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  1. some comfort
  2. Does it ever get easier
  3. My Mom was killed by a drunk driver 11/4/08
  4. Getting through the holidays?
  5. The Worst Day of My Life
  6. My 18 year old son died in a car accident
  7. Dealing with the "friends" who disappear
  8. How do you believe it happened?
  9. New here
  10. depression over losing son
  11. Missing Mom
  12. Missing Mom
  13. grieving mom
  14. My Son
  15. My son
  16. I miss my mom so bad
  17. I miss my dad so much my heart hurts
  18. Missing Dad so much
  19. Its been 68 days since my husband passed away
  20. Life feels so pointless now...
  21. I can't move on
  22. First dream with my father in it since he died.
  23. loss of my sister
  24. Turning loss into gain.....
  25. Valium during third trimester
  26. Coping with a loss while pregnant
  27. its been 6 weeks now
  28. Why am I so angry?
  29. My sisters name was Jenny
  30. Different Thread: Loss of my Health
  31. I need to go get her.
  32. I miss my little bear
  33. My father just died and I feeling so sad and confused.
  34. War Vet's Story
  35. still awaiting answers
  36. I feel lost and alone
  37. does my husband remember me after he died
  38. Death of best friend
  39. I miss him so much :( Please read
  40. could use a little help please
  41. Guilt and Remorse
  42. Grief
  43. My brother was murdered and I can't get past it
  44. i want my mom back so bad
  45. I feel so guilty
  46. death
  47. My Child
  48. miss my son so badly
  49. Well, i've decided to post..
  50. I need some place to scream!!!!!
  51. death of 15 year old - still missing him terribly
  52. loss of a grown child
  53. A person who helped me with grief beyond anyone else
  54. oxycontin
  55. Grief therapy....
  56. death of 15 year old due to epileptic attack in his sleep?
  57. New Widow
  58. Help....
  59. New here...
  60. I was oblivious; And so was everyone else...and it's sickening.
  61. miss mum
  62. Depression and Blues after losing a dad to a cardiac arrest
  63. my boyfriend was killed in a car accident
  64. bbugk & all others posting & answering me on grief after losing loved ones
  65. why am i missing my mom so much when i am in the same house as her?
  66. Lost Husband on May 26, 2008
  67. My Husband Died June 17, 2008 On Motorcycle
  68. am i going crazy?
  69. Lost my dad 3 weeks ago
  70. Helping my boyfriend cope....
  71. boyfriend's father is dying (what can i do to help?) *feeling overly responsible*
  72. My boyfriend lost best friend and dad in last 6 weeks
  73. My dad's suicide
  74. Reach!!!! Help Please!!!
  75. My Mother can't move forward.....
  76. Nearly 2 months since my eldest son died
  77. Grieving for Mean Father
  78. stillborn baby girl
  79. Need help
  80. re death of 15 year old son
  81. I NEED ADVICE:Does anyone else find that losing a loved one changed their WHOLE life?
  82. Unsympathetic neighbours
  83. still struggling to cope with the loss of my eldest son
  84. It's been 2 months since my husband died
  85. recently lost my son
  86. greiving for a lost son
  87. Re death of eldest son
  88. My dad died in February
  89. re: death of eldest son
  90. I'm going mad - please help, I don't recognise me anymore
  91. Happy Mother's Day Mom
  92. 17 yr old lost her dad
  93. a month since my eldest son died
  94. death of 15 year old son due to bleed at base of brain
  95. Recent Loss
  96. I hope someone can advise me on coping.
  97. My Mum died and could do with some help?
  98. Prayers For Scott
  99. i miss my baby so much
  100. surving suicide family and kids
  101. Will I or my life ever be the same again??? Help Please
  102. lost my love
  103. Just lost my dad March 13
  104. Should I feel guilty?
  105. Dreams of Dad, what do they mean.
  106. Who else lost their mother during childhood/adolescence?
  107. nieghbor passed away
  108. Is this Normal when someone dies?
  109. 1 year anniversary
  110. I miss my son
  111. Atleast not for me!
  112. What to say when your friend's mother died
  113. Grandma I miss you-Happy Birthday
  114. Thought I was ok...stronger....
  115. why did i lose my baby?
  116. Do you ever get used to losing loved ones
  117. I Need to Talk About My Loss...
  118. New Here - Mom SCLC - No Treatment - 5th Month
  119. My Brother, Fallen Soldier
  120. to scrappi...loss of my dad
  121. Missing Mommy
  122. lost my Mum two years today!!
