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  1. Surgeon in NYC
  2. Have longterm GERD, just had endo+ Colonoscopy
  3. Do GERD Drugs make stomach bugs last longer??
  4. LPR? Looking for advice.
  5. Excessive Saliva
  6. Hello
  7. GERD & weight loss
  8. acid reflux/voice problems
  9. How many medications can you take
  10. Night time intermittent chest/arms fluttering
  11. PPIs, melatonin, and the cause of GERD
  12. I feel so anxious
  13. Reflux without symptoms?
  14. Constant Nausea, discomfort, and lump-like feeling in the back of my throat
  15. Is it GERD or heart failure/attack?
  16. need a solid diagnosis of LPR or whatever this is?
  17. Acid Reflux hell!!!!
  18. Acid reflux due to Medications
  19. Thinking I might have GERD
  20. What is a small portion?
  21. Water siphon Test reflux
  22. Gaining Weight/Acid Reflux
  23. Endoscopy and Dilation
  24. Questions to ask the dr. about GERD
  25. GERD/Acid Reflux causing dry mouth?
  26. Reflux and colonoscopy prep
  27. Concerns about taking Prilosec?
  28. Losing it ...
  29. Antibiotics worsened GERD. Bummed.
  30. Dexilant Symptoms Nearly a Year in? Throat Tightness
  31. Fundo
  32. Food for Acid Reflux/Gerd
  33. It's LPR, not Dehydration.
  34. Severe depression due to GERD - please help!!
  35. Confused!
  36. What can I try next? GERD, Barretts, hiatus hernia, Bravo, shortness of breath ...
  37. Burning uncomfortable feeling in the middle of my chest
  38. 9 weeks off the PPI
  39. Does PPI rebound last forever?
  40. My GERD appears to have been cured!
  41. Gerd/les
  42. Getting off of Omeprazole
  43. Will I need another endoscopy??
  44. What seems to be helping my GERD and Esophageal spasms
  45. Suffering from LPR/TMJ and tonsil stones please help!
  46. Is there anything to do for chest pain for the gerd condition?
  47. klonopin and gerd
  48. LPR Came Back in Spades! Advice, Please!
  49. Esophageal Cancer Fear
  50. Quality of life at 26 ruined
  51. Do you get this with your GERD
  52. LPR Lasting 2 days in a row?
  53. Post nasal drip triggering GERD?
  54. At a Turning Point, Need Advice
  55. I am sick and tired of being sick and tired. anybody out there with answers?
  56. Prilosec
  57. GERD and ear pain?!
  58. Nissan Fundoplication 3 weeks post-op. stomach issues
  59. Frustrated - Diets for LPR
  60. LPR caused by ppi
  61. LPR caused by ppi and desparate for help
  62. Omeprazole
  63. Lpr 2016
  64. Help with acid reflux cough
  65. Gerd Gastritis and upper abdomin pain
  66. Will ppi's do more harm than good?
  67. Omeprazole causing gastroparesis??
  68. Is there anything to do for chest pain for the gerd condition?
  69. Pepcid
  70. Reflux from Hell; Cleveland Clinic
  71. Chest pain frome time to another normal with cronic esophageal inflammation?
  72. Barrettes Esophagus?
  73. Could I have LPR?
  74. Does anyone know what cause the gerd condition though.
  75. What to do to help with the gerd condition?
  76. How to not be sad about having the gerd condition?
  77. Can acid reflux damage windpipe
  78. sinus and acid reflux/gerd
  79. Please help
  80. I quit Prilosec cold turkey for 2 weeks, Ooops!
  81. could i have gerd?
  82. age related acid reflux
  83. Can this be the cause for dizziness and shortness of breath ?
  84. Switching to Zantac from Nexium - Barrett's
  85. Anyone have recipe for making "raft-forming" reflux treatment using Sodium Alginate?
  86. How long does Omeprazole stay in your system?
  87. Lpr has ruined my life 21 years old
  88. what is good recipe for Gerd
  89. Heartburn No More...? Worth the risk?
  90. Esophageal Spasms
  91. Low Stomach Acid? Need Help
  92. Acid Reflux and Dysphagia
  93. How do you divide PPI capsules (for weaning off)?
  94. Shortness of breath
  95. Diarrhoea?
  96. Do I actually have GERD?
  97. Pain in upper stomach
  98. Getting Nissan Fundoplication surgery for nonacidic reflux, nervous
  99. Is this LPR?
  100. how long to take nexium?
  101. Recently diagnosed, confirming symptoms
  102. Gerd & hatial harnia makes my life hell
  103. At my wits end!!
  104. Tips for dealing with Reflux and a bad stomach flu?
  105. GERD or something else?
  106. Barretts with NO DYSPLASIA, Sudden tumor?!
  107. Finally no more GERD
  108. Terrible acid reflux
  109. Can you get rebound reflux from taking two Nexiums for just one day?
  110. Nissen Fonduplication takedown/convert to rouenyx
  111. esophagoscopy
  112. Ulcer or Acid reflux
  113. How long does rebound acid last for?
  114. Nissen VS LINX ...
  115. Gerds Or Cancer
  116. Blood in throat in the morning!
  117. Dr won't refer me
  118. Gerd and Influenza
  119. Gerd: symptoms?
  120. Getting off the PPIs
  121. gerd flair up, help!
