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  1. Ultram Warning
  2. Atten: 360fusion where are you?
  3. lower back pain
  4. Emg Results!
  5. danguvt.. Where are you ??
  7. numbness after surgery?
  8. Lower back pain questions
  9. Why does it hurt the most in the morning? (Sciatic pinch)
  10. 2nd surgery on L5/S1, questions...
  11. Worried about getting off of Dilaudid
  12. One hip higher than other one and...
  13. Upper back pain, please help!
  14. L5 S1 fusion 1 week away - could use some success stories and words of wisdom
  15. New Member, Need Adivce on muti back problems
  16. Date set for surgery
  17. left arm muscles twitching/spasming, sore/heavy/weak feeling
  18. Treatment for Sacrailiac Joint Irritation?
  19. Tylenol 4 for back pain
  20. Inversion table and surgery
  21. Fusion surgery interfearing with monthly
  22. Who Has Or Having This Done ???radio Frequency Ablation Of The Facets Surgery?
  23. Calf Muscle Spasm
  24. Some help or advice please:
  25. Artificial disc replacement
  26. 72 Hours And Plyus And Still --0 Pain After The 6 Injections
  27. sharp back pains!!!!!!
  28. please help me, advice needed
  29. 2 Weeks After Surgery
  30. Knotts?
  31. Iliac Crest Bone Graft
  32. For dobeday & onyxgates re: pain
  33. Cauda Equina Syndrome ?
  34. Neurosurgeon visit today
  35. New pain relief method
  36. I think I have a knot in the muscle in my back.
  37. Any ideas
  38. Sitting lower back pain
  39. need help
  40. ques: painkillers
  41. ques: scared!!!!!!!!!
  42. Meds for neuropathy/radiculopathy
  43. Im worried
  44. Message for Quietcook
  45. Severe numbness and pain in right arm STILL, long after injury!
  46. What should expect, ask?
  47. ques: hospital bed
  48. atten: charliecat31
  49. The radiologist misread my films
  50. Surgery backed up
  51. Acupuncture-Good & Bad Experiences
  52. job interview while still taking prescription pain meds
  53. neck mri results, report said i swallowed to much
  54. C7 help
  55. Attention: All
  56. Attention: Mel
  57. 3rd surgery coming up
  58. Had microdiscectomy on L5-S1 8 months ago and now a different spot in my back hurts.
  59. Keppra side effect???
  60. For Losy
  61. Need Advice on pain relief for degenerative spinal disease.
  62. Middle Back - Dull Burn
  63. Re:eclose
  64. Ques: 360 Fusion
  65. Back or Kidney?
  66. L4 damage
  67. ques: fusion
  68. neck pain-need help
  69. Pain Management Specialist
  70. sneezing and new symptoms
  71. Jayboy...how are you?
  72. legs go numb when I lay on my stomach
  73. When do you need a fusion
  74. Question--AM I A FREAK??? HELP PLS
  75. does anyone know what disc being injured could cause numbness in your mouth?
  76. ques: pain meds
  77. Back Muscle Soreness - Right side under scapula
  78. question: 360 fusion
  79. -
  81. What Is an ESI ?
  82. ANy idea as to whats causing this
  83. back pain for no reason?
  84. Lower back pain.
  85. Stiff back, loud cracks.
  86. Question on Discogram
  87. Back Pain since Monday
  88. Shrink for back pain
  90. Back Ache
  91. Radiculopathy L5-s1 Mean ?
  92. One year post fusion
  93. anyone understand nerve damage?
  94. Decompression Therapy : Need Advice
  95. Unusual Poll but interesting
  96. for those with Anterior incisions from surgery.
  97. Finally got clearance from Surgeon!!
  98. Its back to work full time!!
  99. shoulder problem
  100. Fusion after ADR ?? Answers anyone
  101. New MRI results
  102. neck pain
  103. When i lay down i feel like i cant breath because my back is hurting so bad
  104. Fractured vertebrae anyone? Need help
  105. New Diagnosis - Not What I Wanted to Hear
  106. Help I am in so much pain
  107. Got my MRI results
  108. back and neck pain-need relief
  109. eating my words
  110. Osteopenia and total disk replacement???
  111. Post fusion questions...
  112. Emg/ncs
  113. Whats the deal with Scarring and therapy for Micro D recovery?
  114. Radiofrequency Ablation surgery
  115. MRI questions
  116. Back problems and martial arts
  117. Legal protections and work
  118. quietcook
  119. Had ESI today....
  120. Enzyme Epidurals
  121. Uuuugh!!!
  122. neck and upper back in spasm
  123. mri tech said i swallowed to much causing film to be unreadable
  124. Lower back injury and exercise
  125. mri tomorrow and severely claustrobic
  126. Going for my first ESI in the morning...
  127. totally frustrated
  128. swollen back - scared :(
  129. What to expect once I wake up after fusion
  130. Strange Back Pain
  131. Pain Again !!!!!!!!
  132. Lower Back Pain
  133. pain medication
  134. sneezed, had shooting pain through shoulder/down arm
  135. Cervical Spondylotic Melopathy
  136. decompression gone bad
  137. An info on facet joint syndrome?
  138. My Back Operation...
  139. Where did the year go?
  140. 3 levels that surgically repaired
  141. 4 weeks post Micro-D and I tripped :-(
  142. need help
  143. Do you get severly aggitated at doctors visits????
  144. Is the pump the way to go?
  145. hopenj77 - how are you?
