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  1. Upper back/ spine pain from working out
  2. Fusion question
  3. Disc protusion L4-L5
  4. Prolotherapy in disks
  5. Any sleeping advice for old whiplash injuries?
  6. Neck & back pain
  7. Failed spine sugery
  8. microdisectomy and terrefied
  9. Cervical Spine MRI RESULTS
  10. Spinal Injections???
  11. Upper back injury
  12. Pre Op pain management
  13. Question about L/5 area with severe pain
  14. L4-L5-S1 Anterior Fusion
  15. back pain
  16. Weird symptoms..what's up?
  17. Seeing Surgeon Today... Need Questions to ask?
  18. Alternative to Diskectomy
  19. help
  20. Lyrica?
  21. Prolotherapy
  22. i dont have insurance but have pain in back now, is this a pre existing condition?
  23. MRI question
  24. Butt Pain
  25. Wishing everyone a positive holiday season!
  26. upperback/neck tension
  27. what causes sharp stabbing intermittent pain in your back?
  28. upper back
  29. L5/s1
  30. What can be done?
  31. Neurosurgeon visit on Wednesday
  32. Hurt my Back.
  33. Military neck
  34. Can surgery still repair my chronic leg pain or getting it worse?
  35. Help is on the way for those with Degenrative disc disease
  36. How have spinal fusions improved over the years?
  37. Please Help
  38. Is this natural?
  39. Honoring Exceptional Doctors in Spinal Fusion
  40. Please help dont know what this means?
  41. Scoliosis Question
  42. Post-Op Pain Medicine
  43. back pain
  44. Sciatica and scoliosis
  45. Why are some professionals without a clue?
  46. Dad's Fusion is over
  47. L5/S1 Disk Bulge and Sciatica
  48. S1 damage/ servere sciatica
  49. Newbie Here with Spine Treatment Questions
  50. Just found out my dad's surgery today is not involving rods
  51. I'm home...from surgery
  52. Tomorrow's the day of FUSION
  53. Symptoms are getting worse
  54. Epideral Injections
  55. lower back pain
  56. Back Problem.
  57. Can Somebody Help Me Understand This MRI
  58. Ventral Cord
  59. can a slight reflection of the thecal sac cause constant pain and loss of musle?
  60. Help need to know what my neck and back mri means
  61. Cyst on L4
  62. T4 wedge compression fracture -help please
  63. mri results of c-spine can you explain to me?
  64. L4 S1 Fusion
  65. Collecting disability and workmanscomp
  66. Si joint surgery tomorrow
  67. Still in pain
  68. 2 days post microdiscectomy
  69. Preparing for 2nd Fusion
  70. Cortisone injection/voice change
  71. PLIF Surgery Tomorrow!!!!!!!
  72. 100% disabled after discectomy and fusion surgery
  73. Pain & Confusion
  74. How are fusions rated-level 1, 2, 3 etc?
  75. Pardon me for asking again
  76. Any answers or suggestions would help
  77. Weight Loss After Lumbar Fusion?
  78. what is antetrollisthsis of L5 on S1?
  79. Rib fracture
  80. Back pain- I sit all day
  81. Back stretches reduces my calf pain??
  82. 11 year old with spine stenosis, etc
  83. My Mri shows Disc dessication L4/L5disc.
  84. Severe Facet Hypertrophy
  85. continuing hip pain
  86. Nerve pain along side of thigh?? advice?
  87. Back pain getting so much worse
  88. Pain flared up again since standing for long periods of time.
  89. vacuum disc phonomenon
  90. Having fusion on L5-S1
  91. Endoscopic Lumbar Discectomy
  92. What cars are most comfortable for people with thorasic back pain?
  93. The clock is ticking....
  94. backpain and military service
  95. Acute back pain from coughing
  96. Chronic Back Pain - recent MRI - needs advice
  97. disability benefits
  98. Nerve root injections
  99. Scared & Don't Know What To Do
  100. New Pain Disgusted Woke Up with
  101. Neck pain..
  102. Degenerative disk disease, surgery soon & ?
  103. my fourth operation in two years
  104. After 3 back surgeries, having a SI joint fusion
  105. 1 month post op L5-S1 TLIF
  106. Surgery date Oct.29,2009
  107. Severe lower back pain
  108. back pain/bulgingdisk/disk degeneration
  109. 2 discograms done, surgeon appt 12-1
  110. DLIF? disc fusion
  111. Sharp back pain
  112. Help reading Lumbar Spine MRI Surgery
  113. i just found out i have multiple bulging disks from L2 down to S1 how do they fix it
  114. batteries
  115. Inversion Tables, help or no help?
  116. back and hip pain from TKR
  117. Re: Permanent nerve damage
  118. Level 10+++ pain 32 days - Please help!
  119. discectomy
  120. Pinched nerve question
  121. Back problem
  122. post operative diskitis - will spinal fusion help?
  123. Confused
  124. Need HELP!! Lower back issues, 3 bulging discs ets
  125. 30 Days of tremendous pain and no relief - Epidoral question
  126. Anyone c3-T1?
  127. Skin soreness that persists around midriff
  128. I need help understanding my MRI, I was injured over a month ago
  129. 2 Level fusion - Did it change your life?
