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  1. feels like a fish?
  2. MS fears—crazy, or legit?
  3. dry, itchy, bleeding patches?
  4. woke up dizzy and nauses
  5. Please someone try and help, wound question
  6. how do you get a dent out of your leg
  7. Shoulder pain, cracking, popping - extends to neck and jaw
  8. not sure what is going on
  9. Does Blood dry a bright red or a darker red?
  10. Possibly a pinched nerve?
  11. Frozen Shoulder & Cortisone Shot?
  12. Stange car sickness
  13. Brown hair, blond eye brows and facial hair
  14. general just not feeling well
  15. Help im such a wimp
  16. No stethoscope, electrocardiagrams for everyone?
  17. Need Help
  18. 1/2 RX pill stuck in throat, what do I do?
  19. Can anyone tell me what this is
  20. Iontophoresis...
  21. Drug for tendon and tissue repair
  22. Are Electric Toothbrushes bad for health?
  23. Is it possible that I have HIV?
  24. Why do my lower legs swell after bathing?
  25. Lesions found on right lung and mid back
  26. Mono, thyroid help
  27. Coughing, sore chest, trouble breathing
  28. roto cuff
  29. Cant Breath
  30. Are you obese?
  31. Feeling Ill after exercise/breakfast
  32. Left ribcage problems
  33. Fatigue,Nausea, Shaking
  34. what is going on?
  35. Diarrhea.
  36. Dissolvable Stitches
  37. What diseases can Mosquitos give a person besides West Nile and Malaria?
  38. thigh numbness
  39. pain in chest
  40. Swollen scrotum after abscess surgery
  41. Doctor/Medicine Trouble
  42. What could be the problem?
  43. ear stretching dilemma (pleeease help!)
  44. What could be the problem
  45. Stomach aches
  46. Big Vein for years? Got smaller overnight?
  47. overheat easily
  48. otoplasty ear pinning
  49. lump under skin
  50. burning patch/dead patch
  51. body change
  52. lower leg spasms/twitching/cramping/
  53. swollen lymph gland in the neck
  54. Hard mass inside inner rt. thigh
  55. Please help!!
  56. Callous on TOP of hand
  57. Confusion/nausea/faintness after using tanning bed
  58. Duragesic after 3 years
  59. Can U please tell me what is wrong ?
  60. Can anyone help, I'm quite scared.
  61. FOOSH Injury/Scaphoid
  62. stomach problem please help
  63. tennis elbow
  64. Walking health enigma
  65. Did I get sick?
  66. pain in left upper arm
  67. Low lymphocytes and lymph nodes
  68. Water Retention
  69. loss of wieght owing to anti deppressent withdrawel
  70. Could this be symptoms of a Blood clot in calf?
  71. Bad elbow pain
  72. shift work sleep disorder
  73. Some Questions
  74. stomach problem
  75. Malaria Question
  76. Tired and bad headaches after eating
  77. Nausea?!?
  78. Chest Infections
  79. Shaking fingers
  80. 18 years old with little body hair
  81. Possible salivary gland stone? Symptoms..
  82. Strange electrical sensation forcing me to move feet?
  83. symptoms
  84. vibrating head, any cure?
  85. Large (spider, I believe) bite on fore arm
  86. I don't know what to think? Sleeping a lot.
  87. What is wrong with me???
  88. Can prilosec help lower abdominal pain
  89. Human Growth Hormone
  90. Pilonidal Cyst??????
  91. High BPM, low BP, feeling very week with a strange sensastion to bite something
  92. Shoulder and arm pain is this normal?
  93. Eye tik and face muscles problems related, meaning tumor?
  94. Weird feelings in head
  95. Weird thing going on with my leg
  96. Osteoporosis and Sonographer
  97. Severe night Sweats
  98. 24 old sick of being sick
  99. Not sure...In need of input
  100. Itching
  101. Jaw Pain
  102. Not sure what I have
  103. what happened???
  104. Need help please.
  105. Please help asap read
  106. Docs no help. Please help!
  107. Painless bump on finger...
  108. Is there a medical term for this..?
  109. Lisinopril overdose possible?
  110. Just wondering....
  111. severe head pain
  112. Light Case of Sunburn Poisoning??
  113. Glazed Eyes
  114. Cysts or Hemonglomas
  115. Understanding a radiologists MRI report
  116. Question about blood sugar levels
  117. Right arm muscle and shoulder ache
  118. Symptoms that would perplex even "House" ...?
  119. Weight lost and ribs showing
  120. lower leg pain (tib/fib)????
  121. Am i ill or not
  122. 2 tears in labrum have some questions
  123. 7 Days Festival Nervous Problem?
