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View Full Version : dead leg & poor blood circulation in L Leg. wart on knee too. poss. related?


11-28-2007, 02:38 AM
hi everyone
sorry to post up another thread regarding leg pain (can see theres 2 recent ones) but its less a case of pain and more just a strange feeling.

I have almost constant feeling in my left leg of poor blood circulation. It can sometimes feel like a dead leg but mostly like it needs massaging to get the blood moving. Its never got to the state of agony or real pain but certainly uncomfortable. I'm sat typing this now at work and the feeling is running through my leg whether I slouch in the seat or sit up properly.

I'm 31, live fairly healthily, I dont drink or smoke, I eat right (lots of fruit n veg) I live an active lifestyle with skydiving and other hobbies. I do kung fu regularly and sometimes I cant hold a stance due to the circulation in my left leg. Last night was particularly irritating :( I can kick and run and do things with it just fine but if its static for any period of time the numbness/tingling/dead-feeling comes back. Driving a car can be really uncomfy (clutch foot) most of the time now.

I also have a wart like thing on my left knee - Had it for a fair few years now and I'm wondering if its caused any of this? I've tried creams on it and all sorts and nothing is working. doc reckons its excema (not sure on spelling sorry) but I dont think so. Should really get 2nd opinion. I've picked at it in the past and bits of dead skin come off but mostly it just starts bleeding. Its not painful any other time though but is certainly stubborn.

has anyone had anything like this themselves and found owt to fix it? Its worrying me now. any advice taken. I'm starting to worry I'm gonna lose my leg or something :(


11-28-2007, 12:48 PM
A wart is n't going to cause you to lsoe your leg. Warts are caused by viruses. Get into your doc and have him freeze it off so you can get it off of your mind. Better that than picking at it so that you aren't bleeding.

11-29-2007, 12:16 AM
thankyou I will do. Any ideas on the strange dead leg feeling? All I can think of is to go to the docs but I have a feeling he'll do some tests to which I wont respond and he'll just say its me being soft or somethin :/

A wart is n't going to cause you to lsoe your leg. Warts are caused by viruses. Get into your doc and have him freeze it off so you can get it off of your mind. Better that than picking at it so that you aren't bleeding.

11-29-2007, 07:05 AM
i think taking a good look at your low back with a MRI might reveal some sort of a possible nerve issue.what you explained actually sounds more like a spinal/nerve issue of some sort Vs a circulation issue.numbness,tinglingand that 'dead" feeling and also pain are all neuro signs of a possible nerve affectation somewhere along one of the nerves that go to that bad leg.i would see your doc for an eval and possible MRI to be done.you just really do need to look down there.it could explain your ongoing symptoms.you could have an impingment of a nerve there that may need to be released.it just needs looking into and to be ruled out of nothing else.if you need to find out about the true blood flow within the vessels in that leg you can have a doppler ultrasound done.this would check flow and the velocity of the flow there.but see your doc to get this all going.Please keep us posted as to whatyou find out,K? **

11-29-2007, 07:20 AM
thanks feelbad its interesting that you mention lower back as I get a quite alot of lumbar pain and tension that I've not been able to get out even with a professional massage session :( Thing is I used to do alot of inline skating around parks and ramps and spent a good few times landing on my hips on handrails and metal grinding copings found on the edge of ramps so maybe this is coming back to haunt me? I also suffered massively with alot of sciatica for a good few years but then it cleared up.

I'll def get to the docs and get this sorted out and let you know whats happening.

thanks again

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