared as hell
  84. What is the differnce between split and night guard
  85. Anyone with partial disc displacement got better WITHOUT a splint?
  86. Do you know how to find a good TMJ dentist in New Jersey (and maybe NY?)
  87. How long does it take to get used to night guard and is it normal
  88. How long does it take to get used to night guard and is it nirmal
  89. Jasper Jumpers
  90. Huge knots in masseters and constant headaches
  91. Lower Appliance Discomfort
  92. Anesthestic injection?
  93. When Do You Know That Treatment Is Wrong For You?
  94. 19 years old with severe TMJ pain
  95. Muscles and spasms
  96. Night guards
  97. Tests
  98. Do I have TMJ?
  99. So scared
  100. Feeliing frustrated
  101. Soar gums and teeth
  102. Help tmj doctors in Toronto please
  103. TMJ Phase II at regular Orthodontist?
  104. Is surgery really my last hope?
  105. TMJ splint problems. Please help
  106. Good Tmj orthodontist in Ontario?
  107. Has anyone gotten braces after their TMJ splint and seen improvement?
  108. 38 Years of TMJ
  109. I have TMJ. Will I have to get BRACES?
  110. eye blinking and tmj
  111. TMJ for six months, various symptoms, no solutions
  112. 6 months of orthotic treatment
  113. Dislocated jaw
  114. Lower teeth splint: Will it change my bite or jaw position?
  115. what helped me
  116. Knot
  117. Crying & TMJ
  118. Options for surgery?
  119. Neck and shoulder pain while talking/chewing
  120. Vertigo and headaches
  121. Concerning Symptoms Post Wisdom Tooth Surgery
  122. Is this malocclusion bad enough to cause TMJ?
  123. TMJ and eye blinking
  124. Not to be negative but??
  125. Hey guys, TMJ appliance question?
  126. NTI appliance
  127. Daily headaches and pressure but no jaw locking or bad pain when eating.
  128. Odd problem with tooth and tongue
  129. Mild and reversible or chronic and too late?
  130. Getting ready for bilateral open joint arthroplasty
  131. 5 months of wearing TMJ orthotic appliance
  132. TMJ surgery
  133. Pain Shifts Sides
  134. Please, somebody help????
  135. My Story: Trigeminal Neuralgia not TMJ
  136. TMJ Disorder Or Something Else?
  137. Injections making tmj worse????
  138. Jerking, spasms, pain, and me
  139. don't know who to trust
  140. Ear blocked and clicking jaw
  141. Questions about TMJ for my mom
  142. improvement is very slow
  143. tried a repositioning splint
  144. Learning to cope with severe tmj
  145. 2 months into orthotic
  146. Is this TMJ?
  147. Root cause of pain in jaw and ear area, and pressure in upper gum while lying down?
  148. Braces cause tmj?
  149. TMJ, Neck Tightness, Twitching with Low Vitamin D
  150. Are these symptoms related to my TMJ or should I be worried?
  151. is this TMJ?
  152. Why isn't this going away?
  153. TMJ and Tinnitus
  154. I've had TMJ for 38 years now.
  155. Questions about TMJ experts
  156. Titamum Ball Joint
  157. Confused - TMJ or Trigeminal Nueritis ???
  158. Need recommendation on TMD specialist in Minneapolis-St. Paul area
  159. Name of Good Dentist or Accupuncturist In DFW
  160. TMJ splints
  161. anybody had arthroscopy with success?
  162. any experience with crowns and onlays?
  163. splint therapy made me worse
  164. can fixing teeth with crowns relieve the joint?
  165. Jaw pain tmj maybe
  166. Help Me Please!
  167. Identifying as disabled with TMJ?
  168. Splint changed my bite Help!
  169. Possible crack under crowned root canaled tooth???
  170. I just had brain MRI
  171. Need to find a specialist in Vancouver BC
  172. If I possibly have crepitus in the joint does that mean I'd need surgery to fix it?
  173. Swelling in front of the ear and occasional lock jaw
  174. brain MRI
  175. Please, I need help
  176. lower back.
  177. TMJ - lightheaded and disoriented?
  178. Is it TMJD
  179. Dislocated TMJ Discs = Arthroplasty Surgery???
  180. Sleep position with TMJ?
  181. Eating With TMJ
  182. My Experience & Frustration With TMJ: Slowly Improving
  183. Disc Displacement with Reduction - advice?
  184. Any "survivors" of surgical TMJ repair or the dreaded implants of the 90's?
  185. Throbbing Behind Ears
  186. Closed Lock Jaw
  187. Hello
  188. Worse before it gets better?
  189. Should I See an ENT?
  190. TMJ and pushing and crunching in my left ear
  191. Tmj/tmd
  192. TMJ/Heartbeat in ear.
  193. TMJD? Anyone else?
  194. TMJ NextGen Device - Desperate
  195. TMJ disorder
  196. TMJ Splint -- Austin, TX
  197. Tmj is so scary right now
  198. Is ear & head burning a common symptom of TMJ?
  199. Total joint replacement surgery
  200. Clicking of cheek bone & pain & clicking ear like tinnitus!
  201. Believe i have had TMJ for 6 years, any advice?
  202. TMJ disc dislodgement after Hernia surgery ...
  203. C1 Atlas realignment
  204. Is this TMJ?
  205. Splint success? Splint failures?
  206. Anyone have success with the TMJ joint replacement?
  207. tmj
  208. TMJ Disc Transplant?
  209. Bite changed today
  210. Can swollen lymph node flare up TMD?
  211. Ernest and Eagle Syndrome treatment and success rate
  212. Maybe this IS TMJ?
  213. Getting Treatment at a University?
  214. Constantly off balance feeling
  215. TMJ Treatment in Northern California - Bay Area ?
  216. TMJ, cranial, neck & posture issues
  217. wondering about symptoms
  218. TMJ doctors in Seattle?
  219. Jaw and sinus issues. No insurance, panicking.
  220. Nothing but the Run around for TMJ so frustrated!!
  221. UK tmj specialist and your experience with them?
  222. Just had a brain MRI & that came back normal too
  223. Can "violent yawning" cause persistent TMD/TMJ problems?
  224. TMJ Orthodic Success?
  225. TMJ specialist in Ohio?
  226. Do I have TMJ?
  227. Some TMJ questions
  228. Post-arthroplasty hooks/bands?
  229. Cortisone Injection For Closed Lock? (Possible Displaced Disc Without Reduction)
  230. Help me as i am facing the jaw pain
  231. my dentist won't help me and i'm scared
  232. any advice?
  233. TMD specialists in DC area
  234. weird vision issues, swirling, flashing, floaters and i have TMJ
  235. TMJ Splints
  236. Natural remedies for a stretched ligament in TMJ
  237. Dry needling of the masseter muscle did it for me! no more tmj disorder
  238. VERY worried
  239. Have Really Bad Headaches - Could it be TMJ?
  240. Root canal tooth extraction
  241. TMJ/Neck/Posture--getting worse
  242. Jaw Replacement Surgeons?
  243. My jaw deviates to one side when I open my mouth really wide?
  244. tMJ and dentures
  245. DTR Therapy
  246. Is this TMJ?
  247. Need a uk tmd specialist
  248. TMJ issues, help!
  249. Nightguard made pain worse!
  250. Can a person actually feel their disc?