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  1. sharp pain in eye but doctor (opthamologist) said ok
  2. Still looking for Answers
  3. Facial pain and nose pain and now sore throat
  4. Could This Be Result Of Magniseium Deficiency?
  5. not sure what the problem is ... please help
  6. Hi everyone
  7. Rib Growth or Lump that Attached itself to Lowest Rib. HELPPPPP!!!!!!!
  8. Very worried, does anyone know what's wrong?
  9. Cognitive impairment
  10. Success for me
  11. Strange leg pain disappears while on vacation?
  12. Headed to Cleveland Clinic
  13. Stressing and freaking out
  14. Really Confused ... Number Of Issues
  15. Swollen Lymph nodes and chest pain
  16. how can I get a DNR for myself?
  17. Paxil withdraws ...
  18. Need advice ... decade long battle ...
  19. How much can the human body take?
  20. Concerned about CT radiation
  21. Iron Deficiency Solutions
  22. Arms and legs random spasms
  23. Preparing for sweat battle for August vacation
  24. Some Very Odd Symptoms ...
  25. My Dad, not sure where to begin. need help.
  26. Ill from damp garage conversion, 4 years on.
  27. Iron Weight Gain
  28. Creatinine Clerance - Normal Range
  29. What's wrong with me? - spacey feeling, lightheaded, and more
  30. salmonella
  31. Nobody feels sorry for you when you have symptoms with no cause
  32. Very low magnesium
  33. How to get more fat on one cheek, Cheek disbalance
  34. refused for being a non-compliant patient? from six years ago?
  35. Severe muscle spasm or something else?
  36. Am I over thinking or should I be concerned
  37. Desperate For Answers ... Long Story ...
  38. Can anyone help me figure out what this is? I am at my wits end!
  39. blood test and urine test show not show
  40. fever over 100.1 to 103.1
  41. Dent in thigh after hitting sharp edge of table
  42. I can't figure out what's wrong with me.....
  43. Beta Blocker, GERD, Depression, IBS, Depression?
  44. What Kind of Doctor Should I be Looking for?
  45. Help me?
  46. Fearful of cancer
  47. recent surgery and upper chest pains
  48. So confused, please help! I don't know what is wrong with me
  49. i think out loud literally and people can hear me. how can i stop this!?
  50. terrible pain
  51. Parotid Gland and Facial Nerve concerns
  52. Help with suggestions about RUQ Pain please!!
  53. no results
  54. Not sure where to tag this post. please help
  55. Sensitive Gag Reflex. Advice Please?
  56. Dumb decision three days ago. Still paying for it.
  57. ER nurse hurt my feelings...
  58. Vitamin d3 causes me pain
  59. How much water can I drink a day?
  60. Time to change a doctor?
  61. Everything hurts
  62. I'm scared. I think I might have rabies
  63. First post, does anyone else have these symptoms?
  64. Confused
  65. Giving this one more shot
  66. i seem to be a health wreck mystery please help me get my life back!
  67. 6 year mystery
  68. Acetaminophen + Alcohol = Liver & Kidney Damage?
  69. Stiff neck , Dry Mouth , Not Hungry , 8 hours 1st symtomes major Headache !
  70. neck and jaw feel tender
  71. Need some advice.
  72. Reaching Out in Desperate Need of Help
  73. Hurt rib
  74. Very painful/burning lmyph nodes and spleen
  75. CT scan results ... many questions
  76. For drained abscesses, should they be packed?
  77. Extreme Hot and Cold Feeling
  78. Leg weakness, heavy feeling, legs ache at times
  79. Help!
  80. Don't know where this would even fall under
  81. Blood test result
  82. CT Scan - Safe or not safe?
  83. Releasing Gas Technique
  84. Would really appreciate some advice on my latest blood work. Thanks guys
  85. Why can't I remember Your name... Or anything else
  86. Need guidance before docs visit
  87. VERY weird leg pain and swelling - Need help!
  88. Scubin
  89. Too many specialists
  90. Lump under skin near eye
  91. painful spot and rib cage
  92. Healthy lifestyle making me a hermit, help!
  93. Falciparum Malaria Very Worried
  94. Heat Intolerance, Heat Disorders, Overheating
  95. Anisocoria or something worse? ... Getting Desperate.
  96. What is wrong with me?
  97. Lump under collarbone? Super nervous.
  98. Has anyone had anything like this?
  99. muscle fatigue upon waking up? please help
  100. chest pain
  101. Need your input on bottom left rib pain
  102. Undiagnosed, advice welcome
  103. Gall Bladder--Common Bile duct ?
  104. CT Scan
  105. I need help please ... muscular/bone?
  106. fatigue?
