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  1. the decision to leave my parents?
  2. Tomorrow Help!
  3. Hurting_Lou
  4. if a post extends too far out to read easily
  5. Do all meds make you feel "flat"?
  6. Jojo91
  7. What meds work best for anxiety?
  8. Depression? Future Seems Grim!!
  9. the giggles
  10. Remeron for anxiety, effective?
  11. Paxil
  12. Insomnia & Serzone
  13. celexa-paxil question
  14. Does Anyone Ever REALLY Get Back To Normal??
  15. It's coming back again
  16. Becoming paranoid,shy,and having low self esteem!
  17. Not Difficult...Impossible!
  18. Laugh for the day
  19. I need to escape myself!!!
  20. For Jen
  21. new here intro
  22. What do you think???
  23. Feeling scared
  24. is it real?
  25. Not coping at the moment
  26. ECT yes or no
  27. what to do?
  28. Why why why?????
  29. mixture of meds
  30. We would be glad to hear from you Jen?
  31. don't want to go on
  32. I am so alone........
  33. is wellbutrin addictive?
  34. thyroxine
  35. earame
  36. Issues with trust
  37. Need advice - what med to take for anxiety?
  38. Difficult Time
  39. cognitive therapy at home???
  40. Am i depressed or just going crazy?
  41. no need to read this..
  42. becks cognitive therapy
  43. I want to die!!!
  44. New here- Paxil Question
  45. sexual deevolution. Where did I go wrong?
  46. Well, arent ya gonna look?
  47. Is indifference a symptom of depression?
  48. effexor and trazodone new meds need advice
  49. remoron
  50. resistant depression
  51. Paxil and Sweating
  52. side effects of st johns wort
  53. To Jolly Roger
  54. Why do I pull my hair??
  55. death at my doorstep
  56. hahaha
  57. How do I stop dragging in the past...
  58. Re: Hurting_lou
  59. need your help..
  60. Beebs.....question for you
  61. help needed please
  62. Ladyowl where are you?!
  63. Help for a friend
  64. Help! Weaned down to 5 mg paxil, what next?
  65. Seeing as we are sharing
  66. Psychological Stereotype
  67. Poem I just wrote
  68. helping newbies
  69. Fall in love
  70. Zoloft question
  71. Paxil and Sex Problems-help!
  72. Paxil is making me sooo dizzy...
  73. clouds
  74. hi.......i need help
  75. i hate my life
  76. Do you still get bad days on meds
  77. Depression in men 40+
  78. Drugs???? I need it for depression...
  79. Please help me now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  80. Just Don't Care
  81. emdr
  82. remeron
  83. Some Thoughts To Share
  84. Hpnotherapy for depression, any thoughts
  85. maybe you can help me decide?
