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  1. Nerve block for PTTD surgery... yes or no?
  2. Subtalar Fusion success!
  3. hammertoe surgery
  4. They said mild bursitis
  5. Who's had brostrom
  6. Terrible Post Op Pain
  7. So sad and upset!
  8. Flexor tenosynovitis and injections? Do they work?
  9. Extreme Burning and Numbness... help!
  10. Brostrom Procedure
  11. My Calcaneus Fracture Recovery
  12. No cast, no surgery. SO MAD.
  13. Surgery or not?
  14. sesamoid fracture advice
  15. Surgery scheduled for 9/18
  16. Appointment Tomorrow
  17. Big Toe Failed Fusion
  18. Cellulitis?
  19. Subtalar Fusion
  20. Bi-Lateral Calc fratures update, not good update
  21. post-op PTTD, anticipating transition from cast to boot
  22. 5 weeks post ankle surgery - questions
  23. Pantalar Fusion/Arthrodesis
  24. Pantalar Arthrodesis
  25. high ankle sprain
  26. Surgery or no surgery?
  27. post op ankle swell
  28. Experience with a Tenogram?
  29. Four & a half months post-op Dr. visit for Flat Foot Reconstruction
  30. Exercise Pedaler / Mini Cycle?
  31. Help, 12year old daughter ankle OCD surgery I week ago
  32. PTTD Surgery - 12 days post-op!!
  33. Stress Fracture?
  34. Out of the boot!
  35. brachytoe
  36. Ankle Surgery - Syndesmosis Repair - What to Expect?
  37. Severe Plantar fasciitis and plantar finbromatosis
  38. 5 1/2 Months post PTTD surgery, having allot of pain.
  39. Pain all day everyday
  40. OCD surgery update
  41. What is normal after a cast comes off ankle? And what to expect from bone stumulator?
  42. hammertoe surgery how to recover
  43. foot/ankle pain, knee problems, back and neck pain all connected?
  44. Ankle Lateral Ligament Reconstruction Over Tightening?
  45. I forgot about the TINGLING!
  46. Update from Surgery
  47. Surgery in a month for Osseous Equinus
  48. Burning after Morton's Neuroma surgery
  49. triple arthrodesis surgery this friday-help!
  50. updates on oats surgery from 8-13
  51. accidentally put slight weight on ankle
  52. Calcaneal osteotomy-2 yrs post op- still in severe pain
  53. surgery hammertoe and bunion
  54. nerve damage
  55. Bunion Surgery on both feet
  56. 1 month post-op PTTD - when do you see significant improvement?
  57. High ankle sprain, MRI in 1 week, scheduling surgery in 2.
  58. When can I walk barefoot?
  59. Shoe
  60. Hurting Back -- from cast/boot??
  61. Transition from boot to shoe, ankle feels like it's popping in place
  62. OCD surgery scheduled for 8/21/12
  63. callus and bunion on right side
  64. Socks for walking cam boots
  65. still cant walk after bronsom procedure
  66. Shoes after cheilectomy
  67. Ankle/Leg
  68. Start your own New thread to discuss your own issues.
  69. tarsal coalition in both feet
  70. oats surgery update!
  71. Solo PTTD surgery and recovery
  72. wynnshire
  73. Shattered Calcaneum - strange setback
  74. Cold Foot
  75. Pain in bridge of left foot
  76. Brostrom recovery - cast vs boot
  77. Lisfranc Injury
  78. Weight gain during PTTD surgery recovery
  79. Freedom Leg or I Walk Hands Free Crutch
  80. Cavernous foot- Pain
  81. Sesamoid fracture?
  82. Having a Calcaneal Osteotomy on 8/24/12
  83. Weight of air boot damaging to ankle?
  84. Mortons Neuroma Post Op Question...
  85. My PTTD Surgery is Scheduled
  86. Need some guidance!
  87. Help!!!! Reaction to bandages?
  88. more questions
  89. Ultrasound Therapy
  90. Mortons Neuroma
  91. Ankle Sprain Cont.
  92. FAiling Ankle Replacement
  93. Broken 5th metatarsal and driving
  94. 17 days till surgery
  95. oats surgery
  96. Transition from boot to shoe - question
  97. Success rate for microfracture surgery for OCD of talus
  98. Not sure what it all means
  99. Bump on top of foot/ bruise or fracture?
  100. Question about nerves growing into scar tissue after tendon repair
  101. ankle surgery rehab questions & advice?
  102. Help with questions to ask foot and ankle surgeon re: ankle dorsiflexion block
  103. Shoes after bunion surgery... help
  104. Misdiagnosed again...
  105. Onecrutch or knee attachment for standard crutch?
  106. 2 weeks out from surgery consult, worried, still lots of stuff goin' on.
  107. Ankle Pain
  108. total foot reconstruction
  109. still painful
  110. Electric, electromagnetic, or ultrasound therapy for bone healing?
  111. Horrible foot issues, why are slides the only shoes comfy?
  112. Removal of Righ Heel hardware?
  113. Pttd surgery
  114. My feet are killing me
  115. Questions...PTTD, Adult Acquired Flatfoot, Spring Ligament Tear, Arizona Brace
  116. PTTD surgery 8/14/12
  117. My UPDATED experience with Toe Fusion Surgery (8th week and counting)
  118. Broken ankle...mixed blessing?
  119. 12 year old daughter Bunion Surgery
  120. continuous pain in arch for many years
  121. Birkenstocks styles for bunionectomies
  122. Is a cane needed after coming out of the cam walker?
  123. Updated
  124. Plantar Wart/Verruca surgery
  125. Bone repositioning
  126. Anterior Ankle Impingement Syndrome
  127. 2 weeks post-op bunionectomy... bunion still there or swelling?
