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  1. Down Syndrome adult bipolar electric shock therapy
  2. Pregnant with twins - one newly diagnosed with Down Syndrome
  3. Bowel problems in Down syndrome adults
  4. Daughter undiagnosed DS?
  5. Anxiety Medication for Son with Down Syndrome
  6. down syndrome testing
  7. Atlantoaxial Instability in Down Syndrome
  8. Is there a reason to get tested for Down syndrome?
  9. Daughter 21 DS Lupus
  10. Disabled parent considering Ds adoption
  11. 23 year old with Down syndrome over eating & sneaking food!
  12. Down Syndrome Diagnosis 1.5 months after birth
  13. Ketogenic/Fasting Diet for those with Autoimmune Encephalitis
  14. I am a tired caregiver
  15. How do I practically help a traumatised downs syndrome adult?
  16. Can I teach an adult with DS to use the toilet? Is it too late?
  17. grandson was born with very slanted eyes
  18. my daughter in canton Ohio looking for companionship
  19. sweating problem
  20. Menstral cycle help.
  21. Child with Down Syndrome experiencing difficulties
  22. Down Syndrome and H.E. (Hashimoto's Encephalopathy)
  23. Sister (adult) getting "stuck".
  24. Would like some real answers
  25. Adult Down Syndrome
  26. Understanding FISH Results
  27. What does arr[hg19]21pterqter(15,006,457,-48,097,372)x3 mean?
  28. Downs syndrome adult accessing certain material on the internet.
  29. Weight loss in my brother
  30. Down Syndrome and Hashimoto's Encephalopathy
  31. Concerned about my newborn Granddaughter
  32. Please help!
  33. Down Sydrome 15 yr old male with violent behaviors
  34. Does anyone know of any good learning toys for a toddler with Down syndrome?
  35. movie search
  36. 8 mos. infant slow weight gain
  37. Downes Syndrome Adult and pet care
  38. Over Affectionate.
  39. Worried
  40. PALS program
  41. Sleepy baby, not gaining weight.
  42. Confused need info about pregnency after have a down syndrome baby
  43. can you have a DS child two time in a row
  44. down syndrome eating issue
  45. sleeping problems w/7mth old
  46. i need assistance and information
  47. My brother Michael John
  48. Metronidazole Side Effects
  49. I have a 26 year old daughter with downs.
  50. DS, Ostomy and Transition to Adulthood
  51. where can I seek help for 8 year old DS that does not chew?
  52. Experience with Abilify? increased OCD, emotional lability, and angry outbursts.
  53. Other problems
  54. Question for families
  55. how do i know if my child has down sydrome after he is 3months old
  56. DS and eating problems
  57. Hormones were all low
  58. Down Syndrome & Thyroid malfunction
  59. Bright spot on heart xray
  60. does my baby have down's syndrom
  61. Menstrual Periods
  62. help
  63. Hashimoto's Encephalopathy
  64. TSH increased
  65. my baby might be downs
  66. Down syndrome and loose stool
  67. change in facial appearance
  68. Whats the risk of my baby having the down syndrome?
  69. my newborn has only a couple of signs of down syndrome
  70. high hcg levels and down syndrome?
  71. Results of Quad Screen
  72. 43 year old woman with Dementia??
  73. DS and test results
  74. Acth
  75. if your first baby had trisomy 18 what are the chances that your second baby wil baby
  76. odds of having a down baby at 48
  77. Son Inappropiately Touching Girl in Class
  78. speech problem
  79. Doctor told us chances for down syndrome, based on results from ultrasound...
  80. My son has DS...now what?
  81. DS child
  82. protruding tongue
  83. lis
  84. Knees hurting
  85. Hirschsprung's disease and A.C.E.
  86. Mom to a wonderful son
  87. NY/NJ pschologist specializing in DS
  88. 61 year old downs sister and Dilantin
  89. Identical twin down syndrome
  90. Double bubble duodenal atresia
  91. Could down syndrome be missed?
  92. down syndrome ?????
  93. so much love 4 mi likkle boi x
  94. DS and Ritalin
  95. downs syndrome baby with sleep problems
  96. tongue surgery for Downs babies
  97. DS and impulsive behavior
  98. DS and noise sensitivity
  99. Behaviours with Downs
  100. my odds of a downs baby are 1 in 113
  101. my boyfriends sister has down syndrome, does that mean that our baby will?
  102. medicaid for down syndrome
  103. Bright spot found on babies heart during ultrasound
  104. chances of having a second downssyndrome pregnancy?
  105. new here
  106. Has anyone used the Listening Programme?
  107. Skin Problems?
  108. Chance of DS in 2nd Pregnancy
  109. risks of second pregnancy after downs syndrome
  110. Thinking of attempting second pregnancy at 45
  111. down syndrome and insurance
  112. health insurance for down syndrome kids
  113. what are the chances of having another down syndrome baby
  114. what are the chances of a 2nd down's syndrome pregnancy
  115. pregnancy after birth of a baby with down
  116. down syndrome?
  117. Pregnant and just diagnosed with DS
  118. 27 year old down snydrome with possibilty of having dementia
  119. Does anyone out there have answers????
  120. chances of another downs syndrome pregnancy
  121. It started at 16
  122. A story written with a smile
  123. my son snores like a trooper !!
