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  1. Sore Throat For A Month
  2. Ongoing nausea for almost a year now
  3. Diet Ideas For Reflux
  4. Nausea after eating
  5. Just curious...Puree Foods?
  6. acid reflux
  7. My original theory was wrong about LPR
  8. I vomit randomly in the night and i dont know why??
  9. what is it when your muscles around your adams apple hurt
  10. Pain b/w Shoulder Blades
  11. Meat Stuck in Throat
  12. Christmas and LPR
  13. Antibioics
  14. LPR what now??
  15. lpr symtpom?
  16. can an endoscopy cause cough and voice loss
  17. How can this be?
  18. swelling in the throat
  19. acid reflux
  20. Throat spasms cant swallow
  21. what can i do when my food stuck in my chest
  22. prilosec otc
  23. why is it when I drink vinegar and honey my throat clears up?
  24. acid reflux
  25. hurts chest when swallows
  26. Is this heartburn or what
  27. This HELPS !!!
  28. Does anyone know of any natural or a better or relief for acid reflux than "Pariet"
  29. my food is stuck in my chest,how do i get it out.so i can breath.
  30. what to do you have food stuck in your chest and can't get it out
  31. Surgery options for GERD
  32. throat/mucous issue
  33. Would muscle relaxants help?
  34. do i have gerd?
  35. flare ups
  36. acid reflux burns throat
  37. i get lot of flare up in my chest where do that come from
  38. hi all new to forum please read i need some help
  39. Upper Abdominal Pain/ Gas
  40. Omeprosol
  41. please please help
  42. Is it ok to be on Prilosec while taking Allegra and Sudefed?
  43. Burning sensation in left chest wall
  44. Positive experience, thought to share...
  45. Aciphex Side Effects
  46. Nutrigest
  47. Peptobismol, anyone?
  48. Much Improved - LPR
  49. Throat closing
  50. Teas for Acid Reflux Remedy/Relief?
  51. food sticking in throat
  52. Has anyone else had this happen to them?
  53. yah tummy pains have settled
  54. "rebound reflux" from going off nexium
  55. how to self dialate your esophagus
  56. how much for endoscopy
  57. How uncomfortable is the 24 hour pH test?
  58. Uncontrollable heartburn & vomiting 2 hours after eating...Dr gave me Nexium??
  59. i get light headed and shortness of breath when i run and have GURD
  60. Can you take DGL while on a PPI?
  61. Does this sound like Gerd to you?
  62. Tickle cough, gunk, needing deep breath..it is reflux?
  63. First Gastroscopy..Nervous. Any advice? What to expect?
  64. Tongue symptoms?
  65. stomach pains back
  66. domperdone side effects or aloe vera
  67. saliva stuck in your throat?
  68. Short term help for LPR?
  69. Aciphex experiences?
  70. Does anyone have this?
  71. Has any tried peppermint oil for IBS? found this on the web
  72. trouble swallowing
  73. Do i have acid reflux?
  74. Looking for Las Vegas doc who diagnosis LPR
  75. Enough, will go see a doc soon, but question
  76. GERD Surgery!!!!!!
  77. Please Help!
  78. Coffee and acid reflux
  79. cant swallow anything
  80. Burning in throat. Please respond!
  81. prilosecOTC vs. zantac...or both?
  82. I've had stomach/throat/digestive problems for 25 years so I hope this helps
  83. Does LPR Affect Your Speech?
  84. Has this led to choking fears?
  85. Long-term Pepcid use
  86. I have been diagnosed with LPR
  87. Can PPI cause worse symptoms than they cure?
  88. Stomach discomfort
  89. Just Wondering
  90. LPR Flare
  91. Help-Need encouragement
  92. why do i have so much phlegm in my throat
  93. Endo results
  94. Is this GERD?
  95. 2 questions
  96. Could change of seasons cause more reflux, LPR, problems?
  97. I have acid reflux dyspepsia ect
  98. I have acid reflux dyspepsia ect
  99. Barretts at 27!
  100. Chronic Indigestion everyday
  101. Something In Chest?
  102. PPIs affecting digestion?
  103. anyone from Sydney with LPR
  104. my poor tounge i hate LPR!!!!
  105. Duodenal Ulcer
  106. LPR worse on one side
  107. LPR and Dry Mouth
  108. One more question about ACV
  109. Help me please
  110. does prilosec heal the esophagus
  111. Finally, an answer
  112. LPR Mucus on Right Side Again....Help!
  113. question
  114. Radiofrequency Ablation treatment for Barrett's Esophagus Rec'd at UCI Medical Ctr.
  115. Acid Reflux w/o Heartburn Possible?
  116. ongoing pneumonia
  117. stress
  118. The cause of my reflux is constipation
  119. why am i getting burning in my left ear
  120. what diet for acid reflux?