  123. Our 6yr old sent Grammy a balloon. . . ..
  124. Losing a loved one
  125. how can find father i lost contacting this
  126. I miss my Dad!
  127. how to grieve my 81 year old fathers sudden death
  128. empty hole/unhappy/miss talking to my Mom. . . .
  129. It doesn't get easier
  130. Loss: times five; plus one...
  131. My husband died on 12/22/2007. Need help
  132. The ceremony is over, what now?
  133. Anxiety stemming from the unexpected loss of my father...
  134. Need help with grieving son
  135. Grief and anger
  136. anxiety....
  137. one year today
  138. what is life about?(II)
  139. To all those who are experiencing a loss......
  140. The Story Behind the Ornament
  141. Why are we Here (Life)
  142. Suggestions how to cope w/first Xmas w/o mom and feeling unsupported?
  143. Am I wrong to want to be alone tonight?
  144. Lost
  145. How Do You Go On?
  146. dealing with a death
  147. I miss my dad
  148. I Lost my Husband Too....
  149. Too much all at once.
  150. grieving is so tiring
  151. Brittney, I miss you
  152. New Here....My Story
  153. The Loss of my Father
  154. Miss my mom, how to cope at Holiday time? 1st year w/o her.
  155. I can't seem to move on. Any advice?
  156. Sudden loss of Mom
  157. how can i help my mom???
  158. Falling apart one year after loss of son
  159. Miss My Mom
  160. Need perspective
  161. Lost my Husband and now more....
  162. Alone but not...
  163. Loss of a child.
  164. my sister died, do I send a sympathy card to my mom
  165. This helped me...maybe it will help someone else!
  166. Happy Birthday Kel
  167. I lost my fiance last summer
  168. Happy birthday dear Mum
  169. dave
  170. This isn't real..
  171. Is an 'i don't care' attitude part of the greiving? please read on. . .
  172. My Husband died 3 months ago
  173. I lost my husband....
  174. Death of Mother and Father
  175. Death of Mother and Father
  176. Morbid thoughts...
  177. Way too much loss to bear
  178. Happy Birthday Mom
  179. I feel I've been disrespectful to a friend's loss
  180. My brother has died
  181. Mom's Birthday
  182. Could this be grief?
  183. missing loved ones
  184. my dad passed a year ago today
  185. Got to get this off my chest
  186. upsetting
  187. Desperate for help.....
  188. I am feeling guilty
  189. Darrell I miss you.... Mom
  190. I need my daddy back
  191. Has anyone visited a medium or received any valid signs of a deceased loved one?
  192. it seems theres nothing to take the pain away
  193. Going Home to see my Dad
  194. Finding the loss of my sister hard
  195. Dad dying but I can't bear to see him
  196. God, I miss my mom!!! I'm new to this site.
  197. it's over
  198. Lost 2 friends, lots of media coverage
  199. I am so so stupid.
  200. im missing my daddy so much
  201. I miss my father
  202. Ex husband/best friend murdered, Help????
  203. I lost my wonderful Mom on 7/10/07 and I don't know how I will go on.
  204. Missing my Dad
  205. totally lost
  206. Does that pain ever go away?
  207. Is this normal???
  208. Why am I still so sad?
  209. Facing Death in Your Teens
  210. I'm heart broken and scared
  211. Lost a friend and neighbor....
  212. Missing my mom
  213. Lost my husband 3 weeks ago
  214. Lost my husband 3 weeks agoe
  215. Grief. over husbands suicide
  216. sad news
  217. lost my soulmate
  218. I Miss My Mom So Much
  219. sibling grief
  220. Story of a small child has me really down.
  221. Being the daughter of a first family, when the second family is in charge
  222. One Day At a Time ODAT
  223. I miss my mom
  224. cried a lot last night for my friend who died almost 10 years ago
  225. Lost My Brothers
  226. I just lost my Mom...
  227. grief
  228. I just lost ex-husband to suicide
  229. I Lost a friend, Husband's best friend, I am afraid I lost him because of it
  230. lost daughter
  231. Mother's death, father is sick, almost got fired for no reason
  232. Struggling and my work asked me to take off
  233. How do I help my Mom
  234. just want to tell my story of loss
  235. My First Step-This Post
  236. Lost my Dad in September
  237. Going Home for the First Time
  238. mad at my mom who is left behind : (
  239. Delayed Grief
  240. Crying out for some help
  241. Advice and Help Needed
  242. death of spouse
  243. Abnormal grief reaction - anyone ever heard of it?
  244. Comforting a Grieving Mother - Need Suggestions Please
  245. My Dad and I
  246. i thought i was coming apart
  247. the loss of a brother
  248. Recently lost my 20 year old daughter.
  249. Help for my brother
  250. Doing this for help...