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  1. back info about disc
  2. 11 months post op still pain when coughing?
  3. How do you do it?
  4. Is it ok to have back surgery immediately after getting epidural?
  5. Neck pain questions about sleeping and treatment
  6. reading MRI and suggested therapy
  7. Can I get some Los Angeles love? Trying to finalize my surgeon!
  8. Extreme Fear/Anxiety about the Future...
  9. Neck and lower back
  10. Struggling mentally and physically with the recovery
  11. Spine MRI results?
  12. MRI result of Osteophyte complex
  13. help interpret an mri
  14. Less than 48 hours
  15. Looking for answers to a few questions
  16. Nearly 12 months later and still in pain
  17. Newbie seeking some reassurance
  18. lower left back pain
  19. Thoracic extrusion, could this be causing my horrible back pain?
  20. HELP - Percocet Sudden Onset Withdrawals??
  21. T8 compression fracture
  22. L5/S1 - Leg muscle atrophy?
  23. 2 month post 360 L5/S1 discectomy and fusion
  24. Has anyone taken prednisone for a herniated disc?
  25. Need advice on L5-S1 surgery
  26. Level L5-4, 2 yrs later, L3 to 4 and L5 to S1
  27. spondylolisthesis MRI Results!
  28. how long should I wait?
  29. Help Please - Spondylolisthesis and NCAA Athletic Participation
  30. Bulging Discs with nerve damage- help!
  31. C4-c5
  32. Should I have an ESI if I'm only in pain from time to time?
  33. New and need advice from people that know
  34. Severe SI Joint Pain
  35. Doctor
  36. ESI and RAGE
  37. Surgery question
  38. gallstones?
  39. it's been a while
  40. lower back swelling
  41. Lumbar fusion
  42. the process of getting a spinal cord stimulator
  43. Don't know what to do...
  44. Pre-surgery advice.
  45. Living with spondy - waiting for surgery
  46. Microdiscectomy HELP
  47. Spinal Cord Stimulation
  48. Can an injury cause Lumbosacral Spondylosis
  49. Epidural
  50. Cure for this condition
  51. IMDUR caused extreme swelling in legs feet ankles
  52. excrutiating back pain... statin drugs!!!!!!
  53. Laminectomy-good decision
  54. 3 Years Post Spinal Fusion Pain when laying down
  55. herniated disk
  56. Positive spinal fusion results
  57. Update after pain management
  58. Post Surgical Lump
  59. neck fusion c5 c6
  60. Lumbar and Sacral MRI scan, very worried!!
  61. Herniated disk?
  62. Pretty young and pretty scared.
  63. Quick question
  64. Lumbar Surgery
  65. Is it possible I could have messed up my back
  66. Sorry another microdiscetomy
  67. Lump in lower back
  68. Lower back/pelvis pain
  69. MRI Interpretation Help
  70. Looking for non-narcotic pain relief
  71. Unbearable back pain, no leg pain. Doc says microdisc won't work on me. Why?
  72. Still in pain
  73. We need help! And some answers!
  74. Looking for L5/S1 Disk Replacement Feedback
  75. 5th Spinal operation May 29, 2013!!
  76. T2 hyperintense anterior midline annular tear
  77. Nerve Damage?
  78. The STRESS of todays 2nd Opinion - UGH!!!
  79. Frustration has set in.
  80. Microdisectomy
  81. Talking to the neurosurgeon about SCS
  82. Lower Back Pain. What else to try??
  83. Upper back pain when breathing in, turning neck?
  84. lumbar synovial cyst removed
  85. Surgery for C1-C2 fusion through the back
  86. A Loose Screw
  87. Stand-up MRI results
  88. Back Problems
  89. I want to do some good exercises post op in my own pool-any tips/advice?
  90. Got my MRI results help speak English !
  91. MRI Results-help reading them please
  92. Back Pain
  93. Hi new 80% wedge thoracic fracture
  94. Odd symptoms in leg
  95. Neck spasms
  96. Shaving tips!?
  97. How long for restrictions on spinal fusion
  98. Paraparesis with no identifiable cause. Apparently anyway...
  99. Oh my walk with bone spurs
  100. morning pain?
  101. S1 or sacrum pain
  102. 6 months from micro d- failed surgery?
  103. pain management won't do anything for me.
  104. mri reading
  105. L 3/4 4/5 Plif
  106. Desperately Seeking Pillow!
  107. Is this normal with spinal fusion post-op?
  108. Work comp DENIED
  109. Spondylolisthesis
  110. why
  111. TENS machine, can I use it?
  112. Scared/Stressed out about post-op from fusion
  113. MIS TLIF - 2 Level Fusion
  114. How probable is it that my screws
  115. Spinal Fusion Post Op frustrations
  116. Help Please Translating MRI Results
  117. Surgery????
  118. C3-4 herniation
  119. In pain and need some insight!
  120. Laminectomy Synovial Cyst I NEED FEEDBACK
  121. C1-C2 & C5-C6 neck fusion surgery from the back
  122. new back pain
  123. Revision of 1 level lumbar fusion to 3 now!
  124. Hang up my boots or restart sport?
  125. Spinal Stenosis
  126. many mild findings = chronic pain??