  124. My Downs Child Was Denied Health Insurance
  125. genetic
  126. question about sleep apnea
  127. down syndrome soft markers
  128. first pregnancy a downs syndrome baby, what are odds for second pregnancy?
  129. Music Lessons for 15 yr old with DS
  130. language development
  131. SECOND-time tongue reduction for severe sleep apnea in adult DS
  132. when you are 17weeks and 4 days do you feel the baby alot?
  133. possible chance of baby having down syndrome
  134. Calcification on heart
  135. Mr.
  136. Hearing aids
  137. Baby with downs syndrome sleep
  138. Considering baby number three
  139. down syndrome soft markers
  140. Levels in Down Syndrome?
  141. sexual behaviors and how to deal with them?
  142. Tips on walking
  143. 16 Weeks DS test 1:269
  144. down syndrome and open mouth posture
  145. Down Syndrome and ear tubes
  146. 3 yr old downs baby 2nd nissen fundoplication surgery...anyone?
  147. Our Son is 8 and aggresive and poorly
  148. baby @ 22 weeks possibly has down syndrome
  149. new member
  150. FISH test confusion...
  151. tongue reduction
  152. There Are A Lot Of Posts
  153. coping with behaviour
  154. 16 year old high functioning downs with self-esteem problems
  155. what are the soft markers for down syndrome
  156. Anybody have children with dual diagnosis
  157. my daughter is 15 years old could this be mosaic down syndrome?
  158. New mother and member
  159. New Member
  160. downs syndrome behavior
  161. what are the chances of having a baby with down syndrome after miscarry a baby with d
  162. Refusing to eat table food.
  163. down syndrome behavier
  164. New mom
  165. Opinions needed!
  166. Downs Syndrome and Food Allergies
  167. downs syndrome and discipline
  168. Adult downs syndrome, violent behavior
  169. Sudden aggressive behavior in 12 yr. old DS son--any advice?
  170. downs syndrome behaviour problems
  171. Doc said large, fetal head could =down syndrome??
  172. Down Syndrome+30 week Ultrasound
  173. slight shadow on fetal babies heart and nuchal fold of >6mm
  174. School question
  175. downs boy 12 years old
  176. new aggressive behavior im at a loss
  177. Behavior issues, longstanding, with 14-year-old son
  178. Protruding tongue
  179. Pregnant and worried!
  180. clothing for adult down syndrome
  181. Down's Syndrome
  182. Not trained to work with down syndrome.
  183. Lack of impulse control and complete potty training affecting 1st grade
  184. Help with Agressive Down Syndrome Boy
  185. 17 year old mother with ds newborn
  186. Niece w/ DS????
  187. Amniocentesis
  188. Fragile X
  189. A few questions, please reply
  190. my lil sister with ds??
  191. Life's Blessings
  192. down syndrome
  193. My daughter with Downs who is 19..
  194. Anyone? Atlanto occipital subluxation neck
  195. is low birth-weight a marker for Downs?
  196. behavior problems(yelling) need help!
  197. Both echogenic bowel and renal pyelactasis soft markers
  198. Echogenic intracardiac foci
  199. Anyone hear of an Adult with DS that can't keep food down?
  200. Feeding an infant with DS
  201. hello, I am in need of advice.
  202. 2nd Generation having DS???
  203. Nodule Found In My Daughter's Thyroid Gland
  204. new here
  205. Important information please read
  206. 5 year old daughter with D/S and Alopacia
  207. Could this be a sign of Down Syndrome??
  208. Dauhter w/ Down Syndrome
  209. Advice with teen ds
  210. big problem with lil sis
  211. down syndrome
  212. Down Syndrome Story/ Italy Or Holland
  213. Behavior advice needed!!
  214. 11 wk old grandson
  215. best buddy
  216. Possible DS in grandson
  217. When to tell the children.
  218. A Helping Hand Needed
  219. What do I need to know
  220. looking for developmental milestone list
  221. digeorge syndrome
  222. pregnant with ds baby..in need of a realistic view
  223. I need some advice
  224. 43 year old sister with ds
  225. My child does not like school
  226. a long and confusing one!!
  227. Hello! new here
  228. Echogenic Intracardiac Foci?
  229. Chromosome test
  230. nuchal translucency/fold test to determine abnormalities in fetuses
  231. Need help in finding a Doctor in Queens, NY
  232. DS is not an excuse for bad behavior
  233. aren't they amazing
  234. Anyone with DUAL diagnoses?
  235. behavorial problems
  236. Babysitting a teenager with down syndrome
  237. Unintended weight loss in DS adult.......
  238. To those of you who were pregnant with DS baby
  239. sleep apnea question
  240. hearing problems?
  241. Re: Son is sneaking food at night
  242. What things do you just love about your child with DS?
  243. Baby sitting baby with D/S Need some help fast
  244. Slower Children's Songs
  245. How Much????
  246. My angel marcia
  247. Offended by OT's comments
  248. How to Treat Psychotic Breakdown in 24-year-old DS female?
  249. My son is 32
  250. My Brother with DS