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  1. flu?? or just a cold??
  2. How to build up my immunity?
  3. How high a fever is too high?
  4. Temperature/Fever
  5. Question Re: Fever
  6. cold sore
  7. Bronchitis or Cold
  8. citrobacter fruendii or the flu...help
  9. Cold or a flu?
  10. Wheezing when inhaling Help!!!
  11. non stop sore throats?
  12. Achiness with colds???
  13. Flu??? What's going on?
  14. How do you get rid of Laryngitis?
  15. Headaches after flu normal? Advice please
  16. will my cold get worse?
  17. not sure if this has to do with sore throat PLEASE HELP
  18. Airborne Formula
  19. Annoying Cold
  20. cold sores
  21. Cough keeping me up at night!!!
  22. cough
  23. I have a cold. **sniffs**
  24. swollen eyes and lips
  25. swollen testicles due to cold/flu?
  26. quick remedies
  27. extreme pain taking 3 advils every 3 hours is this safe?
  28. Can someone help?
  29. "new flu?"
  30. How much longer?
  31. Walking Pneumonia??
  32. bad flu/cold.......
  33. My sense of taste and smell have gone!
  34. Bumps on Tounge
  35. Is it a cold or what???
  36. could this be pneumonia??
  37. 1-month cold?????
  38. Cold cough and slight fever
  39. brown (sometimes greenish yellow phlegm, no fever, no chills, what is it?
  40. Newbie with 1 sore tonsil
  41. coughing, sneezing, green phlegm, can't get warm
  42. blowing up blood!
  43. walking pnuemonia?
  44. getting rid of a cough
  45. typical yet pretty bad throat and fever problems
  46. Colds that come every year at the same time and never go away
  47. I can't believe I am sick again, once a month arrrggghhh.......
  48. New Cold Medicine?
  49. Too many anti-bacterial products weakens immune system?
  50. I think a lot of people have this... any advice??
  51. Can you get sick from this...
  52. type of cough
  53. Pressure in chest after flu
  54. not flu, but don't know what it is......
  55. Sore throat w/ blood, please help.
  56. Do OTC meds work and how do you really get a cold?
  57. Flu?
  58. Is it safe to use Chloraseptic as a nasal spray?
  59. Vomiting Mucus from the flu??? PLEASE HELP!
  60. Concerned with my wife
  61. Sore throat and when to go to the doctor?
  62. Stress of being sick
  63. Fevor blisters
  64. had a flu shot but still got sick
  65. Has anyone tried Colliodal Silver?
  66. is this the cold or a flu?!?!
  67. hurts under arms
  68. otc remedy for a lot of "snot"
  69. Sore throat relief....
  70. Dry cough with chest pain
  71. lasting cough
  72. throat
  73. My 2nd serious cold in a month.
  74. Throat discomfort
  75. Can You Have the Flu With No Cough?
  76. Sore Throat... Flu?
  77. In Store Flu Test?
  78. Post Strep Throat
  79. Ugh...trying to sleep with a cold... :(
  80. How long does this D*mn Flu last
  81. Glandular Fever Again?
  82. Ear pain
  83. hubby thinks its strange i cant taste or smell when i have a cold
  84. something strange that once happened to me...
  85. facial pain/allergies?
  86. Flu or cold
  87. How to avoid the cold/flu??
  88. Whooping Cough
  89. Anyone use Zicam for colds??
  90. nasty stuff when i cough
  91. Lost voice! Any tips?
  92. My shot.
  93. Flu Shot Or Not?????
  94. Flu Shot
  95. PLEASE - someone please help me...
  96. Rash after cold/virus
  97. feeling pretty dreadful :(
  98. Any ideas? Been sick for weeks......
  99. Levaquin takers?
  100. Can't Smell or Taste...
  101. nasal spray suggestions??
  102. Is this a cold??
  103. What helps with coughing and should I see doctor?
  104. Servere Cough and gasping for breath
  105. Butt flu shot?
  106. Gross question...
  107. cerious about something
  108. has anyone ever taken cold-fx?
  109. why do i have a fever if its just a cold?
  110. is this flu or somthing else?
  111. antidepressants and c/flu meds???
  112. Strange Burning Throat and itching ear?
  113. Cankermelts...Effective for canker sores in throat?
  114. Strep Throat Treatment
  115. I am going CRAZY!!
  116. After 2 1/2 month sore throat now canker sores in throat?HELP!!
  117. Is it ok to take old prescriptions?? Response needed ASAP
  118. Strange Symptoms. Cold maybe??
  119. bad gas could be appendix?
