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  1. Long Term Zoloft use
  2. Saturday Night
  3. help!!!!!
  4. How do you know?
  5. Celexa and Facial Pain -- Need Info Desperately!
  6. on celexa trying to stop acne with yaz
  7. Hi KT & Phoenix
  8. Hi Sannah
  9. nagging
  10. Sannah......
  11. Daughter causing depression
  12. How does it start?
  13. Depression
  14. Depression
  15. Got kicked out of the house Wedsday night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  16. am i suffering?
  17. depression
  18. Fatigue and pain from depression
  19. Not sure if there is anything left. .
  20. mom's depression
  21. life
  22. hard break up
  23. suggested schedule for tapering off Paxil??
  24. Feeling ugly
  25. Time to give up the fight?
  26. possibly depressed?
  27. Sad Today
  28. Lack of motivation - housework problems etc.
  29. Thanks naturemomma & Debora E.
  30. depression
  31. depression
  32. Celexa help with emotional eating
  33. My daughter fainting right frequently
  34. EVERYTHING is coming down on me at once.............
  35. How do I support my bf who suffers from depression?
  36. How long for Wellbutrin to "settle in"?
  37. Do you have side effects when switching SSRI"s?
  38. Hi everyone
  39. It's been a while - having a hard time again
  40. Wellbutrin and Effexor
  41. Wellbutrin and Effexor
  42. Your Inner Child
  43. Just need an ear.....Taking Lexapro and Ambien CR
  44. Med Question
  45. Depression or not?
  46. Depression and disability
  47. Sudden cessation of Avanza
  48. Need a new job.
  49. Depression
  50. Been on Cymbalta 1 day. Don't like the way it makes me feel. Should I keep takinging
  51. Generic Wellbutrin
  52. Hair thinning from antidepressant?
  53. Anyone gain/lose weight on Celexa/other meds?
  54. Zoloft anyone?
  55. Marital therapy and depression
  56. Reassurance//help???!
  57. Another BAd night....
  58. Botox works for depression
  59. effexor xr
  60. I Really Need Help About Generic Wellbutrin Xl
  61. Carsam
  62. No health insurance or job - need advice
  63. Depression, Anxiety, and Self Injury!!!!
  64. Dakota.....
  65. Janart, on getting scared..I am for different reasons!
  66. why??
  67. Celexa sexual side effects?
  68. Anyone starting to get scared
  69. ever feel like this
  70. Playing tug-of-war!!
  71. Cymbalta withdrawal
  72. Day 2 on tapering Effexor
  73. Effexor & pregnancy...
  74. Adjustment Disorder
  75. what to do next?
  76. How do you know when to ask for a med increase?
  77. Deplin anyone?
  78. am i crazy?
  79. Wellbutrin SR
  80. Celexa
  81. Effexor withdrawal....dr. told me to just stop
  82. I'm posting this once again...
  83. How do YOU get out of a downward spiral? NEED HELP NOW!!!
  84. Effexor Withdrawal....please help!
  85. neurotransmitter test
  86. Celexa and chest pain
  87. Am I depressed? What do I do?
  88. I have NO friends.
  89. Wellbutrin newbie...and Valium for anxiety.
  90. difficult morning
  91. All Alone am I
  92. Thinkning about getting some prozac good idea: advice...
  93. Depression never gets better?
  94. feeling like crap right now
  95. Going cold turkey...
  96. Sannah
  97. My therapist suggested that I not read all these threads on the board....
  98. Numbness on Wellbutrin?
  99. can't taper off effexor!!!!
  100. lexapro question
  101. How to get a spouce to support you....
  102. help.
  103. The short version of my story
  104. ECT Treatments - looking for information
  105. Need to switch meds again... suggestions?
  106. Zoloft...
  107. Cymbalta Withdrawal
  108. Useless
  109. Depression???
  110. So frustrated which is causing my depression to get worse and worse...
  111. i feel like i'm too old for this nonsense (depresion/anxiety)
  112. depressed as all get out
  113. I'm socially inept
  114. Wedding party
  115. Its Sunday
  116. I Feel So Down :(
  117. Need Help re: Celexa Withdrawal
  118. Stopping Seroquel due to Increase in Blood Sugar Help
  119. Absentmindedness and zoloft
  120. Burst out crying and feel low--anybody else feel like venting tonite?
  121. Diet pills and zoloft...
  122. I've never felt so alone
  123. I need to go off Cymbalta, but...
  124. Shakiness with Cymbalta
  125. Weekends are Hard
  126. Celexa
  127. depression, anxiety, OCD, fears etc.
