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  1. Toes curling - anyone heard of this?
  2. To: hopenj77 (Tim)
  3. On Oxycontin, lost COBRA Insurance, it ran out...Oxy is expensive.
  4. Anyone had Fusion in Canada - please respond
  5. Is It Easy To Get Temporary Disability
  6. Please Give Advice On Hopenj Posts
  7. what are the pain levels after a 3 level lumbar fusion???
  8. can someone give words of wisdom
  9. New Here wanted to say Hi
  10. Recovery question
  11. Driving after fusion?
  12. Pain while walking
  13. used to be a spasm, now I don't know what it is..
  14. Microdiscectomy
  15. question for jayboy557
  16. Diskectomy Lamy Scar Tissue Help!
  17. discogram info please
  18. Buffalo Hump?
  19. I have to ask
  20. Everything to gain nothing to lose
  21. will an EMG show the location of nerve impingement
  22. will an EMG show the location of nerve impingement
  23. Back pain and neck pain intolerable. HELP!!!!
  24. hi Shakespeare
  25. Post Fusion surgery Searching for answers
  26. Has anyone been prescribed Loestrin?
  27. in a car accident and...
  28. Spine MD in New Orleans area
  29. Posture Correction?
  30. My MRI report says...Help!
  31. Differing Opinions On Post-Op Bracing!
  32. Doctor in Missouri...can anyone help?
  33. thanks for your reply
  34. first physio session- is this normal?
  35. Thank you all (Have you seen my happy?)
  36. Need pre-fusion advice
  37. Any opinions on Dr Patrick Oleary in NYC?
  38. Need Advice On Disability Insurance
  39. Has anyone had this problem
  40. Pain & Numbness in other leg after surgery
  41. Ever wonder why me?
  42. Upper back/rib pain when breathing in
  43. strange question??
  44. SI Joint pain
  45. Large lump on lower back???? Worried!
  46. How often is a second surgery needed?
  47. bad day
  48. Back - Column Stimulator
  49. Epidural shot
  50. Pain is alot worse after 1st ESI help!!
  51. I'm really freaking out about surgery...please help
  52. Pain in back under left rib
  53. Back surgery late 2004
  54. legs of jello
  55. This problem is ruining my life please someone help
  56. Looking For The Poster Named: Go Big Red
  57. neck pain and nerve compression per emg/question
  58. what now?
  59. Questions about L5 S1 fusion/hardware
  60. 4 weeks post-op Dr. visit
  61. DRX9000 V Surgery
  62. 3 Years Post Fusion - Is This As Good As It Gets?
  63. Thecal Sac Compression
  64. METRX back surgery
  65. Phyiscal Therapy Question for 5 week Post Micro D
  66. HELP!! Numbness post microdiscectomy L5-S1
  67. Back pain - spinal anesthetic?
  68. Feels like sciatica, but in the top???
  69. Remember Me??
  70. emg showed L5 radial "aupathy?'
  71. Had nerve root block injection - how long before it helps?
  72. Neck pain, shoulders, pinky finger curling/question
  73. Does the Disc ever truly heal after micro D and when?
  74. Surgery Tomorrow 12-8
  75. L5-S1 Fusion scheduled - I'm scared
  76. Facet Joint Injections
  77. Anyone Ever Had A Successful Back Operation?
  78. Upcoming Lumbar Laminectomy-Thoughts?
  79. Whiplash following car crash
  80. 5 week ( almost) Post op visit for Mirco D
  81. DDD and Remicade
  82. Hardware removal after a fusion
  83. surgery or not?
  84. Percutaneous disc decompression
  85. pain meds not working anymore!
  86. Crap! I tripped and fell! What do I do?
  87. Driving?
  88. lump on spine and pain!
  89. Opinions on Long Term medication vs. surgery
  90. Bowtox for back ?
  91. What kind of Doctor to see? (Sorry, long)
  92. Preparing for surgery
  93. I've tried so many pain meds and they aren't working anymore! Whats next?
  94. Anyone think they may have Piriformis Syndrome?
  95. What's The Difference In The Types Of Fusion Surgeries?
  96. Body Trunk Shifted
  97. I feel like my Dr is ignoring me...
  98. Everyone knows their type of pain, right?
  99. MRI +spinal chord compression
  100. Having hardware removed Dec 19th, scared to death...
  101. Neurontin? anybody else taking?
  102. Had surgery this past Wed.
  103. Microdisectomy, timeframe for relief of sciatic pain?
  104. question about back surgery
  105. Modic Changes
  106. Discogram: Advise Please!
  107. "Quiet Cook - Questions !!"
  108. Many back problems
  109. Dr. Sarno's mind over back pain book???
  110. Comments appreciated
  111. HELP Sever pain/twitching above tailbone
  112. pain in right side of back
  113. right side back pain
  114. question
  115. Any one Celebrex or Mobic? Cant use IB anymore
  116. nerve root block injection today - question - I can't walk!
  117. Susiebird is HOME
  118. Microdiscectomy - 2nd day home - problems with foot
  119. Lower Back Pain when bending..
  120. Lumbar Decompression with Fusion
  121. Seeking Information (long w/apologies)
  122. stoping pain pills
  123. Back pain for 3 yrs
  124. Little spiders, painful calves and heels
  125. is neck pain causing my severe headache
  126. quietcook?
