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  1. Is it possible or doesn't make sense?
  2. How much is the average cost to buy the essential things to have a baby though.
  3. I'm alive!!
  4. favourite pet names.
  5. Ideas to help stay away from boredom
  6. What's Your Favorite Thing About Spring
  7. Sports
  8. midnight in paris
  9. What's the Weather Like There?
  10. Holiday Plans
  11. What to do after Graduation?
  12. House sitting questions...
  13. Merry christmas
  14. What would you all prefer?
  15. ever have a great day unexpectedly?
  16. How do you know your significant other is the cheapest person on earth?
  17. Choosing a career for the rest of my life
  18. What is the most Unlucky thing that ever happened to you?
  19. Any Tips on how to write a journal?
  20. Will give up internet and cancel it. It's not Unhealthy is it?
  21. Non-Health Related Subjects, Human only.
  22. Laundry problems unresolved, que sera sera
  23. So happy
  24. What I'm thankful for
  25. small town living
  26. Whats the happiest time in your life?
  27. Mom against putting pet dog to sleep
  28. Moving Past Your College Regrets
  29. Reoccurring dream?
  30. Do you think in words or pictures?
  31. Why do we exist
  32. Important question about a movie relating to Down Syndrome
  33. Quieting a Biological Clock
  34. BPii, is career in brass performance adviseable?
  35. Black eyed peas
  36. Afraid of others' success
  37. Christmas Help!!!
  38. I Think We All Forget...
  39. Why doesn't anyone believe me
  40. What's the happiest time in your life?
  41. Totally weird dream
  42. Why are some people more successful than others?
  43. I'm in a hurry to live my life
  44. Are children charged the same price at weddings??
  45. What are your expectations for longevity?
  46. Ever notice some plastic products "stink"?
  47. radiation in our environment
  48. Is love a bodily function?
  49. How would you surprise your best friend on her birthday!!
  50. Traveling with a handicapped adult daughter
  51. Intuition
  52. Any moms work?
  53. How long do you spend on your way to work?
  54. Happiness
  55. The Purpose of life?
  56. (humor) How to get along with doctors
  57. Super Bowl Partay Time!
  58. just got our Wii set up
  59. nursery themes for boys
  60. Friday 13