  122. Barium Swallow
  123. Alkaline Water or Baking Soda for Acid Reflux?
  124. How much DGL Licorice for my 13 year old ?
  125. weight loss & GERD
  126. Bile Reflux
  127. LPR/GERD after coming off Prilosec
  128. Upper Abdominal Pain for two days
  129. Aciphex and Zantac together or weaning off PPI
  130. help plz
  131. Anxiety and Acid Reflux
  132. Esophagul Spasms, Coronary Artery Spasms, or GERD?
  133. Dealing with Gastritis
  134. Getting acid in my throat and mouth
  135. Any quick solutions to heartburn?
  136. Any Doctors in US treating LPR naturally ?
  137. Help putting Prilosec worries in perspective
  138. Gerd Diagnosis
  139. GERD? Heart? What is wrong with me? Help!
  140. stomach pain
  141. Is it a GERD Flare up?
  142. Now What?
  143. Chest pain, not heart-related
  144. I quit PPIs
  145. Nissen Fundoplication Surgeon
  146. Sore throat, cough, nasal drip, acid reflux is this LPR?
  147. Excessive throat burping?
  148. Diet
  149. 22yo help please
  150. I'm so confused when it comes to Gerd.
  151. Going from 40mgs of omeprazole to 20 mgs
  152. On natural remedies/maintenance
  153. LPR/Silent Reflux diagnosis & not convinced on cause
  154. Possible GERD advice please
  155. Whole30 diet
  156. How to get away itchy mouth from gerd?.
  157. LPR causes low grade fever every evening ?
  158. Fundoplication Surgery for silent reflux
  159. Lpr/lsn??
  160. My 13 year old daughter was diagonsed with LPR, took prantoprazole 40mg for only 2 da
  161. Questions on diet and acid reflux
  162. Blue cheese???
  163. Can All This Be From Acid Reflux?
  164. Does this sound like LPR?
  165. Gerd is ruining my life
  166. Losec dosage
  167. Apple Cider Vinegar
  168. LPR: 19 yr old Still short of breath, hard to breathe
  169. 25 y/o determined to overcome acid reflux
  170. Seeking clarification on my symptoms. Can any of you relate?
  171. Has anyone had mono with gerd?
  172. LPR medication question
  173. Some help please
  174. update on nerves in throat
  175. Out of control gerd symptoms
  176. And now this happens ...
  177. drinking coffee on upset stomach?
  178. Can anyone relate to these symptoms? LPR and PND
  179. Can the pain medication cause more gerd?
  180. Burping
  181. stomach problems, bloating and heartburn
  182. I have GERD and now my nails are weird color
  183. How to get away gas while eating?
  184. What to do about having a hard time sleeping because of the gerd condition?
  185. Acid Reflux/Acid Rebound/Wheat?
  186. chest & jaw pain
  187. Gnawing pain in night and morning,no reflux
  188. Esophageal Thrush
  189. Excess acid - eating out, drinks and nice snacks etc - what can I eat?
  190. Can not eating enough cause acid reflux though.
  191. How to feel better with throat pain from gerd?
  192. Acid Reflux and LASIK Surgery?
  193. My acid reflux is ruining my life!!
  194. Zegerid and bladder pain
  195. Alternative to Aciphex?
  196. Acid Reflux and Milk ?
  197. Acid Reflux or Hiatal Hernia? Symptoms are worsening and I don't know what to do.
  198. Rebound Omeprazole
  199. Extreme pain in upper chest/lower throat ... please help!
  200. GERD? LPR? Going insane!
  201. Is LPR or not??
  202. Asthma GERD
  203. Can drinking more water cause acid reflux?
  204. GERD causing gagging sensation in throat?
  205. Effects of transitioning from Dexilant to Lansoprazole
  206. Splenda use and gerd?
  207. Could this be reflux?
  208. Bloating in upper adomen. Part of my Acid Reflux?
  209. acid reflux ... ?
  210. stomach pain
  211. Barrett's Esophagus Patient
  212. What is your alcohol drink of choice if you have gerd
  213. My LPR cure
  214. GERD? Can anyone try and help me out with this unique situation?!
  215. Can silent reflux cause throat and ear pain?
  216. WHAT IS THIS. GERD or what?
  217. Acid Reflux and Sore throat
  218. Acid Reflux throat problems
  219. How slowly do you have to go to get off a ppi?
  220. Can I take protonix with zantac?
  221. Cough With Acid Reflux
  222. 22yo w/ LPR - could it possibly be damaged nerves?
  223. Help!
  224. Possible LPR. Help!
  225. Essential Enzymes, Probiotics, and Reflux
  226. Sharing info - My GERD
  227. Nissen PreOp
  228. Why do I get acid reflux as soon as I eat?
  229. How long to try out a gerd medication to know if its working?
  230. PPI and benzodiazepine for chronic throat pain and GERD?
  231. What kinds of drinks are ok for the gerd condition?
  232. GI ignoring ph with impedence results
  233. GI said a partial wrap would be fine
  234. Need Advice
  235. What Else to Try?
  236. Still having reflux symptoms after a Nissen fundoplication
  237. Will sleeping less help to get a decrease in heartburn? Thanks.
  238. Morning Vomitting/Anxiety/Low Stomach acid/Silent Heartburn
  239. 9 weeks of Annoyance (neck, throat and stomach)
  240. Anyone with the gerd condition have throat pain when drinking water? Thanks.
  241. Gerds
  242. plz anyone that had back pain swallow problems in past??
  243. Reflux and cough
  244. Barret's esophgus and excessive stomach acid
  245. Nexium not working, have seen GI ... exhausted
  246. What kind of things are good to eat for the gerd condition?
  247. LPR driving me NUTS/H2 Blockers/Low Stomach Acid
  248. What kind of test do I need to get to test to know if I have bile reflux?
  249. 18 years of this and getting scared now ...
  250. Daily GERD, scary episodes. Ulcer? Anaemia?