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  1. I feel as though I've failed.
  2. Religious and Depressed
  3. Medication Ineptitude
  4. Therapeutic community?
  5. Wellbutrin info please
  6. Bad nightmare
  7. 8 weeks on Wellbutrin and nothing
  8. I need of help........
  9. Don't pay any attention to me, just needing to write thoughts down !
  10. MAOI patch
  11. When does this go away
  12. Everythings wrong.
  13. Is this what she is talking about??
  14. Anyone seen 'The number23'?
  15. I'm doomed
  16. Inexpensive therapy options
  17. 19 yrs old and deeply depressed
  18. Just added Effexor XR to Zoloft
  19. Is it possible?
  20. Need help with rejection sensitivity
  21. never seem to get it right!
  22. Anyone GAIN weight on 5-htp?
  23. Hurting so bad
  24. weight loss after antidepressants
  25. Another Prozac Question?
  26. C.r.a.p.
  27. Feeling really down today
  28. I lower effexor dose, I start thinning!
  29. melatonin for sleeping?
  30. I'm ashamed of public outbursts
  31. Looking for Madgirlthing
  32. Living with what you've done
  33. i've let everyone down
  34. mixed emotions
  35. Depressed at 17 :(
  36. Serious mental problems..
  37. any self esteem book recommendations?
  38. Effects after going off Wellbutrin?
  39. effexor
  40. letter to a seperated loved one
  41. Does Anyone Else Get The Chills?
  42. Antidepressant Help
  43. How to get off Zoloft and what can I expect?
  44. SSRI's and Stomach Pain
  45. Valerian and lexapro?
  46. so low
  47. Does anyone know which antidepressants are NONanticholinergic
  48. pms/pmdd/depression
  49. pls help me stop obsessing over stupid incident
  50. Can Wellbutrin lead to depression?
  51. Feeling worthless lately....
  52. Tramadol For Depression??
  53. Tramadol For Depression
  54. I saw my doctor today
  55. cymbalta
  56. Wellbutrin XL 2nd week..When will I feel the effects?
  57. Life is so stressful...jealousy, regret, and depression.
  58. Is There Even Such A Thing!! As A Competent Inpatient Facility?
  59. going off celexa
  60. Want to Sleep All Day/Unmotivated
  61. Suffering
  62. Weight loss aftering being on anti-depressants
  63. get made to feel guilty about being depressed
  64. culture issues and other stuff....
  65. Why am I doing this to myself?
  66. i felt like whinging.
  67. Pessimist or Depressed?
  68. Went off effexor xr cold turkey
  69. fiance in mental health center
  70. Cymbalta Advice please
  71. My issue(s)
  72. new to paxil, and i feel BAD...
  73. How can a guy make me feel like this...
  74. Thinking about finally coming to terms with possible depression
  75. structural change of brain by depression
  76. Depression from giving up a pet
  77. Is there any anti depressant that doesn't affect the libido?
  78. Paying money for false happiness when others get the real thing for free
  79. Finding a Medication that doesn't cause weight gain?
  80. Depression and Life
  81. I feel miserable for no reason
  82. Need to share
  83. completley crap......
  84. Prozac
  85. Help!
  86. i think im reaching a breakdown
  87. feeling down today
  88. Broken up and in pain
  89. Rosie ODonnell uses inversion therapy for depression
  90. Has Anyone Out There Gone Through What I'm Going Through?
  91. Need Some Advice
  92. will they or wont they???
  93. To ect or not to ect?????
  94. Watch out for which Fish Oil brand you take
  95. Husbands Anger Outburst and Wellbutrin?
  96. 5 Htp
  97. Cymbalta Question
  98. Hello
  99. would this be a significant problem......
  100. I'm going to the doctor for depression- what do i say??
  101. Taking oxycodone for depression
  102. Guys v.s Women
  103. Starting on Wellbutrin SR and Trazodone...
  104. fish oil
  105. going back again
  106. wondering what to do
  107. I am proud of myself
  108. lexapro side effects
  109. erm help?
  110. How do I know if I have depression ?
  111. help
  112. Anyone on Depakote?
  113. Dakota Skye
  114. Help- I'm worried about my brother
  115. Going off Meds cold turkey
  116. Aggitated Depression?
  117. too much bad news
  118. *long fed up sigh*
  119. Anybody fed up with all these medicines!!!!!!!!
  120. Wellbutrin plus an SSRI
  121. what do i do when i am so miserable
  122. Tests to determine depression
  123. Tapering off Anti-Deps Question
  124. Going back to Zoloft after Wellbutrin
  125. medication
  126. I cant find a therapist and its frustrating!
  127. i know this is weird, but anyone sensitive to sprays on any antidepressant?
