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  1. Pins and needles in my feet
  2. Bruised arm:- It's now aching and feels weak??
  3. Ganglion Cyst Battle...
  4. breathing trouble
  5. Dehydration?
  6. Do i have a blood clot?
  7. Leg Cramps - Why Won't They Go Away?
  8. I have way too many health problems for my age
  9. Post nasal drip and white spots in throat
  10. Low Latent Inhibition Test?
  11. So what happens when its all over.
  12. Too emotional...
  13. Eyes heavy, body tired
  14. Had a pop in my head and i feel weird...
  15. Benign reactive lymph node
  16. fluid in the pelvis
  17. Like trudging through pudding that I can`t eat.
  18. Bad thigh pain in the morning?
  19. Strange collection of symptoms... any idea what this could be?
  20. Left supraclavicular swelling
  21. is ignorance bliss when it comes to health?
  22. vomiting and diarrhea
  23. When to sleep?
  24. Bloody Stool?
  25. ankle edema,rapid weight loss and gain...HELP
  26. Was I Sunbleached??
  27. sore in my mouth
  28. Sebacious Cyst
  29. Throat and Lymph node Irritation
  30. Lymph Node pain in neck Spreading!
  31. burning chest and barking cough after perfume encounter
  32. severe pain left side clavicle area and lower rib area
  33. Small bubble or blister under tongue
  34. Decrease size of arse?
  35. urine tests
  36. HIV Question
  37. chances of getting hiv ..short, quick, question
  38. stress and std's
  39. How much does it cost?
  40. Complete intolerance to spicy food.
  41. dreadful pain in the right side of chest
  42. Painful White Bump On My Palatoglossal Arch
  43. Fasting sugar ideal number?
  44. I am 19 and 5'6'' tall, will i grow taller?
  45. Very fast pulse one second, then unable to feel any pulse at all shortly after
  46. Stomach Cramps
  47. lump on back of skull
  48. Need suggestions. B12?? Cardiomyopathy??
  49. Am I a pillhead?
  50. breathing and fresh cut grass
  51. Anyone with experience in breathing retraining?
  52. why do we feel cold after taking bath
  53. I am now looking at the bigger picture
  54. Zinc Deficiency?
  55. Seeing spots when urinating?
  56. My legs swell up,get numb,and itch! What could this be?
  57. Need a good cleanse/detox please
  58. Injured foot feels like it's on FIRE!!
  59. why are the glands under my tongue swelling
  60. Swimmer's Ear
  61. Really, really bad canker sore???
  62. magnetic implant for seizures???
  63. left arm aching and hurting what is it
  64. Don't know what's going on - please help if you can!
  65. Unexplained Symptoms ruining quality of life
  66. Blood mole
  67. Spleen and Liver
  68. Blood after doing number 2, any ideas?
  69. My girlfriend has a lump on her back...
  70. Potassium
  71. Ugh I need to stop my legs from leaking until I can get to the doctor.
  72. hair issue
  73. What to do about a lodged earphone bud
  74. My [near 70] mom's hands get white in chilly weather
  75. 3 different doctors & 3 different diagnosis for son, please help
  76. brochitis?
  77. My life is out of control
  78. Hot Flashes
  79. Various symptoms - Sleep apnea, nasal problems, dizziness, heaches, eye floaters, etc
  80. Fatigue, heart rate worries
  81. why do i faint when i hurt myself?
  82. chills and paleness
  83. chest and stomach pains, breathing problems
  84. coming down with a bug?
  85. uti
  86. How would you handle this?
  87. Blood test results?
  88. not sure what it is !!
  89. Pulling sensation behind left ear when i tilt me head right
  90. What are these intense back & stomach pains I am having!?
  91. Help gaining weight!
  92. Some stress to the liver ?
  93. Anorexia & Diazepam?
  94. Help redness around the lips
  95. Bug Bite and Red Streak
  96. Cold showers and baths
  97. Don't know what is wrong, need answers, please help!
  98. Low sodium help urgent!!!!
  99. Need help with lice please! Lots of questions..
  100. One side of my body is...smaller?
  101. This doesn't make any sense. I'm freaking out.
  102. Bump inside nostrils
  103. Passing out
  104. Life Long Basketball injuries?
  105. Back and shoulder aches
  106. Identification of ancient fragments
  107. Unusual lumps :(
  108. MCV/MCH blood test
  109. Vomiting bile
  110. Sharp pain in my abdomen.
  111. Home from Iraq and spent
  112. full body edema
  113. Too many MRIs/ultrasounds/CT scans/xrays?
  114. Excessive Hair Growth in teenage girl
  115. atrial fibrillation
  116. Chostochondritis but also pain in the throat
  117. not sure what to do
  118. Weird Itchy Joint Pain in Thumb
  119. Can anyone please explain?
  120. Chronic “drugged,” “drunk-like,” “woozy” feeling in head
  121. Thirsty, Hungry, Shaky - Debate
  122. Reoccurring mouth ulcer
  123. can anyone help??