  128. Feel like giving up
  129. Detox from celexa and depression
  130. Venlafaxine/Effexor Withdrawal
  131. could it be returning? :-(
  132. Don't Know Anymore
  133. new here. not sure what to do.
  134. Would like to hear from all of you on Effexor ?
  135. Very ANGRY and frustrated!
  136. loss of a friend
  137. At my lowest low
  138. Slipping into depression. Need some advice.
  139. what should i be getting out of this??
  140. I don't know if it is depression or not.
  141. I hate these damn MOOD SWINGS!!!
  142. I just cant do it anymore
  143. This one is for me......
  144. Well its finally happened...
  145. That was not a good idea
  146. tappering...???
  147. Slipping into major depression.
  148. Since getting better, unable to forgive abandonment
  149. Paxil withdrawal?
  150. Effexor/Zoloft.
  151. lexapro and weight gain
  152. lexapro and weight gain
  153. Success with Vitamin B for depression/anxiety (?)
  154. only off 9 days-depressed again
  155. Depression is ruling me
  156. zoloft for panic attacks, but still depressed
  157. starting over with my life
  158. Why does Amitriptyline or Nortriptyline cause this weight gain???
  159. sod everything
  160. Low Self-Esteem...
  161. Just a little rant
  162. Depression advice needed
  163. emsam patch
  164. NEW..need input. Direct me to the right thread..wellbutrin
  165. Obsessing
  166. question about medication?
  167. Sannah, Carsam, Extra111, I need help
  168. Can someone help clarify this for me please?
  169. Is this depression?
  170. My story
  171. Extremely worried about our son. Very shy and withdrawn.
  172. First doctors visit
  173. 5-HTP + St Johns Wort?
  174. Does ANYONE else feel *this* way? (Open Discussion Thread)
  175. Doctors
  176. Depress "shun"
  177. Post Pardum Depression and Lexapro
  178. Thinking of Going on Medication
  179. Has anyone tried 5-HTP as a depression cure?
  180. Feeling down since return from trip
  181. Feeling guilty and shameful about Vegas trip
  182. Want to quit effexor after 5 days, best way?
  183. med question
  184. Wellbutrin or Lexapro?
  185. Need some support
  186. When is it coming back???
  187. Cymbalta=Havent read one post anywhere about getting off this AD easily
  188. For Amber......
  189. Anti-depressant withdrawal and loss of energy/muscle????
  190. A month on Zoloft, and things are looking up
  191. very depresed and upset
  192. i dont know whats going on
  193. Antidepressants and weight gain!!
  194. carsam?
  195. Hey T!!!
  196. experiences and the present....
  197. Depression/Obesity
  198. Seeking some information more than anything
  199. Dakota_Skye......
  200. I'm a mess and it's all my fault.
  201. Depression / Anxiety sure sucks...
  202. How long does it take for wellbutrin to worK?
  203. Ugliness driving me nuts!
  204. I'm tired.....
  205. a group therapy?
  206. Long time sufferer
  207. depression
  208. So paxil was a waste of time
  209. Depression/intermittent explosive disorder
  210. Flower essence for depression
  211. anti-depressants and allergy meds??
  212. how many of you.....
  213. Did I do the right thing?
  214. quitting paxil, starting zoloft and prazosin
  215. Buzzing
  216. sick on my life
  217. confused and frustrated - please help
  218. Effexor withdrawls?????????
  219. Caffeine Help!
  220. How do I switch anti depressants?
  221. Racing thoughts
  222. is it just me?? chest pain from depression?
  223. Iíve been selfish, but Iím here
  224. Paxil, Welbutrin, Depakote??
  225. Rejection, Making Little Things Into Big Things
  226. Going Nuts!!!!!!!!!!
  227. this just gets worse....
  228. any ideas what the heck is wrong with me.
  229. My heart aches...
  230. hooray henry
  231. Mild depression and fish oil.
  232. Getting on better
  233. I feel so empty
  234. Don't you feel like a LOSER posting here on the Internet about your depression?
  235. is this depression or something else?
  236. If you are not afraid of death, then why are you scared of living?
  237. being depressed and selfish?
  238. lexapro experience
  239. unable to stay happy for long enough
  240. Back to Work
  242. Waiting to hear from several jobs and lonely, feel yucky!!
  243. Could I be depressed?
  244. Voices
  245. Dumn people
  246. It's getting worse :(
  247. parters of & with depression?
  248. What Causes This?
  249. dealing without meds
  250. Medication question......

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