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  1. please help
  2. Bladder Cancer
  3. scared
  4. Stage 4 resectable bladder cancer
  5. Can I trust the urologist?
  6. Passing blood and clots in urine-Any ideas-scared
  7. Shadow (solid structure) between neck of bladder and cervix
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  10. 93 y/o Mom has bladder cancer
  11. Bladder Instillation for bladder cancer
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  13. transurethral resection of bladder tumor
  14. Husband & Bladder Cancer - his experience
  15. can a abdomen cat scan detect bladder cancer
  16. Blood in urine and back ache/CT Scan
  17. Anyone have experience with Bladder Tumors?
  18. what to expect with bladder cancer.
  19. Chronic Dysuria
  20. bladder cancer
  21. frightening letter from consultant
  22. My Identical twin brother's cancer spread to bladder
  23. Atypical clusters of urothelial cells
  24. blood in urine and a nervous wreck
  25. cancer
  26. Is there such a thing as cancer nutritionists?
  27. Blood in urine and adnexal mass? Pls Help.
  28. Had first BCG yesterday
  29. 7 weeks post TURP - bladder control problems
  30. Who has had BCG treatments?
  31. Bladder cancer?
  32. Are there alternative therapies than BCG treatment and chemo
  33. Questions about TA stage & BCG treatment for bladder cancer
  34. Fallen bladder
  35. Bladder cancer BCG side effects
  36. Extreme bladder pain when urinating
  37. do i have bladder cancer?
  38. need some information
  39. can someone shed some light on this please?
  40. going for CT scans
  41. just had a turp done
  42. Urine Cytology test
  43. What is this?? Help
  44. Husband TCC highgrade bladder cancer origin in Kidney
  45. how long to get bladder control following turp for enlarged prostate
  46. Help... Need guidance... please
  47. Plavix and Bladder Cancer symptoms
  48. What to expect?
  49. Returning to work after Spinal Fusion
  50. Bladder Cancer Prognosis based on the following...
  51. Bladder cancer recovery-weight loss
  52. cystocele and rectocele post op
  53. The Full Monty
  54. Blader cancer
  55. Permanent Foley Catheter
  56. bladder cancer treatment
  57. carcinoma in situ-Bladder
  58. adominal/lower back pain
  59. Prostrate removal and bladder control
  60. Is this a reaction?
  61. What type of Treatments available
  62. This board is for bladder cancer discussion, only.
  63. post-bladder neck incision
  64. Someone help me please
  65. Cancer in bladder
  66. TURP in Ontario
  67. mowery1
  68. How long can Bladder Cancer lie dormant?
  69. Waiting for tests to be done
  70. Worried about possibility of bladder cancer
  71. Options Following Removal of Bladder
  72. problem with prostate, colon and/or bladder?
  73. Bladder Neck incision (TUIP)
  74. vesicare for bladder issues while traveling
  75. Bladder problems
  76. Thickening of the Urinary Bladder Wall?!?
  77. my bladder neck keep blocking after my postate operation
  78. Sleep Problems/ overactive bladder/ mitrovalve prolapse
  79. 2 mm kidney stone w/bladder wall thickening
  80. bladder cancer
  81. Bladder/Pelvic pressure at 14 weeks
  82. UTI or Bladder infection always comes back could it be something else?
  83. TVT Bladder sling surgery Question
  84. must train to urinate, can't empty bladder, hypospadias
  85. bladder cancer causes
  86. tumor in bladder
  87. bladder cancer
  88. bladder control
  89. tons of urine in bladder; when peeing, spewing blood?
  90. Interstitial Cystitis/IC womens bladder issues
  91. Mystery pelvic/bladder pain
  92. nodule in bladder
  93. Bladder Pain
  94. Rectal prolapse, rectocele, & bladder/vaginal cystoceles
  95. Severe Prolapses in Rectal, Bladder & Vaginal Compartments/Rectocele and Cystoceles
  96. Post op Rectocele/Cystocele/bladder suspension no bowel movement
  97. Bladder Incontinence After MI TLIF
  98. self-catheterization and bladder infections
  99. Worsening pain with bladder problems, concern??
  100. Mass in Bladder-yikes
  101. Red spot on my bladder??
  102. "Sneezing" Bladder Syndrome & Fibromyalgia
  103. Bladder problems?!?!
  104. Help with Dull pain possible Bladder
  105. Need help for bladder control post-op
  106. Anyone else had a cyst on their bladder?
  107. Constent bladder pressure with negitive urinary tract infection?
  108. when i urinate there a pulling pain from my bladder and when i wipe there is brown cl
  109. What does bladder spasm pain feel like?
  110. back pain - bladder problem???