  146. pain from mid back to head
  147. disectomy without fusion
  148. SSD Review - Sending Me to Family Practitioner!
  149. Spinal Headache Etc...
  150. MRI vs CT for cervical bone spurs
  151. 10 weeks post Micro D - Scar Tissue - Epidural question
  152. Red/Purple-ish rash
  153. new disk problem??
  154. Explain impression to me.
  155. Glucosamine/Chondroitin
  156. Any Federal Employees here?.........
  157. Thorasic Problems
  158. Pain and Depression:bouncing:
  159. re:terri43
  160. Golf after surgery
  161. Question for Jayboy
  162. Dr Not doing fusion yet
  163. Therapy 8 weeks after fusion
  164. Released from hospital 3 days ago ....
  165. What Do I Do Now?
  166. Ques: Comp Orthopedic Decision????
  167. strange lower back (Diagnosed as IBS but i cant understand some things)
  168. went for emg today......???????????????
  169. Going back to teach!
  170. 4 weeks post microdiscectomy
  171. Complete blockage noted on myleogram
  172. Upright MRI - See you're discs under load just like you use them each day!!!
  173. Spinal Cord Impingement- How much is too much?
  174. Minimally Invasive Surgery and Experienced Doctors
  175. Need Help Reading An Mri Report
  176. ? for anyone who uses a cane
  177. The steps of getting / applying for social ser. disability
  178. Merry Christmas!
  179. social ser. disability case
  180. Happy Holidays To All!
  181. Desparately Need Advice
  182. New Drug! Working wonders!!!
  183. question: websites
  184. Back pain & employment options
  185. spondylolisthesis pain
  186. Work Comp Back Injury & Bariatric Surgery II
  187. ques: about bone grafts
  188. ques: anterior or posterior fusion?
  189. swimming and back pain
  190. Caught a cold and can't take anything
  191. botox injections for tight muscles
  192. Need info on ESI
  193. re: about comp doc doing fusion
  194. well the day is coming soon
  195. Hemangeoma...anyone with this?
  196. What to do..catch 22?
  197. Hey Ed
  198. Can anyone help: mid-back pain - sound familiar?
  199. looking forward to fusion
  200. Constipation
  201. Wine for back pain?
  202. 7 months post op - TKR time?
  203. Pregabalin Lyrica
  204. Simple question
  205. Hello Again
  206. Burning, tingling cold feeling on your skin???
  207. ques: emg
  208. ques: pain meds and liver
  209. ques: should comp surgeon say no to the facts?
  210. What should I do??
  211. broken collar bone question
  212. Surgery on 10/11/05 went well so far
  213. Degenerative Disc Disease.....
  214. Actiq Medication
  215. Lumbar Facet Blocks/ Radio Frequency Ablation Of The Facets
  216. Hardware Removal Tomorrow...
  217. Cracking pain in chest when I roll my shoulders anyone else?
  218. 2 level fusion this week ;)
  219. Toes curling - anyone heard of this?
  220. To: hopenj77 (Tim)
  221. On Oxycontin, lost COBRA Insurance, it ran out...Oxy is expensive.
  222. Anyone had Fusion in Canada - please respond
  223. Is It Easy To Get Temporary Disability
  224. Please Give Advice On Hopenj Posts
  225. what are the pain levels after a 3 level lumbar fusion???
  226. can someone give words of wisdom
  227. New Here wanted to say Hi
  228. Recovery question
  229. Driving after fusion?
  230. Pain while walking
  231. used to be a spasm, now I don't know what it is..
  232. Microdiscectomy
  233. question for jayboy557
  234. Diskectomy Lamy Scar Tissue Help!
  235. discogram info please
  236. Buffalo Hump?
  237. I have to ask
  238. Everything to gain nothing to lose
  239. will an EMG show the location of nerve impingement
  240. will an EMG show the location of nerve impingement
  241. Back pain and neck pain intolerable. HELP!!!!
  242. hi Shakespeare
  243. Post Fusion surgery Searching for answers
  244. Has anyone been prescribed Loestrin?
  245. in a car accident and...
  246. Spine MD in New Orleans area
  247. Posture Correction?
  248. My MRI report says...Help!
  249. Differing Opinions On Post-Op Bracing!
  250. Doctor in Missouri...can anyone help?

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