  130. Broken Back and Side Effects
  131. Upper back pain
  132. Please help, can't sleep on back or sides
  133. horrible SI joint pain for 5 years. I NEED HELP!!!!
  134. Sacroiliac Nerve Burning-New Probe?
  135. pain in back
  136. Bilateral Pars Defect in L5 Without Any Fracture. Isn't This Contradicting Info??
  137. Too Young for Back Pain
  138. Not sure what to expect?!!?
  139. Can I ask Discogram from my surgeon
  140. Can't walk without pain after MD and Kyphoplasty
  141. Young and Scared
  142. Bad back pain after taking supplements
  143. back pain
  144. back on the boards :)
  145. grandma having surgery
  146. Contrast MRI
  147. Failed Fusion
  148. Grade III L5/S1 Spondylolisthesis- HELP!
  149. Low back pain & right leg numb
  150. First Lumbar Epidural Yesterday
  151. Bi-lateral sciatica (radiculopathy) update
  152. What do i do next
  153. Laser Spine Surgery
  154. My dad will have his Fusion on 12/16.....L2-5
  155. Requirement of spine surgery
  156. One surgery leads to another....
  157. Back pain goes away w/antiobiotics??
  158. back pain accompanied by headaches
  159. Back and abdominal pain
  160. two level Back fusion update
  161. help
  162. Low back pain
  163. Lumbar sacral pain that alternates with upper gut spasm?
  164. Has anyone had three epidurals in a three week span?
  165. Results of MRI - Lumbar Spine w/o contract
  166. lower back pain
  167. Radio Frequency Ablation of Facet Joints
  168. Please Help - Back Issues/MRI Results
  169. Back Pain - MRI Results
  170. Need advice on what to ask surgeon
  171. spine decompression
  172. I have been diagnosed with Degenerative disc disease
  173. Back pain medication
  174. Back to SI joint for 2nd surgery...
  175. MRI Findings
  176. sciatic pain when sleeping after microdiscectomy
  177. How big dosage Lyrica I can use daily and I am still safe?
  178. urgent please help!! MRI LUMBAR SPINE
  179. lower back injury
  180. X stop procedure and qualified doctors
  181. Can any one help decipher and guess why i have so much pain?
  182. sciatica pain and effectiveness of epidurals
  183. Help & Comments Please
  184. Sciatica, L5 Nerve Radiculopathy
  185. Why does my back pain go away when I am lying down?
  186. back pain and under rib cage
  187. my l4 l5 l5 s1 are degenerateing what can I do to make it feel better
  188. Please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  189. Help finding out whats wrong with back
  190. Back problems and very sore ankles
  191. 4 months post op
  192. 4 months post op
  193. L5-S1 ALIF scheduled 11/11
  194. backpain
  195. What does this mean?????
  196. back pain during sleep in the cold weather
  197. Post L5 S1 Microdiscectomy problems
  198. please help ive had bad back pain for a year
  199. Back pain 2 1/2 months post op
  200. question on back pain
  201. Well it's been 8 years now
  202. What are the Best Things to do for the Scapula?
  203. Off and on Thoracic spine pain for 22 yrs!!
  204. Sacral joint problem please help
  205. will i become a wheelchair user with nerve damage
  206. Psoas muscle?
  207. L5/S1 protrusion
  208. I have been told that surgery will only help leg pain.
  209. Lower right back pain
  210. Lipomas
  211. chronic lower back pain
  212. Tremendous Spine Pain, please help.
  213. how easy is it to re injure a L4/L5 annular tear
  214. lower back injury --> is this normal???
  215. why treatment takes so long to enact
  216. upper back pain-caused by lower back pain?
  217. l-2 bulge help!!!!!!!!!!
  218. What has happened?! 1yr. + surgery and worse than ever
  219. is there a doctor in my area that does laser discectomy
  220. Fracture T-5, STUPID Chiropractor
  221. MRI results of lumbar spine---what treatment options do I have
  222. Guilt
  223. Going for an EMG any advice?
  224. Question on referred pain.
  225. Cat Scan L/S spine
  226. In need of your feedback please
  227. more back pain after s1/l5 microdiscectomy
  228. So I had the Spinal Fusion and then I broke a screw!
  229. Hi my name is jenna
  230. L5/S1 Laminectomy... coping with scar tissue.
  231. back pain
  232. L4 - S1 Problems
  233. Pain at 6 weeks post discectomy
  234. Been told i will end up in wheelchair
  235. middle right back pain
  236. SI Joint Gone Bad Post Lumbar Fusion
  237. I will see two surgeons soon and need help.
  238. Please Help... Nucleoplasty
  239. Pharmacist Conclusion: Problem with Kidney?
  240. Cervical MRI Results - Help required
  241. Your Input
  242. Need advice On T7 disc
  243. Please Please someone HELP ME!!!
  244. Continuous warming sensation...in mid-section of back
  245. Non Fusion Pain
  246. Ruptured L4-L9/Buldging L1-L2
  247. PLEASE HELP! I have Burining Sensation on the Hip-Waistline of RIGHT SIDE of BODY?
  248. AxiaLIF non fusion
  249. do i have it done?? your views?
  250. Fusion Surgery Long Term

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