  120. This may sound a bit backwards but....
  121. PLEASE READ and share your thoughts
  122. strange pain in throat
  123. Food that "burned" my throat
  124. Severe cold in August???
  125. Something in throat
  126. Flu/throat!
  127. Headache every day for a week!
  128. Cant Take It Anymore!!
  129. strep throat with no symptoms??
  130. Whopping cough (hopefully this is spelled right)
  131. sore throat for 3 weeks ! HELP
  132. Ear fluid I think?
  133. Do I have Mono???
  134. Bad Breath from nose
  135. Yes...it is really SAFE!!!!!
  136. swollen lymph nodes, sore throat
  137. treating step quickly
  138. chronic sore throat
  139. is anyone else here allergic to the flu shot?
  140. metallic taste after cough
  141. Vitamins making me sick?
  142. Help! Can't figure out why I haven't gotten rid of this cold!
  143. Help with Laryngitis
  144. need help for Bronchitis
  145. Intense Sore Throat any suggestions?
  146. Can this b post nasal drip
  147. Cold Sores
  148. Good home remedy for a cold, anyone ever try it?
  149. could i have glandularfever
  150. Fever for Three Days
  151. Okay, now this is enough, don't know what is going on!!
  152. hi.....is it possible..
  153. I never get colds and drink.
  154. flem cough for over a month now
  155. Post Nasal Drip? (I think)
  156. fastest way to get over cold??
  157. Coughing for over a Month
  158. BAD cough and cold...
  159. sore throat -- relief!!
  160. Can Wet Hair Cause Cold/Flu?
  161. Swollen Glands & Sore Throat
  162. Flem with a flavore...
  163. exercise
  164. Timing - When to take vitamins...
  165. Cures for a cough?
  166. Mono??? Mumps??? Please help.........
  167. sore throat in the morning
  168. Intense Shooting Pain In Ear
  169. Annoying sore throat/inner ear/cold symptoms
  170. Congestion in eye
  171. Hmm Cold Flu ?
  172. is this the flu?
  173. So, how do you... catch a cold, anyway?
  174. I have had a cold now for 37 days please help
  175. Sore Throat
  176. head cold + chest pain?
  177. Soar Throat & Ear Ache After Antibiotics??
  178. Fevers?
  179. not sure?
  180. sweating at night
  181. Magnesium = Infections?
  182. Is it normal?
  183. help me!!!! i get colds every 1-2 months!
  184. sick all the time?!
  185. I keep getting the Flu :(
  186. Eye Thing?
  187. Ear Problems caused by flu
  188. My cold won't leave me alone!
  189. Flu shot lowers immunity?
  190. Period late due to cold/virus?
  191. Oh So Sick!
  192. Help I Look Awful!
  193. Bumps on back of my tonge?
  194. Has anyone else ever felt this way???
  195. Nose blowing and irritated skin
  196. Help Please-what's wrong with me?
  197. Excessive Phlegm
  198. please help me
  199. Is it possible to get sore swollen glands with a common cold
  200. very very persistent cold
  201. vaporizors - warm or cool
  202. Any suggestions for bronchitis?
  203. Sore throat only at night! Need advice..
  204. My boyfriend is coughing up hairballs!
  205. Dry, scratchy throat
  206. zinc is great for fighting colds.
  207. What's causing this?
  208. New strain of cold?
  209. Dry cough and lost my voice
  210. Horrible Fatigue Since Cold
  211. stomach bug
  212. low fever, joint/muscle pain, headache, fatigue
  213. dry throat
  214. Stomach "VIRUS" destroying my life
  215. Blood smell in nose.
  216. strep???
  217. Why do some get the flu and some don't?
  218. Flu? What ails me? HELP!!
  219. White stuff on my tongue...hmm
  220. Pressure in ears occasional dizziness any ideas?
  221. breathing through mouth
  222. Painful joints and the flu. And sicker with tonsils?
  223. Coughing yellow mucus...post nasal drip?
  224. Immune system strength?
  225. Catching a cold from going in and out?
  226. Lump in throat
  227. Flu? Cold?
  228. is this a flu?
  229. I can't take this anymore
  230. is this getting worse?
  231. Bird Flu...any info on this?
  232. Dizziness caused from the flu?
  233. Difference between a stomach flu and food poisoning?
  234. How long does a cold last?
  235. cold passed to me but different symptoms
  236. throat pain!!
  237. Lemon Juice -- The Answer to Colds and Flus
  238. throat culture
  239. urgent
  240. sore throat, what could this be?
  241. really bad cold what can i do?
  242. Tonsilitis
  243. post nasal drip causing gagging and choking... HELP!
  244. Is It Possible?
  245. Could I catch the flu from this???
  246. College is sick...what can i do to protect myself?
  247. congested...
  248. Rash due to flu? or Mono?
  249. is this flu?
  250. Hydrogen Peroxide for colds, flu.....