  127. Is ASD inevitable after ACDF surgery?
  128. RFA neurontomy
  129. Loss of appetite after back injury
  130. Day 5 Post-Op TLIF
  131. Spinal Stenosis and Knee Swelling
  132. Pavan
  133. Drx 9000
  134. Infuse Bone graft by Medtronic - lawsuits?
  135. Right leg cramps after l5s1fusion 6 months later
  136. I need to know how this works all over again can someone tell me where to write to al
  137. Slipped Discs
  138. Surgery through the mouth for C1 C2?
  139. teen daughter with bulging L4 L5 discs
  140. Central Canal Stenosis
  141. Herniations, Bulges, Stenosis, Hypertrophy
  142. MRI results
  143. Stabbing pain in left shoulder area-ish and nerve damage on right shoulder
  144. Question on Front entry fusion L5 in women
  145. Herniated Disc
  146. Injections tomorrow, looking for answers
  147. Advice on L5-S1 Fusion - 31yo male
  148. Advice on Fusion - 31yo male
  149. Numbness when laying in certain positions
  150. Upcoming PLIF/TLIF surgery L4-L5 double!
  151. Need advice
  152. Sciatica??????
  153. Opinions on results PLEASE
  154. Burning in right lower shoulder blade
  155. Need help understanding MRI Results
  156. Please help me understand my mri results.
  157. Spine curving to left after L4/S1 fusion
  158. reherniation after microdisectomy
  159. "360 Surgery"?
  160. SUPER Embarrassed to ask how...
  161. Lumber bulging disk with sciatica
  162. Anyone use Inversion Table?
  163. How many nights for hospital stay?
  164. How can I find relief for excrutiating back pain?
  165. Anyone had a second micro D and returned to sports?
  166. Degenerative Disc Disease - Help on MRI!
  167. dr wants to do nerve burning?
  168. 3 level acdf
  169. Laminectomy Surgery
  170. Laminectomy Surgery
  171. 25 yr old male needing 3 level fusion.
  172. 3 months post microdiscectomy-:-)
  173. Surgery booked and pain less
  174. TLIF tomorrow
  175. 5wks post op L4/s1 fusion - advise please?
  176. mri....surgery again...no way
  177. Could this all be caused by a back problem???
  178. Embarassed but asking anyway!
  179. Surgery in 1 week
  180. Can Sciatica affect the abdomen?
  181. L5/S1 operation
  182. new mri of lumbar
  183. worse pain after epidural injection??
  184. Scar tissue tears around bone donor site - how to get rid of it?
  185. Can I ignore L5/S1 issue.
  186. I have strength loss and numbness in my left leg
  187. MRI scan and claustrophobia
  188. Post surgical questions and concerns about fibromyalgia...
  189. Severe L5-S1
  190. Terrible sciatica after SI Joint injection
  191. Can Bulging disc irritate nerves?
  192. Posterior fusion but still squeezing disc. Any treatment options?
  193. L5s1 ddd
  194. 33 yr old with back pain
  195. One year post lumbar fusion - update
  196. Here's my MRI report..
  197. Epidural injection L4-L5 -
  198. Epidural injection L4-L5 - help
  199. T7 & T8 Compression Fractures
  200. What to bring to the hospital ~~ ideas please!
  201. Successful back surgery
  202. XLIF? ALIF? Advice please!
  203. Epidural lysis of Adhesions/RACZ PROCEDURE
  204. Sharp Back for four months
  205. Lower back pain
  206. injections after disc replacement
  207. Looking for Positive Outcomes after ALIF
  208. May need 2 more levels fused!!! nervous!!
  209. Long-term prognosis for nerve pain in legs post-ALIF?
  210. Sclerosis
  211. Stand up vs conventional MRI
  212. Painful back 4 weeks postop
  213. two level fusion and laminectomy in 8 weeks
  214. Cracking sound in neck
  215. Whats wrong with me?
  216. Scheuermanns Kyphosis and related pain!!!!
  217. Fingers going numb - need advise!
  218. Tailbone aches/pain and Butt Piriformis and/or Sciatic aches.
  219. Depressed
  220. New Here & Not in a Category
  221. Help! I'm in agony and the doctors don't help
  222. Help with diagnosis
  223. Living in pain.
  224. How to stop SI joint that slips out of place
  225. Failed disk cost me everything!
  226. x-rays cervical spine
  227. pain med info help
  228. hole in spine?
  229. Back Pain and More!!
  230. s1/l5
  231. First Back Surgery in 1 Month!
  232. Vacuum Disc Phenomenon in the spinal disc
  233. 10 years after fusion and I am wondering..
  234. Sacroiliac joint dysfunction advice
  235. Frank from Ga ~ 1st Post
  236. Microdiscectomy recommended; but I'm now painfree
  237. MRI - what transitional anatomy means ?
  238. scolosis pain in chest
  239. Surgeon
  240. Synovial cyst came back already
  241. Switching Narcotics - Cold Turkey?
  242. Fall after laminectomy discectomy
  243. Severity of MRI Reading
  244. Is it safe to deliver vaginally with a L3-S1 herniated disc?
  245. New symptom
  246. stenosis question!
  247. Do you get ringing ears with neck pain?
  248. Headed to the neurosurgeon tomorrow, Scared!!
  249. Adr
  250. MRI Results, where do I go from here?

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