  111. Chromosom disorder and bladder?????
  112. baffled by bladder problem
  113. Overactive Bladder
  114. Bladder pain and no help....
  115. ? regarding spinal cord compression and bowel/bladder issues
  116. abnormal cells in the bladder
  117. Neurologic causes for bladder incontinence and neuropathy
  118. 6 days after endometrial ablation ,having full bladder sensations is it normal
  119. bladder
  120. bladder infection prevention
  121. My bladder hurts :(
  122. Possible bladder infection? What the DUCE?! Answers-Please!
  123. hydrodistention of the bladder
  124. Orgasm only when bladder is full!!!!
  125. Loss of bladder control
  126. Bladder sling & scratching during intercourse
  127. why hysterectomy with a bladder lift
  128. Constant feeling of a full bladder
  129. bladder
  130. spinal stenosis and bladder problems
  131. Every time i have antibiotics for bladder infection
  132. bladder is swollen
  133. What can I do to empty my bladder?
  134. Bladder not emtying correctly...
  135. Bladder tuberculosis
  136. CT scan showed an air pocket in bladder
  137. Polyps in IC bladder
  138. bladder problem after ALIF surgery?
  139. Help with Overdistended Bladder!
  140. blood in urine
  141. Bladder infection + Pregnancy symptoms??
  142. Question about tactics for dealing with Bladder Pressure (and Travel)
  143. Questions about bladder, IC, Cystoscopy, NEED HELP NOW PLEASE
  144. do you have to have a hysterectomy with a prolapsed bladder
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  149. Bladder Infection or Something Else?
  150. bladder lift sugery with sling
  151. Bladder Sling (Transobturator sling) Having issues
  152. Overactive bladder
  153. Small bladder capacity and not emptying properly?
  154. Bladder Infection Before Period
  155. bladder infections after sex
  156. bladder leaks
  157. Not bladder infections
  158. Lumpness near my bladder...halp?
  159. Found ovarian cyst while bladder CT scan
  160. Bladder cancer?
  161. Bladder Reacts to Stress?
  162. bladder
  163. Does anyone have bladder issues?
  164. Bladder/UTI infection?
  165. how long did it take to get bladder control after turp
  166. bladder pain
  167. why can't i get rid of my bladder infections
  168. I have underactive bladder n cant wee
  169. That annoying bladder thing! grrr
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  171. bladder pressure
  172. im pretty sure this is just a bladder infection...???
  173. stent from bladder to kindey
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  175. Nervous Bladder Issues
  176. Bladder spasms.
  177. Update on my bladder problems.
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  180. Epidural without Cathader- Could this have caused bladder damage?
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  182. Bladder fell
  183. whats wrong when you cant empty bladder
  184. Inflamation of bladder
  185. Gas in bladder
  186. bladder cancer
  187. Blood test for cancer?
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  189. actually feel bladder when on stomach
  190. Chronic pain,Bladder Spasms,Blood and protein in my urine? But nothings wrong?!
  191. Bladder discomfort
  192. bladder spasm
  193. is it bladder pain??
  194. Lumbar Fusion--the bladder problem/question...What meds and why happening
  195. Bladder has a cold??
  196. bladder biopsy?
  197. bladder inflamation slight and at the very base
  198. bladder dysfunctions -choices to treat/fix?
  199. is their pain when a utera/bladder stent is removed
  200. Bladder Infection and Cycling
  201. what to do when the bladder doesn't empty completely
  202. does the bladder heal itself
  203. Bladder
  204. my strange weak bladder
  205. grossly unremarkable bladder what does this mean
  206. Hi to all bladder probs.
  207. Bubbles In Urine, How 2 use charcoal Tablets 2 Check For bladder Fistulas?
  208. Bladder pressure
  209. Interstitial Cystitis versus bladder infection - HELP
  210. Bladder Infection
  211. what to do if you bladder falls
  212. Possible minor loss of bladder control? Not sure what this is!
  213. how do I strengthen my bladder?
  214. pubic pain after bladder sling hystectomy
  215. How long does it take for vitamin C to work on a inflamed bladder.
  216. Help!VV bad pain in groin after emptying bladder,no sleep 2 of 3 nites
  217. Bladder Issues
  218. how do you know if your kidney stone is in your bladder
  219. inflammed bladder...... a little long
  220. Could meds contribute to kidney/bladder infections
  221. Now a UTI bladder problem
  222. UTI/Bladder infection concurrent with yeast?
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  224. bladder problem
  225. yeast and bladder irritation/uti symptoms...???
  226. Bladder Cancer - BCG
  227. Bladder "hesitation" -- any tips?
  228. Overactive Bladder
  229. bladder pain
  230. Burning Bladder
  231. why does my bladder leak during sex?
  232. Bladder infection and white spots on tonsils - linked?
  233. Does IBS lead to weak bladder?
  234. ureteral reimplantation surgery/bladder spasms
  235. painful bladder and urethra
  236. can a kidney stone cause a bladder backup?
  237. Bladder spasm??
  238. Fibro and the bladder
  239. Spastic bladder
  240. neurological problems with bladder due to diabetes
  241. bladder cancer
  242. Bladder Infection!!?
  243. Anyone have Bladder Pain too?
  244. Ovarian cyst with nighttime bladder spasms
  245. Bladder weakness?
  246. hysterectomy/bladder lift
  247. heavy bladder in morning when I wake up
  248. bladder infection
  249. bladder lift surgery recouperation
  250. polups in bladder