  86. Blasted Pimples are making me depressed!!!HELP!!
  87. Psychotherapy??
  88. constant, severe depression
  89. My life is over
  90. Off Topic - Installation Problems and Computers
  91. I think I was wrong
  92. Tyrosine with AD's?
  93. Feeling dead today- need some laughs/words
  94. Meds helping anyone???
  95. Paxil makes me dizzy
  96. Kinda new at this...sooooo.....
  97. I'm feeling ok tonite.
  98. cognitive behavioral therapy
  99. It's getting worse as the days go by
  100. I'm going crazy someone help me
  101. Worse in the morning!
  102. Why do these things happen to me
  103. someone please help me im scared
  104. getting more depressed as day goes on
  105. sad all the time
  106. love
  107. I need a solution
  108. Same
  109. Remeron update
  110. I'm rotting from the inside out!!!
  111. Zoloft, your experiences please?
  112. I am so ******
  113. Oh, God, never have I been feeling as bad as now!
  114. Congratulations, Solost
  115. Why psychotherapy doesn't work.
  116. Can't hold on much longer...
  117. Hurting so bad...
  118. A word of Hope
  119. Yet again I'm feeling great!!
  120. Saw shrink today.
  121. Alcohol and....?
  122. For the bipolars in the house... Spring Fever??
  123. Advice
  124. Do you ever miss.......
  125. isolation
  126. Beautiful days can be hard
  127. What was your experience with Celexa like?
  128. Is my Zoloft Wearing Off?
  129. quitting prozac
  130. Saw Palmetto and Wild Yam for libido - yep it works!
  131. Bad reaction to Remeron
  132. I've got free Paxil, but I'm worried
  133. Paxil Withdrawls??
  134. Sigh... they still don't get it......
  135. magnetic soles and matresses
  136. Feelin better
  137. Any help
  138. I don't believe it!! My parents actually care about me!
  139. New Here
  140. Anyone else?
  141. Why does zoloft make people gain weight ?
  142. depression and anxiety
  143. 5-HTP seems to be a very good anti depressant
  144. Boyfriend on Celexa, relationship strained. Any advice?
  145. Is there a way to test levels of seratonine so you dont waste time on useless meds ?
  146. Wellbutrin and Zoloft
  147. I'm losing all my strength...
  148. Friend needs help
  149. Advice/Replies Anyone
  150. was brian wilson depressed?
  151. Depersonalization Revisted / I can't stand this. Want to run away from it.
  152. need a info Melody
  153. No hope...
  154. I need to start taking my zoloft...Now ..When i go on vacation will i die if i drink?
  155. Is there anyway to beat depression without taking meds ?
  156. do you exercise?
  157. Anniversaries
  158. Zoloft - side effects
  159. Bulb are you there?
  160. Crawling out of the Pit
  161. zoloft and alcohol questions,,,,
  162. Small now, potentially large
  163. shrinks that dont listen
  164. dont go over 20mgs of anything
  165. I want to die...
  166. There is no light at the end of my tunnel....
  167. Sliding Downhill...
  168. Why is wellbutrin used for giving up smoking?
  169. Last night I started taking Remeron
  170. What do you do?
  171. Changed Meds and feel????
  172. depressed about everything
  173. should i just mind my own business???
  174. Tired of fighting...
  175. Feeling a little better
  176. Tricycles...
  177. Sex or happiness
  178. Where is kathrin?!?!
  179. frustration with depression
  180. Antidepressants and sexual dysfunctions
  181. i'm ok
  182. sigh
  183. Made the appointment
  184. The Life Sux Song
  185. SoAlone
  186. any other cutters i can talk to?
  187. cognitive therapy, has this helped anyone?
  188. what is GAD?
  189. Just another low...
  190. PAXIL and Skin Rash?
  191. Mutilator, feels like I've died just haven't realized it yet
  192. To Kyle
  193. Sorry everyone
  194. help
  195. I need some advice.
  196. don't know if I want to live anymore
  197. Quick question, zoloft users
  198. Anyone else have this problem??
  199. I still feel like crap and I can't shake it,HELP!
  200. It's been a very long time
  201. Aaaarrrggghhh!!!!!
  202. Addicted to the "High"
  203. SOMEBODY anybody please answer this one question
  204. Zoloft, take in the am or pm?
  205. Major depression
  206. Meds Question
  207. Bad time at the moment
  208. Time and patient the precious factors
  209. The truth and nothing but the truth, so help me God
  210. Low self esteem and depression
  211. Was this almost a nervous breakdown?
  212. That's messed up stuff
  213. Think I am on the right track :)
  214. I think i might be a freak?
  215. Has anything positive happened to you lately?
  216. Back to ephedrine
  217. Procrastinating Husband Driving me NUTS!!!!
  218. Posts leaving the board!!!
  219. come on in, and read what I got to ask.. Cause I am still new at drugs
  220. naps?????
  221. Disablity
  222. Where is Changing?
  223. chronic pain, depression and meds?
  224. Klonopin or Ativan. Which do you prefer?
  225. efexor XL feedback
  226. The Weirdest Thing About Eyes and Stuff....
  227. No preference... is this a big deal?
  228. Bulb, Im curious...
  229. I am so sorry guys for what I put you through. I got rid of the *** though
  230. Does anybody love me? I've got a secure email idea. Need hugs and support.
  231. Cat lovers check this out...
  232. Crying uncontrollably
  233. Starting to go downhill again
  234. Would like to join more often .......
  235. Thanks
  236. Sigh... work troubles
  237. thinking about bulb
  238. Let's promise
  239. Bulb--Please Read My Reply Under Your Cat Post
  240. CAN you help me please
  241. A group to help Bulb:
  242. Nortriptyline. Does anyone take this? Can you give me advice?
  243. Will Wellbutrin kick in?
  244. to Bulb
  245. I Have NO Idea What This Means - Just "Felt It"
  246. servere sickness, not eating
  247. Scared for Bulb
  248. Lots of Love
  249. does your medication give you blisters
  250. Am I supposed to sleep all day? someone help me please...

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