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  1. Taking Zoloft.
  2. New Here wanted to intoduce myself
  3. Why do I refuse to get help?
  4. Feeling low and lonely
  5. Hey Guys!! !!!
  6. help for the severly depressed
  7. another treatment for depression?
  8. Waves of Good Feelings?
  9. should I stop?
  10. Afraid of medications?
  11. i get depressed
  12. Can Wellbutrin XL or Lexapro cause liver damage?
  13. old subject : weight gain on SSRIs ??
  14. Zoloft raises blood pressure?
  15. did anybody get headache?
  16. No where else to go
  17. Buspar
  18. Weight Issues with Cymbalta??
  19. Effexor XR & sexual side effect?
  20. Reasons to Get Off Meds?
  21. Cymbalta and sex drive
  22. Down and Out
  23. Paxil is working on depression, but>>>>
  24. antidepressants and thyroid meds
  25. 3.30AM cant sleep need to vent
  26. I think I need some help
  27. What time of day do you recommend taking Lexapro?
  28. Depression past coule yrs?
  29. Zoloft side effects...
  30. Y'All Are Scarin' Me Regarding Lexapro!
  31. Doctor gave me Lexapro to take with the Wellbutrin XL.
  32. Med. side-effect?
  33. effexor + wellbutrin?
  34. wellbutrin and agresive behavior
  35. I think I'm depressed
  36. Increasing Zoloft
  37. Concerned husband
  38. im gonna have a nervouse break down
  39. Having trouble with personality change
  40. Antidepressants and Weight Gain
  41. Withdrawl Symptoms
  42. Why are you depressed?
  43. looking to Lex
  44. depressed or something.....
  45. Already working?
  46. Sleepless?
  47. Self Esteem Problems
  48. I don't know how to help
  49. cymbalta and wellbutrin
  50. Life over at 35 !!
  51. Suggestions For How To Get Out Of Depression
  52. Cymbalta and SO TIRED??? NO MOTIVATION?
  53. Feel Like Walking In My Sleep
  54. Maximum dose of cymbalta???
  55. -
  56. Substitute for Lexapro - love the drug, but GI tract issues!
  57. sudden depression
  58. What is the maximum dose of cymbalta?
  59. Attention seeking....
  60. serotonin=numb?
  61. Cymbalta or Zoloft ????
  62. Introduction/Reintroduction
  63. 86 year old doctor
  64. Sleep meds to help depression/anxiety?
  65. when will my sleep return?
  66. mood stabilizers
  67. depressed friend
  68. depressive cycle
  69. Sleep
  70. Where to begin and end.
  71. Wellbutrin keeping me up again.
  72. Pregnant and down
  73. what is this???
  74. The counselors were strange!
  75. Suggestions
  76. Celexa vs. Cymbalta
  77. Opiates cure my depression...
  78. Dreaming
  79. Zoloft and sex
  80. Am I Depressed?
  81. Wellbutrin XL and trouble sleeping.
  82. I lack having someone to communicate with, except one person...please help.
  83. Abilify and emotional dullness?
  84. Depression & Seeing A Doctor
  85. okay everyone read this
  86. Enough Nutrition (Food)
  87. Feelings of depression
  88. Im always jumpy! is this my anxiety??
  89. natural remedies?
  90. Effexor XR and Zyprexa
  91. Been on Paxil 20mg for 1 month...
  92. What was this?
  93. Been down so long I donít know up anymore
  94. What is a "nervous breakdown"?
  95. Why is the new year so hard?
  96. another newbie introduction
  97. "Leaden Paralysis?"
  98. Lexapro and being tired all the time
  99. Thoughts on auto-pilot
  100. Zoloft & Anxiety
  101. tried 3 diferent antidepressant no results
  102. Tough Start to the New Year
  103. Cod Liver oil (Omega-3) for depression
  104. Don't know what to do anymore
  105. advice please
  106. Flax Seed Oil and Depression
  107. confused
  108. Can't forget the past
  109. Do i love him to much?
  110. 2006 or bust!
  111. What does Wellbutrin do to dopamine levels?
  112. medication and tiredness
  113. Your thoughts Please
  114. Does it take time to get used to good feelings? Pls respond.
  115. help or suggestions plz
  116. Medication from pharmacy/chemist?
  117. situation at work
  118. Good Bye, Wellbutrin.....hello ??
  119. citalopram please reply!
  120. Medicine Dosage?
  121. Safe Natural Remedies for Anger or Depression??
  122. Need advice re: reliable meds
  123. Ugh, I can't stop this bad behavior....
  124. Fatigued?? depressed?? Help!
  125. Would you try another med?
  126. Selegiline Patch
  127. Not sure what is going on
  128. Feeling Guilty for Feeling Depressed
  129. Flinch?
  130. Introduction
  131. is this normal
  132. not feeling like yourself?