  124. Weird eating and sleeping habits
  125. Need some professional help
  126. Chicken Pox questions
  127. Prescriptions being filled or not
  128. What is wrong with me (advice, pleeeaaassseee)
  129. Sweating For No Reason
  130. Throwing up blood
  131. Stomach pain
  132. Cysts
  133. Antibiotics and Alcohol
  134. Chronic swollen lymph nodes
  135. Cellulitis
  136. G6PD deficiency!?
  137. Weird and Severe Hand Pain
  138. Pneumonia, recurrent fever for 3 mts, now lung nodules?
  139. I feel like I'm dying emotionally, physically, mentally, spiritually.
  140. How I got rid of hives.
  141. Chest pains
  142. Bleeding everywhere?
  143. Multiple Symptoms-are they related?
  144. Question about my blood test results and my blood sugar
  145. can't sleep, or wake up in the a.m.
  146. This could be BIG - possible cure for many autoimmune disorders?
  147. Pain/Stiffness on Left Side From Base of Neck to Below Shoulder Blades
  148. Lung and spinal pain, please help.
  149. Clearing throat
  150. Pain in right leg and thigh
  151. cold water sensation
  152. Hyperhidrosis relief
  153. Chest Pain... what could be causing it?
  154. Hair Mineral Analysis?
  155. Daughter with hard lump
  156. paralized vocal cords
  157. a bit worried
  158. chest discomfort and under arm soreness
  159. Help; joint problems, etc. & no insurance...
  160. White strip at the top of the nail
  161. round bruise
  162. Sex
  163. what causes a heavy head
  164. Which kind of Doctor should I see? Please Read...
  165. constant tired feeling on legs
  166. is it true that drawing blood is beneficial to health?
  167. between Alzheimer's & encephalopathy
  168. left buttock numb when sitting
  169. Tramadol Overdose
  170. pain on right hand from i.v
  171. Body immunization
  172. after effect of pneumonia
  173. Safest herbs/supplements for anxiety?
  174. Abestos Exposure from Home Renovation
  175. My mom; itchy hand palms.
  176. What is more addictive?
  177. Are these non healing wounds?
  178. Help, need a diagnosis
  179. Young adult with chest pain after blood donation
  180. Eating right
  181. Question about wound healing, help
  182. Bruise after dog bite
  183. Is my all over numbness an Ambien side effect?
  184. question about pulled back muscle
  185. Won't stop sweating even after Prescription strength.
  186. Yearly recurring sore (strep) throat. Why?
  187. why do my glands keep swelling
  188. bottom lip throbbing
  189. do I need a tetnus?
  190. Lump on both shins
  191. Ache in upper left arm
  192. bad taste in throat
  193. Help!
  194. Endo refuses to see me
  195. Bruised sternum or possibly worse?
  196. Huge disgust of bugs, cannot stop itching at home.
  197. Mystery Spit up?
  198. white spots on face in summer but not any other seasons?? help!
  199. 21 yr old with blood in stool
  200. 21 years old Mutiple Health issues
  201. Collarbone
  202. Rash covering almost entire body!...What is going on?
  203. Help me paranoid 15 year old
  204. wound healing question.. is this normal? Please help
  205. Body froze up while donating plasma!
  206. complex cyst
  207. Ear problems from music?
  208. changed after drink spiked
  209. Worried Daughter - Please Help
  210. "goosebump" like bumps on my arms..
  211. Are foam earplugs dangerous with overuse?
  212. Fluid in Ears?? Help
  213. Is it possible to have part of a blood vessel poke through the skin?
  214. Arms asleep when waking up
  215. Any ideas?
  216. Is there such a thing as "fever prone???"
  217. Beta Blockers
  218. Ache in right ribs
  219. when i drink cold drinks i get a pain on the right side of my chest
  220. I think I'm getting vein disorder, but not sure.. please give me a solution
  221. Ganglion questions
  222. not sure what's wrong
  223. I get rid of annoying sickness
  224. Daily Headaches and Fatigue
  225. sore throat and side pain
  226. Chest pain and flutters
  227. Burn on end of thumb won't heal
  228. Abdomin pain
  229. painful swelling below rt ear
  230. advice - dr called in a new prescription for me (higher dose) and overdosed
  231. pain under my right rib cage just recently
  232. i think i mught have GERD
  233. Lump Round 2
  234. Does creatine make you smarter? Yes or NO?
  235. pain in left abdomen.
  236. Question about steroids
  237. Very sick, nauseated, heachache after going out
  238. Head Bleed
  239. Excessive phlegm
  240. 18 y/o athlete getting total hip replacement
  241. What's Wrong??
  242. Cell Phone Medication Alarms
  243. Emergency discharge summary
  244. Scared by my symptoms
  245. PARANOIA - i'm completely stuck! :(
  246. Shocks and Tingles.
  247. Spacing out. Scary!
  248. Monkey Bite/Help
  249. stomach flu
  250. Does your mind go BLANK when the doctor walks in?

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