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  1. Girls - please help with my thoughts!
  2. Socially awkward, nervous, wife & mother
  3. need help with ex gf
  4. Leaving someone you love
  5. Husband has a lot of anger
  6. Being in a relationship and time with friends
  7. Guys Im tired of my mother, need serious advice...
  8. Urgent need of help with a Man I believe is trying to steal my girfriend away!
  9. Need help with gf.
  10. Problem with Emotion/Certain Peoples' Presence
  11. This girl has a boyfriend... but she asked for a kiss
  12. i love my boyfriend but feel so lonely
  13. my life at the moment...
  14. Need to move on, or???
  15. Helping My Brother
  16. Should I stay or should I go?
  17. at the end of my rope
  18. Marriage Problems
  19. Coworker dating --> Bad news. Help!
  20. What should I do....?
  21. Please help. I need good advice on how to end a relationship.
  22. Is It Respectful To Me??
  23. Married to an alcoholic/sex addict... I think.?.
  24. Is it really about love... at 30?
  25. Should I toss him out?
  26. Is my boyfriend getting bored with me?
  27. Should I Be Worried? :'(
  28. should I end my relationship. need advice
  29. My Boyfriend Lies To Me
  30. Help! Understanding my boyfriend's issues.
  31. I think I'm in love with someone who isn't my girlfriend
  32. 3 year anniversary coming up...
  33. Lost my family for no reason
  34. My Brother... again!
  35. Breakup Advice? Why would an ex want to be friends?
  36. I don't know what to do about girl I love.
  37. Online
  38. In love with younger man.
  39. I am unloved and put down and everyday is so hard
  40. Advice
  41. Boyfriend's Mother Issues
  42. He couldn't look at me
  43. Pregnant and alone
  44. ali
  45. need help fixing things with my gf
  46. Any advice on ending a relationship..
  47. 6 Year Friendship Ruining Other Friendships
  48. i love my best friend (im male shes female)
  49. Friend claims level of trust is changing with me.
  50. Need relationship advice please
  51. He Lied to Me!
  52. does anyone else feel not good enough? :(
  53. in complete despair :(
  54. relationship issues, torn abt ending it
  55. Need some insight/perspective - Seem to be hurting everyone
  56. new boyfriend, is this normal?
  57. baby??
  58. Bipolar Husband + Renovation/Financial Nightmare
  59. Cannot understand friend's hurtful behaviour
  60. Baby on the way, but I am stressed & depressed
  61. 22 year old daughter
  62. I'm so sad, but I shouldn't be
  63. Friend's failure to contact me
  64. High School Crush Dream
  65. Blended Family With Grown Adult Children
  66. Friend is always calling herself fat... But I am the fat one!
  67. Husband flirting on our resort vaction, and won't apologize!
  68. torn between two women
  69. Bullied by sister parents turn blind eye
  70. Love at first sight or something else?
  71. First Fight w/ Boyfriend--Need Help
  72. Dunno what to do with this...
  73. How could this happen?
  74. Confused and will never trust again
  75. I don't know if I can trust him again?
  76. Guy interested in my girlfriend?
  77. Frustrated and helpless
  78. Should I let my bf go?
  79. Boyfriend's emotions are really affecting me
  80. Trouble
  81. Stock Market Addiction
  82. How did you meet your BFF?
  83. I've asked my boyfriend to stop looking at pictures of women
  84. boyfriend hides me
  85. Girlfriend argues everything, even when I admit I'm wrong.
  86. Abandonment Issues?
  87. Embarrassing in laws
  88. Bridesmaid advice
  89. break up trouble. help
  90. Confession
  91. How did you start your new relationship, need advice
  92. AFFAIR?Or Paranoia
  93. too clingy
  94. Husband make sexual comment to one of my closest friends
  95. HPV-telling spouse ?
  96. Bf and I Not On the Same Page
  97. Coworker dating. Help!
  98. Confused
  99. Girlfriend confused about relationship
  100. Issues with marriage...
  101. Baby Talk
  102. My girlfriend just told me she is Bisexual - Mixed Feelings
  103. To move or not to move an unhappy wife
  104. distress over an ex/boss
  105. Boyfriend is always mad at me
  106. Breakup after 36 years of marriage
  107. The Relationships in My Life
  108. Just found out my dad had an affair 10 years ago
  109. Feeling so hurt... please help
  110. Mistake: Too fast, too furious
  111. The girl who did nothing wrong...
  112. Interesting in someone else
  113. I need someone's advice
  114. She had a bad breakup...
  115. Employer's motives/Am I being paranoid?
  116. I'm loosing her, don't know what to do
  117. Girlfriend has control
  118. Still Struggling With Her Past
  119. forgetting birthday = dump-able offense?
  120. Midlife crisis fixable or not
  121. Leaping too late- Venting if anything.
  122. 3 years, he's not sure if he's IN LOVE?!?!