  133. need advice for weaning off Paxil CR
  134. Marriage breaking down - I'm falling apart!
  135. Premenstrual Dysmorphic Disorder
  136. momz and sis root of all troubles
  137. I can't stop crying
  138. Been on prozac for 2 weeks, ok to stop almost cold turkey?
  139. physical symptoms
  140. Taking to the road
  141. I have given up...
  142. Please Respond.......
  143. sleep foods l@@k
  144. signs of depression??
  145. Whats the difference?
  146. To trg247
  147. Thinking about trying herbals again
  148. My youth is wasting away.. please help me.
  149. bad xmas
  150. can depression lead to infidelity?
  151. why doesnt prozac keep me active
  152. Welbutrin - feeling irritable
  153. Job A Source Of Depression?
  154. 2 worst days of my life
  155. Wellbutrin and weight loss
  156. Just something I wrote.....
  157. Merry Christmas
  158. Effexor Withdrawal -horrible-please help
  159. Wellbutrin vs Cymbalta
  160. Not sure if I posted this before
  161. New to Lexapro- HELP
  162. Anyone on Remeron for Depression?
  163. Am I depressed or lazy?
  164. I need some advise
  165. My metabolism is shot...
  166. Parents
  167. Medicine
  168. depression and blurred vision
  169. what happens when OFF wellbutrin sr?
  170. Why does it take up to 6 weeks for medication to work?
  171. Wellbutrin XL Maximum Dosage?
  172. anyone taking lamictal with ad?
  173. Zoloft, Buspar, Therapy PLEASE HELP?
  174. Nausea and Diarrhea on Wellbutrin XL?
  175. increased sex drive on effexor?
  176. Sleep deprivation is messing me up. Any suggestions?
  177. Should I see my doctor?
  178. Just feeling blah
  179. why do moms have to be so bad..sorry for offendinu...if u a mom!
  180. Male sexual side effects of depression question..
  181. Please Help! This Pms Is Killing Me!
  182. Well this is probaly the worst
  183. My skin making my lose the will to live
  184. Wellbutrin XL giving me energy and I like it.
  185. New Here..Could Use Support
  186. Need Someone to give me some advice PLEASE ?
  187. Pregnancy and Effexor XR
  188. Wellbutrin xl
  189. Would you try a medicine again?
  190. Living in fear it will return
  191. Is this depression...Please Help!
  192. my first time here.
  193. Can someone help me please !
  194. merry christmas
  195. Dilantin for Depression & Anxiety
  196. Any chance of Wellbutrin working in 1 week?
  197. Advice please...
  198. Lexapro vs. wellbutrin
  199. new from downunder
  200. does anyone fight depression without meds.?
  201. Dosage Increase Questions
  202. In need of help...
  203. Depression Relapse after 10 years
  204. Now I know I'm not alone in this
  205. Doing well so far, please read!
  206. Finally feeling better
  207. what to do when feelings get intense?
  208. my big heart makes me depressed
  209. Hope you can have a Merry Christmas!
  210. thoughts on Prozac
  211. how do you ask for help?
  212. What does depression do to you?
  213. Wellbutrin XL and alcohol.
  214. Wellbutrin SR Anxiety side effect...does it go away?
  215. thank you all from newbie
  216. whyyy??
  217. what are your coping secrets?
  218. Has Anyone Experience Itching While On Wellbutrin XL
  219. Nobody believes me.
  220. Can you fake depression?
  221. Zoloft taken off market?
  222. Boyfreind.... and Depression
  223. Well i finally decided.....
  224. Remeron
  225. Panic attacks while on XANAX anyone else?
  226. Wellbutrin and eye problems
  227. Looking for rehab hospital to deal with depression
  228. Wellbutrin Zombie..how long will this last
  229. How to get the guts to ask for help?
  230. Am i going crazy?Consultant seems to think so.
  231. Need Help
  232. Cognitive Therapy vs. Medication -Opinions?
  233. Yikes! A friend on Paxil
  234. Prozac.......
  235. Scared of getting help
  236. has anyone ever had this symtom from an atidepressant?
  237. Trapped
  238. Depression Speeds up Aging?
  239. I think I found a way to channel my feelings... not in a good way
  240. Lexapro
  241. depressed friend
  242. I recommend this book...
  243. Effexor XR To Lexapro
  244. I just feel like my life is pointless a fair amount of the time.
  245. Am i 'depressed'??
  246. *sob*
  247. I am new and need advice
  248. Help- my mind is all a mess!!
  249. Depressed at lack of conversation
  250. I feel alone and helpless..

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