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  1. Flirting w/fever: Post microdiscectomy Help.
  2. Hey, TexasWildRose
  3. valley or bontaic witch or somebody please help!!!
  4. Poping sound in lower back
  5. More Surgery!!!!
  6. One Leg Colder Than The Other
  7. i got a question
  8. I'm back
  9. My body is so tired!
  10. Going to see pcp
  11. Hardware Removal
  12. I felt wierd, 4 day post-op
  13. Nerve Root Injection????
  14. Facet Joint Syndrome/ DDD
  15. Hey Mysine..................
  16. MRI Report, Can anyone help me interpret it?
  17. Experiencing some strange things.. Possibly side effects of Meds.
  18. Back and Neck Problems caused by ZOLOFT!
  19. Golf After Surgery
  20. Calf Pain
  21. So Sore Inside
  22. chest hurting right below breasts
  23. Question, please help
  24. Open vs. Micro Discectomy
  25. Looking for ADR DR Sarasota/PC Fl area
  26. L2-L3 Surgery Anyone?
  27. Any good back Dr. rec's for central NJ?
  28. CASEY 5 ~ ?'s u may know;)
  29. EMG Anyone????
  30. day 3 post-op
  31. c 5-6-7 fusion 2 yrs ago, still have pain
  32. 1 month and 1 week post op----FRUSTRATED!
  33. Any Advice Appreciated
  34. Help
  35. methylprednisone, epidural blocks & fusion?????
  36. How do you know if a Fusion is taking?
  37. I'm Blessed
  38. Does anyone else feel this way?
  39. Selective Nerve Block
  40. I'm Baaa--ack!!
  41. 3 weeks post-op and still having major muscle spasms and pain, want opinions please!!
  42. day two post-op
  43. Understanding Myelogram Terminology
  44. I think i over did it........
  46. i'm home and healing,,,horray!!!
  47. Question on my meds
  48. surgeons in buffalo?
  49. one month and counting....
  50. Oxycontin
  51. testosterone level
  52. im home
  53. Is it a pinched nerve?????
  54. Test results are back
  55. i again today saw i dont got it to bad
  56. I'm Back Online!!
  57. Is Artificial Disc Relacement An Alternative To Fusion?
  58. Topamax users...HELP I'm on neurontin and sick!
  59. have a question..
  60. Need Fusion Info
  61. Help!!! Back Brace
  62. symptoms of disc problems...
  63. Help needed..... Dear Friends
  64. More Surgery!
  65. HELP!! I may have done it again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  66. level II spondy w/surgery?
  67. Mri Terms Need Definitons
  68. Doc says u need op... but u decide which one?!!
  69. Pinched Nerve?
  70. Some type of scholio?
  71. General Back Pain
  72. Aspirin imparing healing?
  73. Tspine???
  74. Back Problems
  75. DDD and worried about fusion
  76. oh man i am soooooooo scareddddddddd
  77. Epidural Adhesiolysis vs. Sacral Foraminectomy?
  78. Less Post-Op Scar Tissue w/glue?
  79. Injections caused foot drop?
  80. 3 days without pain pills and having leg pain when laying down.
  81. 2 weeks post-surgery, having major problems help!!
  82. Has anyone ever felt this way???
  83. Reaching lifetime max benefits
  84. Bmp?
  85. MRI results
  86. Microdiscectomy Pre-Op
  87. I survived my disco!
  88. Diva ?
  89. I'm new here and finally have answers!!
  90. Foot drop
  91. my turn!
  92. Insurance balking at ADR
  93. Has this ever happened to you?
  94. a question about drop foot?????
  95. Pain has been bad all day
  96. Post Op pain?
  97. prolotherapy??
  98. Living will????
  99. It just dawned on me
  100. going going goen
  101. 10 levels and going strong
  102. I am so scared.....doctors appt in 3 hours
  103. Does Neuorotin Or Mobic Cause Weight Gain?
  104. I'm getting pretty scared!
  105. Do arch supports help disc problems? Please help
  106. saddle anesthesia
  107. Changing Doctor?
  108. Physiotherapy? YAY or NAY?
  109. Still doing great!
  110. Tracer......need your help!!!
  111. I am getting nervousssssss
  112. Rachel Where are you?
  113. I think I decided....
  114. Nerve Root Block and Leg Pain
  115. WOW!!! Surgery this Thursday!?!
  116. Scheduled appt for Orthopedic Surgeon....Now What???
  117. Degenerative Discs & Pain Management
  118. ? Unstability After Fusion???
  119. Do the Spasms EVER stop??
  120. Your Spine Surgery...success or failure?
  121. Is fusion really the answer
  122. Surgery after Disco
  123. SI joint/muscle knot
  124. Foot Pain
  125. lower back pain
  126. Helloooooo Terecia!
  127. Anyone heard of somatization disorder?
  128. has Anyone On The Boards
  129. diclofenac - lower back pain
  130. How to tell if nerve is pinched?
  131. grabber, toilet seat extender, etc.