  124. A range of symptoms
  125. Hand problem: injury?
  126. Histamine test question
  127. rash/tender/sores between buttocks
  128. W-Sitting and Hip Problems
  129. red circles with white dots in middle
  130. Red Wine & Blood Sugar
  131. 2 problems =[
  132. Weird question (I think...)
  133. viruses
  134. HELP please (food poisoning)
  135. I never run a fever
  136. Need some help/advice.
  137. Dizziness, tinnitus worries
  138. Found a tiny lump just inside anus
  139. Can't catch my breath!
  140. slight headaches
  141. Heavy pressure on head
  142. nose always running
  143. Food items to avoid for reducing body fat level
  144. Collarbone Pains
  145. Stomach flu answers please!
  146. Help! I have bee feeling so weird
  147. Why can't I get my neck strain to go away?
  148. What could this be?
  149. Bump on back of head/skull
  150. lost senses :(
  151. Rashes at neck
  152. discomfort at my left rib
  153. Constant fainting, Help please
  154. penicillin making me itchy?
  155. A number of symptoms..
  156. I'm Not One to Complain! Help!
  157. Blood Tests Results question
  158. Rash not dissapearing under glass
  159. Constant nausea after food poisoning
  160. Is this cancerous?
  161. numbness in upper stomach
  162. Very, very tired!
  163. Ingested Black Mold, please help!
  164. Clicking neck causing headaches?
  165. Fish Oil side effects??
  166. Was sick for over a month (March-April), symptoms returning plus more, what's wrong?
  167. Enlarged spleen on CT scan
  168. pain in armpit
  169. It happens every summer and GP can't help...
  170. Yellow Mark on Upper Arm - looked up, but can't find a diagnosis - Not a Bruise
  171. bad pain in my glands. causing pain in neck head arm pit, arm and breast, any advice?
  172. Feeling Off Balance When Lying Down
  173. weird smells
  174. Stinging breast pain!
  175. Possible loss of height or bad measure???
  176. pain in back of thigh and calf
  177. Suddenly I never feel full after eating!
  178. Arm Pain
  179. 8 year old, periodic leg pain and falling down for months now.
  180. Sudden Change in Behavior/Thinking/everything...Please Help...:(
  181. severe lower back/pelvic pain
  182. abdomin pain
  183. Mom has chest 'pain'
  184. lower lip throbbing
  185. Lump under skin
  186. Neck pain
  187. Shen Min DHT blocker
  188. Husband/new father is acting really weird with sleep. Really concerned, a little scar
  189. Really nowhere else to turn... Advice
  190. bloody snot
  191. Oily sheen on urine?
  192. Often smelling blood, and seeing it in my mucus
  193. testing hormones in saliva helped me sleep
  194. What was this?? Please help I'm freaking out!!
  195. Angry, Lethargic, Depressed?
  196. Freeze Dried Vegetable Powder Drinks Question
  197. why worse on damp rainy days?
  198. Recent Physical
  199. Stomach pains getting worse
  200. Do I have parasites?
  201. Too Skinny?
  202. Abdominal spasms (cramps)
  203. Why do I feel so terrible?
  204. Chest Burning - Looking for answers
  205. new bie
  206. What tests should I ask for?
  207. anybody knoew what this is?
  208. Ringed-shaped lump underneath nipple...
  209. Stomach Issues
  210. many symptoms, possible conditions?
  211. SEVERE Hangovers after little aclohol
  212. Help me out?
  213. Bump inside the bone in my right nose. Could it be a tumor?
  214. Uncomfortable breathing / muscle vibrations in chest / yawning lots
  215. lump in my scrotum
  216. weird ring around upper leg
  217. trapped nerve???
  218. Sternum and ribs not expanding!!!
  219. edema, pitted edema in legs & ankles
  220. Not sure if this is nerve related
  221. almost permantly ill
  222. heavy metal poisoning?
  223. Is this a heart attack, or dangerous?.
  224. Opinions with my issue.
  225. Need help with all around discomforting feeling on the left side of my throat
  226. whats going on with my body?
  227. Canine teeth clashing together.?
  228. swollen lymph node
  229. Chest Pain and confused. Can somone help?
  230. Pain in little toe
  231. Body Function
  232. Can someone help me!
  233. Seven years of vomiting, still no answers.
  234. Height and Weight
  235. digestion question
  236. firing a doctor
  237. Debilitating Malaise--Diziness--Fatigue
  238. Lump on my head
  239. Swelling
  240. growthing issue
  241. Chronic joint pain worsening over course of 6-7 years. 21 yrs old.
  242. When should you brush your teeth after eating sugar?
  243. Hi, Im new and I have a few problems!
  244. penicillin and phentermine
  245. Cervical Spondylosis/ MRI Results pls help
  246. Brain Fog - Phosphatidyl Serine
  247. PAIN in my Neck, tests came back clear, why?
  248. On/off colds?
  249. how much shud we wait for bath after taking meal
  250. Bug Bite or allergic reaction?

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