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  1. Spinal Headache Woes
  2. 2 previous surgeries, can anyone help me?
  3. Wallis Implant?
  4. Has anyone else had this type shock pain
  5. Physiatrists, facet injections, bedside manner
  6. Exercises besides swimming
  7. News flash-rushed to ER last night......
  8. Had surgery Nov. 8th
  9. Topamax for back pain
  10. Chiropractor Question
  11. Question on Spasms or Cramps after Microdiscectomy
  12. BETTYJ, are you here? Need 2 ask question 2u (m)..
  13. To Carol About Disk
  14. anyone have emg what to expect
  15. disc problems
  16. Am I broken?
  17. 19 y/o with back problems
  18. 2nd discogram showed I need 2 level fusion - How do I handle recovery w a toddler??
  19. Microdiscectomy 7 days ago - in pain - help!
  20. back pain
  21. Frustrated with others opinions ..
  22. What does it feel like when feeling comes back??
  23. Second Surgery 11/14
  24. Lordosis
  25. Advice Needed on Insurance
  26. Hi...Any Advice would be great !
  27. Back Soreness (need advise)
  28. Does anybody really believe?
  29. dizziness
  30. Has anyone had a screw come loose L5-S1
  31. Exercise
  32. Doc ordered another Lumbar MRI for 11/14 (m)...
  33. More Neck Surgery Foraminatomy
  34. Doctor's appt. today.......
  35. Back Pain
  36. is spondylolisthesis related to toe numbness??
  37. Double Laminectomy
  38. Back from surgery.So -Far ,So -Good
  39. Guess what a night of coughing gets you?
  40. new problems
  41. ? re. loss of feeling
  42. Surgery
  43. Chest & Back Pain
  44. Lyrica working!
  45. Can anyone answer this??
  46. Pain when angry
  47. Hip pain.
  48. Myelogram is scheduled, what to expect?
  49. Neck pain and cracking
  50. could i have serious damage to back
  51. Chiropractor
  52. Weird Pain
  53. Microdiscectomy question
  54. Eci
  55. question about back pain
  56. Nucleoplasty question
  57. Last week's ESI didn't work either...(m)...
  58. problem sleeping:(
  59. Cabin Fever----holy Cow!!!!!
  60. rf denervation
  61. Pain In Middle Of Back
  62. Accu-spina system
  63. Lower Back Pain
  64. I feel like I'm going crazy...
  65. Residual back pain 7 years after surgery
  66. Really need input, plz read.
  67. Hernaited and Surgery
  68. C6-7 epideural after effects
  69. When do I feel normal again?
  70. years of pain
  71. Maximum benefit?
  72. scar tissue
  73. sciatica?
  74. bilateral disc bulging
  75. Barre-Lieou
  76. Pain Management Doc REALLY TICKING ME OFF!!!!
  77. Tramadol and Drug Test?
  78. cortizonebackinjections
  79. Functional capacity test
  80. money to help pay for pain relief products
  81. Is this disc protrusion considered really "bad" to you?
  82. Tired and Frustrated
  83. Leg Burning-UPDATE
  84. W/C dening and I'm getting worse
  85. Can someone answer my question,please?
  86. Chronic Pain & Chemical Dependency
  87. Post Surgery--Finally--but still have ????'s
  88. Last Dr. visit before surgery.
  89. Silly Help
  90. help
  91. Bump on upperback/neck
  92. Scoliosis - Shoulder pops?
  93. Pain
  94. Please Help-post Op Leg Burning
  95. will emg test tell if nerve damage is permanent
  96. woke up with horrible pain in middle of back
  97. Tests on Mon. 10/31
  98. MRI shows ringtype annular tear of L5 disc
  99. Back push ups, back presses
  100. Fusion on 12/10/04---STILL major pain
  101. This is getting Crazy
  102. Pre-Operative Tests
  103. Quietcook, if you have time to respond
  104. Confused
  105. Bad news from the Neurosurgeon!
  106. Spinal Cord Stimulator
  107. Thank God For This Board
  108. I guess it's time for a myelogram
  109. right side of head, neck and shoulder strange muscle problem.PLEASE HELP SO DESPERATE
  110. Morning Back Pain Waking Me Up
  111. What a frustrating day! (wc)
  112. degenerative disc disease suffer
  113. Nerve Damage in Cervical Spine
  114. Has anyone in NY heard of this clinic?
  115. Question
  116. Scheduled SI Joint Inj today. Anesthes said..L4/L5 instead...
  117. TLIF Fusion 1 week post op questions
  118. Worried -- Neck Problems
  119. Lumbar support pillow advice?
  120. 1 Year Post-Op - Exercise Advice Please!!
  121. workers comp
  122. Insurance problems for fusion???
  123. Has anyone ever felt a pop in their back when they bent over?
  124. Need advice on results of MRI
  125. OYE....And the ride continues...update for those following..
  126. Experience with post-op cyst removal (sacral), recovery of function?
  127. Bioabsorbable Fusion Cages
  128. Surgical report after L4/L5 discectomy
  129. Car: Low Back Seating Comfort
  130. wedge fracture...old?
  131. Disintegrating fusion cages
  132. W. Comp. decision being reviewed by state, Any info.?
  133. please help me i am worried about my husband
  134. 11 Epiderals and now constant lower back pain???