  128. Question for those on (or were on) Paxil
  129. New antidepression experiment
  130. Am I depressed or just lazy?
  131. I Went to the Doctor Today
  132. New here wanted to say hello to all
  133. New to Cymbalta
  134. 1st days of Lexapro - is this normal?
  135. Can you drink on Anti-Deps
  136. Anti psychotic drugs?
  137. Why isnt Luvox prescribed more? Anyone taken it?
  138. How often do you cry?
  139. quit counseling
  140. There is no point to all of this.
  141. Look at things in a positive way
  142. What is this already?!
  143. So lonely and down
  144. Medication Question
  145. Madgirl - how are you?
  146. depression and aging
  147. Lexapro, Smoking Cessation, Depression
  148. Help needed for new member
  149. Highly sensitive person Prozac and Rejection
  150. Gingche- How are you doing?
  151. Question about 5-htp and Effexor
  152. Help Me Please
  153. SSRI's and sleepiness
  154. Anti-Depressants and Weight Gain - Need Your Help
  155. Zoloft making me TIRED!
  156. Courageous aren't we all?
  157. Help with Low (No?) Self Esteem
  158. Help! Disability Info.
  159. so lonely
  160. comfortably numb
  161. I Need Some Moral Support Please
  162. Help, how do you do it
  163. When it rains in pours...
  164. Anyone Here Feel Really Ugly Sometimes?
  165. Depressed and need some advice
  166. Something wrong with my dad
  167. ***...?
  168. down in the dumps
  169. Are these physical symptoms of depression?
  170. Wellbutrin and Hives?
  171. how do you get over a guy?
  172. question
  173. 450 mgs of Wellbutrin?
  174. Grrrrrr!!!!
  175. Effexor XR weaning = weight gain?
  176. Rash & Allergy from Zoloft?
  177. Does It Sound Like He Is Depressed And What Do I Do?
  178. Good Bye Prozac!
  179. After 6 months I am back!!! UGH!
  180. I probably have the worst personality ever :(
  181. dont know how to be loved...
  182. any one else feel like this
  183. Has anyone moved for more sunshine?
  184. severe depression after break-up
  185. trg247 how are you?
  186. need some advice/help
  187. I'll Never Amount To Anything!
  188. yes or no??
  189. on the verge....please please help
  190. Tell me there is a way to stop this feeling?
  191. Ahh that stupid feeling
  192. advice re:prozac withdrawal
  193. Cymbalta
  194. Prozac taken with Xanax ?
  195. How long does it take for Prozac to kick in?
  196. Question on Lexapro..
  197. need to help my dad and don't know how
  198. That sinking feeling
  199. Confusion because of depression
  200. Brain pains..after cymbalta?
  201. what is the point in talking
  202. Does this make sense?
  203. okaaaayyy...
  204. Getting ready to start Lexapro
  205. how do I help my mother and myself?
  206. Feeling used again
  207. Things to do
  208. Do you talk during sleep bc of ADs
  209. Feeling betrayed
  210. can't sleep
  211. Depression is Contagious
  212. Need help from people who know a lot about Wellbutrin
  213. Where do I go from here?
  214. Where do I go from here?
  215. Going Down on Prozac Dosage
  216. So confused...could use a little outside insight
  217. Depression and relationship advice?
  218. The positive stuff around us
  219. Abdominal Pain and AD Link ????
  220. I'm Tired!!!!!!!!!!
  221. Need some help getting my life on track
  222. Reason for Weight Gain on ADs
  223. Switching AntiDep Medicines
  224. An anti-depressant that doesn't affect your sex life??!
  225. teenage depression-how it's going
  226. Going to the doctor this morning
  227. Can I have some opinions on this
  228. Not Coping Depressed
  229. Not Coping Depressed
  230. Depression has ruined my relationship
  231. Past Issues bringing me down
  232. I'm depressed because I'm always single.
  233. The breakup that wasn't
  234. Zoloft and Wellbutrin
  235. lithium serum levels
  236. Understanding Depression
  237. Reaction to citalopram: any thoughts?
  238. What next...
  239. Relationships
  240. feel down
  241. Husband falls into major depression - help!
  242. Effexor/Insomnia
  243. Anti Depressants
  244. What!!!??!
  245. generic zoloft prices??
  246. Prozac and Tremors (jerking movements)
  247. Prozac weight gain
  248. I really need serious help please
  249. Help Please
  250. I'm back

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