  121. coughing up green mucas and it smells
  122. pain on left side above heart
  123. Medicines you are taking
  124. Tightness in my chest
  125. how can i tell if my tight throat is from the heart or reflux
  126. please help, I can't sleep
  127. Does LPR Cause a Red Throat?
  128. Has LPR Ruined Your Teeth?
  129. LPR - Seem to be improving again.
  130. Anyone have this?
  131. How to deal with the sore chest pain symptom?
  132. LPR - very sore throat
  133. Lack of appetite
  134. How Has LPR Affected Your Life?
  135. Still digesting food from 14 hours ago? Anyone had this problem?
  136. Thick access Mucus in the throat???
  137. How do you respond to people who ask you how you are doing?
  138. Anyone notice there acid reflux gets worse before haveing a bowel movement?
  139. 18, Constant Nausea, Acid Reflux....help
  140. Pregnancy After Nissen Fundoplication Procedure
  141. what is congested laryngopharynx
  142. Diagnosed with acid reflux
  143. what can you drink before a endoscopy
  144. PPIs don't work as well as they used to...anyone else?
  145. LPR and the demise of the "Voice Artist"
  146. hoarse throat/swollen lymph nodes...gerd?
  147. what's the best way to taper off ppis
  148. sharp stabbing pain in left abdomen
  149. I have to have a YUKKY procedure...
  150. How Do I know when the burning is gone
  151. Sensitive Esophagus
  152. What To Do If Food Gets Stuck In Throat
  153. What is the chance of Barrett's Esophagus developing from LPR?
  154. LPR symptoms question stinging eyes
  155. Anyone on PPIs experience lots of stomach discomfort
  156. Anyone have this?
  157. GERD and Ear pain
  158. pregnancy and chest pains
  159. Folks, stop taking the purple pill.....story about how my wife beat this damn thing
  160. i wake up at night i feel like i have acid in my throat and i need to keep swallowing
  161. Are these common symptoms for Acid Reflux? I feel worried.
  162. After eating, does it feel like you can burp food back up?
  163. Finally had my Nissen surgery
  164. slow gastric emptying and acid in lungs
  165. 4 weeks post nissen fundoplication and eating
  166. please help me!!!
  167. How Fast Can damage happen from the burning?
  168. Has anyone been helped by taking digestive enzymes?
  169. very confused, anyone else experienced this?
  170. To FlowerGirl
  171. Success Against GERD - Feeling Better
  172. Is this grasping at straws?
  173. Roof my Mouth red
  174. Don't like going to doctors
  175. ph test results
  176. Hydrocodone and GERD
  177. Sore Throat part of it?
  178. Update on Test & Surgery
  179. Taking both Nexium and Prilosec?
  180. got 24hr reflux probe into lunch time today and why do i feel good arghhhhh
  181. do i have acid reflux? all day heartburn!
  182. do i have acid reflux? all day heartburn!
  183. Heart Burn
  184. should i worry...
  185. Aside medications and trigger foods, what else has helped you?
  186. I have GERD, PLEASE HELP ME!
  187. zoton gvt restricted drug for Duodenal Ulcer
  188. anethestic today
  189. can gerd cause gastritis
  190. can protonix stop working?
  191. Update On Me
  192. Aside from obvious foods, what else triggers your acid reflux?
  193. Mixing Nexium and flagyl
  194. Some questions for the board....
  195. Can heartburn feel like a warm sensation in throat....not just burning?
  196. Just starting my 5th PPI - Prevacid......afraid it won't work:(
  197. lol im of PPI and feeling better go fiqure
  198. Prilosec better in morning or evening?
  199. Reflux improving again.
  200. hi new here
  201. Dr. did not answer my ?? maybe you can.
  202. Omeprazole and acid reducers, cause bloating and gas??? Anyone else?
  203. Hoping I've 'cured' my throat lump/chest pain.
  204. ? about coffee
  205. LPR in BOSTON
  206. Protonix and all that jazz.
  207. Symtoms
  208. I need advice about acid reflux
  209. saw surgeon today
  210. stomach gurgling when not hungry and blood in stools
  211. LPR and taking medications
  212. 10 months & no relief/need some uplifting here!!
  213. acid reflux
  214. can someone help?
  215. AcipHex and Ibuprofen
  216. Can PPIs treat the cause of LPR, or just the symptoms?
  217. Anyone with hunger pain?!!
  218. Hoping for advice for the more experienced sufferers of LPR
  219. Burning Throat/Tongue. Acid? Maybe not...
  220. Acupunture and Chinese Herbs for LPR--my success
  221. How Many Different Symptoms Can You Have
  222. what can i drink to make acid reflex go away
  223. neasea as one of the main gerd symptoms
  224. acidic stomach and gas
  225. Seeing surgeon on Oct.9th
  226. PPI dosage
  227. prilosec otc for 3 weeks
  228. Has anyone had relief from GERD?
  229. Does sleeping on a slant really help?
  230. how to tell is you have too much acid
  231. how do you wean yourself from ppi medication?
  232. Starting a New Post on My Surgery Update but Read Last One
  233. Back pain
  234. Aloe Vera for LPR
  235. dull pain beside belly button
  236. Vitamin Waters? Bad for Acid Reflux?
  237. Sometimes food feels stuck in throat when I burp...anyone else?
  238. what foods can you eat when you have acid reflex?
  239. flem question
  240. Burping
  241. Has anyone out there had Radiofrequency Ablation of Barrett's Esophagus?
  242. Anyone tried DGL Licorice?
  243. Upper Endscopy Clinics in Western Canada
  244. Do i have acid reflux?
  245. Does anyone have a cough along with their GERD?
  246. Radiofrequency Ablation, Barrett's Esophagus & Insurance
  247. Acid Reflux and loss of appetite....anyone?
  248. On Aciphex for 10 days...still getting heartburn? Please help!
  249. Weird Burping and Lump in throat feeling
  250. TMJ and Acid Reflux anyone?