  135. Fusion recovery and comp questions
  136. Back Surgery and Smoking? :/
  137. Anyone Have Complications From A CSF Leak?
  138. Hernaited and Surgery
  139. ACDF 2 Level Cost for uninsured - JUST FYI
  140. Please Please Help Help
  141. living with degenerative disc disease
  142. increased numbness after ESI-Normal?
  143. How to research a Neurosurgeon...
  144. Strange feeling in Right Arm
  145. woah, i dont like Lyrica..please read, i can barely type
  146. discogram?
  147. Sleeping w/ cervical collar
  148. Hi Gang!!
  149. sucessful surgery, thanks to all
  150. Has Back Surgery Relieved Anyone's "Back Pain" or only your "Leg Pain"?
  151. Do I or Don't I?
  152. Amazing IME!
  153. new leg symptoms
  154. New ortho on Mon. 10/24/05
  155. Had my followup after MRI today...good and bad... please read. Have Q's about Lyrica
  156. What would you do???
  157. have you ever felt like your mid is twisted?
  158. Acute Pain To Cronic, Depression?
  159. MRI report does anyone know what this means?
  160. MRI Terminology - understanding your report
  161. Cost of 2 Level Fusion C4/5 and C5/6
  162. Lipoma
  163. Cervical Discogram & Cervical Fusion
  164. Work Comp Back Injury & Bariatric Surgery
  165. lower back pain & hip pain
  166. A question about fusions and discs
  167. MRI can someone tell me what this means
  168. L3-L4 Far Lateral Disc Excision
  169. Went back to DR today
  170. A sudden neck pain and stiffness
  171. Pain in Lower back / hip / pelvis area
  172. FUSION: LT-CAGE Device...anyone have this done?
  173. My Scoliosis Story...Plz Respond
  174. Discovery at 1st PT appt., Opinions on Piriformis? (m)...
  175. What could this be?
  176. VAX-D Therapy developed by NASA. Anyway tried it? wondering if its BS...
  177. from patient who had disc replacement
  178. neck help
  179. Feel like Dr.'s are not helping, what to do???
  180. Tight calves and thights w/ lots of pain..any info?
  181. Good example...be cautious and read this
  182. EMG Nerve Study Results and Questions
  183. ADR/Dynesys fusion after traditional fusion
  184. update on dr app!
  185. Is Chiropracic Treatment a Scam?
  186. anyone have or know about disc replacement?
  187. Epidural First Shot Pls Advice..?
  188. Does Anyone Have Any Ideas
  189. 2 failed bmicrodiscectomy's 26/f ...anyone had a succesful fusion? My surgeon...
  190. Has anyone heard of/tryed VAX-D therapy...
  191. 3 3/4 months post opt fusion - Returned from Doc Scared - Long Please Help
  192. Can't take Neurontin anymore....What else works???
  193. neck and shoulder pain
  194. Comperssion fracture of L1 & L2
  195. 6 Months post-op microdiscectomy. Is jogging risky?
  196. Shawley, Good Luck
  197. Help. Freaking Out. Nerve Injection
  198. Lower back,leg and hip pain.
  199. Question about pain
  200. How often do you have physical therapy?
  201. Open Discectomy VS. Endoscopic Microdiscectomy?
  202. Help on info..PLEASE
  203. Lower back and leg problems?
  204. how to straighten a crooked back?
  205. EMG +Theapy +Surgery
  206. How long to recover from discectomy?
  207. Lower back flare-up
  208. Have Surgery or Take My Chances & Cause Permanent Nerve Damage?
  209. Popping of the NECK
  210. Muscle spasms in your legs?
  211. Discogram - OUCH!
  212. Lower Back pain linked to other pain?
  213. Questions about MRI of neck
  214. lower back and neck pain
  215. Nerve Testing Please Help
  216. Nerve Root Injection Heals?
  217. kt41577 update
  218. Is artificial disc replacement a good idea?
  219. Lower back pain for a week now
  220. dr app. 18th any suggestions?
  221. L5/ S1 = no disc for me!
  222. Buging discs and small bone spur?
  223. Inversion Tables ??
  224. Question about MRIs with dye vs. discograms
  225. A question about fusions
  226. disc ?
  227. how many hours a day are you in bed?
  228. managing pain meds for back
  229. Radiofrequency Ablation Treatment
  230. The neuro with an ego
  231. D.O vs. M.D?
  232. Can anyone tell me what these mean in English plse
  233. Problems With Back
  234. Bulging disc and pregnancy??Pain meds??
  235. Has anyone had a percutaneous Tlif fusion
  236. Lower Back Pain..Can't Walk Sometimes
  237. My upcoming surgery, and teh bad news I recieved today about it.
  238. New Orleans Area doc's
  239. questions about epidural problems
  240. Torn disc question???
  241. is this SI Joint pain or L5-S1
  242. Lower right back pain
  243. Please help me understand discogram rec. for numbness and pain
  244. back problems
  245. Anterior/posterior fusions questions
  246. Back Problems Causing Stomache Problems?
  247. Fear - our own worst enemy
  248. Thorasic back pain, stomach disorder
  249. Fusion update and Opinion needed
  250. please help.. spondylolisthesis

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