  107. quick question
  108. Any idea whats wrong?
  109. Several blood counts came back abnormal. Strange blood pressure. Help!
  110. Can I get concussion from this?
  111. Some general questions
  112. Head pressure
  113. What is wrong with me?
  114. Meningitis Question
  115. Hygiene Question
  116. I'm a medical mystery
  117. Why do my legs hurt?
  118. What is the brace for?
  119. Urine test for a gp office visit?
  120. Can a specialist treat for illness out of his/her field?
  121. Ice Cream Cough - Possible Cold Urticaria?
  122. Pain To The Right of Belly Button
  123. Sick with the Unknown
  124. Not sure where to post, so it goes ... out of control exhaustion ...
  125. Need Dr. House or someone to help!!!
  126. Painful nodules in thighs and calf, fever, headache, etc. Ideas??
  127. losing weight, feeling worse
  128. I need help. Somebody tell me I'm not alone.
  129. Unknown migrating pain, swelling, etc
  130. Left side body shakes, nausea, heartburn, loss of appetite
  131. Pain in joints as well as in bone
  132. I was wondering what i have
  133. SICK of not feeling good
  134. Worried
  135. New here - Have health issues that are unresolved, help!
  136. Chronic Leg Pain
  137. Pins and needles/numb arms and hands
  138. Itching and crawly feeling in head
  139. Fell down stairs..
  140. breathin
  141. Really worried!! Major discomfort and mild pain.
  142. Shortness in breath and tightening chest
  143. night sweats
  144. swelling
  145. Abdominal pain & dizziness
  146. Hit head just above temple
  147. Adhesive removal
  148. Molluscum burned by wart removal treatment
  149. Low cholestrol
  150. Mild soreness just below ribcage/mild nausea
  151. parotid gland cleanse
  152. sodium level in the blood
  153. Cause Of Abdominal Pain When Standing Still?
  154. Medication got warm for a short period...
  155. lumps
  156. Any input?
  157. Unhealty looking face
  158. Warm, facial flushing
  159. inability to regulate my body temperature
  160. What is wrong with me? Please Help!!
  161. mental or organic problem? Do I maybe have Adrenal Fatigue or Dysautonomia?
  162. Feeling really ill on a night time and other symptoms
  163. Dizzy and hot red face...
  164. Swollen Taste Buds
  165. Help with mysterious symptoms
  166. Gradual chest/arm pain throughout the day
  167. Tingling in back of head with faintness
  168. Chest pain/discomfort. What's wrong with me. Please answer.
  169. I need help! Any advice opinions anything please!
  170. Question about body odor
  171. Lump on my upper thigh
  172. Numbess near sternum
  173. Feeling tense and tired
  174. Should I Get A Second Opinion?
  175. Dry Mouth, Constant Thirst
  176. Baking soda
  177. Confused by doctors visit
  178. So stressed out because of deteriorating health
  179. Swollen lymph node on jaw line
  180. Help me please urgent please!
  181. Ct tech
  182. Discharge from hospital
  183. Pain only when side sleeping
  184. Unexplained muscle pain and weakness/fatigue-please help
  185. Help me please PLEASE!
  186. What is wrong with me?
  187. What does my CBC test mean?
  188. I hit my head.
  189. sore throat, canker sores
  190. Brain Fog
  191. Help! I'm so sick...
  192. Is there something wrong with my mom?
  193. Swollen Lymph nodes on and off for years now
  194. Muscle Spasm
  195. need help bad here from older women?
  196. mri results
  197. Do patients have to give permission for shadowers?
  198. Recent Problems
  199. Positive ANA, no Dx yet
  200. reaction?
  201. What is wrong with me?! Vision and balance
  202. Huge cyst removed from head
  203. acid-free ways to flavor water?
  204. spreading bruise
  205. CRP 0.30 (ref range 0.0-3.0)
  206. I thought I had the flu. But I don't... !
  207. Not sure what's going on... Anxiety/depression? Symptoms
  208. hi
  209. Stuck with with runny nose.
  210. Numbness in One Finger
  211. Weird chest pain once a year?
  212. Been having strange abdominal pains...
  213. Not b12 or anemia what can it be?
  214. Why don't I want to do anything?
  215. tender and discolored left underarm and tender/painful left breast
  216. Chest,back pain and other symtoms
  217. Credible information on hydrocodone showing positive for hydromorphone
  218. Weird chest?
  219. Knee/leg pain
  220. Please help me
  221. Dr visit frequency
  222. What is this blood test for?
  223. Stabbing pain under ear near jaw and head
  224. I need help have many symptoms
  225. Uncomfortable pharmacy experience
  226. Help, please! Concerning symptoms!
  227. Strange lump lower leg
  228. Serious muscle twitches
  229. Bat in the Bedroom
  230. Overwhelming Chest Pains
  231. burning back and right side of abdomen after recovery from jaundice
  232. When to remove steri strips on my face?
  233. OTC Cough Suppressants
  234. 22, male
  235. Question, concern about lymph nodes
  236. Odd symptoms, many others like me, no diagnosis but I may have a hypothesis
  237. Long term pain in lower left head?
  238. Adhesions??
  239. prescription help
  240. heat exhaustion
  241. Extreme reaction to codeine. Causes?
  242. Help Me
  243. Extremely dry lips for a few years, can anyone help??
  244. B12 defficiency?
  245. Spot on tongue?
  246. Cannot Identify Condition. Please Help.
  247. Collarbone pain
  248. Sudden weight loss, please help!!!
  249. cold burning sensation in chest
  250. Everytime I eat my left nostril clogs and left eye full of pressure.

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