  128. 16 weeks post-Brostrom, R ankle: peroneal tendons still get inflamed w/ pain
  129. Still in pain 9 months after Lapidous Procedure
  130. OS/Ankle Specialists in Orange County, CA
  131. Repeated Ankle Problems
  132. Stitches out of hardware removal post lisfranc.
  133. Five months post calcaneal osteotomy and OCD drilling... now have tendonitis
  134. No insurance and need advice
  135. Cast came off today!
  136. OCD Ankle Surgery Question for the ladies...
  137. When will doctors finally give you Plantar Fasciitis surgery?
  138. Anyone else had PTTD surgery?
  139. hairline fracture in the foot
  140. Clacaneal fracture surgery fears
  141. post bunion surgery big toe
  142. Is my big toe broken/fractured?
  143. Bunion surgery-- when/how back to work?
  144. Pain walking after triple arthrodesis surgery
  145. OCD - Nervous
  146. How long NWB?
  147. Bunionectomy Recovery/Problems
  148. icing after bunion surgery question
  149. Lapidus Procedure 6 weeks ago
  150. top foot burning
  151. Severe Flat Feet: Cause of other problems?
  152. Top of my foot is hurting really bad
  153. Extreme heel/ankle pain
  154. lapidus procedure 8 weeks post op
  155. Random foot pain and feeling
  156. Hallux rigidus live with it or surgery???
  157. Severe ankle sprain
  158. oats ankle surgery
  159. activity after big toe fusion
  160. Great Toe Fusion
  161. Icing tip while in boot
  162. 5th metatarsal: to have surgery, or not to have surgery
  163. "Cliff Note" version of a shattered heel...
  164. Second Opinion Needed Please
  165. Bone growth on sole like an egg following surgery
  166. How do i get rid of blood under my big toe?
  167. pain from physical therapy ankle fusion
  168. How long hospital stay?
  169. Issues 2 months after Brostrom procedure and clean up
  170. Foot surgery outcomes
  171. surgery again for osteochandral defect!
  172. PT after brostrom procedure?
  173. Modified kinder procedure- do it or not?
  174. Post PTT debridement pain
  175. Calcaneus Fracture with Surgery
  176. Sharp left heel pain
  177. Lots of Foot Pain
  178. Ankle Ligament & Tendon Surger 1 week ago
  179. dry needling in feet hoping no surgery
  180. Boot gone bad? Should I get a new one?
  181. stump neuroma
  182. large knot on side of foot
  183. Foot pain
  184. Post Tibial Tendonitis in runner caught early- hope??
  185. Help with a corn problem pls
  186. really down!
  187. After repairing a fractured 5th Metatarsal bone
  188. denovo for OCD talus?
  189. Poor dorsiflexion after ankle arthroscopy
  190. Post Op Ankle Replacement
  191. Cortisone (steriod injection) into ankle
  192. Nerve Block "Happy Problem"?
  193. Pain in 5th metatarsal bone area, left foot
  194. some numbness from cam boot?
  195. Looking for Physical Therapy Protocol for PTTD surgery/Flat foot Reconstruction
  196. 14 weeks post-op flat foot reconstruction: problem extending big toe/tendonitis
  197. Swollen foot persists 2week o more
  198. pain post op
  199. Driver charged with misdemeanor VMS for driving in boot
  200. Toe nail issue?
  201. Surgery Gone Wrong!!
  202. DeNovo Bone Graft???
  203. Getting ready for ankle reconstruction
  204. 2nd surgery OCD
  205. LIsfranc Hardware removal surgery
  206. Hot Yoga, Fractured Calcaneus Recovery
  207. Talus crush injury, 19 years later
  208. Bilateral calcaneal fractures
  209. exercise while in a cam boot?
  210. Swollen Feet
  211. Burning sensation of feet and hands
  212. Failed STAR ankle replacement
  213. Okie doke, guys. Last chance to fix this janked up foot.
  214. Broken Toe from months ago is healed but won't bend
  215. Why did it take 30 years to be diagnosed with flat feet?
  216. Hallux rigidus surgical options
  217. Big toe fusion of joint nearest to tip of toe
  218. Weil osteotomy + bunion repair + more!
  219. Cam boot usage for foot fracture
  220. Hi im new here, bunion,corns,callus, etc
  221. Tired of PTTD
  222. Knot on top of incision 8 weeks after bunionette surgery Tailor's Bunion surgery?
  223. Confounded by Ankle Injury
  224. large toe implants
  225. Recovery time for arthroscopy of ankle for OCD
  226. 2 months post op
  227. Pttd question-tingling
  228. cortisone for plantar facistis
  229. Feet pain (ball of foot and toes)
  230. 7 weeks post op from bunion and hammertoe correction... foot hurts where bunion was
  231. Tendon Transfer vs Muscle Transfer
  232. Getting calf muscle back
  233. Anyone else had a kidner's procedure (reattachment of the tib posterior tendon)
  234. I Am A NEWBIE HERE... Looking For Some Help
  235. Bunion Deja Vu
  236. Good Morning World. It's a bright new day!
  237. Bunion Surgery
  238. OCD Ankle Surgery
  239. Double bunionectomy-25 days post op
  240. Should I get subtalar fusion?
  241. bilateral calcaneus fractures
  242. Bunion site still tender 8 wks. post op
  243. major problems years after bunion surgery
  244. Tarsal coalition hardware removal
  245. Need advice; three weeks P/O left calcaneus ORIF
  246. My experience with Toe Fusion Surgery (4th week and counting)
  247. Broken ankle & Crutches
  248. What to do about tenosynovitis of the toe?
  249. Update
  250. Crushed foot

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