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  38. Adult son
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  42. how it is for me...
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  55. Thinking This is the beginning of Codependency(long winded post)
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  58. Co-dependent
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  72. Obsessing Over What Someone Said
  73. What should I do?
  74. Is this codependency or something else?
  75. new to codependency
  76. new to codependency
  77. No Trust
  78. I am a Black swan mother
  79. He's on steroids
  80. Don't know how to change my thoughts
  81. Wife of a Codependent with Parent
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  85. Moving Forward...Baby Steps
  86. Think I'm co-dependent
  87. How do you move on?
  88. Okay ladies, lets talk.
  89. What is happening to my family?
  90. Chances? Any Insight Welcome!
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  104. Hello I'm New Here
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  106. Lost & confused
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  108. 20yo son now using pot, LSD, drinking, huffing?, etc.
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  112. whats wrong with me?
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  114. I'm crazy!
  115. So sick of the word Co-dependency! LOL
  116. Co-Dependency
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  118. Codependency
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  121. Codependency
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