  127. Fibromyalgia-What helps??
  128. 4 weeks Post op Micro D - motrin gave me pre ulcer
  129. Drx9000c
  130. self administered back pain therapy?
  131. Need info on Neurontin and Cortisone injections
  132. what now?
  133. Currently attempting dissability coverage and my story thus far. Need advice!
  134. Vax-D
  135. Why
  136. Help With Lower Back Noises
  137. settling life time medical?
  138. 1 Month Post Micro-D and still in pain.
  139. Arghhh, Whats Worse?
  140. Please help!!!
  141. Jewitt 3 point extension brace
  142. hi question for anyone on discogram and disc replacement
  143. Human Barometer
  144. Had Surgery On 17
  145. 2nd Mircodiscectomy vs. Fusion
  146. Ankylosed disc space
  147. lower back pain
  148. Lower Back/Hip/Abdomen Pain
  149. what pain is "normal"?
  150. Two weeks post-op...had to go to ER yesterday
  151. L-4,L-5 fusion recovery?
  152. Newly Diagnosed Disc Bulge
  153. 17 months later . . .
  154. Flexeril problems
  155. Facet Joint Injections - Need Answers Fast!
  156. Botox injections for muscle spasms
  157. DDD at age 18
  158. 4 weeks;fusion..very happy..ALMOST SCARE
  159. acupunkture anyone ???
  160. Numbness? Loss of sensation in back?
  161. Spine problems and now groin pain???
  162. Spinal Hardware causing problems?
  163. 3 weeks, 1 day post Micro D - Now having some back pain - need advice on PT
  164. Spinal stenosis treatment
  165. I'm Back
  166. Back Pain
  167. I am grateful for--
  168. One week until cervical fusion, NERVOUS!!!
  169. 3 months post op microdiscectomy
  170. there is hope
  171. Neck/back left shoulder pain and chiropractors
  172. Discogram results (need help)
  173. Extra Lumbar Vertebra
  174. Some eneral questions
  175. I need help deciding about fusion surgery
  176. I need help
  177. doing too much
  178. Excruciating Back Pain - help, please?
  179. How bad does smoking REALLY affect a Fusion???
  180. Ieeeww!
  181. Rejection? Infection?
  182. Worried! 3 weeks post op
  183. Tailbone?
  184. spine crooked 4 years after spinal surgery
  185. hip higher on right side
  186. One week post-op for L5-S1 fusion...New problem
  187. 17 days Post Micro D L5 S1 - Question on nerve pain
  188. Are we destined to pain management?
  189. Sciatica pain?
  190. medicare part d
  191. Need your help
  192. Be Careful
  193. Need Advice For Nerve Pain
  194. Need fusion surgery
  195. How do they do a "CT-Guided Needle Aspiration"?
  196. SI Joint Problems
  197. burning sensation in upper back
  198. does anyone actually work through severe back and leg pain
  199. Anyone heard of Dr. Ho's muscle messager system?
  200. Anyone have feeling of bugs crawling down legs after walking?
  201. Laser Therapy
  202. Best position for sleep?
  203. Some pain after walking today 15 days post op Microdiscectomy
  204. Anyone with Degenerative disk disease
  205. Help with MRI report
  206. I dont know what is wrong
  207. 3 week post op fusion. Need Advice
  208. Significant Spinal stenosis? question (m)....
  209. Failed Back Syndrome
  210. Went to pain clinic..............
  211. My surgery went well
  212. need advice
  213. 3 days post-op for L5-S1 Fusion...need advice
  214. 4 Weeks Post Op- Fusion, Very Happy
  215. fearing back spasm to come back PLEASE HELP!
  216. NEL Assessment Canada
  217. Referral to Mayo
  218. bone growth stimulators
  219. discogram today
  220. TLIF Advice Needed
  221. Pack Pain from sitting on wooden chairs
  222. Spinal Fusion's New Competition !!
  223. post-op chronic pain
  224. Tailbone pain? And Scoliosis...
  225. Running? School? Stress?
  226. Degenerated disks, no surgical help???
  227. Cervical Stenosis Symptoms?
  228. L5-S1 please read/are these symptoms/post artificial disc replacement
  229. Could Someone Tell Me What This Means Please ?
  230. Double Laminectomy on 2 levels
  231. 11 days Post Op Microdiscetomy - 2 Week Follow up
  232. myofacial pain
  233. Moderator
  234. Need input on spinal epidurals
  235. Cervical Problems & Tremors
  236. Upper back between shoulder blade and spine
  237. Has anyone ever expirenced this
  238. anyone know
  239. Still Can't Sleep
  240. 20 year old with pain for 5 years. Just had 1st spinal fusion surgery.
  241. Spinal Headache Woes
  242. 2 previous surgeries, can anyone help me?
  243. Wallis Implant?
  244. Has anyone else had this type shock pain
  245. Physiatrists, facet injections, bedside manner
  246. Exercises besides swimming
  247. News flash-rushed to ER last night......
  248. Had surgery Nov. 8th
  249. Topamax for back pain
  250. Chiropractor Question

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