  123. I don't know what to do... (gossip,relationship)
  124. I post because it helps ease my mind..
  125. info for help
  126. Our love is strong but communication is destroying us
  127. me again, new issue...yay..
  128. My partner has lost trust in me and feels distant
  129. Going from relationship to single again..no fun.
  130. Current S/O's past
  131. Lack of Physical Contact Causing Problems
  132. Dont know what to do anymore
  133. Gun obsessed boyfriend?
  134. How to cope with my boyfriend moving out?
  135. Dealing with an angry partner
  136. Brother Controlling
  137. Should I apologize to him?
  138. Long-term relationship - Grown apart?
  139. Can't get her out of my head...
  140. My Struggle
  141. advice needed please :)
  142. Help please...
  143. What can I do?
  144. Marriage Problems.
  145. Can't Figure him out...
  146. in a dilemma
  147. cheating or not cheating?
  148. Need help regaining perspective in a relationship
  149. I am Destroying my relationship with my girlfriend.
  150. Troubles with my SO
  151. Should I stay & keep trying or let go?
  152. What is this guy's deal?
  153. Am I overreacting?
  154. Confused with my date
  155. lost in marriage
  156. Aquaintance going nuts over boyfriend from 20 years ago!
  157. Am I paranoid, or is my behaviour normal?
  158. I broke up with him... it's a mess
  159. getting rejected
  160. Girlfriend's rage issues
  161. Helping my depressed girlfriend cope
  162. is it in my head?
  163. I am always there for everyone else.
  164. Curious to know what he's after
  165. Have I fallen out of love?
  166. Hung up on my ex... kind of????
  167. Deep regret--unexpressed love for best friend who married someone else.
  168. Family issues
  169. One moment i love her the next i want to break up
  170. ditched
  171. I don't know her true feelings towards me and this confusion is driving me crazy!
  172. Ex Broke up with me, but still contacts me..
  173. Is this a reason to confront him/end things?
  174. just found out that im intersex, need serious help now?????
  175. Is this an ego problem?
  176. Help... is there something wrong with us or is it just me?
  177. Need advise...me and my ex are back together and things just aren't the same
  178. Really bothered and confused about this guy
  179. Don't know if I want to pursue a relationship
  180. Am I being Paranoid?
  181. not sure what hes thinking?
  182. I don't know to get out this unhappy relationship.
  183. Am I ugly?
  184. Trust Again?
  185. Tension with older female coworker
  186. Husband being disrespectful, am I overreacting?
  187. Being replaced
  188. Boyfriend not really liking my family?
  189. Just booty call or not?! Continue or stop??
  190. Hoping to get some advice on a long distance relationship that just isn't working..
  191. I feel like I'm the only one who's try in this realationship..
  192. How Can I Fix Things With Him?
  193. Am I being selfish
  194. unbalanced relationship feelings
  195. Need urgent Advice with cheating ex
  196. My marriage
  197. trying to move on, Should a girl ask out a guy?!??!
  198. Dating a single dad with temporary custody?
  199. I'm Insecure About My Boyfriend's Ex
  200. Baby Mama Drama please help
  201. You Were ALL Right
  202. Daughter's boyfriend
  203. An awkward situation
  204. not sure what to do next.
  205. Why are people self centered?
  206. Hubby obsessed with world ending
  207. Wife's lack of fantasy
  208. Don't discuss wife's past relationships
  209. at my last leg
  210. Is it ok to hang on to pictures of our ex?
  211. should i stay or should i go??
  212. why do people make fun of/tease eachother?
  213. My boyfriend is the "creepy uncle"
  214. questions about "play wrestling" with each other?
  215. Anger Towards Help
  216. someone i barely know hates me so much... why?
  217. Doubting my relationship
  218. Another issue....
  219. Freaking Out
  220. Ex-inlaws
  221. Can I train my mind and emotions?
  222. Need some advice
  223. Cant cope anymore
  224. How can you tell if somebody has bad intentions?
  225. What am I to do...
  226. Still tell her I love her?
  227. How should i deal with my emotionally hyper GF (supposed to be wife soon) ??
  228. URGENT - Desperately seeking advice. Girlfriend is very sick and I am lost
  229. He's sleeping on the couch every night
  230. Boyfriend's adult children
  231. Friend relationship need advice
  232. He lied, then he broke up with me!!
  233. Annoyance with boyfriend
  234. What a position to be in...
  235. Trouble with my girlfriends mom
  236. Husband Will Not Sleep In my Bed?
  237. How would you deal?
  238. why cant i move on when he has
  239. Friend telling me I can't hang out with his ex.
  240. Rejected by my crush
  241. Need help dealing with one friend while hanging around other friends
  242. Fed Up!!
  243. I think I love him... but I can't stop being upset about my ex...
  244. a question im scared to ask new partner!
  245. workplace flirting
  246. Help
  247. Did she sleep with her roomate?
  248. cheating
  249. time to give up?
  250. She Married Someone Else