  132. TENS after discectamy
  133. help with mri results
  134. Has anyone ever taken Lodine?
  135. When will this nerve damage repair itself....if ever!
  136. Help Besides Drugs for Pinched Nerve?
  137. Nerve Freezing anyone underwent this..?
  138. feels like my back is on fire...anyone get this?
  139. Effexor for pain
  140. Another Question...arthritis In Facet Joints
  141. Tramadol
  142. Finding Good Docs
  143. Linda I need your help about the SCS
  144. ?
  145. Can a fusion rid back pain
  146. Thought I messed up BIGTIME! today!!!
  147. New here and I have tons of ???'s
  148. Who Can Do Injections?
  149. Can you all check and see if you have bump about an 1 or 2 inches above tailbone?
  150. Facet Joint Vs. Si Joint Dys. Frustrated!!
  151. I have no idea what's wrong with me..but it hurts.
  152. How is everyone today :angel:
  153. Nerve Implant
  154. tramadol
  155. Opinion on a brace after a fusion
  156. pain... help me understand
  157. pain... help me understand
  158. Find the beauty in today...
  159. FlyGirl101 ~ Zanaflex
  160. post op visit
  161. buldging disc-laminectomy -unsucessful surgery
  162. HNP & Calf cramps
  163. Cannot lay on back without pain.
  164. Went to the doc, found out what was wrong
  165. facet blocks
  166. Side effects of ESI injections!
  167. 23 yrs old and have backpain ALL the time :-(
  168. Left Side Back Pain
  169. i'm 23 and have lower back pain ALL the time :-(
  170. F/U tomorrow on Discogram ..I am scared
  171. well NOW what? :)
  172. hello, glad to have new friends
  173. What can I expect?
  174. New To The Board & Have Some Questions ABout Spine Fusion?
  175. What can I expect?
  176. Oops made mistake on $92000
  177. Good news, bad news
  178. Help, getting a nerve block and have questions..
  179. Fusions only last up to 6 years???
  180. Pain Patches after Surgery?
  181. I think back injury weakened my leg.
  182. Where do spasms come from? Unbelievable pain
  183. Tirzah???
  184. 2nd week post op, Fusion
  185. $92000 for back surgery, Normal????
  186. Emg results are in and not happy
  187. "Hypertrophic Facets"?
  188. can you help
  189. Please Help! Need a lay diagnosis.
  190. I need someone to talk to....please!
  191. Wanna play Dr?
  192. 2 level fusion......Discogram....Help!
  193. One more question for this morning
  194. Unstable After Fusion!!
  195. What to take to the hospital to wear
  196. "FLY!" ~ >> Fosamax builds bone
  197. Can someone help pls (a bit Stressed here)
  198. back problems/pain meds causing marriage problems
  199. [B]is this true[/B]
  200. any help pls???
  201. Need advice for undiagnosed condition
  202. Know anything about ReBuilder?
  203. Microdiskectomy reveals hole in disk
  204. Pelvic pain and Siatica
  205. my doctor recommended ADR
  206. yoooooo-hoooo Myrna....
  207. sacroiliac joint dysfunction
  208. If not now, when...
  209. Is IDET onlt for the lumbar?
  210. Surgery Tomorrow for Me...
  211. Different Level Problems after L5-S1 Fusion??
  212. almost 3 weeks post op and questions
  213. Codeine for Back Pain?
  214. IDET out looking at other options
  215. myspine????????????
  216. Re-Started PT Today!
  217. Any Suggestions
  218. Began Neurontin and doing better
  219. middle back pain
  220. MRI Test Results?
  221. Just got injections!
  222. Had Disco today
  223. i need a little help here
  224. Second opinion needed?
  225. Female Question Beware!!!
  226. Back Pain and Not Loving It
  227. New here. Need advice please
  228. Surgery...to have or not to have? Help!
  229. does anyone know
  230. ive heard
  231. Neurosurgeon appt...
  232. hello, hello
  233. Does L5/S1 Fusion affect L4/L5
  234. Posture improvement for the sportsman?
  235. SI joint dysfunction
  236. What have I done to myself???
  237. Foot pain and back problems!
  238. Upperleg/Lowerback Sensations
  239. The Brace is back!
  240. Neck/Back Problem
  241. Thank you Quietcook and others!
  242. 2 Level Fusion: What to Expect???
  243. Heat causes inflammation.
  244. Where are you Linda and Marianne??
  245. Signed up for more TORTURE!
  246. hi. new to board/please help w/lower back
  247. Antibiotics before teeth cleaning?
  248. when you rest or take it easy does it help your back
  249. percutaneous discectomy/has anyone had it done or know about it
  250. vibration man /question for you

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